Free Speech and the Man Who Would Legislate Insanity!

Rep. Hakeem Sekou Jeffries (D-NY)

Rep. Hakeem Sekou Jeffries (D-NY)

One of the most common assertions I hear from people who don’t care for the Tea Party (putting it politely) is that nobody is trying to take our freedom away. “Give me just one example of how you have lost or are losing your freedom,” they’re likely to say.

I would ask, isn’t the idea of freedom a lot like air; especially to most of us Americans who have taken it for granted for so long? And isn’t the loss of freedom a little like a drowning man, or someone dying of pneumonia? It’s not the loss of air that killed them…it’s the water that filled their lungs leaving no room for the air, right? Except with freedom, it’s not the water displacing our air; it’s the laws, regulations and taxes filling our lives until there is literally no room left for freedom.

And what I will never understand about those who condemn us in the Liberty Movement for standing up against those displacing our freedom, is that we aren’t fighting for Conservative freedom, White freedom, Christian freedom, Heterosexual freedom or Republican freedom…we are fighting for Freedom, period!

Tuesday was a very interesting day. First I learned of the laws that some of our legislators are attempting to pass criminalizing “free speech”. Next I learn that a former Supreme Court justice is seeking to rewrite our Bill of Rights.

“The new amendment would override the First Amendment and allow Congress and the states to impose ‘reasonable limits on the amount of money that candidates for public office, or their supporters, may spend in election campaigns.’”

“Reasonable limits”? When have the government and its courts ever been reasonable? Who in the government would ever want the government to define what’s reasonable for the government? Our founders understood this. That’s why the First Amendment begins with “Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press. . .”

And best for last; Governor Rick Perry challenged Governor Andrew Cuomo to a “business climate” debate! This is especially interesting to me knowing that our Progressive “SAFE Act” Governor has yet to meet a Constitutional “abridgement” he doesn’t like. His record is not only indefensible, it is an egregious insult to the both constitutions, State and Federal, he swore an oath to uphold and protect.

What has happened to our “critical thinking” ability? If Governor Cuomo, in selling his SAFE Act, tells me “(I) don’t need 10 bullets to kill a deer”; shouldn’t I ask why my government needs 25 million shotgun rounds…for domestic use? When Harry Reid calls me a “domestic terrorist” for defending Cliven Bundy against government bullying, shouldn’t I ask Senator Reid, “Who could be more of a domestic terrorist than the senate majority leader with $17 Trillion in domestic debt to his credit?” And finally, to the congressman who seeks to criminalize free speech; if the church has no place in government business, then the government should have no place in church business. So why don’t you fix our borders and bridges Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY)…and let the church tend to love and hate as it always has?

Common Sense begs a question Mr. Jeffries. Do you understand and appreciate that my free speech and your free speech were actually paid for with the blood of those who’ve sacrificed their lives for us to have and keep it? These were my ancestors Mr. Jeffries, going back over 240 years ago. My 4th Great Grandfather actually spilled his blood at Lake George in the war that established the very freedoms you enjoy. How many of your ancestors fought and died for you to take that which we cherish most…after 240 years?

Common Sense tells me you are seeking to legislate yourself well beyond the boundaries of decency and honor sir. You are attempting to draft insanity itself sir, because we both know the heart of your intention is to defile the very soul of America so as not to offend her enemy! “Nuts” Hakeem! You’ve just secured your place in the New York State Hall of Shame alongside our Governor! What’s next?

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Why Our World is Broken

All in the Family!

All in the Family!

“Probably the toughest interview he (Obama) had was with Jon Stewart.” ~ White House Press Secretary Jay Carney

I read Carney’s quote last week and sort of mentally bookmarked it. For the White House Press Secretary to publicly admit that the entire US Press Corp was upstaged by one comedian doing their job for them is beyond remarkable…it is appalling and terrifying!

And just as I wondered how much worse it could be; along comes David Gregory and Meet the Press to seal the deal! This past Sunday, Gregory introduced first time guest Radhika Jones who was recently promoted to Deputy Managing Editor of Time! She was part of a panel discussion that covered everything from Ukraine and Obamacare to Gay Marriage and Hillary Clinton. Now before you read her comments below which I extracted from the transcripts, imagine the political discourse our parents relied on to form their own opinions from Meet the Press 64 years ago. I could only find transcripts going back to the Tim Russert days from August 2003 which I’ve linked here.

