Operation American Spring

“You don’t need 10 bullets to kill a deer!” ~ NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

The fact that the United States Government launched a military assault on an American citizen surrounding his Bunkerville, Nevada ranch culminating in a tense standoff that came within a tortoise breath of the start of a 2nd American Revolution…or counter-revolution as Ann would remind us…without the American President saying a word about it should tell every American all they need to know about who Obama is and what they are up to!

And, as Ann Barnhardt also reminds us, there is nothing new under the sun! In the last Sunday Tune-up I included Garfield’s famous quip about truth making us miserable. Well here’s the perfect example. It seems that Obama has some historical dictatorial company in Mr. “Fireside Chat” himself! Yes, that’s right! FDR ordered his own military assault on the retail giant, Montgomery Ward in 1944. Here they are literally removing Chairman Sewell Avery from office! Well, whadaya know? What I find most remarkable about this incident of “government over-reach” in juxtaposition to the Bunkerville (I keep wanting to say Bunker Hill for some strange reason) incident 70 years later, is the fascinating contrast of image between the photograph above and this one below…

In the Montgomery Ward incident, the government was in complete control. At Bunkerville, it was We the People who took control to diffuse what would have become a bloody gun battle. What did Jefferson say…something about government fearing people rather than the other way around? What has happened here? Why do we get two distinctly polar opposite outcomes to almost identical incidents of government abusing its power? Once you figure out the answer, you completely understand the smile of confidence on Cliven Bundy’s face I had noted in the Dangerous Men piece on Saturday! They are selling America right out from under us…and they are finally being forced to reveal themselves!

You see back in 1944, the vast majority of Americans believed in Uncle Sam the way kids believe in Santa Claus! We wouldn’t believe otherwise even when we saw it happening. Does Sewell Avery or the paper boy in the image above appear the least bit “frightened” to you? Who knew enough to believe any other way? THERE WAS NO INTERNET IN 1944! How many of us even knew this incident ever occurred?

Remember Aesop’s Tortoise and the Hare? I had written that the truth must have been faster than the government’s phony scape-tortoise! That’s because the internet is a Hare with a jetpack! No wonder these same psychopaths want to shift control of the internet!

Cliven Bundy managed to raise a small army of family, neighbors and friends from all over the country in a matter of hours…many of them armed with the same “assault weapons” our Sweet Uncle wants to rid us of…for our own good of course! WE KNOW NOW, what we did not know then! We the People won the Battle of Bunkerville without a single shot being fired! Isn’t it amazing how our “leader” had so much to say about Treyvon Martin and the Washington Redskins, and not one word about any of this?

Patriots conferring with the only real “leader” they’ve ever looked up to!

Oath Keeper Founder, Stewart Rhodes stood with Cliven Bundy. Sheriff Mack stood with Cliven Bundy…

“A Delegation of state legislators, lead by Washington State Representative Matt Shea, along with a  delegation of current serving Sheriffs, lead by Sheriff Richard Mack of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, and military and police members of Oath Keepers, are converging on the site of a stand-off between federal law enforcement and Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy, to prevent bloodshed and to stand in defense of hardworking rural Americans who are under assault by a runaway federal government.”   

So now what?

Warning- When you start to pull up a weed, be prepared to go all the way!

Before we get to feeling cocky and over-confident about what has just occurred, the views expressed by this gentleman are worth considering. Now step back from the canvas and reflect for a moment on his assessment and all that we have been conditioned to accept as normal over the past 5 years…

Here’s what we know now. We know that behind Obama’s smiling façade lies a brutal regime backed by an even darker force that will never surrender the power it has stolen…which is exactly why we need a monumental paradigm shift!

Enter retired Colonel Harry Riley and Operation American Spring! Now before you allow your mind to shift back into the old paradigm (which it so wants to do), read the last part of Ann’s “nothing new under the sun” about who we are dealing with and how this all ends, and then try to tell yourself you’ve got something more important to do on May 16th!

