The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Inversion of Right & Wrong

Everyone has to begin with this struggle for self, and striving to enter in at the narrow gate is a picture of the struggle. Anything that does not enter in at the narrow gate, for example selfishness, self-interest, self-indulgence, ends in destruction. The struggle to enter in, no matter with what it may be in connection, braces us morally. ~ Oswald Chambers, Struggle for Self

WARNING: Minor “Political” Content, viewer discretion is advised.

Not long after Barack Obama was elected to his first term, I watched a video of his “Green Czar” Van Jones speaking to an auditorium full of High School seniors. It is one of the most disturbing videos I have ever seen. In it, Jones is praising the young men and women as Masters of the Universe, far superior to their own parents, and destined to right their parents’ wrongs. It was the perfect cue for what has become the Selfie Generation of Social Justice Warriors (A very sharp contrast to my Oswald Chambers read this past Monday morning, while contemplating the focus for Prayer & Fast Wednesday, on Struggle for Self and the “Narrow Gate”). And we parents? CLUELESSLY setting the torch to our own Western Civilization with each tuition payment to NYU, Columbia, MIT, Harvard, and Brown University. We have literally been feeding our children to legions of Professor Joneses inflating our beloveds away from their own salvation. The exact opposite of Jesus’ Luke 13:23-35 teaching.

But this is the soil that produced the current flock of public-school district superintendents who have all but surrendered to the Social Justice Mob. After encouraging my readers to express their dissatisfaction regarding new trans-bathroom policy in our district, I penned my own letter asking our superintendent if he were familiar with the following quote:

A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right and evil doesn’t become good just because its accepted by a majority. ~ Booker T. Washington

But the question remains, why do we accept what we know to be wrong? A beautiful and extremely intelligent woman in my church recently revealed part of the answer by admitting My body reacts to political news in adverse ways.” We need to rise above my body to see what they have succeeded in doing to our body. We baby boomers grew up in healthy communities because political news discussion was as essential to life as running water and fresh air. Now, we literally avoid the topic as if it were the plague. Why? Politics always brings argument, naturally. But a good and moral people on both sides of the argument in healthy communities settle arguments in naturally healthy ways. What has happened, in my opinion, is that our entire society has been systemically gamed, rigged…the deck stacked to favor and advantage one side of the argument over the other…to the point that one side of the argument has become a classic no-show. Which naturally means the other side wins…not on merit, not on value, not on whether it is right or wrong, but on the basis of fear and intimidation. Before we get to the question of who rigged the system and stacked the deck, we need to realize that the other side of the argument has been in power an awfully long time and this is just a partial list of their achievements;

  • Total domination of the public education system
  • The elimination of prayer in school and near destruction of the church
  • Total corruption of corporate media and journalism
  • A generation of narcissists with no civic awareness or national pride *
  • Our country divided racially, economically, and ethnically on the brink of civil war
  • The weaponization of the IRS, DOJ, CIA, and NSA against the American People
  • Over 60 million babies murdered by their own mothers
  • A child, sex, organ and drug trafficking epidemic
  • Rampant election fraud and political corruption

Now, let’s get to the who. No one has done more to unrig the system than President Trump in just two years and eight-and one-half months. And no newspaper has done more to expose the who than The Epoch Times.(Communism) uses the pursuit of goodness as its banner to pull people away from God.” (ET9/13) “Marxism deceives people into replacing traditional moral standards with its ersatz standards that invert right and wrong.” (ET9/9) And the Communist NWO bug has even infected the holy Church of Rome! Welcome to the Great Inversion!

Denis Prager famously stated that the greatest threat to America was the number of Americans who don’t know what it means to be Americans. I believe the “inversion of right and wrong” is the greater threat. The inversion of right and wrong is what created the “number of Americans” who have lost all appreciation for and understanding of the truths of our founding, and the source of our cherished rights and freedoms as Americans. But it is our separation from God that gave the devil his opening to execute the inversion of right and wrong and give it the deadly foothold in our society. Stranglehold may be a better word. Ersatz ~ Not real, fake, inferior substitute.

