The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Our Indoctrination

Thought Control

IN-DOC-TRI-NA-TION ~ the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

We lost a literary icon and pioneer in author/novelist Tom Wolfe this past week. I wrote to a painfully modest friend, “He was so good at seeing people, if he wrote you, you yourself would step back and thank God for creating you.” Think of the remarkable American tapestry of flesh and spirit this man saw from Haight Ashbury to Cape Canaveral and the Bronx! Rich, colorful, creative, and boundless were we…

Our indoctrination, a virtual impossibility fifty years ago, has rendered our once brilliant cultural cloth a cold and sterile monolithic grey. And the horrific irony of it all, from the brush of the artist responsible…the many splendored promise of a multi-cultural utopia, has turned out hell on earth. Psychic razor wire and thought IEDs diabolically embedded in the young mind taught to seek safe space from the “microaggressions” we used to think of as the food-for-thought and opinions.

What we thought of as brain-washing fifty years ago required a complete and total isolation of the subject from any and all sources of information/data/stimuli not under the complete control of those planting the desired “set of beliefs”. Today, the set of beliefs have been universally designed, globally adopted, and corporately delivered so that what the modern agents of propaganda (teachers) inject, is nearly 100% environmentally supported via the subjects’ (students’) smart phones, favorite recording artists, favorite cable shows, and (tragically) community leaders we once thought of in terms like “town fathers” of local government…for very good reason.

In Warwick, where 1,300 out of 33,000 turn out to vote on the school budget that funds the local ministers of propaganda via their property taxes, the Town Fathers invite the U.N. Snake itself in to do their “Visioning” for them. See Gianni Longo on page 67 of this Who’s Who of the New World Order’s Community Peacebuilding and Cultural Sustainability (CPCS) Initiative. “Never before in the history of life on planet Earth has there been so many opportunities for redemption.” Without God mind you. What they don’t tell you is that redemption to their mind means the complete surrender of your individual property rights and freedom…to the greater “Collective Good”.

Warwick is a community stricken by thought control that does not realize its own disease. We’ve set up a community discussion forum, Common Sense Warwick, to push back against the madness. Our indoctrination is a 100% top-down U.N.-fed narrative delivered to your door with the help of groups like Community 2000 in Warwick. This is why the kids we send off to school to learn, are coming home confused about gender, rejecting their own masculinity, needing safe spaces to shield them from microaggressions and challenging opinions. I had one of the C2000 members who runs the Liberal version of our CSW, “Warwick Together”, once defend the Left’s favorite tool Political Correctness saying, “Don’t you think people should be courteous to one another.” At our last CSW forum on the topic of Gun Control vs Our 2nd Amendment Rights, we had a woman visibly upset and triggered by the simple statements of Conservative voices speaking in defense of our rights, stand up and lecture the room about how afraid she has become as a “journalist” to speak her mind, and then proceeded to criticize our forum for not being what she thought it was supposed to be. In that moment it became crystal clear to me. The Left FEARS most what it does not have complete and total control over. Which is why, above all else, they hate God and those of us who actually believe in Him.

Last week I accompanied a father as we went to visit his 29-yr-old son serving a six-month sentence in county jail for doing the things that drug addicts do. We spent an hour talking and I sensed a good soul suffering circumstance in the body of bad choices…not unlike so many of us. At one point in the discussion I looked at him and said, “You know drug addiction is one of the most selfish things there is.” He agreed without hesitation. I have come to realize in my 65 years that the selfishness of Liberalism, makes drug addiction the pastime of saints by comparison.

The father said to me as we were leaving the jail, “He just wants to be loved.” I thought to myself, as we came upon a Mexican couple whose car with a dead battery was nose-to-nose with my jumper-cable-equipped car, how amazing God’s love is. Just the day before I had a friend re-introduce me to the Nat King Cole classic “Nature Boy”the greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Fall 2.0

Fool Me Four Times

Personal acquaintance with God shows itself in separation, symbolized by Abraham’s physical separation from his country and his kindred. Jesus Himself emphasized this need for separation (see Luke 14:26). Nowadays, such separation often involves a moral rather than a physical severance as we detach ourselves from the way those nearest and dearest to us think and look at things, if they do not have a personal relationship with God. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Calling of Abraham

We are living through remarkable times. I myself was a live-and-let-live sort of guy until the moment I realized the SJW invitation to “Coexistence” excluded traditional-minded, family-value-oriented, patriotic Americans…with extra bonus points for taking down the White Christian Alpha Male.

