Israel Proves You Can Judge a Country by the Will Of It’s Men To Be Men!

Manlessness in the 21st Century

Manlessness in the 21st Century

Israel uses their missiles to protect its people. The Palestinians (Hamas) use their people to protect their missiles! ~ Charles Krauthammer

I had to laugh when I saw Diane Feinstein had challenged Putin to “man-up” over the weekend. And then I realized that she had to because Obama can’t. NO, I am 100% deadly serious. The “Progressive” man can’t act like a man because they actually see the action of being a man as something beneath them. That is for Conservatives, Oath Keepers, Traditionalists and other extremist-types set in their stodgy old-fashioned and archaic ways…which is EXACTLY why Kerry accused Putin of “behaving as if he were still in the 20th century” on Meet the Press after Putin annexed Crimea!

But it’s not just here in the US…there appears to be a critical shortage of manly men in Europe and the Middle East as well! Do you know why Vladimir Putin can shoot down a civilian airliner (or allow the world to believe so) and then remove all the evidence? Because he knows there are no men willing to be men in Brussels, and only Barack Obama & John Kerry to deal with in the US. Do you know why there are thousands of anti-Israel protesters in London and Paris? Because there are no men willing to be men in London or Paris! Do you know why Christians who have lived in Mosul Iraq for 2,000 years, when given three choices by ISIS; convert to Islam, pay a non-conversion (Dhimmi) “tax” (Jizrah), or die…chose to flee instead? Because they know there are no men willing to be men in the world of men!

In fact it seems that the only place left on the planet where you can find men willing to be men is Israel…and they are condemned for it! I hesitated before inserting the Hamas qualifier into the Krauthammer quote above. Did you know that the majority of Palestinians (53%) prefer the two-state solution peace with Israel? Did you know that while Hamas targets innocent Israeli civilians, Israel goes to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza by warning them with “roof knockers”? And did you know that when Hamas rockets were discovered in a U.N. school in Gaza, the U.N. turned them over to the Palestinian Authorities? You see the Palestinians are every bit as responsible for inviting the Hamas scourge into their government as we are for allowing the Obama scourge into ours!

It would seem that Americans could learn a valuable lesson in Border Security from Israel. I have to say, I find it a matter of poetic fascination that what we actually have in London and Paris are the states of man-lessness protesting Israel for its man-fullness? The truth of the matter is that Israel is defending Western Civilization by herself, “saying what needs to be said and doing what needs to be done for the sake of something greater than themselves”…while Obama and Kerry mumble “Progressive” 21st century incoherence in the ageless face of man’s inhumanity to man.


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ July 20, 2014

The face of courage through the lens of Modernism!

The face of courage through the lens of Modernism!

“A woman marries man, has two kids, decides she’s a lesbian, finds another lesbian who has a sex change to become a man so they can marry. Now she’s ‘married’ to a woman who looks like a man … because she likes women. Insanity! ~ Dan Brannan

Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend. The more I observe the world around me, the more convinced I am that the global plague of disorder, instability, chaos and suffering we are experiencing is the direct result of the New World Order assault on Natural Law, the natural order of things, and God himself!

                                          The Poison Fruit of Modernism

“Countless people … will hate the new world order … and will die protesting against it.” ~ H.G. Wells, The New World Order (1940)

I circulated an Oath Keeper flier supporting a coalition of anti-illegal-immigration protestors the other day. This is one of the responses I got back:

“These are children fleeing violence in their countries.  Please call them REUGEES.  It gives it a whole different slant.  I am delighted the oathkeepers and other extremist groups have come out against giving safe harbor to these refugees, as further indication of how wrong they are.”

Only Modernism can turn Oath-Keeping into something extreme! But what I found most disturbing in his response is that this man happens to be an attorney who is essentially stating here that laws do not matter! How in the world can an attorney, of all people, accuse those who simply want existing laws to be enforced of being “wrong”?  Modernism!

Modernism has literally turned our world upside down so that day is now night, good is now bad, and wrong is now right! And the contorted snivel you see at the top of the page is now the face of courage in the New World Order of Modernism! I guess giving one’s life to save 34 of your fellow countrymen, as did Navy Seals Ty Woods and Glen Doherty, doesn’t quite measure up to the “coming out” valor of Michael Sam!

Modernism! But who benefits from an upside down world besides those who pretend to be what they are clearly NOT?