Our break from God cost us our gift of spiritual discernment, as we covered in last week’s SMTU. Right relationship with God resets our right/wrong compass to help us discern our only True North path to the Narrow Gate in Luke 13, from the all that glitters-smooth sailing-easy street to Ersatz Hell. I found it particularly interesting in our “Narrow Gate” Prayer & Fast focus this week, that Chambers chooses the word struggle where Luke used strive. The true grist for the mill does not come from our trying (striving), but in what it costs us (struggle) to get there. I heard that loud and clear from the men in my bible study group this week, in describing what they encountered in our venture into the territory that threatens Satan’s grip the most. But this is the ONLY place where we will meet Hope’s second daughter Courage, and find the strength to raise the sails St. Augustine spoke to us about the week before last.

 “Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.”

“God provides the wind, Man must raise the sail.”

*1 in 5 Americans are unable to name a single branch of their own government.

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Discernment

…Not Any More!

The unspiritual man does not receive the gifts of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned. ~ 1 Corinthians 2:14

In a world of liars and thieves, “Discernment” is a most precious gift from God. ~ Shutupnsing 9/6/19

What a week it’s been. As I wrote last Sunday, I spent the previous Friday with recording engineer/producer/friend Adrian in his Brooklyn studio recording three songs. I was back this past Monday to record lead guitar parts, harmonicas and background vocals. During our lunch break we continued the discussion we had started on Friday…essentially explaining our VASTLY differing world thoughts, views, and perspectives to one another. Our conversation seeded today’s SMTU theme of “Discernment” as I realized the two most critical factors contributing to how my friend sees the world, and himself as a Progressive Liberal; 1) He is an Atheist. 2) He lives in New York City. Either one of these two factors alone would make discernment of truth very difficult. The two combined make it impossible. This made me think of our Founding Fathers and their prescient genius in divining the absolute necessity of our Electoral College so very far ahead of their time! The importance of providing the level voting field for the urban and rural teams can never be overstated. Beware the modern voice that decries it! (Epoch_Times_20190906_A13_0) “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.”—H.L. Mencken

It also made me think of the old Springsteen line from his very first album, “It’s so hard to be a saint in the city.” How many millions of Adrian’s are there in NYC, Baltimore, LA, and Chicago, etc., who are literally “not able” to discern any problem whatsoever with Drag Queen Story Hours for toddlers? It makes perfect sense that the “unspiritual man” who “does not receive the gifts of the Spirit of God” rejects the spiritual man’s beliefs that sodomy is one of the gravest sins of all, and DQSH is the sexual grooming of our children of, by, and for Pedophiles “for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them…” Next, I suppose they’ll attempt to normalize cannibalism.

To my spiritual mind, the Progressive Liberal is the bartender on the Titanic AFTER she has struck the iceberg…calling for happy hour…sending his suits to the cleaners…after placing his room-service breakfast order for the next morning…and setting his barber’s appointment for the following afternoon. AND, the 1 Corinthians 2:14 passage above suggests that ours’ is the bigger folly for expecting them to behave any differently. This goes well beyond the sexual realm. He is unable to see the western churches burning, the mosques rising, the streets of London bathed in blood and emergency rooms full from the acid and knife attacks, or the streets of LA and San Francisco filling up with rats and plagues from the human feces of the homeless…from inside the impervious bubble otherwise known as Progressive Liberal Land.

NOTE: The devil has designs on the Heartland.

I just learned on Friday that the Warwick Valley School District has plans to sacrifice education on the altar of Social Justice Insanity by declaring all bathrooms open to people based on how they “identify” rather than their true biological gender. There are two schools of thought with regards to what has become of our public schools. 1) Get your kids out NOW! (Home-school or Christian Academy). Personally, I would love to see churches get back into the role of educating children K-12. 2) Allow our children, shielded with the Armor of God, to witness and shine God’s light in the darkness of our modern public education system. (Would love your thoughts on this. Please weigh in below in comment section.)