Today I am only a thread on God’s loom. It is He who weaves this in from yesterday:

“Apparently, colonialism is only to be condemned in the past tense; indeed, we are convinced that the nihilistic replacement for what we have rejected – Christianity – needs to be exported with missionary zeal.” So powerfully true Matthew…If we step back and ponder the group photos of Carter, Bush’s, Clinton’s, and Obama’s looking oh so cozy. The NWO seed planted by Wilson so fully in bloom…They are all now “The Graduate” wedding party, angrily mumbling curse words under their breath as Ben (Trump) swoops in to save the Bride…or is it Jack and the Bean Stalk…I don’t know. But God has a way of falling the mighty. Truth is the ultimate Golden Goose. If I would have nothing, not a penny to my name, and none but Truth as my friend in the end, I will die a rich man. “The Calling of Abraham”.

Its like the difference between God’s order and His permissive will. His permissive will allows the Devil to do his worst and allows me to sin as I choose, until I choose to resist the Devil, quit sinning, and come to God in the right relationship through Jesus Christ. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Abiding Relationship

Prior to The Fall 1.0 Adam and Eve were literally living a Heaven-on-Earth sinless existence in complete harmony with their Creator…until the first earthly epic moment event, from which everything changed. This began the new incremental slow march to the very brink of the present epic moment event at the very doorstep of The Fall 2.0. If we characterize the Deep State personas into one caricature, we have the portrait of evil that has matured and developed as the global and exact polar opposite…the very negative image of pre-Fall Adam and Eve. I challenge the reader here to throw their power of critical thinking into hyper drive with me on this. If Fall 1.0 was the fall from good, and The Fall 2.0 is the (final?) fall from evil, all of which fits neatly within the boundaries of Biblical prophecy…what are the potential extrapolations? What is possible from here?

So, I had this “what if” dream/vision. What if, by God’s grace, the Bush’s, McCain, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, John Brennan, James Comey, and Bergoglio etc., all realized the game is over and turned to God in a genuine move of repentance. Let that sink in a moment. Think about the tremendous sigh of relief the world would breathe IF those holding it for ransom suddenly freed the hostage. WORLD PEACE. They will never do so because 1) they don’t believe there is any worthy power above them, and 2) they do believe they have enough followers to eventually overturn the election and place themselves back in power where they rightfully belong…and of course 3) they themselves are only pawns of the darkest denizens of the Deep.

I remember when it was all real. When we lived within our means in modest homes with larger families actually living the American Dream. We lost it somewhere along the way. Keeping up with the Jones’s quickly became outdoing the Jones’s and undoing the most important part of who we once were.

God is slow to anger. He gave the people of Noah’s time a 100-year warning. He promised never again. But He also promised to return without warning… “like a thief in the night”. Now would be a good time to examine the charts, fix our location, and reaffirm the most important relationship of all…before the Fall.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Truth Eludes Us IF…


“Truth eludes us if we do not concentrate with total attention on its pursuit.” ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth                          and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal,               but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor     rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.                 ~ Matthew 6:19-20

Kipling’s “If” is key to the race well run here. Solzhenitsyn’s is the key to the door of Heaven.

Every single one of us reading these words has a relationship with truth. But which relationship is it? Is it the one with the embarrassing uncle we tolerate on family holidays when we have no choice…or the boss we charm and flatter because he signs our paycheck…The beautiful woman we’re afraid to say hello to…Is it one of the many we date, telling each they’re the one…our best friend, or our worst enemy? Or, is it the one that finally brings the precious sound of every tumbler in our heart finally clicking into place? We make it easy for truth to elude us because it is in our nature to elude it, while at the same time we are restless until we find it. In every case the pursuit is frustrating and difficult, and the finding is both painful and liberating. As long as there are hours in a day, blood in your veins, and air in your lungs, never ever give up the search…or settle for anything less.

WARNING ~ Be prepared. Following Solzhenitsyn’s advice in today’s world will cost you more than you thought you had, but never who you are…au contraire my friend.