One thing you’ve got to love about our old military guys…they know how to plan, stage and execute “operations”. And what I love most about the prospect of our “Spring” being successful? It’s got AMERICANS in it and God behind it…and it is the perfect season for a little house-cleaning, is it not? :-)


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ April 13th, 2014

The Persecution of Honor

The Persecution of Honor

Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend! Thank God for a peaceful ending to what could have otherwise been something quite awful in Nevada yesterday. As I wrote yesterday, the incident itself served as a window of opportunity for all Americans to reassess and correct course if need be. As Brandon Smith wrote, something is coming, a great change…an unstoppable reckoning. There are so many souls among us who, without correction, will find themselves in the darkest regret I fear. These are our friends, family and neighbors. These are the people we love and we must not abandon them…


If you have not yet seen Rear Admiral Lee’s speech on the new regulations restricting prayer in the military, then you must watch it in the link provided below. It is courageous and powerfully inspiring. I knew the minute I watched and listened to this man, his message would be the foundation of mine this morning. To understand that it was our first President who used the Constitution as an international template for freedom, and now realize that his own military ancestors have been ordered to violate its 1st Amendment is more than unconscionable…it is the seed of treason!

If our own system of justice requires that a jury must find the truth in every prosecution in order to establish guilt, what sense would it make to abandon such a useful barometer in our personal lives? What true friend would expect it of us?

The Feds backed away from the Bundy Ranch yesterday because the truth surfaced in the form of a shameful land deal Harry Reid made with the Chinese! I guess the truth was faster than the turtle, eh? So who are these people who would heartlessly lie in order to shut down a multi-generational American family business to do a deal with…the Chinese government? Are the same people who are hiding the truth about Benghazi, Fast & Furious and the IRS the same people behind the 1st Amendment assault in our own military? And (if) they are, then shouldn’t my next question be which side am I on?

If we believe in Washington’s template and find ourselves at some protest next to a person holding up a communist or socialist banner with a clenched fist, shouldn’t our hearts give us the answer to the question? Shouldn’t this same litmus test apply to the very people who represent our interests in Washington as well? Have I chosen the side of the persecutor or the persecuted?

Warning- The truth will set us free, but first it will make us miserable! ~ James A. Garfield

Rear Admiral Lee Addresses Restrictive Regulations (Persecution)

Psalm 26:

The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the protector of my life: of whom shall I be afraid? Whilst the wicked draw near against me, to eat my flesh. My enemies that trouble me, have themselves been weakened, and have fallen. If armies in camp should stand together against me, my heart shall not fear. If a battle should rise up against me, in this will I be confident. One thing I have asked of the Lord, this will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life. That I may see the delight of the Lord, and may visit His temple. For He hath hidden me in his tabernacle; in the day of evils, He hath protected me in the secret place of His tabernacle.

He hath exalted me upon a rock: and now He hath lifted up my head above my enemies. I have gone round, and have offered up in His tabernacle a sacrifice of jubilation: I will sing, and recite a psalm to the Lord. Hear, O Lord, my voice, with which I have cried to Thee: have mercy on me and hear me. My heart hath said to Thee: My face hath sought Thee: Thy face, O Lord, will I still seek. Turn not away Thy face from me; decline not in Thy wrath from Thy servant. Be Thou my helper, forsake me not; do not Thou despise me, O God my Saviour. For my father and my mother have left me: but the Lord hath taken me up.

Set me, O Lord, a law in Thy way, and guide me in the right path, because of my enemies. Deliver me not over to the will of them that trouble me; for unjust witnesses have risen up against me; and iniquity hath lied to itself. I believe to see the good things of the Lord in the land of the living. Expect the Lord, do manfully, and let thy heart take courage, and wait thou for the Lord.


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When Dangerous Men Do Dangerous Things, Cooler Heads MUST Prevail!

The Man Who Would Not Blink!

The Man Who Would Not Blink!

