The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Waiting On The Calvary

Waiting on the Calvary?

Blessed be the Lord, my strength which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight.       ~ Psalm 144:1

So, there I was last Sunday feeling a little like Churchill and relating to Noah in the sense of my relationship to the gathering storm, the coming flood and my fellow man…couched in our indifference like shells upon the shore, they don’t hear the ocean’s roar. And along come the Wild Boars! A Thai soccer team…12 boys and their coach stranded in a cave on the 1st day of the World Cup. And then I read Michael Pakaluk’s I Will Make You Fishers of Wild Boars. “It is part of the Christian conception of providence that such “public” trials do not just happen by accident, but are by design, within God’s plan, and meant to teach.”

Imagine Churchill’s and Noah’s frustration, knowing what they knew, surrounded by a significant majority of people who thought they were crazy. Another great TCT author wrote about the elimination of the great literary classics from our public education system, which I likened to our own cultural suicide. In reality its murder…the very heart of Western Civilization, Christendom is being dismantled. We Christians are being persecuted, silenced, literally, figuratively, and systemically murdered, eliminated, liquidated, and disposed of…while we ACT as though we are trapped helplessly in a cave, as if all we can do is wait on the cavalry, or in our case the Calvary. I revealed my frustration in last week’s SMTU when I wrote, “I see the Left turning our Public Square into a 24/7 Mardi Gras while my Christian brothers and sisters shutter themselves into the very “Idios” who kept to themselves in Ancient Greece…” and on July 4th, “In fact, the Father of Lies is so good at what he does, the town I once lived in has thrown four consecutive parties in two months’ time in the public square in his (the devil’s) honor, while the believers refuse to venture outside their shelters…” Is this our Christian calling…to sit in prayerful life amongst ourselves and wait for God to rescue us…while we take no action to directly engage those who are themselves in the act of wiping us from the face of this earth…for fear of being “political”? Really?

Tell me what it is that separates us from the Rev. Sam West call to action …It is an indispensable duty, my brethren, which we owe to God and our country, to rouse up and bestir ourselves, and, being animated with a noble zeal for the sacred cause of liberty, to defend our lives and fortunes, even to the shedding of the last drop of blood. Is it the 242 years, our political correctness, our tax exemption, our pension? Do we truly believe that we have more to risk than they did? Or is it simply our want to avoid conflict? I tell you I don’t know whether I am more sickened or saddened by our pathetic derelictions.

I recently proposed the idea of organizing a Pro-Life Parade in Warwick to two solid Christian men. We’re still a free country, and the Left has taken full advantage using OUR public square to express their values and beliefs. The reaction I got made me feel as though I suggested we all strip naked and dance down Main Street howling at the moon! Its as though our hearts and minds are completely closed to the thought of any action that might seem like engagement or conflict. But isn’t this how we’ve lost, or are in the process of losing the public square in the first place? Isn’t this how we lost prayer in public schools, marriage between a man and a woman, and the Boy Scouts? How much further down the slippery slope are we willing to slide? This is the oldest of old stories…the classic Bully/Bullied paradigm, is it not? Where in the entire history of man…in fact, where in the Holy Bible itself is there ONE instance where God saved a people who were unwilling to stand up for themselves? The Wild Boars and their coach are alive today because God helps those who help themselves. Moral courage, bravery, and risk saved those kids. And yes, it cost a Thai SEAL his life. No greater love…

Last weekend Stewart Rhodes called for volunteers to travel to the NYU campus in Manhattan to protest the professor (Sam Lavigne) who had doxxed and posted the personal contact info on over 1,500 ICE agents for the sole purpose of turning them and their families into targets. Six of us answered the call, three from NY and three from NJ. We went in Oath Keeper colors. My shirt carries the Psalm 144:1 quote boldly printed on the back. We made quite the sight strolling through Washington Square Park in the beautiful morning sunlight…in the East Coast Mecca of Liberalism. But, unlike Antifa, we weren’t masked and armed with batons and bike locks. We came only with information fliers explaining who Professor Lavigne was and what he had done. We engaged dozens of men and women, young and old, and what we learned was very encouraging. First, we learned that Truth itself is a very powerful weapon. Second, we learned that so many, especially the younger ones, are starving for it. After we had returned, Matt noticed a posting on our website suggesting that we do to the professor what he had done to the ICE agents and their families. To which he replied, “That would make us no better than him.” When in fact our method of engagement this past Monday at NYU won hearts and minds. This, my friends, by the Grace of God, is how we will save ourselves.