In the last century women (Rosie the Riveter) built weapons over here for men to fight wars with over there. Today’s men hide in foxholes of effeminacy as war rages on their doorsteps while the truth warrior sustains the vicious fire of demonetization-soon to be-criminalization and worse  for defending, aiding and abetting truth on the last great battlefield here at home.

Meet today’s man Brad, leader of a local troop of the institution once known as the Boy Scouts of America. When I questioned him as to how he could possibly be ok with caving to the Leftists by dropping “Boy” from the title, he first felt the need to provide his manly credentials:  I’m a martial artist, my son plays rugby and football, and I have a house full of man toys and the call Of the wild, white fang, etc.  You and your tribe make a lot of assumptions. I find the constant need to defend myself against spurious assumptions offensive. The oath keepers don’t have a monopoly on manliness…I have a PhD from Stanford. Then he proceeded to justify his surrender:

Well, in a lot of ways. I’ll list them below. It’s not comprehensive, but it’s a long list. Wasn’t my choice, by the way, but I’m ok with it. Here goes:

(1)BSA is part of the international scouting movement. In most countries, including the countries most like us (England and Canada), scouting is co-ed. Has been for years. Decades, actually. Baden Powell set up girl guides

(2)The troops won’t be mixed. Girls won’t be camping with boys. Except…

(3)Girls are already in the BSA. Venturing is a co-Ed program for boys and girls 14-21, and it’s pretty successful. There were girls at this year’s jamboree, and the one before that, and the one before that… girls have been in BSA in various forms since 1971

(4)Women are already a core part of scouting leadership. In our own council, Donna is beloved by all—mother of several Eagle Scouts, runs things up at camp nooteeming… we already have to account for boy and girl separation at both the youth (see 3) and adult level

(5)This more reflects the fact that GSA and BSA are in no way connected with each other, and GSA is basically a very different organization. My daughter prefers to stay in GSA, but she already goes to a school that is very hands on with tools hiking nature identification etc so she’s not lacking in outdoor time. But GSA isn’t bsa, and many parents (of bsa scouts) wanted the option for leadership, fitness, citizenship, character building that bsa offers and GSA offers differently.

(6)This was driven by people who are in scouting now. They basically said it would be a whole lot easier in terms of time management if my family could stay together for big trips.

It’s kind of a big change, but not really. In the end, they will be kept separate (mostly). There are no merit badges that are changing, standards aren’t changing, the mission isn’t changing. I’m ok with it. But I’ll ask you back—are you ok with the filth being spewed about the new “69” badge* by every other commenter on the Fox News page? Scouting isn’t now, and never was, about sex ed. I have no idea if any of my scouts are gay, I wouldn’t ask them and it wouldn’t come up. We monitor them closely already (they are teenagers with access to knives and fire, it is a terrible idea NOT to keep tabs on them), and we already have processes in place to keep sexual activity out of scouts. It is focused on character, citizenship, and fitness. So how is it ok to call America’s young girls whores in the making because they want to earn the citizenship in the world merit badge and not sell cookies?

* I have no idea what he’s talking about, do you?

The opening sentence of my June 3rd, 2017 Baptismal Testimony: I have spent my entire life tracking something with the intensity, obsession and focus of a starved hunter on the trail of the most elusive game of all, which as it turns out to be…is Truth in the modern world. And if and when we decide to remain in the hunt, we will never find words of armor more powerful with which to gird ourselves than these:

Start being brave about everything. Drive out darkness and spread light. Don’t look at your weaknesses. Realize instead that in Christ crucified you can do everything. And of what should we be afraid? Our captain on this battlefield is Christ Jesus. We have discovered what we have to do. Christ has bound our enemies for us and weakened them that they cannot overcome us unless we so choose to let them. So we must fight courageously and mark ourselves with the sign of the most Holy Cross.

Because Dear Friend…

Human beings become mere numbers for the state bureaucracy to meddle with in its quest for an earthly utopia. In this schema, the individual exists for the benefit of the state. The state becomes a new God, with politics the religion. Political opponents are evil incarnate, and faux moral outrage displaces sane political discourse. “Two Ways of Life”

Men like Brad are exactly how and why “Human beings become mere numbers for the state…”.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Passive-Aggressive Christian

When You Let Them S–t On You, They Will!