The “I Am” that sent Moses is about to be officially replaced with “I am not” by Dr. David Leach, Superintendent of the Warwick Valley School District. I encourage you, whether you live in the district or not, to write Dr. Leach* and respectfully ask him who he thinks he is, and how a learned and esteemed doctor of education can turn his back on the very universal truths of every science known to man, the truths that made him who he is and gave him what he has, and now deny them to those he is responsible for, all to appease the ruthless globalist pagan cult known as Progressivism. The gift of discernment tells us who Dr. Leach is really bowing to here…

Which is exactly how we know who we truly are…

When I say…”I am a Christian”                                                                                        I’m not shouting “I am saved”                                                                                            I’m whispering “I was lost”                                                                                                That is why I chose this way. 

When I say…”I am a Christian”                                                                                            I don’t speak of this with pride.                                                                                          I’m confessing that I stumble                                                                                          And need someone to be my guide.

When I say…”I am a Christian”                                                                                        I’m not trying to be strong.                                                                                                I‘m professing that I’m weak                                                                                            And pray for strength to carry on. 

When I say…”I am a Christian”                                                                                        I’m not bragging of success.                                                                                              I’m admitting I have failed                                                                                                And cannot ever pay the debt. 

When I say…”I am a Christian”                                                                                        I’m not claiming to be perfect,                                                                                            My flaws are all too visible,                                                                                                But God believes I’m worth it. 

When I say…”I am a Christian”                                                                                            I still feel the sting of pain                                                                                                        I have my share of heartaches                                                                                      Which is why I speak His name. 

When I say…”I am a Christian”                                                                                            I do not wish to judge.                                                                                                                I have no authority.                                                                                                                    I only know I’m loved.

By Carol Wimmer, 1988

Then He also said to the multitudes, “Whenever you see a cloud rising out of the west, immediately you say, ‘A shower is coming’; and so it is. And when you see the south wind blow, you say, ‘There will be hot weather’; and there is. Hypocrites! You can discern the face of the sky and of the earth, but how is it you do not discern this time?”                          ~ Luke 12:54-56

* Dr. David Leach, Superintendent                                                                                              Warwick Valley School District                                                                                                        PO Box 595                                                                                                                                  Warwick, NY 10990-0595


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Whole Armor of God

That you may be able to stand…

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. ~ Ephesians 6:10-12

I took an old friend to task the other day for not showing up to support the decorated army combat veteran who was publicly lynched on August 21st by a CAIR mob in Toms River NJ, even though the veteran was my old friend’s relative. My old friend lived twenty minutes away from the scene of the hanging. I drove two hours to support a perfect stranger, and two hours to get back home. Another old friend who had posted about his need to start attending community events because of the very same Islamification happening in his community was a no-show too…even though he was less than an hour away as well. They weren’t the only ones who didn’t show. Nobody but a handful of Oath Keepers and two disabled vets showed up for Dan Leonard. WHY?

What is now happening in our communities has more fully metastasized in Europe. It is too late for Europe. Jews are fleeing France in record numbers. Churches are being vandalized, torched, and replaced with mosques. Honest investigative journalists like Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins are thrown into jail and/or having their families threatened and their lives turned upside down for reporting the truth about what is happening. We are in the process of losing and/or surrendering our freedom and our Western Culture. Over here #MAGA Trump supporters are being violently attacked in public places, while Conservative celebrities like Sarah Huckabee and Tucker Carlson are confronted in restaurants and have mobs show up at their homes, terrorizing their families while so many of us remain silent. WHY?

The overwhelming majority of people I grew up with, though they may dare to express their opinion on their Facebook page about what is happening, are silent, indifferent, and disengaged in the very places it matters most. I had one of them assure me the other day, that he would kill anyone who harmed his family. WHAT? Everything I’ve just described is “harm” in the making. Imagine how Germany, Europe, and the world might have been spared the horror of 50-60 million people killed, had the average German stood up to the evil BEFORE the evil took power? WHY DON’T WE TODAY?

I’ll tell you WHY…We’re afraid. Many of my silent friends live storybook lives. They’re afraid…we’re all afraid of losing…losing everything from friends, jobs, and possessions to the greatest risk of all as Saint Thomas Aquinas pointed out in last week’s SMTU; To do good in the face of evil is to face the danger of one’s own death. The schoolyard bullies of our youth have come back to taunt us as bigger monsters. The Corporate Media, together with Hollywood, the Tech Giants and faux “Social Justice” groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and CAIR have all combined to form the most wicked bully to ever roam the planet seeking to destroy everything it cannot control, and everyone it cannot tame.