BUT FIRST, we need to know and understand the gathering storm and flood:

I recently saw a movie that shook me to the core. Even though I am in the movie and delivered some commentary about the Federal Reserve System, I had forgotten about the day I spent with the film crew in Austin, Texas, many months ago. I had seen the segments in which I appeared, which the producer sent to me as a courtesy, but when I finally watched the whole movie, I was stunned.

When my commentary was joined with scores of others who spoke from first-hand knowledge about loss of liberty and growth of government, the pieces came together like a giant jigsaw puzzle that revealed a disturbing picture of the social and political Hell we are rapidly approaching.

The movie is called Revelation; Dawn of Global Government, starring Charlie Daniels, Alex Jones, and Special-Ops General “Jerry” Boykin. The outstanding narrators include Larry Pratt, (Gun Owners of America), Stewart Rhodes, (Oath Keepers), Joel Skousen, (World Affairs Brief), even Ted Nugent has something to say! It is one of the best overviews of the mortal challenges facing America – and the world – I have ever seen.

The future of liberty may depend on how many people see this film. Normally that would require a visit to a theater, the purchase of a DVD, or a pay-per-view. However, the producer of the film has offered to let subscribers to Need to Know News and attendees of Red Pill Expo watch the entire movie free beginning July 8 to July 22 only. Click to gain access. ~ G. Edward Griffin… You have seven days…


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ In the Name of Love

Remember the Vendee!

…It is an indispensable duty, my brethren, which we owe to God and our country, to rouse up and bestir ourselves, and, being animated with a noble zeal for the sacred cause of liberty, to defend our lives and fortunes, even to the shedding of the last drop of blood. The love of our country, the tender affection we have for our wives and children, the regard we ought to have for unborn posterity, yea, everything that is dear and sacred, do now loudly call upon us to use our best endeavors to save our country. ~ Reverend Samuel West, May 29, 1776 “The Critical Importance of Faith in the Fight For Liberty”, Stewart Rhodes

One man come in the name of love
One man come and go.
One man come he to justify
One man to overthrow. ~ U2

I believe love, an often used word, is one of the least understood and most misapplied words in the English language…in our time. I love that song. I love chocolate. I love your hair. I love you…as long as you give me what I need, believe what I believe, and feel like I feel. I love you as long as you make me feel good about me. Me-Me-Me. Otherwise known as conditional love. As Christians we are taught to love as Jesus loved, unconditionally…even our enemies.

U2 started out as a Christian rock band. Bono’s Christian heart was clearly touched by the moral courage of Martin Luther King, who was forever silenced early morning April 4, shot rings out in the Memphis sky. He has since traded in his Christian heart for that of a globalist “Social Justice Warrior shilling for the UN and the EU. A wise career move, no doubt. But then again, John Brennan, James Comey, and James Clapper thought covering up for Barack Obama, and protecting Hillary Clinton were wise career moves too.

I had a dear friend gently take me to task over last week’s SMTU assertion that Bob Dylan had actually sold his soul to the devil, as he himself told Morley Safer he had. He cited Dylan’s conversion to Christianity and the clear gospel influence in Dylan’s earlier work as proof of his Christian pedigree. That’s all fine and good. Reagan was a Democrat. Bono was a Christian. We arrived at a bottom-line consensus…it is how we finish that matters.

So, let’s talk about the finish, shall we? In his mind, Bono was honoring MLK. But…One man come in the name of love was Jesus. One man come and go was Obama. One man come he to justify, is the Social Justice Warrior (Bono himself). One man to overthrow is our President Donald J. Trump. I described the devil as the master of master chess players last week…there is only One Grand Master. And we my friends are at the finish line.