“A highly talented psychopath may lay waste to nations.” ~ Robert Hare

Mention the name Bundy to most Americans over thirty and they’re likely to connect to the character from the hit 80’s TV show, Married with Children. You know what’s funny? Al Bundy went from the stereotypically normal family doing crazy things to an abnormal (PC=Modern) family doing normal things, while we devolved from a functional nation to a dysfunctional one! But I digress…

That’s OK, because Cliven Bundy probably never heard of Al Bundy or the show Married with Children. Ranchers and farmers tend to work, go to sleep and get up and go to work again. But the rest of the world is about to find out who Cliven Bundy is because the most dangerous man in the world, after poking his stick in the eye of the Middle East and Ukraine has finally poked his stick into the wrong eye. And it’s not because America’s Bundy is tougher than Libya’s Gaddafi, Egypt’s Mubarak, Syria’s Assad or Ukraine’s Yanukovych. It’s because Cliven Bundy is you, Cliven Bundy is me and WE have Cliven Bundy’s back!

Every once in a while, life presents us with a gift…a precious window of opportunity to take a breath, reassess and correct course. This is one of those moments in time. Who is this Nobel Peace Prize-winning monster destroying the world? Remember Hare’s psychopath checklist? Obama possesses ALL 15 traits! But the ones that make him the most dangerous are (2) grandiose self-perception, (11) unrealistic goals from exaggerated sense of accomplishment (12) impulsive and irresponsible.

These people are cornered and desperate…which makes them that much more dangerous. They are deliberately setting the stage for the next Ruby Ridge-Waco! The difference between the psychopathic ideologue and your garden variety “progressive” politician is; the former will actually pull the pin!

On the eve of their Waterloo and the prospect of losing both House and Senate, they need to force an error. Brandon Smith writes, “We sense that something is coming; a great change, or an unstoppable reckoning. The question of when to strike back is pivotal to any resistance movement. Turn to violence too soon or without proper cause in the eyes of the public, and the rebellion may lose the moral high ground and the support of the populace. Wait too long and the totalitarian hordes may be too far entrenched, forcing the rebellion to fight from a position of strategic weakness.”

We need to smile and watch their crumbling desperation from across the fence post. Do you want to see a psychopath implode? Stand on the fence line and become stillness, quiet and reflection in response to their provocation.

Pause and reflect…

How does the most dangerous man who projects as Casper Milk-Toast with a bicycle helmet facing the true thugs of the world become the sleek and menacing Black Panther circling Americans in their own homes? Could it be that the very same press that has been unable to control his image to the rest of the world has deceived him with his own con? That would certainly help explain the foreign bow and domestic swagger…

In reality, Americans were literally fast asleep when the Feds slaughtered fellow American men, women and children in Waco. We were still sleeping at Ruby Ridge. But are we still asleep at the switch, or do far more Americans realize now what Timothy McVeigh knew back in 1995? Recent firearms sales statistics would suggest a case of more latter than former. There was no Tea Party in 1995. There was no organization called Oath Keepers in 1995. I would argue that these facts alone suggest a more dangerous climate for the dangerous man than he realizes…unless, of course WE do something stupid enough to lose the moral high ground we currently hold. We need cool heads with lots of cameras on the Bundy Ranch right now, but we cannot back down here…even if each of us needs to drop what we’re doing to stand along side this man and his family. You see, I’ve learned something very important…I don’t hate my government…I hate the low-life horse thieves who’ve stolen it from us! In fact, lucky for us, as much as we may hate them, we love and trust God enough to control ourselves from crossing the line they are so desperate for us to step over! And besides, we’ll be able to see their implosion just fine from right here!

There’s something else about this. Cliven Bundy isn’t as upset as he ought to be. In fact, he seems amazingly confident and happy for a man surrounded by government militia and rangers with guns pointed at him…because he knows he’s right! And he knows that it is the world’s most dangerous man who has finally poked the wrong eye and stepped into Cliven Bundy’s trap! Regardless of outcome, Obama can only lose in Nevada!

And the rest of you horse thieves need to pay close attention here. We’ve got our own dangerous man here in New York as well. Remember; psychopaths can’t help themselves! They always think way too much of themselves and way too little of us. And WE love New York! We will especially love Autumn in New York! :-)


Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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Wanted Dead or Alive: Horse Thieves & Psychopaths!

"You don't want to go there buddy!"

