The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The church of “Nice” & Our Loss of Faith

"Nice" ~ Right, Wrong & In-Between

“Nice” ~ Right, Wrong & In-Between

Remember, the crime is not in the “property destruction”, the crime, before the throne of Christ, is walking by this execrable filth and doing nothing. Like an effeminate little sis. ~ Ann Barnhardt

I received some feedback from last week’s Tune-up that provided the seed for today’s message. While I had a number of readers who were able to relate to my story of persecution, I had a couple who felt I was a little harsh with (S). One of them actually referred to my characterization of her as the “insulting” production of my “ego”, and “un-Christian-like” behavior. I had to go back and re-read my work, fearing I might have somehow overshot the mark. In so doing, I felt completely comfortable with every word of my description of the (S) who demonstrated a complete lack of humanity by her actions that evening…actions fervently marshaled by her own ideological zeal. (S) was the perfect subject in a thoroughly honest observation and analysis of Friends, Humanity & Ideology.

Who does not find it well beyond fascinating that in a story that chronicled persecutors, betrayers, vow-breakers, pitch-forkers, blind-siders, sucker-punchers, seducers, murderers, social media/oxy addicts, Pokémon zombies, and adulterers; it was the simple act of speaking truth to the various transgressions that was red-flagged as the “un-Christian” offense. This is so key to what is happening to us, it has to be heaven-sent! Such a perception is only possible with people who have either lost THE Faith, or taken up another.

For the sake of communication, I will refer to the Catholic Church to represent THE Faith, and the church of “Nice” to represent “another”. After all, it was upon the rock of Peter and not Martin Luther our Lord promised to build His Church.

We don’t have to look much further than my favorite on-line Catholic newsletter and the Washington Examiner to find out where our Faith has gone. According to Pew this past Wednesday, half the people who have left the church (1/4 of the nation) no longer believe in God. This coincides with what is happening in Pittsburgh as reported below in The Catholic Thing’s Crisis of Faith, not Worship:

The State of THE Faith ~

“The number of active Catholics within the Pittsburgh Diocese has declined rapidly in recent decades, from 914,000 in 1980 to 632,000 in 2015, diocesan figures show.

Since 2000, weekly Mass attendance has dropped by 40 percent – for almost 100,000 fewer regular churchgoers; K-8 Catholic school enrollment fell by 50 percent; and the number of active priests plummeted from 338 to 225. By 2025, if trends hold, the diocese projects that just 112 active priests will remain

The loss of faith reflects a loss of the sense of sin and sin’s gravity*. Both are surely related to the rejection of the Church’s moral teachings, for faith is indeed a seamless garment. So the Sunday obligation means nothing and is not going to keep people coming to church who do not believe in the gravity of the sin of missing Mass. Indeed, even if you believe there is such a thing as grave sin, how could that sin be seen as grave if you believe that the Mass is essentially music and readings and a bit of memorial. Not something real, a real sacrifice, a real presence of Christ.”

* If a certain former Secretary of State doesn’t come to mind here, I suggest you check your Faith.

The State of “Nice” ~

First I should say that it is the opinion of this writer that Vatican ll was more Trojan Horse than reformation, carrying the lethal injection of Nice directly into the bosom of the Church. So naturally, in response to the staggering decline in “active Catholics” cited above, the Nice Bishop Zubik prescribes more of the same;

But the solutions that the good bishop is proposing in order to reverse this decline are not particularly encouraging, and remind me of the futile five-year plans of the Soviet Union, which kept repeating the same failed remedies: “The No. 1 priority has to be, ‘We need to make our worship better,’” [Bishop David] Zubik told the Tribune-Review. “Second of all, we need to do the best job that we can to get not only more ordained leaders, but we really have to open up lots of doors for the lay leaders of the Church.”

According to the paper, “better (Nicer) worship” means “better (Nicer) homilies, better (Nicer) music,” and “getting churches to be more hospitable (Nicer) to outsiders.” The bishop adds other possible remedies, such as “growing the pools of highly trained lay leaders and deacons. . .appealing to youths through new types of ministry while simultaneously strengthening pastoral care for the elderly.”