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:                                                                                                                                           2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;                                                                                                               3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;                                                                                                                                                       4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;   5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;                                                         6 A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;    7 A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;                                                                                                                                              8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.          ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Passive–aggressive behavior is characterized by indirect resistance to the demands of others and an avoidance of direct confrontation. ~ Wikipedia

I have a slightly different observation on the passive-aggressive where Christians are concerned.

The passive-aggressive Christian is characterized by the direct surrender to the demands of the Progressive Left in order to avoid a direct confrontation and/or risk offending those that are in the process of savaging, brutalizing, and destroying them.

If you’ve seen the Al Pacino movie Scarface, the bloody scene at the very end of the movie where Sosa’s army swarms and overwhelms Tony Montana’s compound is the perfect metaphoric visualization of Progressivism’s (Communism) destructive infiltration into a once strong and vital American culture. I have three recent experiences to share that will hopefully help to shed some corrective light…Remember that the Left is in lockstep & organized!

The Community 2000 “Trojan Horse”

The Marxist Principles are so completely antithetical to our “American way of life” they could and would never be applied or accepted by direct, above-board, open and honest means. So, pay close attention to groups and organizations popping up with “green”, “sustainable”, “community” catch words that appear to be for our own good. Nothing could be further from the truth! These are all fronts they use to pass through the community defense systems and build trust. They come bearing gifts…exactly as the ancient Trojans did. Behind the scenes they are working the soil, sowing the seeds of class warfare, along with the volatile mix of identity politics, envy, resentment and distrust. Here in Warwick they turned the April 20 Student Walk-Out into their own “Teach-in on Gun Control” as a voter registration event BEHIND the backs of the school administrators, supervisors, mayors, police officials, and THE PARENTS!

The “Progressive” Troll

In the very same week, two “Progressive” Trolls wandered onto the very revealing article Shorty authored for our Oath Keeper site, “What is Their Goal”. (scroll to comments) To the uninitiated and unsuspecting eye, Rich and DG appear to be nice fellows offering sage advice on how to avoid being played by those seeking to divide us. In reality, they are doing no such thing. In reality they are looking to muddy our waters and divide our ranks. To some degree they are successful to the extent Charlie questions my Christian values in how I dealt with their subterfuge.

The Wolf in Shepherd’s Clothing

Similarly, over at a great site for Catholic thinkers, Father Murray (no relation) put up a wonderful piece entitled “Of Truth & Idols” exposing the methods of a Pope whose reign has been tragically riddled with scandal, confusion and chaos surrounding his very words and deeds. Please link to Facebook at the bottom of the article and scroll to the most recent comments to find the exchange between my self and Francis-defender Mark Mallett. How clever the devil must be to cause us to disown our own senses and continue our grazing ever closer to our own slaughter.

Ann Barnhardt captures the “Nature of His (Devil’s) Game” in her usual brilliant fashion (MUST READ). And Zero Hedge puts up a great piece illustrating the important lesson of the day:

The Wolf NEVER Plays Fair!

“Forced unity does not create peace, it creates conflict. Oppressive inclusiveness tends to escalate until a movement ends up devouring itself.”

We are in the fight for our lives brothers and sisters. We had better start acting our part…soon!

Blessed be the Lord, my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.     ~ Psalm 144:1


Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Bitter Pill of Modernism

Modern Man

Modern man is a prisoner who thinks he is free because he refrains from touching the walls of his dungeon. ~ Nicolás Gómez Dávila

“We’re born to die, but don’t know why or what it’s all about
And, the more we try to learn, the less we know.
Life’s a very funny proposition, you can bet,
And no one’s ever solved the problem properly, as yet;
Young for a day, then old and gray,
Like the rose that buds and blooms, and fades and falls away.
Losing health, to gain our wealth, as through this dream we tour;
Ev’rything’s a guess and nothing’s absolutely sure.
Battles exciting, and fates we’re fighting, until the curtain fall;
Life’s a very funny proposition, after all.” ~ George M. Cohan

The mind, as with life itself, is like a field. The more we work it the better it grows. There is perhaps no place on earth that illustrates this better than standing in the lush green of the Golan Heights and gazing on the arid deadness of unkempt land that is the Lebanese and Syrian borders. Sometimes we need to lift ourselves out of this world to see it more clearly. From here I was able to see and contrast four key turn-of-the-century men from the last century with their counterparts from the present:

Henry Ford > Jeff Bezos                                                                                                                  George M. Cohan > Robert De Niro                                                                                            Pope Leo Xlll > Pope Francis                                                                                                          Teddy Roosevelt > Take Your Pick: (Clinton/Bush/Obama)

If by magic I were able to bring us all together into the same room and have you observe them each side by side, you would be shocked by the “Golan Contrast” without them having to utter a single word. In Bowie’s Modern Love he sang “there’s no sign of life, its just the power to charm.” History has recorded Roosevelt as the man’s man greater than life itself and will leave the memory of Barack Hussein Obama in the dust heap from which he sprang as nothing more than an empty snake charmer, and deceptive beta-male. What Roosevelt built up and united, Obama tore down and divided.

I want to explore this in greater detail, but first I’d like to give you the perfect inside look at the state of modern man that presents itself to us on the stage of actor/activist James Cromwell’s Facebook page on Friday. We had a little dust-up in Warwick over the Student Walk-Out you see. The drama involves a “has-been” movie star, a good mayor, a spineless mayor, Cultural Marxists masquerading as a community service organization, a wonderful police force caught in the middle, our local chapter of Oath Keepers, and our children the pawns. WARNING: Foul Language Alert ~

Henry Ford was no saint, but Henry Ford was a great American. Henry Ford, like Teddy Roosevelt and George M. Cohan, wore the love of America on the very sleeve he rolled up to help make her the greatest and most prosperous nation on the face of the earth. Anyone unable to feel the awe of her greatness, majesty, and splendor in Cohan’s words and music…is unable to hear. Bezos and De Niro, by comparison, dated America, took from America, and then cheated on her to gain the world…which brings us to the question of morality.

I hope some of you younger folks might take the time today to study these great men from our past in a little more detail. There is a wonderful Netflix Ken Burns series on The Roosevelts I encourage all of you (Matt) to enjoy. Although Pope Leo Xlll was not an American, he was the Italian shepherd of the Faith for more than ten million Catholic Americans who wrote “Not only, in strict truth, was marriage instituted for the propagation of the human race, but also that the lives of husbands and wives might be made better and happier.” His present-day counterpart, author of the head-scratching Amoris Laetitia, is leading the flock that has now grown to 70.4 million off a cliff and into the fog of moral oblivion…announcing on the very week we celebrate our Lord & Savior’s sacrifice for the very salvation of our souls, that souls in the state of mortal sin do NOT go to Hell, but rather simply “disappear”.

The photograph above is the view from my bedroom window looking out on the very same sun rise through the exact same lens of stained glass that my Great, Great Grandfather saw it through so very many years ago. When you read the comments on the Cromwell Facebook page, you are actually glimpsing the soul condition of so many young men and women who have so tragically and perhaps unavoidably swallowed the pill of modernism. Most of the readers of my weekly post know the guaranteed antidote exists. What none of us know, is how many will be fortunate enough to find it and take it in time.

Warning to all parents ~ There is a Community 2000 and a Roger Moss in your neighborhood that comes bearing gifts. BEWARE!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Red Wave

The Red Wave Brain Trust

“How do you define ‘hate speech’ Mr. Zuckerberg?” ~ Sen. Ben Sasse

“um, er, uh…” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

Commu-                                                                                                                                                  In political and social sciences, communism (from Latin communis, “common, universal”) is the philosophical, social, political, and economic ideology and movement whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society, which is a socioeconomic order structured upon the common (collective) ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money and the state.

nism-                                                                                                                                                         a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.

Looking back on the America I grew up in, I am realizing how Communism in its infancy was kind of cute…like little baby dragons. How romantic and tender it was, with flowers in our hair and the music of Pan stirring our souls. But the cute baby grew up to be Smaug…not so romantic anymore. No more flowers, only the threat of the greatest fire the world has ever known. Just the other day, I was thinking about childhood friends through the years on into adulthood who I have loved and lost…all swept away by the Red Wave.

