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Meet the Greatest Crooks the World Has Ever Known…The Billionaire’s Club!

“There aren’t a lot of functioning democracies around the world that work this way where you can basically have millionaires and billionaires bankrolling whoever they want, however they want, in some cases undisclosed. What it means is ordinary Americans are … Continue reading

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Compromise IS Capitulation & the Language of Submission!

Why in the world do the Republicans abide by Marcus of Queensberry when they are facing street thugs with brass knuckles, blackjacks, guns and stilettos?  The Radical Marxist Body Snatchers who have shanghaied the Democratic Party are going for the … Continue reading

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The Final Agonizing Death Knell of the Ruling Class!

How wonderfully appropriate to frame the desperate spasm of a zillion term Senator, defending public-funded DEATH while lashing out at the Tea Party as “undeserving of freedom” for DEFENDING LIFE!!! http://www.theblaze.com/stories/dem-senators-shocking-gop-comment-they-dont-deserve- I made Turtle Sauce Piquant for a bunch of Cajuns … Continue reading

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