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The Power of Hip, Parody & the “Cool” Factory!

What is hip? Tell me tell me if you think you know. What is hip? And if you’re really hip, the passing years would show That you into a hip trip. Maybe hipper than hip. WHAT IS HIP?- Tower of … Continue reading

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This Land Is Your Land…A New Year’s Resolution!

How do I not love Pete Seeger? How did the sweat of Woody Guthrie’s brow spill onto the earth, into the water and not become a part of me? Is it possible to be more American? But more than that…I … Continue reading

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Storms of the Heart & A Holiday Prayer

I read the news today…about a planet gone wild http://apnews.myway.com/article/20101219/D9K734E81.html , and I wondered to myself about the relationship of storms on the planet with storms of the heart. Because, to my mind as severe as the planetary weather patterns have … Continue reading

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