Dear friend, Life’s most detailed and revealing polaroid is developing incrementally by the day. Most all of what we’ve been led to believe about the world in which we live has been a great lie told by a confederacy of Godless liars and thieves who’ve stolen the future of countless souls and plundered the birthright of an entire nation. By the grace of God, a great purge has begun, shining a cleansing light on the darkest evils imaginable, creating a most precarious balance between the forces of good and evil. To be silent now, as Bonhoeffer himself warned us, is to side with the evil.

Our (Oath Keepers) foray into the realm of Principalities and Powers has brought us through the complementary lessons of humility and boldness leading up to this week’s donning of the Whole Armor of God. All that remains to us is the question of our commitment to truth, or as Oswald Chambers puts it, “Our Devotion as Disciples”. If we can stand before God apart from Jesus Christ, we have proved that Calvary is not needed. As soon as Jesus Christ comes in, He produces havoc because the whole world system is arrayed against His redemption. It was the world system of His day, and particularly the religious system, that killed the Son of God. A world system, I hasten to add, that is crumbling before our very eyes in these very moments.

I spent all day Friday in a Brooklyn recording studio with Adrian, the same engineer who produced Wide Awake in 2010. He moved here from Switzerland in 1994 “to be a rock star”. His band did open for Santana once, and he auditioned to replace STP’s Scott Weiland last year. He doesn’t see any of the world I’ve just described to you. He does not know Angels from Devils. Tomorrow we will put the finishing touches on my parts in three new songs, Angels from Devils being one. He’s a refreshingly rare rational Progressive Liberal. The rational part probably comes from being 50…

I’m going to leave here in the morning. Don’t think I can make one more day. Who can tell rainbows from hell, or angels from devils anyway?

I will close with a few amazing quotes from another great theologian, “To be under pressure is inescapable. Pressure takes place through all the world; war, siege, the worries of state. We all know men who grumble under these pressures and complain. They are cowards. They lack splendour. But there is another sort of man who is under the same pressure but does not complain, for it is the friction which polishes him. It is the pressure which refines and makes him noble.” And “God provides the wind, Man must raise the sail.” And, “Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.”  ~ St. Augustine of Hippo

I love Hope…she gave me my second song, When the World Turns Around;

When it all goes down, won’t find me sittin’ around wonderin’ what am I gonna do. When Truth is back in town honest men ‘l come around and make a better world for me and you.

Now, all we need is the Courage to act. God will provide the rest!

NOTE: CAIR is the real bully playing victim in CT too. If you wish to help please reach out to my friend Jane at Or, message me and I can provide details.

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Boldness & Fortitude

Boldness & Fortitude WITHOUT a 2nd Amendment!

This was according to the eternal purpose which he has realized in Christ Jesus our Lord, in whom we have boldness and confidence of access through our faith in him. ~ Ephesians 3:11,12

The most fascinating thing to me in this life is the number of us who, willingly or otherwise, miss the most transformative moments of our lifetimes, and in most cases the very point of our existence. Some would call it purpose. Which begs the question. Is sense of purpose something we are born with, or something we develop and grow into?  I think of Frodo, and the world Tolkien masterfully overlaid on our own, and it is purpose above all things that screams out to me. Who among us would choose the dark dangers of Mordor over the creature comforts of the Shire…without the call of purpose?

What an amazing life we are living at such a monumentally pivotal moment in the entire history of the world. I suppose, speaking for myself, I can recall an early sense of some sort of destiny that evolved into a higher purpose that felt more like something out side of myself pulling me to it. Like a tractor beam I would often be drawn away and distracted from, but always come back to.

During my baptism ceremony a few years ago, I confessed that I had surrendered to the Lord, only after turning over every other stone. Even though I was an Oath Keeper before I was saved, I am Christian before Oath Keeper, otherwise what is the worth of my Oath? There are two contrasting proverbs; There is honor among thieves, and there is no honor among thieves. The first speaks to an understanding within the ranks, while the second refers to the reality that men will say either or to suit the current situation of men. This is exactly why our Founders warned us that our system of government was designed for a moral people. My Oath is not to the current situation of men, but to the only King I will ever bow to. And the only men and women in this world I trust with my life and the lives of my family, are those who have sworn the same.