“You don’t want to go there buddy!” ~ Sheriff Holder

“The psychopaths can thrive anywhere that deception is an advantage, but their prime hunting ground is a system in crisis, a controllable chaos lacking a well defined rule of law.” ~ Jesse, Jesse’s Cafe via Ann B!

There was a time and place in this country where stealing a man’s horse would get you to the wrong end of a rope faster than most other crimes. That’s because in most rural parts of the country, a man’s horse was essential to his livelihood and survival. There was something else about horse thieves that’s worth mentioning; they were considered the lowest of the low. Bank and train robbers were noble and daring romantic heroes in comparison. Calling a man a horse thief was about the worst insult you could hurl his way! Reading Jesse’s quote above, I am struck by the uncanny similarity between yesterday’s horse thieves and the psychopaths of today who have taken up residency in our most powerful institutions, where they are thriving indeed…if one considers wiping out the “livelihood and survival” of the rest of the world “thriving”!

We all know the saying “if it walks like a duck”. Please take a moment to review Robert Hare’s psychopathic checklist below and then consider my favorite horse thieves along with their self-incriminating quotes together with their corresponding #’s  as proof they are the greatest threats to individual “livelihood and survival” on the planet today!

  • Bill Clinton’s repeal of Glass-Steagall, setting the stage for 2008 & the greatest theft the world will never know- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 15
  • Chuck Schumer’s famous stewardess incident- “Bitch!” 1, 2, 10, 14
  • “Honorable” Jon Corzine’s un-prosecuted theft of $1.6 Billion from MF Global- 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 15
  • Hillary Clinton presiding over Benghazi & misplacing $ 6 Billion- “What difference, at this point, does it make?” 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, 15
  • Eric Holder’s “You don’t want to go there buddy!” reply to Rep Gohmert’s question “Why are American taxpayers denied the information you freely gave to terrorists?”- 2, 4, 5, 6, 12, 13, 14, 15
  • Barack Obama’s “You didn’t build that!”- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15!

1. Look for glib and superficial charm. A psychopath will also put on what professionals refer to as a ‘mask of sanity’ that is likable and pleasant.   It is a thin veneer.

2. Look for a grandiose self perception. Psychopaths will often believe they are smarter or more powerful than they actually are.

3. Watch for a constant need for stimulation. Stillness, quiet and reflection are not things embraced by psychopaths. They need constant entertainment and activity.

4. Determine if there is pathological lying. A psychopath will tell all sorts of lies; little white lies as well as huge stories intended to mislead. Psychopaths are gifted or dull, high functioning or low performing like other people. An untalented psychopath may harm a few; a highly talented psychopath may lay waste to nations. The difference between the psychopath and others lies in their organic lack of conscience and empathy for others. The sociopath is trained to lack empathy and conscience. The psychopath is a natural.

5. Evaluate the level of manipulation. All psychopaths are identified as cunning and able to get people to do things they might not normally do. They can use guilt, force and other methods to manipulate.

6. Look for any feelings of guilt. An absence of any guilt or remorse is a sign of psychopathy.  They will often blame the victim.

7. Consider the level of emotional response a person has. Psychopaths demonstrate shallow emotional reactions to deaths, injuries, trauma or other events that would otherwise cause a deeper response. Other people are satisfaction suppliers, nothing more.

8. Look for a lack of empathy. Psychopaths are callous and have no way of relating to others in non-exploitative ways. They may find a temporary kinship with other psychopaths and sociopaths that is strictly utilitarian and goal-oriented.

9. Psychopaths are often parasitic. They live off other people, emotionally, physically, and financially. Their modus operandi is domination and control.  They will claim to be maligned or misunderstood to gain your sympathy.

10. Look for obsessive risk taking and lack of self-control. The Hare Checklist includes three behavior indicators; poor behavior control, sexual promiscuity, and behavioral problems.

11. Psychopaths have unrealistic goals or none at all for the long term. Either there are no goals at all, or they are unattainable and based on the exaggerated sense of one’s own accomplishments and abilities.

12. Psychopaths will often be shockingly impulsive or irresponsible. Their shamelessness knows no bounds. You will ask, what were they thinking? And the answer was, they weren’t because they did not care.