As with the use of violence, the use of lies to achieve success automatically poisons whatever good may have been had through one’s efforts. The elites commonly shrug off this logic by convincing each other that there is such a thing as a “noble lie” (both Saul Alinsky and Leo Strauss, the gatekeepers of the false left/right paradigm, promoted the use of “noble lies”) and that the masses need to be misled so that they can be fooled into doing what is best for themselves and the world. This is, of course, a sociopathic game of self-aggrandizement. ~ Brandon Smith, The Reasons We Fight the New World Order

The other amazing quality of Modernism, is its tendency towards convolution and avoidance of straight lines. Anyone who has seen the new Common Core math formulas can testify to that fact!!! I had lunch with a Liberal friend on Friday who pretty much refused to accept the Liberal moniker. His intention was heart-warming, but the winding, bending, circling, labyrinth of his logic made me dizzy! Our government has declared war on traditional freedom-loving American citizens. Period! Pick a side!

But instead of a direct line to the problem, we talked about abortion, capital punishment, gay marriage and religion. He seemed puzzled by what he perceived as incongruence in my being pro-life AND pro-capital punishment. And that is exactly the intention of Modernism! Turn the straight line of Natural Law into the twists and turns of a subjective jigsaw puzzle! Only Modernism can put the most innocent life in creation on par with the murderous savage! How is the act of abortion not holding the most innocent party accountable for the actions of the others? How can a sane and just society hold the most innocent accountable, and the convicted murderer not? Modernism!

In fact, the absence of accountability is the absence of justice. And the absence of justice is the absence of Freedom!

Justice is simply the social good, and it must therefore be done. It is defined as “giving each his due” – cuique sum, “to each his own.” A man is due his life because he is a living thing; it is his nature to have life; and, since it is also his nature to be moral, if a man commits a crime, he must be punished because punishment is retributive – punishment is the penalty due the criminal in justice to him. Proportioned punishment is due him, too, and you cannot deny him that right without yourself committing an injustice against him deserving punishment in turn. The judge who fails the criminal in punishment himself incurs a greater guilt. ~ Dr. John Senior from his book, “The Death of Christian Culture”

So they replace accountability with un-accountability and justice with its own perversion and perhaps the most poisonous fruit of the Modernism Tree, “Social Justice”! Social Justice is the most deadly of all poisonous fruit because it first cripples and then kills a free society with two deadly toxins; Diversity for Diversity’s Sake & Political Correctness. Talk about a one-two punch; Forcing a society to sacrifice quality for equality while stifling the freedom of expression is a one-way ticket to the hell.

My Liberal friend said to me, “You (Conservatives) believe that everyone gets what they deserve.” I was a bit taken aback until I realized he wasn’t talking about Karma…he was revealing his own perception of Meritocracy, a cornerstone of Free-Market-Capitalism, as something inherently unfair! How is it that an 18th century French historian outsider named Alexis de Tocqueville was able to see so clearly the greatest blessings of a country…endowed now, it would seem, to a generation of American citizens mostly blind to them. We don’t get what we deserve my Liberal friend…we get what we earn by the virtue of our willingness to work hard and persevere. “If it is to be, it is up to me”…not the whim or mercy of some despot or state committee, but me. All rights and the power they convey, “endowed by our Creator”, reside in and flow from the bosom of the individual! THAT is the indisputable heavyweight champ in the Arena of Ideas my friend…which is exactly why they have taken control of the schools, the media, and lust for control of the Internet!

Expressing ideas, no matter how bold or brazen, is the personal exercise of a natural right that the government in a free society is powerless to touch, directly or indirectly. Yet, when the government succeeds in diminishing public discourse so that it only contains words and ideas of which the government approves, it will have succeeded in establishing tyranny. This tyranny ~ if it comes ~ will not come about overnight. It will begin in baby steps and triumph before we know it…Yet we do know that it already has begun. ~Judge Andrew Napolitano, Chilling

Modernism had to destroy morality in order for Paul Krugman to disguise witchcraft as Economics…and Barack Obama to conceal the radicalism behind his Peace. We rewarded them both with Noble Prizes. They, in turn, set our world on an irreversible path to war, drowning us all in a sea of debt that can never be repaid!

But take heart you poor dear man Mr. Sam…your master has stepped up to replace and outdo our creator with not 10, but 11 Commandments for you and your flock of co-dependents to follow. And look how gracious our new God is! The old 10 commanded us to obey him, and the new 11 spell out what our master is required to give us…

Freedom?…that’s just some people talking.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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I thought I heard somebody crying...

