The Sunday Morning Tune-up, August 30, 2015

Be it ever so humble...

Be it ever so humble…

There is not the tiniest part of this Catholic fabric of twenty years ago that has not changed beyond recognition. Catholicism is like a city destroyed by war. Most of its inhabitants have fled, and those who remain are picking through the ruins trying to salvage things not too battered to be useful. John Kenneth Galbraith remarked that the collapse of Catholicism was the most surprising thing that had happened in his lifetime. For anyone who loved the Catholic world, this collapse was traumatic. ~ Anne Roche, The Way it Used to Be

When I was a kid, I joined Boy Scout Troop 253 and attended the weekly meetings in the basement of St. Elizabeth’s Church in Wyckoff, New Jersey. I was the only Protestant in the bunch! My best friends were these Italian and Irish-American Catholics, and I remember how good it felt to be part of this group of young men…boys really, and some whose dads were Scoutmaster’s (Jack Burke) and assistant leaders. I know now what I didn’t realize then. The best glow of my youthful experience came from the blessing of learning the lessons of Scouting on a very Catholic Foundation. I may never have been an altar boy, or attended a mass, but I was fully immersed in a fellowship of great value and trust with those who were. And I can’t help but think I absorbed some of the wonderful qualities Anne Roche describes perfectly in her article, even if only by osmosis. The seed had been planted. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…

                                                    The Way We Were

The more I think on my younger days, the more I can relate to the story of the Prodigal Son. I needed to leave in order to discover what I was missing, and trust me, I looked everywhere. I found the same wants with different accents everywhere I went, and everyone with something to sell. I was tempted in California and tested in Texas, but it was my schooling in the basement of St. Elizabeth’s that kept me centered in my search…which is not to say, I didn’t dive in. Au contraire my friend! I dove into the deep, deep end with the zeal of a desperate dolphin reunited with the ocean of life…especially attracted to the areas with the big NO SWIMMING signs!

Here’s what I found in my search. I offer it freely to be sounded by your own inner tuning fork as it were. Life is not Progressive. Life is a Rubber Band. Some are bigger, smaller, tighter and stretchier than others, but they are all meant to stretch out, and come back home again…it is the ebb and flow of nature that we live by, guided by the most fixed star of all. Progressivism is the greatest lie ever told to the desperate, hungry and willing believer…with the understanding that once swallowed you must walk with eyes closed.

I will stop here because I really wanted mostly to share this beautiful piece about yesterday from Ms. Roche (thanks Jennie!). I encourage you to top it off with an important message about today from Archbishop Apuron. Wherever you are in your personal journey, on the way out, or on the way in, enjoy and appreciate every blessed second. But I beg you to keep your center…and your wits about you, as you breathe in and out, in and out, in and out…

“It is important to understand that the political pressure to push the agenda for same sex ‘marriage’ has never been about gay rights; the true intention behind this agenda has always been about the destruction of the family, and the imposition of a totalitarian system.” ~ Archbishop Anthony Apuron of Agana, Guam

“Now that the heart is broken, Catholicism is an act of the will performed out of honor, and out of love, but it is love among the ruins. One keeps on going to the gutted Masses with their antic priests, manufactured excitement and cafeteria casualness at Holy Communion, and one closes one’s eyes and prays the desperate prayer of the agnostic believer: ‘Lord, I believe, help Thou my unbelief!’”

The seabird wings her lonely dance into the freedom from her past, she chases sunsets of red and gold and follows moonbeams, so I’m told…

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PC Cowardice Separating Men From Boys!

Not On My Watch!

Not On My Watch!

Almost exactly one year ago to the day, I called former NY Giants quarterback Phil Simms to the carpet for his disgraceful display of PC Cowardice in the midst of the PC attack on the Washington Redskins. Imagine world security today, had Barack Obama gone after ISIS with the same zeal he displayed in taking on the Washington Redskins!

Interestingly, one year later, former Redskin quarterback Joe Theismann demonstrates how to act like a man when responding to cowardice, “Any person that isn’t willing to put their name to a comment doesn’t deserve any respect at all…If you’re telling me that a coach said that, the coach has no spine, he’s a spineless individual and that’s the bottom line. To make an irresponsible, stupid statement like that, Robert needs the work. … To say that Jay would put him out there for any reason other than to get him work, is an absolute insult to a coach. … If you want to be a man, if you have an opinion, why don’t you put your name to it instead of being an anonymous coach, which is a bunch of baloney, and to me spineless and gutless. If you’ve got something to say, open your mouth and put your name to it.”

Although the anonymous coach incident had nothing to do with the name of the team, it had everything to do with what PC has done to our culture. It has demonized the honor of directness to the point of making it offensive, while turning all manner of innuendo and personal attack from the shadows of un-named sources common play. Simms chooses to go with the PC flow in 2014 instead of calling the absurdity of PC for what it truly is…Political Cowardice! He had a moral obligation to do so, knowing the game and the history of the Washington franchise. He could have been the man. He chose instead, to be the boy.