Realizing so much affecting our world is the timeless tug of war between good and evil that is playing out in the same domain of powers and principalities described by the apostles, several of us on the Oath Keepers Board created our Sunday night Fellowship Call and Prayer & Fast Wednesdays as a way of turning to Him for  help in developing the necessary muscles for such a fight. It was in this place we were given the theme of “Humility” Wednesday before last, and “Boldness” this past Wednesday. In the Wednesday before we were presented with Humility’s exact opposite quality as demonstrated by CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. This past Wednesday, Old Bridge NJ Democrat Councilman Mark Razzoli provided the most wonderful act of boldness I have ever witnessed. I say boldness because he is speaking these truths in a country where our kids are waving Communist flags while the kids in China are waving our flag on the streets of Hong Kong!

I linked Fortitude to Boldness reading the Ephesians quote above. Our purpose realized in Christ grants us the boldness and confidence through our faith which provides the fortitude so essential to the fight. And, quite honestly, if you don’t think the fight is coming, you’re simply not thinking. And this article from the Epoch Times explains how and why.

Political correctness originated with Mao Zedong’s Chinese Communist Party, when he established in 1967 that those who support socialist policies are ‘politically correct,’ and those who oppose them can be publicly shamed, arrested, or killed. ~ The Corrupt Romance Between Big Business and SocialismEpoch_Times_20190821_A13_0

And this on Fortitude, In his philosophical masterpiece, the “Summa Theologica,” St. Thomas Aquinas defines fortitude as a firmness of mind that is required to do good and endure evil. He goes on to say that “fortitude strengthens a man’s mind against the greatest danger, which is that of death. … [The] dangers of death which occur in battle come to man directly on account of some good, because, to wit, he is defending the common good by a just fight.” ~ Saint Thomas Aquinas, Fortitude, and the Green BeretsEpoch_Times_20190820_A16_0

Make no mistake #TheStorm is coming. Our theme/focus for this Wednesday Prayer & Fast is The Full Armor of God.

We welcome you to join us…


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Humility & Humiliation

I Am That I Am

A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is His delight. When pride comes, then comes disgrace; but with the humble is wisdom. The integrity of the upright guides them, but the crookedness of the treacherous destroys them. ~ Proverbs 11:1-3

It is so much easier to see God when we understand who God is not. It is so much easier to accept God when we understand where not is, and has been, leading us. During last Sunday’s Oath Keeper fellowship call, I asked if anyone had a suggestion for the Wednesday Prayer & Fast, and Keith responded with “humility” which led us to Proverbs 11:1-3…followed by the week of solid back-to-back nots.

On Tuesday we all woke up to the now famous not encounter on Shelter Island. (Foul Language Alert). On Wednesday morning I woke up to the ultimate not prayer…

The Diabolical Narcissist’s Prayer

That didn’t happen.                                                                                                                          And if it did happen, it wasn’t that bad.                                                                                          And if it was that bad, that’s not a big deal.                                                                                And if it is a big deal, that’s not my fault.                                                                                    And if it was my fault, I didn’t mean it.                                                                                        And if I did mean it…You deserved it.                                                                                      Amen. ~ Author unknown

By Wednesday afternoon, not was in full stride on the streets in the City of “Brotherly Love”. Oddly, in this week of weeks, I happened to watch the first Rocky movie which was filmed on the same streets…back in 1976…long before not took over. Do you remember “the Neighborhood’s Jukebox” scene in Rocky 2? Quite the stark contrast, eh? Life in this world is a crime scene…20/20 in the rear view, with not’s fingerprints everywhere.

The lesson in the absence of humility is humiliation. Think of society as a balloon. A balloon has to be filled before it can be popped. The American balloon began filling in the sixties, and continued with gusto through the seventies and eighties, soaring ever higher…higher than the Twin Towers, until they suddenly stopped towering, which might have told us something…but didn’t. The best way to control a society grown completely full of itself is through the “snark” of great poppers. And then along came Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. Fast forward to the present day and what have we learned (via Chris “Fredo” Cuomo)? That not is completely unable to take what it dishes out.