I thought I heard somebody crying…

Please ~ Chip Murray/ Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars, African Conga, Claves                           Adrian Holtz / Tambourine

This song was one of my first songs written after a 4 year drought back in early 2009. My dear friend Carol had organized a mid-December 2008 get-together of old friends with bonds going back to grade school. I was able to introduce my wife to everyone for the first time…including my friend John and his wife. It was a beautiful night…

A couple of weeks later I received a shocking call from Carol. Our friend John had gone to work one day, tossed a rope over a door jam pull-up bar, climbed up on a chair and hung himself leaving behind his wife and two teenage daughters. The devastating incident threw me into one of the deepest periods of reflection I’ve ever experienced. I feel as though I actually connected with his soul…

I’m going away,

I’d like to stay…forever.

But this world aches,

and my heart breaks,

I could not burden you.


Where did they go?

All the times we laughed… together.

How could I…

Why should you…

Please don’t rescue me.


In a dream I…was flyin’,

lost inside the clouds…

I thought I heard somebody cryin’…

down there on the ground.


Why did you go….?,

our Johnny dear, we miss you so.

Was it so bad,

you felt that you had…

no place else to go.


When we meet again,

I hope we’ll dance a little closer.

Some dark & cloudy day,

I hope you’ll never say…

please don’t rescue me.


Some dark & cloudy day,

I pray you’ll never say…

please don’t rescue me. (Listen here- w/head phones)

Author’s Note ~ My songs are like my children. Each one has its own unique and special purpose and reason for being here. And they all have something to say at different times. I was struck by the timeliness when Please came to me this past week. I believe it is because more of us than ever before consider suicide as a way out…an end to suffering. Nothing could be further from the Truth! Some dark & cloudy day, I hope you’ll never say, “Please don’t rescue me.” John is telling me he made the worst mistake of his life! We have been led to believe that our “stuff” is more important than the essence of who we are! We need to embrace all of life, ESPECIALLY suffering when it comes our way. Please tells me the greatest guaranteed irony known to man comes in trying to escape it, as John himself would tell us all if only he could. The other glaring message from Please:

We ALL need to dance a little closer…

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The US Border Patrol Makes a Bundy Stand in Murrieta!

The US Border Patrol are Oath Keepers Mr. President!

The US Border Patrol are Oath Keepers Mr. President!

I have long suspected a disconnect between the news we’re fed and the reality we live. I used to think the disconnect was mostly two different spins on the same reality…probably because that’s what we’ve been accustomed to for so long now. I am now convinced that the spin has become the lie, having nothing whatsoever to do with reality at all!

Case in point ~ If the Main Stream Media was the only source I relied on for news and world events, I would probably view Fundamental Transformation as an idea whose time had come. In this mind-set, I would most likely perceive Obama and Holder as courageous champions defending the noble cause from a minority of mostly racist and backward-thinking critics financed by evil corporate types like the Koch Brothers.

But there are two counter-narrative facts that blow their Fundamental Fabrications to smithereens;

1) If the dissenting minority are the racists they project, how do you explain the support for a Ben Carson Presidential Candidacy being overwhelmingly WHITE?

2) If the cause is as noble as they project, how do you explain the refusal of their own troops to carry out their orders? MSM will not report this, just as they didn’t report the stand-down in defiance of the Regime’s orders to forcibly remove WWll Veterans from their memorials during the shutdown!

Here’s what I find interesting in the most encouraging way, as a proud member of Oath Keepers! The Bunkerville, Nevada (Bundy Ranch) incident was a people vs. government standoff. The Murrieta, California (Border Patrol) incident is a government vs. government standoff!!! I cannot overstate the importance of this development at a time when the Obama myth is evaporating faster than a drop of water in the Mojave Desert…at High Noon! :-)

NEVER let them demoralize you…The Beast is on its knees!


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Paul Richards to Rick Santelli… “Got Patience?”

I LOVE a Parade!

I LOVE a Parade!

Finally, slamming the herd of zombified analysts and talking-heads that follow sheep-like the Fed’s every word off the inevitable cliff, Santelli blasts (unafraid to stand up for the jobless Americans not driving their new Rolls-Royce on the back of levered ‘wealth creation’ in stocks), “This is America! We don’t follow consensus, we set it!”

For all you “Muppets” (Wall Street’s name for you and me) out there who’ve never heard of CNBC’s Rick Santelli; he’s the guy who fired the rant heard ‘round the world giving birth to the Tea Party movement. He lost it on the floor of the Stock Exchange while ridiculing Obama’s plans to bailout people who had bought homes without the wherewithal or intent to pay for them, which drew a thunderous applause from every trader on the floor! That was…5 years ago?

My favorite part of this, his greatest rant to date, is when they bring in Paul Richards from UBS at the 9:40 mark for his sage input. “It’s about one thing. It’s about patience.”         Five years…zero interest…sub-2% GDP…1/3 of Americans not working…Bail-ins…negative rates!!!  P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E???  And they call us “Muppets”?