Stop for a moment to ponder the following. How is it that the same man or woman who is so ready to believe that a plant can feel the energy of its owner in the very instant while separated by thousands of miles, or that water can read, cannot bring themselves to believe in the widely foretold and broadly prophesied man from the line of Abraham, a descendent of Isaac, and heir to the throne of David, who gave himself up to be scourged and crucified by his own people, to free every last one of us from the crushing gravity of our own sin? How is it possible for such ready believers to resist the total absolute and unconditional love of the Him who died to save them? The two-part answer is the simplest answer to the most important question ever raised. First; there is a cost to believe, and it is called repentance…our acknowledgement of wrong-doing (sin) which often times (and here’s the rub) goes by the name fun. Second; along comes the multi-cultural, multi-denominational, multi-purpose (even removes grease), multi-delusional, and multi-subjective church of Nice to spread the gospel of “We can have our cake and eat it too!” You’ve no doubt heard of the Nicene Creed (325AD) which formally recognizes the authority of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost. But then came the Nicer Creed (1517AD) introduced by Luther, refined by Vatican ll, and perfected by Oprah: It’s all good…and none of it is our fault!”  

Through the unfolding horrors of the massive Clinton Crime Syndicate spiked by the AP revelation that Hillary used her office as Secretary of State to sell America out from under us, just as Oprah is announcing her endorsement of this ruthless villain, I’m listening to U2’s “Even Better Than The Real Thing” realizing how many of us have given up the real thing for the last precious dance.

You’re honey child to a swarm of bees                                                                   Gonna blow right through you like a breeze                                                            Give me one last dance                                                                                                     We’ll slide down the surface of things

You’re the real thing Yeah the real thing                                                                 You’re the real thing Even better than the real thing

Bono’s a great lyricist to dance to. But I’ve found Matthew far better to live by; “Thus you will know them by their fruits.” ~ Matthew 7:20

Ponder, if you dare, the deadly fruit harvest brought to us by the church of “Nice”:

I should like to add the death of our common sense to the list as well. I believe the realization of these simple truths are what has fueled the populist uprisings we are witnessing around the world. The Sanders hallucination on the Left, and the Trump revolution on the Right. But this is not about politics. This is a story as old as time itself. It’s the Old Testament and the Book of Kings…man finds God, worships God, is blessed and consecrated, becomes full of himself, forgets God, loses God, is cursed, invaded and destroyed. The church of Nice tells us the things we wish to hear and blinds us to the rest. The Church is “the shepherd we shall not want.” Find a real Church today. I recommend the Calvary Baptist Church in Warwick to my friends in the Warwick Valley for their spiritual revival. And I recommend Oath Keepers to everyone as a means of physical preparation for the coming flood that the church of “Nice” has made inevitable.


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Friends, Humanity & Ideology

Humanity without "man" is no humanity at all.

Humanity without “man” is no humanity at all.

C.S. Lewis used to say he rarely read the news. If there was anything important that he could do something about, he trusted his friends would tell him. As for the rest, he thought the best response to those things he couldn’t do much about—horrible wars, people dying, government scandals—was to fast and pray. ~ Randall Smith, Beginning St. Thomas Aquinas

“…, he trusted his friends would tell him.” You know, I used to think friends were everything…the very best part of life…the sweetness of life. And I still value friendship beyond words and consider myself blessed to be considered friend by some pretty wonderful people. But the fact is that the “pitchforking” I referred to last Sunday was a reference to the loss of a friendship I had valued above all others…for reasons too painful and complicated to delve into here. Suffice to say that the experience has led me to re-examine the role of friends in our lives. Lord knows we are living in crazier times and a much different world than the one C.S. Lewis trusted his own friends to tell him about so many years ago…

I am different, you see. I like what Oswald Chambers refers to as the “uncommon spirit” which I also wrote about last week from my pitchforked perch, because it feels genuinely important to me…something needing to be honored, understood, and nurtured. It is also as rare as a three-legged purple unicorn in this selfie-absorbed world where the lost soul is a thousand miles closer to enlightenment than the legions of social media/oxy addicts and Pokémon zombies, literally escaping their own senses. But then, that’s no doubt why he refers to it as uncommon.

Perhaps more importantly, Chambers refers to a life with presence. And this is where the uncommon spirit guided me this past weekend…to the beautifully uncommon paradise of presence I found with friends at a two-day music festival in Sparrowbush New York. Here is where I was guided to learn the amazing lesson of Friends, Humanity & Ideology.

