Whistleblower’s Tape Proves Collusion Between Banks (Crooks) & Regulators (Cops)!

Sorceror Saul Alinsky

Sorceror Saul Alinsky

Saul Alinsky must be beaming gloriously from the depths of Hell over his star pupil’s blinding successes above ground. The unprecedented chaos Apprentice Obama has unleashed on America and the rest of the world has turned us into confused squirrel-road kill running away from safety into…and under the tires of a ruthless oligarchy that was once the United States of America!

Markets RIGGED, Healthcare MESS, Immigration INSANITY and the most absurd of all…sending our children to fight an enemy their Commander in Chief will not name and they are not allowed to INSULT! And the man responsible for it all…is never responsible! If you saw his “crème puff” 60 Minutes interview Sunday night, you saw him throw his entire Intelligence Team under the bus. Disgraceful!

But I am here to tell you that all is NOT lost in the former home of the brave. There were two events this past week that give me a sense of hope. First, contrary to Obama’s claim in response to O’Reilly’s corruption question during the Super Bowl, it seems a non-existent “smidgeon” was able to derail Eric Holder, forcing the resignation of the most corrupt Attorney General in US History (God Bless Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch)! Secondly, a courageous “Goldman whistleblower” by the name of Carmen Segarra arose from the dead after being brushed aside by the Justice Department (Really bad week for Eric)…it seems she kept some tapes that can best be described as “collusion” between the financial arm of the Oligarchs and the Regulators (NY Fed). That’s very bad!

47.5 hours of proof that the banks (crooks) control the regulators (cops)!

  1. You sort of knew that the regulators were more or less controlled by the banks. Now you know.
  2. The only reason you know is that one woman, Carmen Segarra, has been brave enough to fight the system. She has paid a great price to inform us all of the obvious. She has lost her job, undermined her career, and will no doubt also endure a lifetime of lawsuits and slander.

So what are you going to do about it? At this moment the Fed is probably telling itself that, like the financial crisis, this, too, will blow over. It shouldn’t!

Hmm, “So what are you going to do about it?” That is the million dollar question isn’t it. Well, let’s see. It would seem we now know that government is in bed with the banks, and they’re both in bed with the multi-national corporations…and will ya lookie here!

“The British inventor of the World Wide Web warned on Saturday that the freedom of the internet is under threat by governments and corporations interested in controlling the web.” Talk about your David & Goliath!

It seems we are fast becoming a world without borders or morals. A very bad and dangerous combination in my humble opinion. And my, oh my how the global elite psychopaths do hate this man…Bibi Netanyahu’s UN Speech Transcript …like holy water to the vampires of the new world order!

“So what are you going to do about it?”???

Some of us saw this coming so clearly in 2010. We wrote songs about it, marched, screamed, shouted from rooftops and nobody listened.

How well the baron banker boys built their prison of success

& traded in their country for the hell of emptiness

I heard them on the radio…I saw them on TV

While John Hall looked the other way, they stole from you and me.

I could not yell, I could not cry, I held you in my arms…

I closed my eyes and felt my country dyin’

~ The Ballad of John Hall, Chip Murray(Listen hear w/headphones)

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ September 28, 2014

Honor, Courage and Integrity!

Honor, Courage and Integrity!

Yesterday I wrote about how political correctness (and the Press) has blinded us to our physical danger. I offered the PC antidote a la Geller, Gabriel and Wood. Today I’d like to share what I’ll call a Michael Voris Vortex Vitamin for the soul. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…

The Spiritual War

Generally speaking, we have been so mortally wounded and poisoned as a society, we have been conditioned to think of all the chaos, carnage and killing as war on a physical level…about physical suffering; loss of life and property only…as if it is all we have to lose. Precious few of us see the Spiritual War which is a tragic shame because our physical wars are only the symptom of what is happening on the most important battlefield of all. For ALL the marbles…if you catch my drift!

For us not to be engaged here is a little like trying to fight illness as doctors in the 16th century unaware of the unseen germs attacking their patients. To focus on our physical attachments for fear of losing them or even the threat and worry over physical harm is of little value without attention to the source of the fire behind it all.

The true enemy isn’t really after our wealth, our properties…our “stuff”, although he sure knows how to use those who are! No, the real enemy seeks the treasure we’ve all buried and forgotten. I pray on my knees each and every morning for God to give me the strength to live every moment of that day with honor, courage and integrity…because these Dear Friend are the three most dependable guardians of the Soul. I beg you to join me…



September 24, 2014

Hello, everyone, and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and

exposed. I’m Michael Voris.