13. A psychopath will not genuinely accept personal responsibility. A psychopath will never admit to being wrong or owning up to mistakes and errors in judgment, except as part of a manipulative ploy.   They will despise and denigrate their victims once they are done with them.  If they have any regret it is that their source of satisfaction supply has ended and they must seek another.

14. Psychopaths lack long term personal relationships. If there have been many short term marriages, broken friendships, purely transactional relationships, the chances the person is a psychopath increase. Watch especially how they treat other people in weaker positions and even animals.

15. Psychopaths are often versatile in their criminality. Psychopaths are able to get away with a lot, and while they might sometimes get caught, the ability to be flexible and adaptable when committing crimes is indicative.

If you should find yourself in a business or personal relationship with a psychopath, the best advice is seek counseling if you need, obtain assistance if you must, and run if you can.” ~ Jesse

You see, ordinarily I’d say Jesse’s offered some pretty sage advice here. But what do you do when they’re the one’s running, ruling & ruining your life, and the #1 Sheriff has just put your face on the Wanted Poster, stolen your horse…and now he’s coming for your farm?

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Home Rule, The Sovereign Citizen & The War on America!



“The Governor is, I say, hostile to the number of local governments in New York.” ~ Gerald Benjamin, Former Director of the Center for the New York State & Local Government

The quote above was taken from yesterday’s T-Herald Record and their front-page story about our “Progressive” Governor’s relentless drive to replace local control with a more regional and centralized authority. Isn’t it funny, or in our case tragic, how things become so much clearer in the rear-view mirror? What a brilliant Master Plan! Mandate local governments to the brink of insolvency; pull the purse strings back to Albany, and then make ‘em an offer they’re too desperate to refuse! I use the term Master Plan because slaves are made in such ways! Cede local (individual) sovereignty (control) to the State…all for the common good and “mandate relief”, as our local “Regionalism” cheerleader Jonathan Drapkin is quick to point out! It’s the exact same bait-and-switch behind the never-ending madness of the EU in Brussels and ALL that is wrong in Washington, D.C.!

If you stop to think about it, there is an elitist assumption/common denominator inherent in every single one of their central planning schemes; The Obamacare fix for healthcare, the Common Core fix for education and the Regionalism (Agenda 21) fix to magically transform un-sustainable communities into sustainable ones, all require us to see our selves as idiots and helpless “individuals” unworthy of anything other than total  subordination to the Collective on its way to the Progressive Promised Land. This would all be wonderful except for two minor flaws;

A) None of this stuff works!

B) It is the exact opposite polar antithesis of what makes America…America! In other words, it is a War on America!

We already know the “Catastrophe” that is Obamacare, so I’ll spare you that pain. And many of you are beginning to understand that something is terribly wrong at the core of their plans to “fix” our schools. You haven’t even scratched the shiny red surface yet. You MUST read this! And all of you who are considering the surrender of your local voice to the wonders of “Regionalism”, please review THIS if you live in the State of New York, and visit HERE for those of you in the rapidly sinking state of California!

So why on earth would the people pushing these bigger is better schemes want us to see ourselves as all of a sudden incapable of solving the same basic societal needs we have always handled so successfully in the past? How could we have built the world’s greatest superpower without top notch healthcare and superior education if we didn’t have sustainable communities to begin with? Is it possible that the only thing unsustainable about our communities is the suffocating burden of expanding government?

There could never have been a Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot without the collapse of Home Rule and the surrender of the Individual…the Sovereign Citizen! These Cretans would certainly never have come to power, if we knew then what we know now! And they always come for the guns in the end!