What I saw and heard from one of our nation’s top media executives nearly made me ill. Watching and listening to her brought this Vladimir Lenin quote to mind, “The Press should be not only a collective propagandist and collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.” Listening to her, I felt as if I were listening to a member of Obama’s family. Now listen to the Obama she describes and then read the observations of Ed Luce and ask yourself who is reporting on the real Obama!

Right. The president’s very aware of his own base and how much the American people care day to day what’s happening in Ukraine. And the other thing is that Putin, as we’ve seen, is working on his own timeline and the West hasn’t been all that successful in deterring him from doing so. We know Ukrainian elections are coming up on May 25th, and it’s in Putin’s interest to simply destabilize the region a bit before then, not necessarily to go in full force. So there is a little bit of window there.

He’s so happy not to have to talk about the website anymore.

I think that’s a big part of it. Yeah, the president suddenly is very happy to talk about the A.C.A. It doesn’t seem likely that Democrats will be as happy in terms of their local elections. Even if the law is working, and let’s remember this is a law that passed four years ago; the constitutionality of it was confirmed almost two years ago; it’s been around. And it is not going anywhere. But it remains unpopular, even among people in states where the signups have been plentiful. It remains unpopular sort of as a general policy.

I think Hillary Clinton has juggled so many jobs in her life that adding grandmother to her bio would not deter her from running. And I think, in a way, this might be one of the easier choices she has to make. But it remains true that she doesn’t really have to make it in the foreseeable future. I mean, her whole strategy has been to wait, and she has, you know, the fame on her side, the name recognition on her side. She has the fundraising on her side. And in her interest to let it play out a little longer.

I think it’s so generational. I mean, you know, that question of if Obama didn’t make that declaration, was he going to lose the millennials? I remember when he made his statement to Robin Roberts, you know, one of the most authentic parts of it was saying, “I’ve spoken to my children and Sasha and Malia don’t understand why the gay parents of their friends would be treated differently.” That, it seems to me, is a very powerful force. And as that young generation grows up and takes that kind of equality for granted, it seems to me like it will, you know, become widespread.

So how in the world do the corroborated facts presented by Mr. Luce square with the version of the exact same man presented to us by Ms. Jones? Interestingly, as I dug back to the Russert Meet the Press transcripts and realized he died just before the 2008 financial collapse, a thought popped into my head which I reflexively evicted…was he murdered? Could these people afford to have the beloved Tim Russert asking the tough questions in the aftermath of the greatest financial collapse in history and the eve of America’s Fundamental Transformation?

Now mind you, David Gregory and his guests made sure to tell us all we need to know about how Obama is handling Putin, Ukraine, Syria, Obamacare and Gay Marriage. What they failed to tell us, is how the President of the United States attempted to bully and intimidate Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and LOST! Well maybe David Gregory’s audience doesn’t know what happened at Bunkerville, but you can bet your bottom ruble that Vladimir Putin knows ALL about it!

So then I find myself wondering who is even listening to these people anymore, and just like that an embarrassing report surfaces that NBC has hired a therapist for Gregory. That is exactly what happens to a network that replaces an honest journalist with purveyors of “collective propaganda”! But isn’t it the network that needs the therapy? And wasn’t it also NBC that doctored the George Zimmerman 911 tape to make it sound racist? Stay with me and work with me here. So we have the same employer (NBC) whose beloved star is healthy one minute and dead the next, doctor evidence in order to fuel a race riot and turn self-defense into an argument for gun control in Florida, ignore a Federal assault on an American family…and now they want us to believe nobody is watching them because of David Gregory’s psychological problems? Oh, it gets better…

Apparently there’s a whole bunch of Americans along with the Cliven Bundy family who’ve learned who to tune in and who to turn off! And we’re talking bluest of blue states my friends! Would anyone care to go double or nothing on whether Mr. Putin is following this story as well? Can you fathom the “sea change” here” While Ms. Jones thinks she is “collectively organizing the masses” into believing our President was inspired by children poisoned by Marxist indoctrinators posing as educators, the masses are figuring out exactly who they are and what they’re up to! :-)

Oh, yes…I almost forgot. While we’re on the subject of unjust laws and mass civil disobedience, here’s an important little newsworthy event our MTP host failed to bring to light. Now, I’m not an attorney mind you…but wasn’t attorney-client-privilege a pretty good thing to have…once upon a time?