So allow me to set the stage. Two of the most uncommonly beautiful souls in the Hudson River Valley are Michael and Anne Baglione. They are to the valley music scene what water is to the fish, soil to the gardens, and rivers to the sea…in other words, they are the nurturing mother’s milk to the most gorgeously uncommon gaggle of flat-pickin strummers and twangers you ever laid eyes on…and the glue that holds us together! Every summer they open up their home and hearts for one giant sing-song mountain jam. It just so happened that the two most-est Left-ist people I know (S&M we’ll call ’em), were sitting right there in the very front when we came up to do our set. Now the reason I say I am different is because people are never quite sure how to take me. Just when they think they have me figured out, I’ll sing a song and force them back to the drawing board. I can never get enough of the “how in the world does a Conservative sing with such heart” look on their faces. So after the set, S tells me how much she loved us and invited me to come hear M play with his band in Warwick the following Monday evening…which is exactly what I did.

This is where the lesson comes in. Picture the sidewalk café setting outside Grappa across from the beautiful park, in the beautiful village, with all the beautifully hip people…and my uncommon spirit sitting in the midst of it all next to S waiting for the band to play. So as I’m listening to the band cover the classic rock era, S moves in for the kill. “Where is (your friend)?” she asks. “We are no longer friends.” I reply. After telling me that she is amazed that my friend stayed my friend as long as she did, and that she could never have been my friend to begin with, she moves right into her hot-light “are you a Trump supporter” interrogation without skipping a beat. All this, mind you, after I had come to support her hubby and offered to pray for the wayward son she had just told me she was ready to give up on! Feeling absolutely blind-side sucker-punched, all I could manage was to look her in the eye and tell her I loved her…this was the uncommon spirit speaking. What I felt like saying was that my lost friend has more humanity in her pinky nail than you (S) possess in your entire being, but the spirit said “I love you” instead.

What this valuable lesson taught me is that in a world that has grown sterile and common, people who have allowed themselves to become slaves to any ideology by degree, detach from their own humanity by the same degree. I stepped back further in my mind to realize that on that sidewalk café that evening I was an uncommon spirit within a club of spirits so common, their ideology had made them into carbon copies of one another. Here was this band of accomplished musicians, each of them far better than me technically, playing without a sliver of originality, emotion, risk or excitement. Thinking of my friend Barry’s Music For Humanity series, I realized I was listening to Music Without Humanity. Beautiful people playing recycled cover songs with the common spirit and thrill of a Muzak Festival. Their female lead singer delivered Robert Plant’s Babe I’m Gonna Leave You with the same conviction and romance as Marie Osmond taping a Nutrisystem commercial. And these; all card-carrying members of the Woodstock Generation…once upon a time.


Any of us foolish enough to attach ourselves to ideology so…to the point of blindly becoming what we believe–as friends, family and our own humanity fall from us like clothes we’ve outworn–have wrapped ourselves in a devilish cloth enmeshed in the gears of the conveyor dragging us (without our even knowing) straight into the rip-saw-teeth of Hell. That’s why the uncommon spirit could only say I love you…because it knows. It sees the beautiful people at the table of delusion on the beautiful sidewalk café, sipping their Cabernet and Pinot and smiling their beautiful smiles at one another, as their cities burn and the death toll mounts…the direct result of the Nero they’ve come to worship and admire…knowing they cannot see what they will not see.

Paul Scofield was positively brilliant as Sir Thomas More in the 1966 movie A Man For All Seasons, the true story of a good man who served his friend King Henry Vlll as Chancellor of England…until he was beheaded for refusing to put his friendship and loyalty to the King before his faith in God on the matter of the King’s divorce. As Chancellor, Sir Thomas had the power to break with Rome clearing the way for his friend to marry his mistress…and live. Was there ever a truer man? And yet today, we cannot even utter the word “man”! I feel completely alive and in the presence of his uncommon spirit. I can see King Henry in the beautiful people ensnared by the mistress of their ideology, even to the heart-breaking end of my own friendship. But then, a friendship that would cost you the price of your own soul was something else all along…

It’s been said that the essence of Modernism is “We don’t really believe what we believe.” I would only add that the aphrodisiac used by the mistress of ideology adds our wanting to the mix. “We believe what we want to believe.” In either case, our humanity is dealt the fatal blow as the great majority of friendships tested so will wither on the vine…if at least one of us is true.