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ April 6th, 2014

The Love

The Love

Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend! It is an especially wonderful time of the year for Christians and Jews here on the doorstep of Passover and Easter. It is a powerful time of prayer, thankfulness, renewal, rebirth, new life, re-commitment, and refocus…

Last week I went to Valley View Nursing Home to visit an elderly neighbor who had been living alone since her husband died several years ago. I used to watch them on their tractors when he was alive. They were always working their land…mowing, clearing, cutting, plowing and sweating. It seemed like when he wasn’t working, he was hunting. He wasn’t the neighborly sort…didn’t really seem to trust or like people in general, although we got along fine. They were not religious folks…

The thing that struck me when I went to visit my neighbor was the look in her eyes. It was pain, despair, bitterness, hopelessness on the canvas of the same lost expression. She didn’t seem to have the energy for anger…what energy she had went into complaining about the two grey burger eyes staring up at us from the food tray in front of her. All I could think of for the rest of the day, was her expression…I’ve never been in a war zone, but I’ve seen WW II documentary films that show the faces of the refugees and peasants. They were the same eyes in the same expression!

                                                    I’m in a Relationship!

Our oldest finally put up the “I’m in a relationship” declaration on his Facebook wall for the entire world to see! It is such an exciting time of life for a young man…his first year in an Ivy League school, first relationship, concert tour in Cuba, Summer internship set and trip to Costa Rica planned. His world is nothing but possibilities! He is dreaming from a dream!

We had a great evening out with friends last night who shared with us that they finally cut the “financial” umbilical cord that had been a somewhat draining attachment to their 22-year-old living in California. Easy for the Dad, tough for the Mom, but so critically important for the sake of the daughter! We always have the best time together…meaningful conversation and ALWAYS great laughs! One of the things we talked about was how the world has changed since we were our children’s ages…the breakdown of trust and the falls from grace that once seemed to be the exception have since become the rule. It’s funny, we did talk about “church”, but what he observed as a community of “hypocrites”, I observed as a community “divided”…and yet we both believe.

This brought me back to a Capital Prayer Alert I received in my email:

As you know, my wife, Carol, prepares a prayer alert about once a month. I hope you will share Carol’s thoughts with your friends and fellow worshippers. Thank you for taking an interest in her monthly devotion. — Gary

The coming weeks are very significant on the Christian and Jewish calendars. Christians mourn the agonizing death of Jesus Christ on the cross but then joyously celebrate His resurrection three days later. We live with the hope His atoning sacrifice offers us.

Jews celebrate the Passover by acknowledging that the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob spared the children of Israel from God’s final plague by commanding them to smear the sacrificial blood of the lamb on their door posts in order to spare their first born from God’s wrath.

As hard as it may seem to accept in the 21st Century, the freedom of Christian and Jewish believers to practice their faith is under growing assault in an increasing number of countries. A recent Pew Forum Report found that religious minorities were targeted for abuse in 47% of the world’s countries in 2012, nearly double the rate of 24% in 2009.

Numerous countries in the Middle East have seen Christian communities driven from the very locations that birthed their faith. And some Middle Eastern countries that had a healthy minority of practicing Jews until recent years have now seen their numbers dwindle, with those who remain living in fear for their lives.

Though certainly not receiving the prominence they deserve, these stories have been in the news. No one who follows international human rights issues can claim ignorance of the disturbing trend line. And yet, after meeting with Pope Francis last week and discussing religious freedom, President Obama referred to “potential persecution of Christians in Syria and Lebanon” almost as an afterthought. Religious persecution is far beyond “potential” and certainly not limited to those two countries. And for a president who likes to refer to the Russian takeover of Crimea as an act not appropriate for the 21st century, I would suggest that the growing persecution of Christians and Jews falls in that same category, yet he will not describe it as such.

As Christians and Jews mark Easter and Passover in the weeks ahead, please be in prayer for those who seek to practice their faith, in the country of their birth or in a growing number of countries worldwide, without fear of persecution, punishment, jail or death.

Heavenly Father, as Americans we know that the freedom to practice our faith in our daily lives is enshrined in the Bill of Rights of our Constitution. America’s earliest citizens fled from countries where a state religion was imposed on them. Here they founded a country where freedom to live out one’s faith would be an individual choice. Dear God, the headlines we read today of Christian and Jewish believers being jailed or even slaughtered, driven from their homes or required to denounce their beliefs, are hard to comprehend.