We entertained a splendid guest here at the studios recently. When he left, he sent an

email to us well worth noting.


Thank you again for everything. And please thank all of your people at Church Militant for all of their attentions. Thank them for their fidelity to our Lord, and for their willingness to endure the hardships of battle. Tell them, though, that they do not yet know what battle is. The enemies of God are daily growing stronger and more violent; the demons in the skies are blacking out the sun. Soon, some of those fighting at our sides, whom we thought to be rocks, will lose faith . . .and fall. We will look for help from heaven, and it will not come. . . Soon the Church will be stripped of Her garments, of Her beauties born of centuries of love and sanctity. We will cry when we look upon Her, we will cringe when we hear Her speak or sing, and we will live with our tears every day. Then we will see Her bleeding from many wounds, and we, frantic and despairing of stopping the flow, will weep, inconsolable. And She will shudder and fall silent and still. Then, gasping, She will slowly lift Her Head, and look at us, piercing the soul of our souls, and say . . .“Behold thy Mother!”

Then, at last, the Terrible Moment will come: She will let out the last cry ever to be heard; a cry that will shake the universe to its core, and obliterate all things:

 “My God! … My God! . . . Why have You abandoned Me!?”

Will our faith, my friends, be capable of bearing all of this!? It must be! The grace for it is being poured out even now. If we desire it to the exclusion of all else, it is ours! All the promises of the Gospel are true. There will be no blackness capable of undoing it, no darkness capable of unsaying the Word already spoken! Do not ever doubt it! Persevere in patience, knowing what you know, which is God made Man!

My poor prayers and sacrifices will be for all of you; not only for your apostolate, but for the holiness of each of you. Please pray for me as well, when you can. Soon I will be a hermit hidden away in the desert. From there, I will do what I can for the good of your souls and your holy work.

Sincerely yours in our Lord Christ,

. . .

Never doubt my fellow Catholics, never doubt. Not a single thing happening in all the

madness is happening without Our Blessed Lord’s permitting it—and he never permits

evil for its own sake, but for something greater to emerge from it.

The evil, so manifest and present in so many ways in the Church today, will not always

be here.

Just as is the case with a horribly violent storm with clouds of blackness and furious

winds, always remember that above that storm, there is the sun, shining brightly, casting

its rays on the clouds from the perspective we cannot see from down below.

We fight because we must, but we don’t fight in vain. Stay faithful and pray for the grace

of final perseverance. The Son will shine on you again.

These are exciting times to be alive, to be called to battle for the glory of Holy Mother

Church. You may grow tired from time to time, but never grow discouraged.

God is eternal. And we are destined to be with Him. Realize your destiny.

GOD Love You,

I’m Michael Voris

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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Newsflash! Americans are at War With Islam…Obama is NOT!

Brendan Tevlin

Brendan Tevlin

You don’t recognize the name Brendan Tevlin for the same reason Barack Obama is the President of the United States. Respectable and responsible journalism is dead in America and has been for some time. You don’t know because they don’t want you to know that an innocent, bright and energetic 19-year-old was murdered on the streets of West Orange New Jersey in June by the same Muslim savage who murdered three other innocent Americans in Washington State between April and June! Jihad is HERE and we are fish in their barrel…betrayed by our President and blinded by the Press!

“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy.

The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it.

No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.” ~ Winston Churchill

Imagine for a moment what our world would be today had Churchill been a Nazi instead of the lone beacon of courage shining the light that would eventually awaken a sleeping nation along with the rest of the world in the late thirties! He would have used his bully pulpit to extol the virtues of Hitlerism while chastising his fellow Brits for their own colonial transgressions…and focusing their attentions elsewhere. Sound familiar?

The “good Muslim—religion of peace” argument is severely flawed for the following reason. Yes there are good Muslims, just as there were good Germans. But the notion that Islam is a “Religion of Peace” is a flat out lie! In fact the ideology of Islam is every bit as brutal and totalitarian as was the ideology of Hitler’s Third Reich! David Wood provides the evidence to prove that contrary to Obama’s lie, ISIS is following the Quran to the letter! If you require convincing beyond this, may I suggest you spend some time in a country where Sharia is the law of the land! Perhaps by then you will know the same “Mohammedanism” Churchill knew and understood.