You may have noticed the Left ratcheting up their violent, divisive, and hateful rhetoric of late. It appears global for the simple reason it is all Corporate-Globalist funded. The Left wants revolution, and they are much more than likely to get what they are wanting. The question we might ponder, is will this revolution be American or French-like in bloody nature. I’m tending to side with Barnhardt here, The parallels between what happened in France just over 200 years ago, and what we have seen and are seeing before our eyes today in the (former) U.S. are stunning.  The only difference is that today’s culture is starting from a far, far worse level.  Remember, almost everyone in France 200 years ago was a weekly Mass-going Catholic.” And you really need to read the imbedded article to get a glimpse into the dark mind of the modern-day Catholic Michael Sean Winters to understand just how screwed we are. Couple that with Maureen Mullarkey’s article in the Federalist revealing the entire USCCB as sell-outs to the Globalist Devil!

Where does that leave us? You tell me. Do you see a Christian man who remotely resembles the body and spirit of Sam West? Because I do not. I see the Left turning our Public Square into a 24/7 Mardi Gras while my Christian brothers and sisters shutter themselves into the very “Idios” who kept to themselves in Ancient Greece…for fear of being “political”. How delightfully emboldened we have made the devil.

I’m warning you, this will go hot soon…and you can’t begin to possibly imagine. Last year we (Oath Keepers) helped provide security for an Anti-Sharia Rally in Foley Square. Our point man for the operation suffered a major heart attack at the very end. He had to be resuscitated 8 times…while the Antifa cheered and applauded what they hoped would be his death. This week we learned that an adjunct professor at NYU “doxed” the personal address and contact information of over 1,500 ICE agents, turning them and their families into targets of the Antifa and far worse. Professor Samuel Lavigne is his name. Please feel free to call or write the “Powers-that-Be” at NYU to voice your displeasure. And by all means, feel free to join us on the ramparts when you can…we’ll be warming them up for you. Because as our prosperity has made monsters, so has and will adversity make us into men. And it is what REAL men do for Love.

NYU Office of Public Affairs

25 West Fourth Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10012

Office of Community Engagement

25 West Fourth Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10012

Office of Government Affairs

25 West Fourth Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10012


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Why Freedom Is Worth Dying For

The Silver Moon Knows, When The Sun Goes Away…

It’s becoming something beyond surreal to see former directors of our own “intelligence” agencies and FBI ratchet up the hateful rhetoric towards our President on an exact parallel trajectory to his meteoric success. How does one explain? We expect it of Whoopie Goldberg…but John Brennan, James Clapper, and James Comey?

Surreal seems to be the permanent address the Left desires for us all. Stolen Valor is the term used for self-serving opportunists who’ve never served in the military, who claim the honor for their own personal gain by wearing the colors in public or making false claims…as Senator Blumenthal did a few years back by claiming he saw battle in Vietnam when he was never there. Typical of those with no moral compass, he’s at it again. Just as most Black Americans cringe when the Left steals the valor of their ancestors by lifting the reality and nobility of their heroic struggles, and applying it to the morally destitute assault by LGBT community on Christendom and the traditional family, a Polish Nazi concentration camp survivor is going after Blumenthal for likening Trump’s immigration policy to the “cattle cars of Nazi Germany”.

We live in a culture that, in many ways, is built on a network of now accepted, logically interrelated lies that we have deliberately put into law, into private and public life, under the name of “rights.” Or so says Father Schall. Whether he is right or wrong, I will leave to you…which more than likely you will judge with the empaneled jury of your own perceived “rights” rather than a jury duty and conscience-bound to our rule of law.