The happiest, healthiest, and safest societies are the ones least full of themselves. We have tragically inflated ourselves into a self-absorbed portrait of depression, anger, and despair. We flood our social media pages with beautiful sunsets and smiley grandkids to convince ourselves otherwise, as we continue inflating ourselves towards our own oblivion. How ironic is it that we have made the streets of our future so dangerous for the grandchildren we love so much? Humility makes the best sheepdogs make the streets safer. Why? Because those of us with less to lose are willing to risk themselves for others.

The most important thing to realize is that not wants so much more than our continued inflation. Not ultimately wants to make us not…who we are. If you listen very carefully (and painfully) to the obscenity-laced video again, you can hear Fredo saying to the Trump-supporter, “I want you with me forever! I need you with me forever! I will have you with me forever!”

But if I am made in the image of God, how can I be not?

We have to get to the place about which Jesus talked to the rich young ruler where we are so absolutely empty and poor that we have nothing, and God knows we have nothing, then He can do through us what He likes. Would that we would quickly get rid of all we have, give it away till there is nothing left, then there is a chance for God to pour through in rivers for other people. ~ Oswald Chambers, Empty and Free

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Betrayal

With a Kiss…

Jesus answered, “Will you lay down your life for me? Truly, truly, I say to you, the cock will not crow, till you have denied me three times.” ~ John 13:38

There is something so eerily similar between our Lord’s final moment in this world, as told in John 13 and the moment we are presently living. In one night, His followers went from seeing themselves about to assume power as officers, trustees, and directors in His inevitable earthly kingdom, to hunted radicals fleeing for their lives.

There is something so very, very powerful and pivotal in betrayal. Seeded throughout the Bible and book-ended between Genesis 3 and John 13…from the Fall to the Salvation of Man. Betrayal took center stage this week in my own life, in my own circle, in my own world.

God works with energy. Energy can be measured. God gives energy intention. Three separate events, totally disconnected from each other; my Pastor’s sermon on “Betrayal” via John 13 this past Sunday, my friend Frank giving me the Michael Card CD, whom I had never heard of, which contained the song “Why?” on track 4…on the very same day, and a very high level discussion among my closest and most devout patriot brothers Wednesday evening, deeply concerned that our President is about to betray us all by signing the “Red Flag” bill into law, eliminating due-process, and setting the final stage for gun confiscation in America. Energy can be understood.

Our Oath Keeper Chaplain Bill Banuchi gave me a blue wrist band with the words In God We Trust a couple of years ago…it seems. It has never left my wrist. For the first time in all my years of attending church services and listening to sermons, this past Sunday was the first time I heard the word betrayal applied to two individuals in the most pivotal moment in human history. The infamously clear betrayer in Judas, and the less obvious, more subtle, and certainly without pre-meditation, Peter. The latter, while he was yet to fully comprehend his Master’s Kingdom, trusted in God. The former did not, and Satan entered in.

We are, every last one of us, betrayers. Every single person reading these words has betrayed on a level somewhere between Judas and Peter. I believe God is speaking to those of us who’ve yet to sell their souls through today’s SMTU. Jeffrey Epstein had his John 13:27 moment many years ago and yesterday, if we can believe the reports which I don’t, he took the Judas way out. It is worth pointing out here that the planetary evil behind the Epstein cult is Progressive. That is to say, it has progressed to a deeper, darker, deadlier, more insidious, diabolical and pervasive force than it was in Judas’ day…helped along by technology no doubt. And it has been said that the Rothschilds are the proven descendants of the Canaanites who sacrificed their children to Baal. Whether this is true or not, we do know that Baal is being well-fed to the tune of roughly 17,000 abortions per week.

Last week I wrote that God’s mercy was sparing us the data dump of evil in one fell swoop, but He is clearly opening our eyes and awakening us incrementally to the truth. He clearly wants us to take the path of Peter. He knew that Peter, though denying Him, would come to understand. His last “new commandment” in John 13, I give to you, that you love one another; even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.