I still remember, as if it were yesterday, asking the simple question on a national call with JP Morgan’s economist Dr. David Kelly. It was right around the time of the initial $800 Billion bailout. “What if it doesn’t work?” I asked… Dead freakin silence!! And they call us “Muppets”?

I am telling you that you need to pop some corn and sit down and treat yourself to this “panel of experts” for a great laugh. It’s more like a panel of magicians who are clearly struggling with a rabbit that’s gotten way too big for the hat they’ve been trying desperately to hide him in for the past 5 years now!! HEY…I just figured out why they call us “Muppets”!! It’s because they are still able to dazzle us by pulling the rabbit we already see out of the hat he’s already hopped out of!!

But take heart my Huckleberry friend…because the nation’s top cop is hot on the trail of the real criminals…chased this one all the way to Nebraska! We can’t have average citizens making fun of our President. That would be disrespectful! What would the other nations think? But I think it shows classic American character, resilience and the spirit of forgiveness straight from the heart of our American Exceptionalism! He gave us Fundamental Transformation, so we honored him with an Obama Presidential Library modeled after the homes we’ll all be living in as a result! Personally, I’d say its way more than he deserves…and it is where I do most of my reading! :-)


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ July 13, 2014

"We Did!"

“We Did!”

“How much better to get wisdom than gold, and understanding than silver.”  ~ Proverbs 16:16

Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend! These past weeks have brought us closer to the edge of what can only be referred to as complete social insanity. It’s as if we have a death wish. Accountability is nowhere to be found…Leadership is non-existent…and according to our “Progressive” NY Senator Chuck Schumer, we should have to choose between our faith in God, or running a business!

The Wisdom in Faith, and the Faith in Wisdom

One of the first things I learned about in developing my financial planning practice was the importance of a wealth accumulation technique known as asset allocation. A central component of “Modern Portfolio Theory”, it prescribes diversifying assets by asset class or category to reduce risk and conform to the investor’s desire for growth and tolerance for volatility at the same time. Thinking back on this, it is the wisdom of it that attracted me the most!

Not only did the Founders practice asset allocation in designing our society, they included the most important asset class of all…Faith, Natural Law…God. This is clear from how they lived their lives, their public addresses, their personal communications, and of course our Constitution and Bill of Rights; the greatest evidence of all! In fact, I would go so far as to say that our Founders were so deeply committed to the relationship of society and faith, they actually wed us to our creator in our founding! That, my friends is the heart…the very essence of our American Exceptionalism. And it drives the “Progressive” secularists out of their minds! Unfortunately for us all, I meant that last sentence literally…because they are the ones in power at the moment.

Dr. Ben Carson devoted a chapter to Wisdom and Knowledge in his new book One Nation. As he points out, Knowledge is familiarity with facts. Wisdom is the ability to discern what to do with what we know. When Barack Obama first ran for President, all the focus was on how smart he was. As a matter of fact there is no shortage of smart and knowledge in Washington at all…but the lack of precious wisdom is literally killing us! As Dr. Carson points out, “wisdom is the most important commodity for anyone who is planning to be successful in any endeavor.”  Unfortunately for you and me, on January 1, 2009 our President either forgot to pack it, or he never had it to begin with.

But it is so much worse than that. We have suffered fools in power many times. Institutionalizing foolishness is another matter, and it is exactly what we are doing at this very moment. I believe this is happening because those in power are attempting to forcibly remove God from the very asset allocation strategy that made us the greatest nation on earth! I guess in what would be the opposite of a “shotgun marriage”…we are being treated to a “shotgun divorce”. Contemplating the “Progressive” track record on both domestic and foreign policy since January 1, 2009…wouldn’t we all be more than justified in questioning the wisdom of such a divorce…especially given the present dire state of our world! Taking God out of our asset allocation strategy now, would be like removing bonds, cash, and guaranteed interest and reallocating to 100% stocks right before the worst market crash in history! :-(

Watching the President now is frightening. He is behaving like a child who is being told he can’t have something. The public exhibitions of pettiness and spite at the very time we are looking for statesmanship, leadership and courage is actually terrifying to me because it is irrational behavior. Children can be irrational and often are…but irrationality in an American President is the most dangerous thing I can think of.

I know there are good people of conscience and faith in our government who are witnessing the very same display of personal disorder in our nation’s chief executive right now. I know they are feeling the very same trepidation we are. Most Liberals and Democrats, just as most Conservatives and Republicans never bargained for this! Impeachment is a word being tossed around with much greater frequency these days. I’ve heard good arguments on both sides of that idea. We have suffered fools, but can the nation survive a madman as President? Might I suggest we ALL pray on it? It would be the wise thing to do…

What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder.                     ~ Matthew 19:6


Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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Inside the Box: The Invasion & Overthrow of the American Republic!