As we learned in C. S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, “the believer is the one who can read most anything. The unbeliever dare not allow a line of argument start into his soul, one that would lead him logically to where he refuses to go.” And it is this fact that Father Schall reveals that carries us to the very point of today’s message. When the unbelievers reach critical mass, they come to believe the most fatal lie of all…that they have the power to force their lies onto the believers. They become the book-burners. Those decrying oppression and fascism become the fascist oppressor. And the Valor Thief pointing the “cattle car” finger, is the next one in the long line of history’s tyrant parade, at the ready to fill them again.

And it is here my friend, where the rubber of history meets the road, that we get to the harsh reality crux of the biscuit, as they say. There are only so many of us who will refuse to accept the lies, give up our books, and board the cars. The devil is that good at what he does: Most non-believers, as they see it, do not take the Devil seriously. They find him a rather charming, debonair, and witty character. He is suave, sophisticated, and one step ahead of us.

In fact, the Father of Lies is so good at what he does, the town I once lived in has thrown four consecutive parties in two months’ time in the public square in his honor, while the believers refuse to venture outside their shelters…for fear of being seen as “political”. This was part of my comment in response to Father Schall’s piece, Too many of us have been conditioned (by the Father of Lies) to see fighting as un-Christian-like behavior. As a result of our reluctance to even battle with words, we are on the brink of our 2nd Civil War.

So here we are some 242 years after our forefathers (my 4th great grandfather Andrew included) stood up to Screwtape the first time to conceive our great nation, ready and willing to die. But NOT for the reason you might think. Screwtape would have you believe that greedy-old-us would lay down our lives to pass it all along for the sake of our own posterity…an intention as noble as they come. But ours is much deeper, and the far greater wound to the greatest of the great chess masters. We know the devil’s ultimate play is for us to deny our Creator, the true source of the freedom and rights we cherish. It is the devil’s greatest anguish to know after all his tricks, games, and ploys that it is for Him we lived, and for Him we are prepared to die because: The silver moon knows when the sun goes away, tomorrow she will shine on Independence Day.

Most Precious Blood of Life Eternal, price of sinful man’s redemption, by whose saving streams the thirst of souls is quenched, and their stains are washed away, Thou Who dost plead the cause of man before the throne of infinite mercy, from the depths of my heart I adore Thee and desire, as much as lies in my power, to make atonement for the injuries and insults that are constantly offered Thee by mankind, and especially by those who rashly dare to blaspheme Thee. Who will not bless and praise this Blood of infinite value? Whose soul would not be inspired with love for Jesus Who shed It all for us? What would be my fate, had I not been redeemed by this Divine Blood? And what drew Thee from the veins of my Savior even to the last drop? It was love! O boundless love, which has given us this saving balm! O priceless balm, welling from the fount of immeasurable love! Grant that all hearts and tongues may praise Thee, magnify Thee, and give Thee thanks, now and throughout all ages. Amen.

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Time of Our Lives

The World They’ve Fashioned For US!

Once upon a time in America the Left and the Right actually co-existed even with some bumps along the way because both were tethered to reality. Tragically, that is no longer the case. Could there be anything more untethered from reality than a parade of God/Trump/man-hating lesbian-feminists marching to beat of “Families Belong Together”? Or, these very same “sisters” with a seething intolerance for Christians so unabashedly willing to open their arms and our borders to those best known for wrapping their Iranian sisters in burqas, mutilating their sex organs and throwing gays to their death from rooftops? We did cover this in last week’s SMTU. In case you haven’t noticed, the two words getting the most exposure in print and airwaves today are civil war, and for very good reason I hasten to add. In the time of our lives, we are in for the fight of our lives. The Left in this country is fast becoming a mad dog. There is no compromise, negotiating, or reasoning with a mad dog…as anyone who has ever had the unfortunate experience knows.