Communism, once a national or regional disease, has become a global disorder invited by the “mental disorder” known as Liberalism. It took root here in the U.S. back in the late 30’s as the Frankfurt School of Marxist thinkers forced to flee the growing Nazi threat in Europe. They found a welcoming home at New York’s Columbia University. Every twisted perversion of our Judeo-Christian Culture and Constitutional Republic can be traced back to this…infection. It’s an infection that enters the body by way of seduction really. Why tie one’s self up with all of this silly, outdated rigid and restrictive Judeo-Christian mumbo jumbo of creeds and rules, when one can truly free one’s mind and body? I will tell you as a young teenager growing up in the “counter-culture” 60’s under the harsh rule of an overbearing task-master father, I bought into the seduction hook, line, and sinker.

But here dear friend is our saving grace. Grace is the gift from God we truly do not deserve. In our American DNA, there exists a very important something that’s hard to define or describe. It’s a combination of things that include common sense, courage, hunger for truth, and true justice. If I had to sum it all up and give it a term, I’d call it a BS Meter. Sadly, judging by the attitudes and expressions on college campuses, it appears the younger generation has come poorly equipped. Any number of them on any given day can be found signing petitions to freely relinquish their God-given Rights. Our generation rebelled against top-down government and institutional authority. Theirs is begging for it! That dear friend is the devastating power of the Red Wave.

When the dragon was just a teenager himself, we were blessed with great men who knew how to handle him. President Reagan steered our Ship of State, and the man who knew the dragon 1st hand, Pope John Paul ll, led the Catholic Church. The dragon was effectively contained. But the disease introduced into our cultural bloodstream by the Frankfurt School advanced beneath the surface, attacking our immune system and making way for the most philosophically un-American President ever to occupy the White House…and to compound the disaster…the most un-Catholic Pope to ever occupy the Vatican. The Red Wave grew into the present day Global Tsunami.

Early last year a group of us Oath Keepers attended a Village Board meeting to support our local police after the local Red Wave Society demanded the Blue Line be removed because they found it offensive to the other Red Wave offspring known as Black Lives Matter. The Red Wave Mayor was naturally sympathetic to their demands and had appeased them BEFORE the meeting by transforming the Blue Line into a red, white, and blue line. The Red Wave met the Patriot Wave and completely disintegrated there in the Village Hall…as all lies eventually do. The Blue Line was restored.

The disease has fully metastasized as a global Corporate/Communist/Islamic mutation that seems to want WWlll. What I saw as a Globalist Kristallnacht struck the United States and Europe last week, setting the stage for the Final Act. Springtime, usually the time of birth and renewal, began with the launch of 100 missiles. Yesterday I marched with 500 of my brothers and sisters in Albany as part of the National “Stand Up For America” Day. We surrounded the office of our Red Wave Governor with chants of “Cuomo’s Got To Go”! The truth is I don’t know where he will go. The fact is none of us know where any of this goes from here. If you’ve ever found yourself body-surfing under a huge collapsing wave that pounds you into complete disorientation, that is what the crashing effect of the Red Wave seems to have on us at the moment. What we do know is that one of us has put his faith in man, and the other his trust in God. Time should tell…it always has, and it always will.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Religion & Politics Taboo

The Silence of the Lambs

Man naturally loves liberty and detests slavery as a shameful yoke. It is natural that the employee should obey his employer; the soldier, his officer; the sailor, his captain; the child, his parents; the pupil, his teacher; for in these cases the yoke is honorable. It was also honorable for Regulus, the Roman general, to return to Carthage, there to endure painful captivity and death, for his country’s sake. But there is no slavery more base and disgraceful than that of a man who regulates his religion, his conduct according to another man’s caprice; who inwardly approves what is right, but has not the courage to do it; who condemns in his heart what is evil, and yet does it, because others also do it; who clearly sees his duty, but dares not perform it, lest he thereby displease his boon companions or does not meet the approval of those whose favor he seeks. ~ Fr. FERREOL GIRARDEY, C.SS.R. in 1915. Read the rest here.

It’s been said that the devil’s greatest trick is fooling us into believing he doesn’t exist. I not only believe this to be true, I believe he inspired the “R&P Taboo” (The two things you never discuss at cocktail parties, etc.) as the single-most effective tool that helped him disappear. There is absolutely nothing that effects and has affected our lives more than the policies, actions, and inactions of Church and State, and yet somehow for the past two generations, we’ve been sold on the idea that these are areas we should not feel completely free and comfortable in discussing. In fact, we’ve been conditioned to believe such conversation to be off-limits and anti-social. How is this not the worst censorship…a self-imposed censorship?