The Destroyer

The Destroyer

“Think they don’t care about voting? Monday night we overheard an organizer of the pro-invasion crowd at the Murrieta BP station actually say to the audience that they have more of a right to vote than legal American citizens. This because, according to him, we took land that wasn’t ours to begin with and are here legally.” ~ Eric Odom & Pete Santilli (A MUST read!)

First, you have to watch this exchange between a CNN reporter and a “heartless” local Texas city councilwoman defending her constituents from a lawless Federal Government. So…I thought it would be interesting to try and imagine what would constitute “heartfull” in the mind of our rather passionate CNN reporter, and I came up with this:

“So, we are ONE…ALL of us!  We are ONE! let’s practice wrapping our heads around that for a while, cause ya really have to be willing to think outside of the box to begin to understand its implications…and they’re just a little bit outside of the known physical world, know what I mean? :-)

What would you see? The choice is given you. But learn and do not let your mind forget this law of seeing: You will look upon that which you feel within. If hatred finds a place within your heart, you will perceive a fearful world, held cruelly in death’s sharp-pointed, bony fingers. If you feel the Love of God within you, you will look out on a world of mercy and of love.”

In other less eloquent words, the change starts within each one of us!! Thoughts are powerful. When just 1% of us stop buying into the thoughts of separation and the fear we’ve been fed for quite some time, HUGE shifts of consciousness happen.  It’s measurable!! (Look at the heart math project for verification of that). We all just want to wake up from this illusion…the first step is stepping outside of it and KNOWING that’s what it is.  Again, with all due respect, ‘just sayin’… and trying to watch w/o sinking into understandable emotional consternation.” ~ Friend

This was an email from a good friend in response to my fantasy of subjecting Obama, after being found guilty of treason, to a Clockwork Orangesque torture a la the scene in which Malcolm McDowell’s character was bound and gagged in a rocking chair and subjected to a perpetual loop of Beethoven at full volume! My fantasy was exactly the same, only Obama’s eyes would be taped open so that he would be forced to watch a continuous alternating loop of John Wayne/Audie Murphy westerns…while listening to a perpetual loop of Kate Smith singing America the Beautiful! Not exactly water-boarding, but delicious! :-)

So my fellow Americans, to the “heartfull” mind, when we find ourselves being invaded, overthrown, overrun, overwhelmed and exposed to disease-ridden felonious drug gangstas and God knows what else; INVITED here by our lawless usurping dictator thug posing as President…we simply need to “think outside of the box…without sinking into emotional consternation”…because after all “We are ONE” dontcha know! – - – I actually wanted to cry…

By the way, I wonder if any of you out there in the “We are ONE” community recognize who our “Christian” President happens to be saluting with is left hand in the photo above…or, how is it that our historical first Black “Christian” President, now revealed as the worst President since WWll according to Quinnipiac, has found such favor in the Muslim Community…hmmm, my “We are ONE” friends? Or, is my thinking too “inside the box” for you?

The Usurper has used YOU! YOU provided him cover!! YOU were his HOST!!! Your Church of Nice, Agape-goop, Dawn Eagle Woman “Course in Miracles” has been a  “Course of Manure” fed to you over time by agenda-laden charlatan agents of feel-good nonsense meant to lead us all into the ultimate new-age cul-de-sac of NOWHERE!!!

We have allowed the abduction of Truth on our watch! We did nothing as the multi-headed Hydra slithered in to take its place. And we are about to pay very dearly for what has been nothing less than our complete dereliction and total abandonment of logic, common sense, courage, honor & integrity in giving IT quarter! Forget about dragging Obama to the BORDER of accountability! I say bring Beckwith, Eagle Woman and Schucman down here to explain how the God they claim to represent feels about them leading us to squander and transform our greatest gift into a borderless Hell where Trust in God has become Trust in, and Dependency on the State??? 

Why “invade” the U.S. / Mexico Border?  Because the only way to accomplish the goal of installing a North American Union is to destroy the sovereignty of the United States of America.  They will nudge us all into submission politically, financially, electorally, criminally, and militarily if necessary.  Every indication is that they are well on their way to achieving it — if we let them.

You know what’s so rib-cracking and hilariously tragic about the “if we let them” part? We still haven’t figured out that we’re no longer FREE! “North…American… Union”…           Maybe before making such a life-altering decision, it might not be a bad idea to visit League City Texas and Murrieta California to speak with our fellow American citizens “on the ground” to get their perspective? Just a thought…but there I go…thinking inside the box again.

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