Moby brought me back to the once upon a time with his “Pop Music is Terrible” lament earlier this week. It made me pine for the once upon a time when our music was so full of life and wonder, romance and love…and then I was finally able to find one of my favorite once-upon-a- time movies that I had been unable to find anywhere. The Time of Their Lives

The music and the movies were better because we were better people creating for the soul purpose of entertaining the audience. Today these industries are dominated by the very worst of us…people like Quentin Tarantino who cheered the Polanski vicious anal rape of a 13-yr-old as consensual. There is an old 60 Minutes interview where Bob Dylan actually admits to his deal with the Devil. From the spark that caught in the early Liverpool days to the present-day shill for the Globalist State Sir Paul…

But you’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes
Indeed you’re gonna have to serve somebody
Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you’re gonna have to serve somebody
~ Bob Dylan

And serve they have. The music score and screenplay for the entire world has been written and produced top-down by the destroyer of men’s souls. Every single boardroom in corporate America dances to the music. Even the Pope! When the Mom & Pop Five & Dimes sold out to the Amazon Box, we lost our independence and worse…our innocence. And those of us who refused to dance became “Deplorable”. Deacon Toner explains the present madness as the “Perennial Illusion”  process of creating “moral Frankensteins”. This is a must-read for anyone and everyone trying to make sense of the world they are trying to find themselves in.

I listened to a radio caller yesterday describe our circumstances perfectly. After laying out the facts of our situation and those responsible she asked the host (Roger Stone), “What can we do?” I found myself talking to the radio. Roger suggested she help “get the word out”. Actually it goes much deeper…like the well Melody and the Tinker found themselves bound to “for all eternity”…until the Truth was discovered. We are Melody and the Tinker in the Time of Our Lives. We who love Truth enough to risk and even give our lives for it will find reward so far beyond the greatest treasures here, I couldn’t possibly describe it to you. Nor do I need to… because something inside each and every one of us already knows. The Time of Our Lives is dangerous because WE made it so. I guess you could say we all got caught up in the dance. But WE will be the ones, the only ones who must decide our fate from this moment on. When a group of bitter lesbian feminists occupy our public square, do we lament behind our computer screens, or do we fill the same square with our own PRO-LIFE response? When the Globalists incite violence and death threats against those who protect the sovereignty of the country we love and ALL we hold dear, do we cower in silence or do we respond as the Americans who came before us in the time of their lives?  WE CAN DO IT!


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Idiots and Ideology

“Forced to lie to ourselves about reality.”

No greater joy can I have than this, to hear that my children follow the truth. ~ 3 John 1:4

Origin of the word “Idiot”:                                                                                                                  In ancient Athens contributing to politics and society in general was considered the norm and highly desirable. Being apolitical and selfish was frowned upon and all citizens aspired to be politically active…Those who did not contribute to politics and the community were known as “Idiotes” (ΙΔΙΩΤΕΣ), originating from the word “Idios” (ΙΔΙΟΣ) which means the self.

Origin of the word “Ideology”:                                                                                                Destutt de Tracy and his fellow French Revolutionary idéologues devised a system of national education that they believed would transform France into a rational and scientific society… “a world whose limits and configuration are assembled from their desires of what they would like to be, not to what is.”

Based upon the Athenian definition, it would appear that the present-day Idiot in the age of the “selfie” is enjoying an explosive ascendancy. Think about that very significant portion of the population as the gleefully willing spice of a too-good-to-be-true recipe of ideologue stew deceived into thinking of itself as the fortunate banquet guest, totally unaware of it’s soon-to-be special delivery into its final resting place in the city sewer system. Time after time after time and time again…

How else does one explain the mind of an Ivy League College student who signs a petition to eliminate his/her own 1st Amendment right to free speech? Ideology.

How else does one explain the mind of a person so full of rage and hatred for Trump, they would rather see their own economy fail, defend MS-13 butchers, and root for a ruthless North Korean dictator? Ideology.

How else does one explain the mind of a person so enraged by the separation of an illegal alien child from its illegal alien mother, and yet totally OK with American babies murdered by their own American mothers? Ideology.

Economist Larry Kudlow likes to say that “profits are the mother’s milk of stocks”. Well, it seems clear to the mind that prefers truth over ideology that idiots are the mother’s milk of ideologues…which is precisely why Vladimir Lenin referred to them as the Useful Idiots who literally paved the way for the enslavement, torture, and murder of millions in the last century.