And all that will live godly (as uncommon spirit) in Christ Jesus, shall suffer persecution. But evil men and seducers shall grow worse and worse: erring, and driving into error. ~ 2 Timothy 3: 12-13

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Tradition and the “Uncommon Spirit”

A Sailor's Delight

A Sailor’s Delight

A life with presence—that is, an uncommon spirit—redeems any situation from the commonplace…Adaptability is the power to make a suitable environment for oneself out of any set of circumstances. Most of us are all right if we can live in our own particular setting, with our own crowd, but when we get pitchforked somewhere else, either we cannot adapt ourselves, or we adapt ourselves too easily and lose God… ~ Oswald Chambers, Life with Uncommon Spirit

Here’s the thing…sometimes we all need a good “pitchforking” to snap us out of our own particular setting to realize the unhealthy nature and outright dangers and perils associated with staying the course of all right. There probably isn’t a more well-worn path on the planet, when you really stop to think about it. Slow death…

Unless…you keep a certain compass on your person. You know, the kind of instrument mariners have relied on for thousands of years. Knowing some thing(s) in the firmament  is (are) fixed provide even the most disoriented their precious bearing. For the sake of today’s Tune-up, let’s call our life-saving instrument Tradition.

“Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” ~ Genesis 1:26

For Christians and Jews, the foundation of our tradition is the very word of God found in the Bible and relied upon for centuries. In fact, it is the very cornerstone of our society, source of our inalienable rights, and the often misunderstood essence of our American Exceptionalism. It is hard to overstate the greatness America achieved as a direct result of an entire people at every level of society, rowing to the same moral drumbeat, guided by the North Star of our Judeo-Christian tradition.  The 1950s were a simple, romantic, and golden time in America. California beaches, suburbia, and style. Atlas Shrugged was published, NASA was formed, and Elvis rocked the nation. Every year from 1950–1959 saw over 4 million babies born. The nation stood atop the world in every field. It was an era of great economic prosperity in The Land of the Free…and then came the sixties.

You see, some guy named Georg Lukács (Frankfurt School) had come up with the bright idea to throw the compass of Tradition overboard. Lukács implemented a policy he titled “cultural terrorism,” which focused on these two objectives. A major part of the policy was to target children’s minds through lectures that encouraged them to deride and reject Christian ethics. Forced to flee Hitler’s Germany, he found a welcoming home at Columbia University. Almost overnight, the “Home of the Brave” devolved into a “Coalition of Victims”.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

Which brings us to the subjective mosh pit of today. And so we now live in a hyper-sensitive society in which social memes and feelings have overtaken biological and objective reality as the main determinants of right and wrong. Our once great nation now finds itself more culturally divided than it has ever been on the eve of the most significant political election in the history of the world. Tragically, what can best be described as a diabolical fault line has cut the heart of America in two, separating friend from friend, neighbor from neighbor, and families from each other. People once madly in love, now only mad. The New York Times asks “Can this marriage be saved?” Now that’s absurdly comical…our Pravda questions the very rubble it helped conspire to create! I would ask the two more critically important questions from my own pitchforked post in exile; Can our country be saved? Can the individual soul be saved?

Only the “Uncommon Spirit” can say for sure…look to the North Star, for they have only hidden it.



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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Providence of Pain

Bearing the Unbearable

Bearing the Unbearable

“Every strand of sentimental satisfaction is an indication of how much farther we have to go before we understand the life of God, it is the satisfaction of a smug self-interest which God by circumstances and pain shocks out of us as we go in the discipline of Life.” ~ Oswald Chambers, The Power to Suffer

Buddha taught that attachment is the root of suffering. To lose something or someone we’ve grown attached to is an experience we’ve known our entire lives. We’ve lost school friends because our families moved. We’ve lost high school sweethearts because of higher education. And we’ve lost the greatest loves of our lives for a multitude of reasons that leave us in our darkest nights of pain and suffering. Why?