Author’s Note:

Someone I care about deeply asked me the other day why I don’t write about the good things in the world. That is a fair question and I’ll give it my best shot. It is because of my love for the good things in the world, I choose to write about the bad people who are destroying them. There are people who spend most of their waking hours chasing and hitting a little white ball across miles and miles of perfectly manicured grass until it drops in a hole. Some of them are paid a lot of money to do this!

I believe in the power of words. My friend doesn’t believe I can change the world with them, and maybe she is right. But the right words from the right heart at the right time bring light. And the smallest light is a very powerful thing in the darkest places. I am not paid for them which make them even more powerful. Nobody owns them. They come from a place I’ve learned to trust more than myself. I’ve come to think of them as bloodhounds since I’ve committed to sending them after the bad guys I like to call the Merchants of Misery.

Think of it this way. The weed that chokes the life out of the flower thrives undisturbed in the dankness of shadowy cover. As my bloodhounds grow stronger and more proficient with each passing day, they get better and better at finding the weeds and bringing more and more light…until one day, the weed will wither and die. I do know this much. Our world is broken because too many good people have ignored the bad weed for far too long…

There’s a great little “get the weed out” gardener’s convention coming up in Washington (Home of the Bad Weed) on May 16th! Won’t you bring your green thumb and join us there? Operation American Spring! 


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Easter Sunday 2014

True Love

True Love

Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend. This holy week which began with a Passover Seder with family and friends on Monday leading up to the holiest day for Christians today, has been something of a strangely powerful journey for me. I will have lived sixty-one years if I make it to the end of next month. But this is the first time I can honestly say that I have experienced the beauty of Freedom in the Passover, the painful agony of persecution on Good Friday and the joyful triumph of True Love today…

True Love

Clearly there is something quite remarkable happening in our lives. As rational beings, we feel the need to ascribe all phenomena to one of three things; politics, the economy or the weather…usually in that order. Except for global warming of course, which then requires things to move in exact reverse…especially logic, reason & common sense. Whereas love requires absolutely nothing! Love is inherently non-discriminatory…it is available to everyone! But True Love is only available to those who possess the courage to stand in its light! This is what I’ve learned on my incredible Holy Week Journey 2014!

You see ordinary love can be found in observing the mother grizzly placing herself in harm’s way in order to protect her cubs. For True Love, we must visit the Garden of Gethsemane, “Jesus is literally laying on the ground, curled up in a ball, writhing in agony. Our Lord is a quivering, trembling, sobbing mess. Jesus is in such stress and agony that the capillaries in the sweat glands in His scalp and forehead are bursting, and there is blood in the sweat that is running down His face, mingling with His tears, and dropping on the ground.” ~ Ann Barnhardt

This is the distinction that history is blessing our hearts with…an amazing window of opportunity! I am not asking my Jewish friends to forsake the Star of David for the sign of the Cross. What I am saying is that our very survival and the well-being of our souls (the only thing we DO take with us) are depending on our vigilance here!

True Love is wearing the yellow Star of David on your coat sleeve if that is who you are, especially knowing you will be ridiculed and mocked, spat upon and even killed by those who were your friends, neighbors…and those you loved the most. I wrote the words “he never had that many friends” to the song Honor in 2009 right around the time I was losing friends on Facebook for simply saying who I  was and what I believed.

It would not be wrong to change my colors and appearance in order to keep the peace and perhaps save a friendship, any more than it would be to…say, wash a Latino’s feet for the camera and votes. But it would not be True Love, and might even be considered groveling exploitation…or worse, if your intention is to become master to the servant. And then of course there is always the path of indifference if I am looking for the tranquil waters of coexistence, where the idea is not to make waves and splashing is frowned upon. But could True Love exist here?

“There is no greater blow that can be made to a human soul than indifference.” Think about Ann’s words describing the witnesses to the ultimate persecution, torture and execution of Jesus. Now remember the documentaries of the Holocaust you’ve seen that show the exact same indifference on the faces of German citizens walking past the people with the yellow stars on their sleeves…as if they did not exist!