We are, to my mind, living another monumentally pivotal moment in the history of the world. Who is the betrayer in our own midst who is poised to put his own self before the savior we follow? How many of us find it so much easier to deny him in today’s world, than to take up His cross and boldly proclaim and follow. The clues are sprouting exponentially now, so much of the world we grew up to accept and believe is being slowly turned upside down…or some would say, right side up again. Think about it…after all the rejecting, denying, mocking, self-indulgence and betrayal, He is so clearly saying to us here, Be careful my child what you choose to hold on to. Who but He could love as much as that? Trust Him!

Why did it have to be a friend who chose to betray the lord?                            And why did he use a kiss to show them, that’s not what a kiss is for?        Only a friend can betray a friend, a stranger has nothing to gain                Only a friend comes close enough, to ever cause so much pain                        And why did there have to be a heavy cross he was made to bear?                And why did they nail His feet and hands when his love would have held him there? ~ Michael Card, Why ~ Please listen & watch here.

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Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ True Dirt

Even dirt needs God

For our soul is bowed down to the (dirt);                                                                          Our body clings to the ground. Arise for our help,                                                  And redeem us for Your mercies’ sake. ~ Psalm 44:25,26

The Great Evil is being revealed to us in small bytes day by day by day. God’s mercy is saving us the unbearable horror of the data dump in the one fell swoop, I assure you none of us could endure…Hint: Material found on a seized laptop in Oct of 2016 was so horrific it reduced the toughest and most seasoned NYPD police veterans to tears…later “suicided” for what they saw.

I tell you…if you cannot hear God talking to you, it’s only because you’ve stopped listening. And oh my, how easy they have made it for us to stop listening. Take, for instance, the simple everyday experience of stopping at one of your favorite eateries, in my case the black-dirt gem, Quaker Creek. While waiting for my sandwich I passed the time leafing through the latest copy of “dirt”, the local magazine that oozes “healthy living from the ground up”. I swear I got a whiff of patchouli emanating from my pores by simply touching the pages (kidding!) But seriously, in the span of five minutes I realized what I was holding in my hands had less to do with dirt, and more to do with socially guiding the reader to a specific belief system while transforming the soil from the gift of God to the object of worship…as in Gaia. Organic Marxist agro-agitprop from cover to cover. God, how the Devil is the MASTER of deception! He wants…he needs us “bowed down to the dust…Our bodies clinging to the ground.”

I happened to notice an invitation from the editor to submit a poem, within the pages. God blessed me with the following which I never expect(ed) to see published:

True Dirt ~

I’ve been around a block or two                                                                                                      I’ve stumbled in the din                                                                                                                     I’ve been down and out, and out and in                                                                                       I’ve had to start again.

Two kinds of dirt, I’ve found in life                                                                                            there’s one to help us grow                                                                                                                and one that seems just what it’s not                                                                                      although it seems to glow…

Like words that spring from hearts of truth                                                                                  to make us better men…the words of “Dirt” I find within,                                                    while sweet to sight and smell,                                                                                                        are writ to fool the foolish man…                                                                                                    and lead him straight to Hell. 

Wonders never cease, as I continue writing this morning after having been contacted by the editor yesterday (8/1) with a favorable opinion of my work, and a curiosity about my theory on where she was leading her readers. We had a very pleasant exchange, and at this very moment I am awaiting her permission to make our exchange a part of today’s SMTU.

Permission granted!


Thanks for sharing. Is this poem inspired by the magazine? That is a) awesome even though b) my intention when I go to the office in the morning is not to lead readers straight to hell. Still I’d love to publish it, perhaps with a little explanation? I welcome all feedback, critical or otherwise, so don’t hold back.



Hi Becca…

First of all, your kind words are appreciated. I was leafing through “Dirt” while waiting for my sandwich at Quaker Creek yesterday, saw the invite to send poem and “True Dirt” was my response. I guess my explanation is, in horticultural terms, that we are desperately lacking a key ingredient in our societal garden. It’s kind of like the news, “our precious Fourth Estate”. When I grew up it was impossible to tell the ideological leanings of the journalists. If I would have picked up your magazine thirty years ago, I would have seen only people, plants, and things that helped me to better understand the people, plants, and things themselves. Reading the July-August issue of dirt yesterday, the clear sense was how I was being led to certain types of people, with certain attitudes about plants and things with a very clear political association which could only have two results; appeal to me, or alienate me based on my own political opinions and beliefs. We were a much happier people…a much healthier garden, before we stifled the light of truth with political correctness and identity politics.