We came so dreadfully close to our own mass graves here in America, it gives me chills to write the words. Obama was the ideologue puppet with legions upon legions of useful idiots, who so desperately attempted to hand power over to something evil doesn’t go far enough in describing…as it all begins to unfold to those of us with eyes to see. I can’t think of anything more utterly deplorable than a would-be President who forces her would-have-been subjects to live a lie. And, as a true sign of her diabolical nature, deplorable is the word she used to describe us…which may have contributed to her downfall.

As Father Schall writes, “We are, as a consequence, forced to lie to ourselves about reality. We have to insist that abortion is not the killing of an actual human life even though every bit of evidence shows that it is. We have to insist that two members of the same sex can “marry,” which is the one thing they cannot possibly do. The list goes on. One denial of an order in things leads to another. We now find it necessary to prevent people from even talking about some radical error that we have made in our understanding of things.” That is fascist tyranny straight-up my friends. And yet it is the same WE who want our borders secure and our own children safe, who are the ones chased out of restaurants and called the fascists. Ideology!

Take heart in knowing that while sticks and stones may break our bones, thank God and President Trump…WE have The Truth on our side. “American taxpayer-funded welfare is used by 10.3 million non-citizens!”

And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free. ~ John 8:32

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Calling All Fathers!

“A Window of Time”

Then he dreamed, and behold, a ladder was set up on the earth, and its top reached to heaven; and there the angels of God were ascending and descending on it. ~ Genesis 28:12

Like it or not, Robert De Niro is probably the most recognized and celebrated male representative of the anti-Trump “Resistance” movement here in America. His latest obscenity-laced outburst at the Tony Awards last week was both painful and pathetic. And still it drew a standing ovation from the crowd of Liberal New York Democrats all suffering Trump Derangement Syndrome. But there is something going on here that begs a deeper look…

A Catholic priest is called Father for a very good reason. Adam was appointed by God to be high priest and father of humanity. He was called by God the Father to minister and offer sacrifice in the temple of creation by serving and protecting the sanctuary of that temple, namely Eden. The Pope is called the Holy Father. We all know about The Fall. Here’s where it gets interesting…

Man, as a result of original sin, will always be tempted to want to become like God without God, to use his free will in such a way that he is no longer truly free, but a slave to sin, a slave to his own wants and desires, a slave to his instincts and passions. This means being more animal-like.

Most of the men I’ve known who have become good fathers have raised sons to become good fathers as well…by serving and protecting the sanctuary of that temple, namely Family. But something has changed. The Patriarch, under vicious and ruthless attack by radical Feminists on one front, and Globalists on the other, is softening, giving in to his own wants and desires, sitting in silence as the temple is sacked and plundered, and literally beginning to self-destruct.

These Drudge headlines from yesterday alone: 17 killed in nightclub brawl…Moscow Taxi Driver Mows Down Fans…Another Cash-Strapped Cabbie Commits Suicide…The Hitler of South Africa Tells White People He Won’t Kill Them…Yet. These are all signs that the “serving and protecting” qualities, so crucial to our fatherhood, have been abdicated by the general population of mankind for quite some time now.

De Niro and Trump are the modern-day Babel and Nineveh passing one another on the vertical plane. Trump’s Nineveh (#MAGA) is in its ascension as De Niro’s Babel (Swamp) is…draining. Both realize it too. De Niro’s rage is real…he isn’t acting. Trump has been anointed for something far greater than himself…and he knows it. Which brings us to the point of today’s message…

The difference between the good shepherd and the sheepdog…By God’s grace, we are blessed with a window of time in which to act for the sake and salvation of our eternity. The qualities-gone-missing in us are re-manifest as shepherd and sheepdog. Some are called to one, while those of us like myself are called to the other. My history of being gaslighted by a Liberal caused me to experience my shepherd as “focusing me away from the enemy” in last week’s SMTU, when in reality he was strengthening me for the fight. Happy Fathers Day!