“The greatest fight in the country is censorship.” ~ Roger Stone

It seems the sixties liberated us from just about everything except the freedom to discuss what needed to be discussed, and debate that which needed more clarification and direction. Its as if we ordered a curtain of fog upon ourselves. What could possibly go wrong?

“If I could tell Republicans one thing it would be stop negotiating with evil.” ~ Mike Adams

I believe throughout history the greatest nations, cultures, and societies are put to sleep in stages. 1- Self-Censoring (R&P Taboo) 2- State-Censoring (Twitter, FB, Google, MSM) 3- Criminalize Truth and Truth-Tellers.

There could be no second stage without the first, and no third without the first two. This dear friend is why we have never lived in more dangerous times than these. We are late stage three, and I’m sure most of us understand what comes next. Well…certainly the all-important (lll) some.

There is, was, and always will be only one exception to the most earthly absolute of all; “Power Corrupts. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.” There is only one shining example of flawless, pure loving and merciful top-down rule in this world, and it comes from out of this world…it is ONLY found in the Rule of God.

God is the first and most important part of the R&P Taboo as the R. For the P we come down to the earth to find Politics (Polis) “Affairs of the Cities” to find the most antithetical belief system to God running the show: Communism (Devil). From San Francisco to New York, Washington to London, and Brussels to Rome, the devil is in charge. Make no mistake about it. Hence the “Taboo”…since there is no way the Devil assumes power in a wide open “Arena of Ideas”.

Because of the R&P Taboo our K-12 is saturated with the same Communists, who according to Malia’s Black Book are responsible for deaths of 85-100 million people, telling white children THEY are responsible for the deaths of millions, here

And because the “Affairs of the Cities” in Europe had no 1st Amendment to contend with, the R&P Taboo rapidly became razor wire, turning chivalry into crime, and self-defense into something politically incorrect, and socially unacceptable. Far, far too many Americans have yet to feel this Red Wave lapping at their feet. How is this possible? Because, it would seem, we are either “Born Again”, or we are put to sleep. There is no in between. Happy middle is the head-fake we give ourselves.

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name…                                                                           But what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game.

Enter Dr. Clifford N. Alford. I discovered Dr. Alford in the comment section of “Born Again”. You can click on the hyperlink above and scroll down to find him. I was curious about the “goddess” he claimed the Christian church stole from, so I did some research and discovered what John refers to as the “spirit of the antichrist”.

You have to give the devil (Left) his due for placing the “Dr.” before so many, many names of those who actually harm the very people they purport to care for. Notice in the comment section how Charlie, to his credit and in his kindness, seeks to help Dr. Clifford. Now consider the spiritual value of Charlie’s intention alongside the intention of Warwick Working Together Facilitator Beverly:

Hello Friends,

            I want to make you aware of our next Community Conversation, Bonds and Boundaries (Red FlagNotice how those opposed to the Border Wall are concerned with dialogue boundaries.): Looking at Our Communities.  In this second conversationwe will explore how our common life is shaped by the ways that we come together in groups. Americans link up with each other in so many ways. Sometimes geography brings us together in a neighborhood or town. Sometimes we come together through organizations or institutions. Sometimes we choose the groups we belong to; sometimes they come with birth or shared history.  Learning where and how people connect also reveals where they don’t connect. Communities or groups create bonds and boundaries, insiders and outsiders.  When people don’t feel welcome or comfortable, when they feel they’re being cut out or threatened, it affects the spirit of the entire community. (Red Flag – SJW/Snowflake/Safe-Space Language.) Learning how our actions or attitudes affect each other will prepare us to imagine what it would take to create a better life together.

Now, compare these intentions to the message from those who were seeking to invade our Southern Border this past week:

“By uniting we can abolish borders.” I’d say that’s pretty clear intention…how about you? The literal invasion and intended destruction of Western Civilization; the direct consequence of removing our Watchtowers (R&P Taboo) and choosing the yoke of Human Respect over God’s Love. “Where can so despicable a slave be found?” Just about every bathroom mirror in America, I’m sad to say.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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