Buddha said the path to enlightenment is only possible through our detachment to people and things, which makes total and complete sense…until one tries it. On the other hand, Alfred Lord Tennyson famously said, “It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.” I confess that I’ve not gotten into Tennyson’s head to be able to say for sure, but it seems he is suggesting there is grist for the mill of our existence in the very pain Buddha endeavored to free us from. Can they both be right? Perhaps a closer look at pain and suffering can help us decide for ourselves.

The natural human experience is to avoid pain and seek pleasure. Just think of the enormous industries and markets rooted in the fertile soil of our avoiding and seeking! From the porn and pharmaceutical industries to the industrial war complex…it all started here. We’re severely inclined to think of pleasure as good and pain as bad (This could help explain the proliferation of “Pill Mills” popping up on every corner of our lives). After all, who but a fool would touch the flame voluntarily? But thinking deeper, we realize the difference between a masochist fool and the hero is self-interest. Now we’re getting somewhere. How is Buddha different from the local pill-pusher?

The voice I trust tells me that when all the other voices are saying there’s nothing to see here, I know “here” is where I need to pay attention. So I look even deeper into pain to realize it exists on three basic levels; physical, psychological, and spiritual. If I touch the flame to feel the physical pain it hurts on the surface, momentarily. When my father calls me an idiot repeatedly, the psychological wound burns deeper, longer. But when the soul-mate love of my life shoves the sharpest blade of all directly into the wellspring of my deepest heart to unleash the most devastating pain of all pains, the spiritual pain encompasses and permeates every single sephirot on the Tree of Life. It is the only pain for which there is no pill…

Following the breadcrumbs of my mind’s eye to the Garden of Gethsemane, I read the following quote from Oswald Chamber’s The Power to Suffer passage; “We have naturally the idea that if we are happy and peaceful we are alright. ‘I did not come to bring peace but a sword,’ said our Lord – a striking utterance from the Prince of Peace.” Even more striking I would say, when we compare the metaphorical sword wielded by Jesus Christ to slay the very Devil of self-interest through the agony of His own pain, suffering and death for us, to the physical sword Muhammad used/uses to brutally slaughter the infidels and “non-believers”…to this very day.

From the agonizing blood-sweat suffering at Gethsemane to the ultimate pain on Calvary, the Lamb of God experiences a level of pain that is so far beyond our ability to comprehend it would take us light years to get there. If the level of spiritual pain I’ve described to you is as unbearable as most of us have experienced; imagine the pain suffered by the One who loved every single person on the planet at the time (including those who savagely tortured and killed Him in the most painful way possible), as a mother loves her own child…unconditionally. You can’t.

The savage lust of evil is insatiable. There can never be enough innocents to slaughter. But the price of Love was paid in full by only one voluntary life…and death. In our darkest hour the centralizing voices of state, anti-pope and jihadists are coalescing to doctor a witches brew of fear, extortion and mayhem driving us straight into the web of temptation and the distracting influences of self-interest…the very Devil He died to free us from.

Pain is not something to seek or avoid, it is simply a part of this life that must be experienced. I can tell you I fear it and feel it as any normal man would…being here now. But I can also tell you of the Providence found here in a place so profoundly powerful, second only to the Eucharist itself, I can practically touch His hand. Turn into it, cleave to it, and learn from it while you can.

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Let Us Be Men Again!

We've got it in us, "If" only...

We’ve got it in us, “If” only…

In his old age, the priest embodied a civilization that has been betrayed by a generation whose hymn was John Lennon’s “Imagine” — that there was neither heaven nor hell but “above us only sky” and “all the people living for today.” When reality intrudes, they can only leave teddy bears and balloons at the site of a carnage they call “inexplicable.” ~ Fr. George William Rutler

While the servile masses were on their knees in Philadelphia coronating the Great Lie this past week, Fr. Père Jacques Hamel was on his knees in front of his parishioners, having “his own blood literally mingled with the Precious Blood he consecrated on the altar” by way of his own throat slit ear to ear courtesy of the savages we’ve ALL been conditioned to accept as the innocent religion of peace-lambs in the “small quiet Normandy town” of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray in France. And before the Great Lie could complete the shameful utterance of its own rigged acceptance speech, two more police officers lay dying on a roadside in San Diego California bringing the Blue Lives 2016 death toll to 33 or 35…I’ve lost count.