OH, let the wickedness of the wicked                                                                                          come to an end,                                                                                                                                   But establish the just;                                                                                                                        For the righteous God tests the hearts                                                                                               and minds.                                                                                                                                           My defense is of God,                                                                                                                     Who saves the upright in heart.

God is a just judge,                                                                                                                             And God is angry with the wicked every                                                                                        day.                                                                                                                                                              If he does not turn back,                                                                                                                    He will sharpen His sword;                                                                                                                    He bends His bow and makes it ready.                                                                                           He also prepares for Himself instruments of death;                                                                         He makes His arrows into fiery shafts.

Behold, the wicked brings forth inequity;                                                                                           Yes, he conceives trouble and brings                                                                                                forth falsehood.                                                                                                                                    He made a pit and dug it out,                                                                                                             And has fallen into the ditch which he                                                                                    made.                                                                                                                                                     His trouble shall return upon his own                                                                                      head, And his violent dealing shall come                                                                                          down on his own crown.

I will praise the Lord according to His                                                                          righteousness,                                                                                                                                     And will sing praise to the name of                                                                                                  the Lord Most High. ~ Psalm 7:9-17


Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Operation Child Shield

Hell on Earth

But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea. ~ Matthew 18:6

On Friday I met with a wonderful active duty NYPD/Warwick mom to discuss, among other things, the Cultural-Marxist Rot destroying the community we both love. She is one of the many local parents waking up to the insidious indoctrination happening all around us. As a mother of a six and eight-year-old, her line in the sand came when Pied Piper Roger Moss and Community 2000 plotted to lead Warwick School children out of school from 10-2pm on a Friday to their “Teach-in” on Gun Control. She told me of local businesses admitting to her that they were pressured to put “Safe Space” stickers in their windows for fear of being branded as haters and bigots for not complying. She shared the awkward moment of having to explain the Rainbow Flag to her young daughter. Today the same devious cast of characters have imported the perfect adorable 11-year-old transgender prop to headline Warwick’s first ever “Pride-in-Sin Parade”…as you can see by the photo. (Do you suppose the tiny crucifix just happened to fall outside the blouse?) A “family-friendly” event they are calling it. “What they are doing to the minds of our kids”, I said to my new New York’s Finest-friend, is so far beyond criminal it eclipses the deeds of the majority of our worst felons.

Where is this coming from?

Globally: The Bilderberg gather in Turin, ignored by MSM. Merkel attempts to unite the world against the USA at the G7 in Quebec. Geert Wilders leads massive protest in UK to free Tommy Robinson, jailed for reporting on Migrant Grooming/Rape Gangs, as newly-married-with-nine-year-old-daughter Anthony Bourdain who was about to go Kanye on the Globalists is found in Paris…suicided?

Nationally: Child-sex dens and rape trees discovered on Cemex property in Arizona.

Locally: Political leaders in Warwick shrug off multiple cases of indoctrination and then commission those responsible to “Vision” our future…When a local religious leader is made aware of the plot, he proposes the church’s “Give Hope Movement” rather than a plan to simply confront those seeking to corrupt, pervert, and destroy the heart of the American Family, as he then (with best and loving intention) attempts to shepherd my focus away from the enemy, and towards the still waters. And then there are the oblivious waters at work where I listen to the young sheep banter on about Lebron James while I try to muster volunteers for the Oath Keepers’ “Operation Child Shield”.

Our world has become one giant Tolkienesque stage. On one side there is Merkel’s Mordor (Globalist Orcs of Saruman), and on the other is the Trump Shire (The Nationalist Ring-bearers). What Trump seeks to liberate, Merkel drags  deeper into the darkness.

Ann Barnhardt captures those of us living in the oblivious waters brilliantly in her “Living in a Bubble”:

Madam, you are the walking personification of the Marxist goal. You are a totally sensuous, self-absorbed person who can only see the world through the prism of your own faux-victimhood, so much so that your self-centered sensuousness even takes precedence over the eternal fates of the souls of your own young children. The last wedge, the wedge between mother and child, has been driven home, and you are the proof of that.

What, in God’s name, will it take?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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