As we sit in our comfortable houses of worship in the coming weeks, prompt us to pray for those who are paying the heaviest personal price to practice their faith. As Christians we will sit in churches adorned with Easter lilies and raise our voices to the Risen Christ. Jews will mark the Passover with the Passover Seder among family and friends telling the familiar story of God’s providence.

As we sit in those services hearing the familiar stories that are the bedrock of our faith journey, prompt us to pray without ceasing for those who share our faith but live in fear. They need to know that we stand with them, pray for them and will do our part to bring the needs of our persecuted brothers and sisters to the attention of our local faith communities.

Finally, ask our Heavenly Father to prick the minds of President Obama, members of the House and Senate and the Supreme Court, which is now considering key cases on the practice of religious freedom here in the United States. May their attention be focused on the growing problem of religious persecution and a narrowing opportunity for religious expression not only abroad but here at home.


The thread connecting the Bauer’s prayer to the observations my friend and I shared last night is the thread of persecution. “Thread” is the perfect word to describe it because like thread, persecution is woven into the fabric of our lives for the sole purpose of taking us out of the one relationship that matters most! I see a church divided where one half seeks the comfort of acceptance while the other takes the more difficult and increasingly less popular path. When Jimmy Fallon does his “Let’s give it up for…” whoever’s “in the house”, you and I know who is NEVER in the house! I’m pretty sure that’s in his contract…that is the more subtle thread of persecution. We make it less hip…

Politically, it’s very easy to understand why “Ruling Class” politicians love the subtle thread of persecution. After all, the person not in relationship is totally available…to their mind. And the person who is truly in relationship is not just unavailable to them. The person who is in relationship with the Holy Spirit has no need or fear of them…which, since the day they drove the nails through his flesh, has been their greatest fear!

When I am in relationship, I am invincible even to my own death. When I am in relationship, my suffering is a direct conduit to the love they nailed to the cross. When I am in relationship, I am gloriously drowning in the driest desert, comfortably warm in the coldest chill and delightfully full in the emptiest moment.

A much harder persecution is coming, which is why I pray for everyone to look beyond the trappings and weaving’s that have been so artfully crafted to deceive and distract. Plant a special garden for yourself and your family this spring where you will find the relationship I’ve described, if you haven’t already. With all my heart I would take you there…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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DO NOT Allow Your Sons & Daughters to Enlist in Madness! I Repeat…

"We will get to the bottom of this!" ~ Barack Hussein Obama

“We will get to the bottom of this!” ~ Barack Hussein Obama

America, your sons and daughters are the children of freedom. They are NOT some mercenaries for madness and despotism. But as long as the US Military is in the hands and under the thumb of this so-called “commander in chief”, that is exactly what you will have allowed them to become! Mark my words!

How many Ft Hoods and Benghazi’s will it take before we wake up and realize that the killers of our children and the greatest threat to freedom are one and the same…and they are the enemy within! How many more of our children must die at the hands of a fraud occupying the office of President, and a regime obsessed with disarming its own law-abiding citizens while arming our enemies to the teeth…without moral compunction?

Think about this. One of the highest ranking leaders of our military who happened to be running the CIA during the crucial moments of Benghazi was taken out by a direct hit DURING Benghazi! General David Petraeus wasn’t taken out by the Taliban, Al Qaeda or Hezbollah…he was taken out by the enemy within! Now add this thought and allow it to marinate with the previous…400 shoulder-fired rockets went “missing” as a result of the Benghazi affair. Now add to that the 25-30 “missing” Benghazi witnesses...who happened to staff the same US State Department where $6 Billion has now gone “missing”, and ask yourself the following question:

“Why on earth would I ever entrust the lives of my children to the very same government that, in addition to the facts I’ve laid out above, is responsible for ordering 95-year-old WWII Vets barred from their own memorials, the unprecedented purge of over 200 flag officers, the implementation of political correctness, the persecution of faith, and the gutting of the defense budget and crucial defense systems at the very time the world is becoming a more dangerous place?”

Is this the America they are fighting for and risking their lives and fortunes to protect?


If they are home, keep them home. If they are over there, bring them home to stand with us in holding and defending the front line from the true enemies of freedom! Make ‘em be cowboys and such… God Bless America!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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