Public Enemy #1 Versus The Girly Men!

“I love the man who can smile in trouble, gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection.”

                                                        Thomas Paine, Statesman

Great words from a great man in a sea of great men…a long, long time ago!

Fast forward 235 years and there I am cruising to work in my “luxury” car that does everything but give me a foot-massage! I’m listening to John Gambling interview this guy named Adam Corolla. I become an instant fan after he does his bit about what turned him Conservative. Adam- “My partner was late to work one day…”, John- “So?”. Adam- “He said his car broke down..”. John- “So?” Adam- “So I asked him where he broke down and he said he had a flat tire at his home and had to wait for AAA! I said you called AAA to come change a tire in your own driveway???” John- (laughing). Adam- “…So when I shared this story with a few other guys I know…and they all said so what?…that’s when I said to myself, we are all screwed!”

I have noticed a few signs of resignation within the Conservative ranks in emails, etc. lately…whimpering analogies to the fall of the Roman Empire, and “who’s going to save us?…whaaahh!” Like a slobbering chorus of Johnny Fontaine’s, “What are we gonna do God Father, whaahh?? Vito Corleone- “YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN!!”

Rush Limbaugh warned us about the Feminization of America. We ridiculed him. HE WAS RIGHT! Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck warned us about Obama. We ridiculed them. THEY WERE RIGHT! Glenn Beck warned us about George Soros, the man who gave $48 Million to 30 MAJOR NEWS NETWORKS…  …and we ridiculed AND targeted BECK? HE WAS RIGHT! Is anyone beginning to notice a pattern here?

So we have Public Enemies #1 and #2 systematically dismantling and reversing a 235 year legacy from the inside, while the long arm of Tehran reaches for Jerusalem and plants rockets in Caracas, while the Chinese write video games that shoot US Troops…and the American Male has grown afraid of his own shadow…just wonderful!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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3 Responses to Public Enemy #1 Versus The Girly Men!

  1. Darin Saylor says:

    Great read!!!! Excellent points!!!

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