True Love is unfolding yourself to find the amazing gift from the God who made you, and forgiving those who would look to take what cannot be taken from you.

True Love is the candle that gets us through the night.

True Love is often hated just before we see the light.

Happy Easter Dear Friend… :-)

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The Dance

Round & Round We Go....

Round & Round We Go….

Persecution ~ the systematic mistreatment of an individual or group by another individual or group. The most common forms are religious persecution, ethnic persecution and political persecution, though there is naturally some overlap between these terms. The inflicting of suffering, harassment, isolation, imprisonment, fear, or pain are all factors that may establish persecution. ~ Wikipedia

“Regrettably liberals too often remain strangely silent about the excess of leftist governments. I think that is because leftist governments clothe themselves in such lofty language that their good intentions are taken as an article of faith, no matter how brutal or barbaric their actions may be.” ~ Ed Koch

I’m told that the former New York City Mayor also said that Jews should be the first to recognize and stand against persecution because of their own history of being persecuted so many times in so many places, the painful memory of it is woven into their DNA.

But does the strange liberal silence Koch observed trump the responsibility of the Liberal Jew in matters of persecution? Can it even be genetically possible for any liberal Jew to knowingly support any government, leftist or otherwise, that not only turns the blind eye to persecution, but legislates it domestically while it aids, abets and arms it globally? Look and see for yourself!

I sent this powerful eyewitness testimony about the persecution of Christians in our own military to one of my closest liberal Jewish friends. It had absolutely no affect on her…she couldn’t “understand” why I asked her to watch it!

We are in a time and place I never saw coming. It is a place so dark and horrible I am literally afraid to find the words to describe it. But here goes…I can actually see my friend turning on me. I saw the title “On being tortured and executed by the one you love most” up on Ann’s wall the other day and I swear it brought my friend instantly to mind. It made me realize that our lives are mini Passion play copies of the original. We go around and around and around in a perpetual neurotic whirl of love/hate acting as if we’ve never been here before…knowing that we have!

I don’t guess it’s always darkest before the dawn…I know it is!


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URGENT! Why Obama’s “Bay of Pigs” is Far More Unforgivable!



Cuba is 90 miles from the southeastern tip of the United Sates. Ukraine is 5,680 miles from the US. Castro was turning Cuba into a suburb of Moscow. Eisenhower developed a plan which Kennedy followed up on…abandoning the rebel freedom fighters and leaving them to die when it failed; a decision that haunted him for the rest of his short-lived life. It seems pretty clear through the 20/20 lens of history that the intention of removing a cancerous mole so much closer to Miami than Moscow was in the best interest of the #1 stakeholder at the time…the American Citizen!

Fast-forward in time almost exactly 53 years to the day! Here’s what we haven’t got…there is nothing close to 20/20 here! Here’s what we do know. We do know that the Obama Administration “negotiated” a reset with Russia. We also know that during this reset, Obama was caught on a hot mike assuring Russian President Medvedev that he “would have more flexibility after his re-election.” We know that Russia won the removal of the missile defense systems protecting Europe in the negotiations, while the US and Europe won exactly nothing. We know that NATO is a housecat without claws. And finally, we know that Obama’s Foreign Policy wonks organized the failed coup, abandoned the Ukrainian Freedom Fighters…offering them only sleeping bags and helmets with which to defend themselves.

But the most devastating thing we know by far which should set the sober mind of every moral man ablaze, on high alert and especially on this Good Friday, comes in two parts:

1) A leader must possess a “soul” in order to be “haunted”.

2) And most tragic of all…JFK’s #1 Stakeholder has become Obama’s Serf!

Princeton Study Reveals ~ The Neo-fedualistic Oligarchy of America! Read & Weep! Thanks to Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge!

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The “Real Bad Guys”?

The "Religion of Peace" planning its next pancake breakfast!

The “Religion of Peace” planning its next pancake breakfast!