When the Great Lie knows there are no men left willing to stand up to it, it sets about its preparation of the slaughterhouse with the anticipation of the most ghoulish gorger eager for the coming feast on the flesh of mankind, the rivers of their blood, and the delicious lip-smacking destruction and ultimate vaporization of their souls. When I read Archbishop Dominique Lebrun of Rouen’s words; “The Catholic Church can take up no other weapons than prayer and brotherhood among men. I am leaving here hundreds of young people who are the future of humanity, true humanity. I ask them not to give up in the face of violence and to become apostles of the civilization of love”, I thought to myself now there’s a lovely melody to the savage ear.

For the life of me, I cannot know the death of me. But I pray with every ounce of my soul in the observance of our Western Plague: our despicably willful blindness and abrogation of honor itself, that I will die a man when my time comes. My God, what has happened to us?

The answer is that we know from the depths of our own exile, how bit by bit and piece by piece the precious yoke of manhood has been bled and bred out of us. Behold any episode of the King of Queens, Married with Children, Two and a Half Men…in fact, you can pretty much turn on the TV to any channel to see what they’ve so cleverly done to destroy the man in western men. And when the rare and occasional man dares to stand up and speak out as a man, he is ridiculed and accused of “living in fear and putting up walls” by the very persons he would die to protect. NY Giant legend Phil Simms was afraid to say the Washington Redskins people! Wake up!

In stark contrast to the words of his feminence Lebrun of Rouen (sounds like ruin), Fr. Rutler (quoted at top of post) has a slightly more masculine message for the multitudes “of young people who are the future of humanity, true humanity.” In his article A Christian Duty in the Face of Terror, Fr. Rutler explains how “vice has destroyed countless individual souls, but in the decline of civilizations, weakness has done more harm than vice. ‘Peace for our time’ is as empty now as it was when Chamberlain went to Munich and honor was bartered in Vichy.”

One of the saddest things I’ve seen in quite a while was Paul Simon’s performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” at the Great Lie’s coronation last week. The song selection could not have been a more perfect reflection of the times we are living, but Simon the man appeared weak, pathetic and not up to the task at hand. I thought to myself, here on the most troubled waters in our lifetime these are the men they send us…Simms, Simon and Shepard Smith who actually scolded Bobby Jindal a week or so ago for saying “All lives matter.” It would appear the Left’s new S man are all “yes” men. I can hear Pete Seeger now; “Where have all the real men gone, gone to pandering and appeasing every one.”

Only an emasculated community in deep denial of virtue lost is capable of coronating the Great Lie. Europe has become a giant morgue slab, and it will only get worse…because the men have stopped being men there. Last week, in sharp contrast, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor and his wife gave our Oath Keepers a demonstration in “Practical Self Defense” to go with the night’s theme of “Situational Awareness.” The very next morning, a friend sent me this video clip that struck me as the perfect depiction of the “Wolf Among The Sheep” in our western society. Imagine, as the sheep stood and watched, if the wolf had a gun…or worse.

Stop and think a moment…why have our young boys been deprived of the essential nutrients of Kipling and Service in their school lunches? Read my favorite excerpts and ponder the damage done…

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’ If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, ‘Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch, if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, If all men count with you, but none too much;

If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son! ~ Rudyard Kipling, “If”

And so in the strife of the battle of life It’s easy to fight when you’re winning; It’s easy to slave, and starve and be brave, When the dawn of success is beginning. But the man who can meet despair and defeat With a cheer, there’s the man of God’s choosing; The man who can fight to Heaven’s own height Is the man who can fight when he’s losing. ~ Robert Service, “Carry On”

Please dear Lord, before this night is through. There’s but one thing I’d ask of you. Before the dawn of one more day, let us be men again. ~ Amen

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Nature of Things

It might have been a marvelous night...