We have a very serious problem in the Oval Office my friends. The very same man who mocks, criticizes and attacks those of us who hold America’s founding values sacred, seems to have no trouble defending the values of the very same enemy [“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”] who seeks to destroy us because of our values! The very same man who in his remarks at the UN on Wednesday offered praise to controversial cleric Sheikh Abdallah Bin Bayyah who has advocated for the killing of US troops!  But “ISIL is not Islamic” the liar assures us. British Muslim politician Maajid Nawaz begs to differ! Obama IS the enemy!

America has been sanitized…or I should say insanitized by Political Correctness. Europe is a complete mess because of it, and we are not far behind if we don’t get our heads right in a hurry! There are three brave souls I regard as modern day Churchills. Pamela Geller, Brigitte Gabriel and David Wood are tireless patriots who are standing in the breach against the new Gathering Storm. We must let them know we have their backs! I encourage you to visit their sites; http://www.answeringmuslims.com/ and http://pamelageller.com/ and http://www.actforamerica.org/welcome/ They are the PC Antidote!  :-)

In the course of my writing this post, the Religion of Peace has struck again on American soil. A Muslim in Oklahoma beheaded one victim and was going for a second when he was shot by a co-worker…with the gun Obama wants to take away! This is only the beginning my friends…mark my words! Obama must go, and he must go NOW!

“We will never be at war with Islam.” ~ Barack Hussein Obama

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We Say ISIS—He Says ISIL—They Say Caliphate!

"I will do everything in my power to divert attention from America's true enemy...so help me Allah!"

“I will do everything in my power to divert attention from America’s true enemy…so help me Allah!”

“No God condones this terror.” ~ Our Nobel Peace Prize Christian President to the UN General Assembly yesterday after bombing his 7th Arab Country…lovely.

There are so many balls in the air it’s nearly impossible to focus on any one. Securing our borders, ISIS, the economy, concerns of a police state, political scandals, gun control, climate change, and a new war…I’m not sure where Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Roger Goodell belong in all of this, but you get my point. What if we were able to see behind it all?

How did the Middle East get so screwed up? How did the Arab Spring become this massive political Rubik’s Cube that has devolved into WWlll? I was fortunate to catch a great interview on Tuesday between Dr. Michael Savage and Palestinian American Walid Shoebat, a former member of both PLO and Muslim Brotherhood who converted to Christianity in 1993. If he is not a qualified expert on the region and all its stakeholders, I’m not sure who would be.

I did not realize previously that the Clintons and former Nat’l Security Advisor for the Carter Administration Zbigniew Brzezinski, financially backed by George Soros, were the chief architects of the Arab Spring. Did you? This little nugget along with three other take-aways really begins to transform the impossible puzzle into the crystal clear clarity of a grand scheme as old as time itself…power and control! The take-aways?

1) The desire for a regional Islamic Caliphate unites every Muslim! It is the one outcome that would place Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar…Sunni and Shia alike…all on the same team!

2) The “Million Dollar Question” that even Shoebat cannot answer ~ Why is Obama so obsessed with taking out the Assad Regime? It is so blatantly contrary to US interests!

3) The Arab Spring Architects (NWO Elites) and forces behind the Caliphate have something of major significance in common…a disdain for the Judeo-Christian culture! AND, as the UN General Assembly convenes at this very moment, they see Islam as the environmental friendly GREEN Religion!

What a difference a few years make! Remember the schooling Niall Ferguson gave to Brzezinski’s Obama-fawning MSNBC daughter in February of 2011? Talk about 20/20 hindsight! Trust me…worth every precious second of your time! (Assuming you seek to parse sense from nonsense.)

So that’s interesting…Brzezinski’s daughter…and the Clinton’s connection to the Muslim Brotherhood through Hilary’s top aid Huma Abedin…Didn’t Mika and her father team up against Netanyahu on Morning Joe back in July? And didn’t Bill Clinton publically criticize Netanyahu as recently as last week? How does this make any sense? How do you condemn the one lion that stands alone to protect the Pride of Western Civilization from the gathering swell of the barbaric hoard…unless you are the ones feeding the hoard!!!! Boy, someone would have to pay me an awful lot of money…

Come to think of it, there’s something else that doesn’t make any sense at all to me here. The Press did hold Obama accountable for his now famous characterization of ISIS as a “JV squad”. But what they so typically failed to do was commute his “mistake” to “intentional lie” by pointing out that Obama had full intelligence on exactly who ISIS is ONE YEAR prior to his remark! His second intentional lie was made a couple of weeks ago when he said, and I repeat “ISIL is not Islamic”! Why would the President of the United States deliberately mislead his own fellow Americans about the true nature of their greatest threat?