“We think that they’re feeling empowered. The less pressure you put on them, the more they take that as a victory, the more that they believe that they can get away with plotting, planning, organizing as you saw there (in the video), finance, training…

All of the things that they would need to do to strike a Western target; they’re going through that process.” ~ U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee (soon to be Talk Show Host)

I had an interesting conversation with a woman who has been a client of mine for the past fifteen years. It turned fascinating after realizing we each had an Indonesian Muslim in our family (Her son-in-law for the past fifteen years, and the girl friend of our oldest since January). Mohammed, who also happens to be a client of mine, is quite possibly the sweetest, kindest and most gentle man you’ll ever meet. Nadia, who we only met for the first time this past weekend, seems genuinely lovely as well.

I decided to summon my inner Captain Kirk to boldly go where few Western Wussie Men have gone before. I asked her how they were weathering the Radical Islamic storm, as I braced for impact! Before I share her reply, I should set the stage. I, as you know, am a Tea Party Conservative putting this question to a woman in her late sixties who describes herself as a moderate but devout Liberal raised by an extremely Liberal mother who was a Feminist before anyone knew there were Feminists. Got it?

I got the feeling she lives in a constant state of preparedness for this question…like a perpetual karate T-Stance. “Well, this is my response to people who go there.” she began. “There are violent and extreme people in every religion and the Quran teaches peace and love, not violence and hate.” Now, because this woman is a client and friend whom I happen to admire and respect, I did not challenge her as passionately as I might otherwise have. I did point out to her that unlike the statistically rare incidents of violence perpetrated in the name of other religions, the Islamic terror toll was well beyond 20,000 since 9/11…and counting. But I held back from challenging her assessment of the Quran as a book of peace, knowing “there are at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with “nonbelievers” for the sake of Islamic rule.”

Another dose of reality I chose not to administer is that there are no other religions I’m aware of that endorse “honor killings” and “female genital mutilation”…a fact which Brandeis University apparently decided not to burden its students with… for their own good I’m sure! So here we have Ayaan Hirsi Ali, one of the most courageous survivors of the real War on Women, forced to endure the insult of rejection by those who claim the moral high ground as the great champions and defenders in the War on Women?

And then there’s my personal all-time favorite from the people who brought us the “Religion of Peace”. The Islamic word “dhimmitude” which is applied to nonbelievers under Islamic rule, is essentially a “tax” the nonbelievers pay to their Islamic rulers to keep from being murdered…in the name of Allah. And we gripe about the IRS! :-)

So while the Federal Government is preoccupied with staging military operations against its own citizen ranchers in the American heartland and hunting patriots in local gun shops, the Gospel of Muhammad is spreading around the world in what has been officially described as both wildfire and cancer, we’ve missed the ultimate bad guy convention in Yemen, and the man who will soon be known as the greatest disaster to ever occupy Gracie Mansion has just turned off the Terror Detector in the #1 Target of Terror, New York City! After all, why bother eavesdropping in the vicinity of people plotting to kill as many other people as they possibly can, when we could go after the “real bad guys” instead?  OF COURSE THEY’RE FEELING EMPOWERED!

Islam is well disguised hate and political ideology masquerading as religion. Its inherent evil is self-evident by virtue of its own ghastly tenets and despicable actions. It is not a matter of rouge minority! Islam is a pirate ship that flies the black flag under the complete control of captain and crew with over 2 billion passengers who have refused to hold them accountable! You could have asked Ayaan Hirsi Ali herself…IF SHE HADN’T BEEN CENSORED! :-(

If Jefferson were alive today, he would be convinced we’ve lost our collective mind! He would see as clear as day that the same Barbary Pirate he dealt with as President has become a Barbary Armada Massing Caliphate while this one looks the other way! While Obama spoke to young cadets at the US Naval Academy last year, mothers and fathers were burying their sons and daughters in Nigeria. While he speaks to the cadets of West Point this year, mothers and fathers will be grieving the loss of 100 of their young daughters…ALL victims of the same pirates!

Join millions of your fellow Americans in Washington on May 16th for Operation American Spring. Let’s send the “real bad guys”, their enablers and their apologists, including Harry Reid, Eric Holder, Barack Obama & Nancy Pelosi, a very clear message! “You’ve done the crime; now prepare to do the time!”  :-)

God Bless Ret. Col. Harry Riley and Pamela Geller for their courage, love of country and commitment to truth! And God Bless America!