It might have been a marvelous night…

People, in increasing numbers, know that something in “the system” isn’t right…that things are terribly wrong. I’ve come to realize that the degree to which we are dependent on the system tends to dictate the degree to which we are silent or vocal about it. Take the law enforcement community for example. Depending on where you live, and whether you’re speaking with a member of the sheriff’s office, state police, or town/village police will determine the candidness of the conversation. Whether your speaking to the high-ranking versus the rank and file will be a factor too. What screams irony to me is that while we are living in a time where trust is the most important ingredient of the police-citizen relationship, the present political climate prohibits their ability to be honest with us. When a state trooper actually told me that the Orlando killer’s professed ideology had nothing to do with the killing, I knew he felt otherwise…just like I believed another high ranking law enforcement official who confessed to us, “There is no free speech.” The objective mind can only conclude, we are living in a time and space that can no longer be thought of as American…

The scariest thing of all to me is how the conversations people have behind the anonymity of the internet compare to the conversations they have with each other face to face. Schizophrenic-multiple personality disorder seems as good a way as any to describe who we have become. But how in the world could the freest people in the history of the world have allowed themselves to devolve into such a state of un-natural disorder? The answer, I believe, lies in the surrender of our own subsidiarity. The essence of American power, as the French historian Alexis de Tocqueville marveled a quarter of a century ago, emanates (or used to) from the smallest units of society. Imagine the contrast to his observant eye, coming from a European caste-culture where power flowed top-down, where church and state were one in the same…with the power to tax the most powerless unit of all. In other words, we by our neglect have allowed those who represent our interests in Washington to sell out our interests over time to the central power of the global elites. Behold the cat who has the trooper’s tongue while dividing and pitting us from and against one another…turning our natural world into something unrecognizable and diabolically un-natural. We know it to be so because we can feel it in our bones. To see it otherwise is the most desperate form of normalcy bias.

I believe there to be an inherent goodness in us all that dooms the globalist scheme to inevitable failure. The ends justify the means…until the means involves the crucifixion of children. I can empathize with the troopers, deputies, cops and firefighters who appear blind to the blaze while needing to feed their own families. There is a concept I learned as an investment advisor years ago that comes to mind in this place. The reason the average stock investor under-performs the indexes and the pros, is that most of them have no sell strategy. They tend to marry what they buy, and fail to let it go when they should. By the time they realize their $100,000 investment is worth $1,000 and isn’t coming back, it’s too late. We can rationalize collecting the paycheck at the expense of doing the right thing up until a certain point. For me that point would have been the moment my job description included denying objective reality and the natural world, and the persecution of good people for refusing to follow the charade. But who am I to judge…

A friend of mine once gave me a note I kept on my mirror that said “Man Learns From The Moon And Stars.” I’ve always loved the wisdom and truth in its meaning. But that was a galaxy far, far away in another time and space. In this world we’ve become too obsessed with the color of skin over content of character, to bother looking up anymore. Our kids have no idea what subsidiarity even is or was, and why they’ll miss it after its gone. Tom Deweese has fought the good fight in an effort to save it, but I digress…

“There is no longer a pretense that any kind of local control over spending the grant money exists. HUD now controls your community. Property rights are dead, property values are dying, and the local officials you elected to guide your community have been rendered irrelevant by HUD mobsters who have come back to collect.” ~ Listen This Time, Or…

The nature of things speaks to inherent truth from the inside out and the bottom up. In the top-down world we no longer teach our children to stand up for what they believe. We tell them what to believe and then model fascism as a virtue by punishing those who don’t.

It’s funny. Here is your government, building block by block, the globalist NWO pyramid. The plan is to lay the capstone in 2030. And I can see it now… “That’s it! They placed the capstone! We’re not gonna take it no more!” Sure you will. You won’t even take a stand against the blocks they have already placed on the pyramid. Because, you are taking the “moral high ground”. And what exactly is the “moral high ground”? Keep obeying the laws of the pyramid, one block at a time?

I have already paid dearly, but it’s not myself I worry about. The loss of US is the greatest most tragic loss of all. And we will not know what we have lost until its gone, or realize the very worst cut of all…that we allowed ourselves to become a casualty in the politics of envy. 

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ “Centering” in the Eye of the Storm

The best of who we are will simply never let it go.

The best of who we are will simply never let it go.

The instant reflex reaction experienced by most of us when attacked, is to come off our center. This is why most Martial Arts practitioners focus so heavily on centering…why it is central to everything; the breathing, the stance, the block and the blow. The ability to center in the midst of sudden danger and chaos maximizes your power, control, your leverage…and your mind.