Americans need to come together to stand with the families of Ft. Hood, Benghazi and the Navy Seals to bring these criminals to justice! Obama, the Clintons and all those complicit in our betrayal must be tried for treason and executed! Period! We will never restore America until we find the courage and will to exorcise her demons.

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First Scouting, Then the Military, Now Football?

Eunuch for the State

Eunuch for the State

“When a man bows to political correctness, he surrenders the essence of his man-ness to become a Eunuch for the State…a street walking whore.” ~ Shutupnsing

If you want to find America’s true enemies, just identify her traditional institutions taking the most fire and follow the attacks to their source. The healthiest societies are those well balanced in their male/female energy where the virility of the man is a potent complement to the femininity of the woman. The Feminists have all but destroyed the “dignity of the female body” and the sacred beauty of femininity while the Progressives have all but castrated our male masculinity.

Hip Hop and Hollywood have transformed Alice Von Hildebrand’s “Mother of the Living” into a barren wasteland. The death of femininity and the dignity of the female is the curse of the Feminists. And once we’ve eliminated the need for a mother to create the living, we no longer need the male seed…which is to say; to the Progressive mind…there is no need for the “traditional” man!

Coincidently, the institutions of marriage, scouting, military and the National Football League are under all out and relentless assault. The institution of marriage is suffering its lowest rate (50%) in 93 years, while political correctness has taken the “morally straight” out of Scouting, the “warrior spirit” out of the Military and the “spirit of the game” out of the NFL!

What is left? We have the former temple of womanhood hollowed out, stripped of mystery and grace down to its naked flashing neon core. Equally pathetic is the empty male hull covered in opportunistic pleasure seeking tendons and sinew…masking the void of true manhood! The diminished “Apostolate of Being” , reduced to validation seeking units measured by what they say versus who they are! Phil Simms, former quarterback turned Eunuch: “My very first thought is it will be ‘Washington’ the whole game.” Pathetic!!

What is going on at the NFL has nothing to do with Ray Rice punching his wife * or Adrian Peterson spanking his kid, and it certainly has nothing to do with football…anymore than the destruction of scouting had anything to do with scouting, or the destruction of our healthcare system was ever about healthcare! It is all about gutting the essence of who we are were as Americans by seizing control and stealing the power of the key elements…in this case, the men. The office manager of my doctor’s office confided in me regarding the disasters their patients are experiencing due to Obamacare. “Where were the doctors when this all went down?” I asked. In other words, WHERE WERE THE MEN?

Think about this. What better institution to have prepared boys for become men than the Boy Scouts of America? What better institution to have prepared young men for the honor of defending and protecting their homes, communities and country than football?

Can you imagine what Robert Baden Powell will have to say to those at the helm of the Scouting legacy he created IF they make it to Heaven? And wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in Heaven’s locker room at half-time when Lombardi gives Simms and Goodell the talk! God help us!

* Domestic abuse in the NFL is lower than the national average!  :-)


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ September 21, 2014

Zeal for souls?

Zeal for souls?

“No sacrifice is more acceptable to God than zeal for souls.”                         ~ Pope St. Gregory the Great

We saw a great singer-songwriter up at the Falcon last night named Jim Hayes. I love seeing people doing…engaged…committed…loving what they do. You see the same thing with great comedians…like Jimmie Fallon, or business people…like Mark Cuban. I see the same qualities in my doctor …

Singer-songwriters make us feel. Comedians make us laugh. Business people bring us business. Doctors heal us. Priests ______ us? I came to this point and realized something significant. Twenty years ago I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. I would have filled in the blank with “comfort”, “guide”…or “preach to”…but today I know its much, much more than that…which explains the celibacy requirement of the Catholic Church. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend!

The Zeal-less Archbishop of New York

I have always wanted to know God. Many successful people, whether they are singer-songwriters or doctors will say they always wanted to make people happy…or save someone’s life. I have always wanted to know God. When I was a kid I ran away from home to seek refuge in the church. I slept the entire night…next to the pulpit. I looked for him in Buddhism years later thinking they seemed to have found something. But when I got there I found nothing…which was sort of the point…I suppose.