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Operation American Spring

“You don’t need 10 bullets to kill a deer!” ~ NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

The fact that the United States Government launched a military assault on an American citizen surrounding his Bunkerville, Nevada ranch culminating in a tense standoff that came within a tortoise breath of the start of a 2nd American Revolution…or counter-revolution as Ann would remind us…without the American President saying a word about it should tell every American all they need to know about who Obama is and what they are up to!

And, as Ann Barnhardt also reminds us, there is nothing new under the sun! In the last Sunday Tune-up I included Garfield’s famous quip about truth making us miserable. Well here’s the perfect example. It seems that Obama has some historical dictatorial company in Mr. “Fireside Chat” himself! Yes, that’s right! FDR ordered his own military assault on the retail giant, Montgomery Ward in 1944. Here they are literally removing Chairman Sewell Avery from office! Well, whadaya know? What I find most remarkable about this incident of “government over-reach” in juxtaposition to the Bunkerville (I keep wanting to say Bunker Hill for some strange reason) incident 70 years later, is the fascinating contrast of image between the photograph above and this one below…

In the Montgomery Ward incident, the government was in complete control. At Bunkerville, it was We the People who took control to diffuse what would have become a bloody gun battle. What did Jefferson say…something about government fearing people rather than the other way around? What has happened here? Why do we get two distinctly polar opposite outcomes to almost identical incidents of government abusing its power? Once you figure out the answer, you completely understand the smile of confidence on Cliven Bundy’s face I had noted in the Dangerous Men piece on Saturday! They are selling America right out from under us…and they are finally being forced to reveal themselves!

You see back in 1944, the vast majority of Americans believed in Uncle Sam the way kids believe in Santa Claus! We wouldn’t believe otherwise even when we saw it happening. Does Sewell Avery or the paper boy in the image above appear the least bit “frightened” to you? Who knew enough to believe any other way? THERE WAS NO INTERNET IN 1944! How many of us even knew this incident ever occurred?

Remember Aesop’s Tortoise and the Hare? I had written that the truth must have been faster than the government’s phony scape-tortoise! That’s because the internet is a Hare with a jetpack! No wonder these same psychopaths want to shift control of the internet!

Cliven Bundy managed to raise a small army of family, neighbors and friends from all over the country in a matter of hours…many of them armed with the same “assault weapons” our Sweet Uncle wants to rid us of…for our own good of course! WE KNOW NOW, what we did not know then! We the People won the Battle of Bunkerville without a single shot being fired! Isn’t it amazing how our “leader” had so much to say about Treyvon Martin and the Washington Redskins, and not one word about any of this?

Patriots conferring with the only real “leader” they’ve ever looked up to!

Oath Keeper Founder, Stewart Rhodes stood with Cliven Bundy. Sheriff Mack stood with Cliven Bundy…

“A Delegation of state legislators, lead by Washington State Representative Matt Shea, along with a  delegation of current serving Sheriffs, lead by Sheriff Richard Mack of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, and military and police members of Oath Keepers, are converging on the site of a stand-off between federal law enforcement and Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy, to prevent bloodshed and to stand in defense of hardworking rural Americans who are under assault by a runaway federal government.”   

So now what?

Warning- When you start to pull up a weed, be prepared to go all the way!

Before we get to feeling cocky and over-confident about what has just occurred, the views expressed by this gentleman are worth considering. Now step back from the canvas and reflect for a moment on his assessment and all that we have been conditioned to accept as normal over the past 5 years…

Here’s what we know now. We know that behind Obama’s smiling façade lies a brutal regime backed by an even darker force that will never surrender the power it has stolen…which is exactly why we need a monumental paradigm shift!

Enter retired Colonel Harry Riley and Operation American Spring! Now before you allow your mind to shift back into the old paradigm (which it so wants to do), read the last part of Ann’s “nothing new under the sun” about who we are dealing with and how this all ends, and then try to tell yourself you’ve got something more important to do on May 16th!

One thing you’ve got to love about our old military guys…they know how to plan, stage and execute “operations”. And what I love most about the prospect of our “Spring” being successful? It’s got AMERICANS in it and God behind it…and it is the perfect season for a little house-cleaning, is it not? :-)


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