Our world has become enraged with itself. I believe, despite what so-called leaders might tell us, we are living in a time of great treachery, deception, destruction and upheaval meant to serve the interests of the wicked and the diabolical, at the expense of the righteous and the innocents. In other words, and in my humble opinion, our entire world is the most dangerous place it has ever been. And the fact of the matter is that most of us live in a place as far removed from center as humanly possible…in the place called distraction, the polar opposite of center. When you stop to think about it, we have made (with the help of technology) distraction one of the most comfortable and appealing places in our lives. I suppose another word for distraction might be escape, which is interesting. To escape from a concentration camp is indisputably a wonderful thing. To escape reality itself brings terrible consequences more often than not.

Relationship is one of the first things to suffer in the worst storms of human nature, unless you are fortunate enough to be in a healthy one. A healthy relationship is like a healthy body attacked by disease. The body’s immune system response is centered to maximize power, control, leverage, and the mental will to thwart the attack. But an unhealthy relationship, say one in which the core values of mutual dignity and respect are weak or nonexistent, will wither and break apart in the storm.

So, understanding that relationship is a term we can apply both individually and collectively, we can recognize some unhealthy tendencies. For example, I’ve noticed a tendency on the part of many of my friends in the Liberty Movement to react to this terrible and often-times depressing storm of human nature by first acknowledging the flaw(s), “I don’t like people”, and then respond by moving to Wyoming and taking themselves off the grid…or in their marriages by replacing their spouse with a television set…or handier still…a smart phone. I think of the lyrics to a song I wrote years before the storm, “If you want her to love you, turn into the light.”  I guess it’s a flight or fight thing as old as the hills, but mama that’s where the (healing) is. So if it is flight, we must part like a dart. If it is fight we must learn to fight smart with heart.

What do most of us do when we walk into an angry room, or when we’re attacked by an angry person? We become angry ourselves, thus escalating the emotion and feeding the storm surge…which is kind of what we see happening now with increasing instances of road rage and cop shootings. I should stop here to point out that while some storms are natural, others are man-made. When you read “cop shootings” just now, you probably thought cops shooting people instead of people shooting cops. In reality the instances of cops getting shot by people are up 44% since 2015. On the other hand, you thought “cops shooting people” because we are in the worst most diabolically orchestrated man-made storm in human history, and numbers don’t lie.

Perhaps it’s time for a different response? Whether the relationship is individual or collective, the question is the same. Where is the dignity? I said to my “off the grid” Liberty friend just the other night, we are the shining city on the hillthere is no place to run from here! Unless of course our relationship, individual or collective, is an unhealthy one. And as I reflected on the genius of Jefferson in Independence Day and the “Causes Which Impel”, the lack of “dignity” is the distilled essence in the very recipe of Jefferson’s “causes which impel us to separate.” Further, I submit that where the individual and collective are concerned, our only response at this moment in time is flight from the former and fight in the latter…once dignity is denied.

The interesting thing about the turbulence and tumultuousness of the storm in its effect on relationship is that it can both reveal the fundamentally unhealthy relationships, as well as sink the healthy relationships that have simply lost their center. Understanding this equips us for flight in the one, and fight in the other…hopefully at the point we’re only taking on water.

I know I’ve mentioned this in previous tune-ups, but I can’t help but think of the Kabbalist healer’s stealth response to the angry room. By cleaving to the energies (love/compassion) on the opposite side of anger and hate within himself, he alters the dynamic of the room. This sounds like an impossible task to most of us, my Irish-temper-self included; but the fact of the matter is that getting to the right emotional energy in the worst situation is a far easier task when we are centered. Think of all the fights, rumbles, and tumbles that might have been avoided and/or more peacefully resolved had we approached the turbulence (we knew was coming) centered.

Finally, wisdom is the fruit of a centered mind. There is a huge difference between consciously fighting to defend the things worth fighting for, versus being goaded into a fight instigated to set us up to react. Wisdom provides conviction for one, and brakes for the other. And if wisdom is the fruit of the centered mind, then prayer is the light switch to a centered heart. A gun is a very effective tool in the hands of a good person. Prayer is the most powerful weapon we possess. Yet how many of us are quick to reach for one and forget where we put the other? I pray for the day when we all find our way back to the center we knew, before that which divides us set us apart. And that day will come, because the best of who we are will simply never let it go.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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