There was no possible way for me to follow a path of nothingness leading me to disengage from the world…in 2008! It wasn’t long after that I discovered Ann Barnhardt and the Catholic Church…in that order. I wrote a lyric in the song Guilty years before that,         “So hard to remember, so tough to forget…but the purpose of    living hasn’t dawned on me yet.”                                                                                        In reality, these words are the confession of a soul in need of an intervention. In other words…in need of a good priest! How in the world would I ever know God without understanding my purpose? 

Only those of us in denial do not see an America in deep, deep trouble. Today I see a world so full of suffering, disillusionment, despair, resentment and lack of hope and I know. I know it’s not the singer-songwriters, the comedians, the business people or the doctors who haven’t done their jobs. It’s the devastating number of shepherds in the community of the American Clergy who have failed to do theirs!

For the rest of the world to have performed as poorly as our community of clergy has, singer-songwriters would have left us empty, comedians would have left us sad, business people would have left us out of business and doctors would have left us for dead!

“How can we answer to ourselves for the souls who have in our times lived and died in sin; the souls that have been lost and are now waiting for the judgment, seeing that for what we know, we were ordained to influence or reverse their present destiny and have not done it?” ~ Cardinal John Newman

My Catholic mentor brought Cardinal Newman’s words to my attention in her blog post Got Zeal? As usual, her message is so perfect and timely it can only be explained, as my friend Gene likes to say, by her state of Grace. She is everything a Buddhist is not…

…which brings us to our friend the Archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan. I should say to God…if I ever have the chance, “With friends like that…” Well, my friend Michael Voris is actually far more qualified to say! But if I were to put it into laymen’s terms, I would simply urge you to be especially vigilant right about now…for yourselves…your families…and your children. In fact I would say that vigilance to the flock is as important as zeal is to the shepherd!

For example…getting on a bus to “nowhere” would be avoided by the vigilance of the would-be passenger who took the time to learn who’s driving the bus! There are far, far more important things to tend to…like our purpose for living! :-)


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“Climate March” ~ The Charge of the Fright Brigade

Half a league, half a league, half a league onward...

Half a league, half a league, half a league onward…

I once roomed with a guy from the Dakotas back in the seventies. I remember him telling me what he knew about this thing called “civil mind control” developed by the Russians. I remember telling him with great confidence, “That could never happen here!”

Today his warning and my response are echoing in my mind because a civilian army of completely controlled minds has been mobilized to attack an imaginary enemy…a monster of the mind really. What will come to be known as the most hoodwinked generation ever birthed will board hundreds of buses tomorrow with thousands of signs manufactured and paid for by over 600 sponsors…on one of the coldest weekends at the end of one of the coldest summers in recorded history…because they were told (by a snake oil peddler from Tennessee) that our earth was overheating as a result of the evil-WE essentially having eaten a hole in the ozone! Whew!

“Still the man hears what he wants to hear                                                               And disregards the rest” ~ Paul Simon, The Boxer

Now mind you…this exact same army bats nary an eyelash as the real monsters lop off heads, cut children in half, and rape and mutilate young girls and women as they seek to slaughter our real army before they come to “slaughter us and drink our blood” …while the very politician who has ginned us up against the Tea Party and Weather Monsters assures his hoodwinked legions that the real monster is at war with itself! This, my friends, is textbook SELF-LOATHING! Period.

In fact, the very same mindless civilian army boarding buses to fight the weather is signing up to support the real monsters at the very same time! What would JFK have said? “Ask not what your monster can do for you; ask what you can do for your monster!” (note – I tried to insert a smiley emoticon but it refused) :-(

Hear this; my mind-mangled friends, you are not going to NYC to save the world. You are being loaded onto buses as the Jews were once loaded onto box cars…except you board willingly! You go by your own delusion to fit yourselves (and the rest of us) with the shackles and leg irons of your own enslavement! Meet your Masters here! Meet the Monster they created at the 42:26 minute mark…

Interestingly, my “Fright Brigade” derived from the famous British “Light Brigade” fatefully dispatched against the wrong target as well in the Crimean War of 1854…with one minor difference. The latter were troops of exceptional courage and valor. The former is perhaps the most narcissistic army of pampered entitlement to ever board a bus to nowhere! History will be most unkind my tilting friends…

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