Thanks for explaining. I’m not a fan of how politics has infiltrated everything, either. When I was little, there were a few golden years of elementary school when I got to play with the boys and the girls. Maybe because I was a tomboy, sandwiched between two brothers, I was the only one who was able to slip between the two worlds, playing baseball one day and house the next. Like then, my hope now is that I can figure out how to cross over these hollow divisions. I do my best not to lean a certain way, to include a diversity of views in the magazine. Sometimes I succeed better than others. I’m proud to count traditional farmers and hunters among my readers along with activists and vegans and you name it. You can’t please everyone… but I see my job as being a crossover, shedding a light on the things we have in common. There’s plenty of it!



Parting thoughts ~ I am part of an organization that fights for the constitutional rights of everyone to freely express their beliefs and opinions. Our organization has been maligned by Straus staff based on the totally debunked Southern Poverty Law Center. And its common knowledge that Big Tech is censoring, shadow-banning, and de-platforming Conservative opinion sites…so I guess I’ve grown a bit skeptical. You seem fair though…wish u the best. ~ Slept on it…

Good Morning Becca,

Reading your words, you seem like a good person to me. I write a Sunday Morning Tune-up and was hoping to incorporate our exchange (on some level) into this Sunday’s piece inspired by my “True Dirt” (How God talks to me) experience. With your permission of course. I key off God’s word: For our soul is bowed down to the (Dirt); Our body clings to the ground. Arise for our help, And redeem us for Your mercies’ sake. ~ Psalm 44:25,26

Here’s last week’s so you have a sense of my style, and where I’m coming from: “A Simple Change of Heart” Maybe there’s a chance we could work together to be a better “crossover, shedding a light” than we would otherwise be individually? ~ Chip

Please do use it! I’m using it too. And I might be game for some crossover… I wonder how? I’ve got three little ones so my schedule is tight right now, but if we could find some way that wasn’t too time consuming…

St. Alphonsus Liguori once wrote, “The Devil brings sinners to Hell by closing their eyes to the dangers of perdition.” I found God referenced twice in dirt; Daniel Mack ironically writing about “god’s (small g) creatures” (vultures) that “symbolize purification, a letting go, a dying.” And Ken Mitchell, the poet who really brought my point home by placing “the Lord and Lucifer” on equal stumps in “amicable dispute” beneath his Earthshine. God is otherwise abysmally conspicuous in His holy absence. Better to leave Him unaddressed than to diminish His leading role in the Universe of All Things…including dirt.

I should mention that I changed socially manipulating the reader to socially guiding the reader in the 2nd paragraph after realizing through our exchange that Becca is far from a manipulating person. I think this is more a case of not missing things that are kept from us. Imagine had Van Gogh been similarly squirreled away in some dungeon, away from the public eye and all association with his creation…leaving us to worship Starry Night alone.

The dirt is as black, rich, and fertile as it was when I moved into the Warwick Valley in 1987, but the voice of God, alive and well in every church back then, has been reduced to a whisper, and His word to social justice mantra. The results are plain to see for those with the heart and will to see. The Big Pharma that kills with needle and gun…taking 19 innocent lives in the span of this writing, the fentanyl and suicide death rates, the rising mountains of debt, the increasing alienation and polarization dividing all of us who were once friends and family, and the sexualizing and grooming of our children through Drag Queen Story Hours popping up everywhere are signs and the harbinger of the coming dust bowl…because even dirt needs God to live! We have strayed so very far from home, we’ve become unrecognizable…even to ourselves.

I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her commodious harbors and her ample rivers—and it was not there…in her fertile fields and boundless forests and it was not there…in her rich mines and her vast world commerce—and it was not there…in her democratic Congress and her matchless Constitution—and it was not there. Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great. ~ Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859)

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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