Keeping to field of sports for a moment, you might have read that ESPN recently suspended Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling for his directness in exercising his 1st Amendment Right-Tweet comparing the ideology of Islam to Nazism. Sarah Palin rose quickly to his defense. This is our culture. This is who we’ve become. Step out of line and they WILL take you away! And this is the very same culture that now wants to turn us into a “cashless society” where they can actually starve you for stepping out of line! This is how Europe fell. This is how Canada is falling. And it is exactly where the most un-American President in U.S. History is leading us…if we allow it!

This is the battle line, the very front line in the raging War on Western Civilization! And the recognition of this fact by the majority of good and decent Americans is exactly why, in my humble opinion, Donald Trump is soaring almost invincibly and untouchably in the court of public opinion! Trump is a true “Warrior King” in a field of PC-conditioned Pansies!

The Political Establishment and its Press Hounds, or dare I say FOXES, have literally been caught flat-footed by the exceptionally rare occurrence of a man acting like a man! It really makes one stop and think, “What will they do when men acting like men come to town?” I for one, can hardly wait! :-)


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The Wheels Are Literally Coming Off!

Who's driving this bus?

Who’s driving this bus?

The wheels are coming off the Markets!

The wheels are coming off the Church!

The wheels are coming off our Society!

What we’ve suspected since the fall of MF Global, we now know. It’s all “lies, graft and fraud” on a foundation of lies, graft and fraud! The third blood moon “tetrad” in recorded history lining up with the Catholic Synod on the Family, which is clearly lining up to destroy the Family of Man and the Church at the very same time…while our children tune into their choice of live sex, live beheadings, live burnings, drownings and bombings, or live shootings!

What ghastly headline will we shrug off today? I’m beginning to wonder if reading our own obituary will even shake us. Yesterday’s lunatic killer “wanted a race war”! Think of the raging hatred that could inspire such a want, and multiply it by the unthinkable! The three carts above are inter-related and intra-dependent! The health and welfare of the third is 100% dependent on the integrity and sanctity of the first two!

“While many swaps trades are now booked abroad, some people in the markets believe the risk remains firmly on U.S. shores. They say the big American banks are still on the hook for swaps they’re parking offshore with subsidiaries.”…what we entrusted two career politicians (Dodd-Frank) to fix after 2008, has turned out to be a political piggy-bank feeding trough. Their insatiable greed has spawned a monster by growing the (d) that toppled our markets in 2008, into the (D) that will consume the world! It is mathematically irreversible!!

“Therefore, especially in these crucial weeks leading up to the Synod on the Family, instead of the customary Our Father and three Hail Marys for the Holy Father’s intentions in your daily Rosary, please consider offering those same prayers as a plea that the Holy Father’s intentions be frustrated and thwarted.”Father X, a priest in good standing, has just made a direct call to Heaven to intercede on our behalf. Such is the nature of the error at the highest level which appears to intend a greater and more devastating Fall than the very first!

There is absolutely nothing we can do about the fall of the markets. There is, however, much we can do about the fall of man. We can choose not to! We can choose to let go of the temporal, and hold onto that which matters most! I wanted to share with my dentist yesterday, as I’m poised on the brink of implants, “God is pulling me from the flesh into the spirit.” It was more than a light-hearted thought to soften the painful reality…it is the Truth!

But before we can be brought back into spirit, we need to be brought back into Men! This wonderful article from my favorite Catholic Gentleman Blog says it far better than I ever could! “This boredom and sloth (acedia) is the reversal of St. Paul’s problem; ‘my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak’ is turned into ‘my flesh is willing but my spirit is weak.’” ~ Jason Craig

Think on these things as I leave you with this final encouraging story. I have been swimming against the tide for the last 6 or 7 years to warn those I love about what is coming. My stubborn perseverance has taken a toll you would have to be me in order to believe and comprehend. I was enormously rewarded yesterday when someone I love dearly finally reached out to me to get my advice on gold, silver and food insurance. It was the very same mother whose daughter asked for the family to “please start going to church again.”

People get ready, there’s a train a-coming…


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“Let’s Go!”

Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler & Alek Skarlatos

Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler & Alek Skarlatos

“Do something,” he said. “Hiding, or sitting back, is not going to accomplish anything. And the gunman would’ve been successful if my friend Spencer had not gotten up. So I just want that lesson to be learned going forward, in times of, like, terror like that, please do something. Don’t just stand by and watch.” ~ Anthony Sadler, 23

Imagine yourself awakening from a fast sleep to the reality of a killer with an automatic weapon and your buddy tapping you saying “Let’s go!” That was US Airman Spencer Stone’s rude awakening as his friend Alek Skarlatos ushered them into action on the Belgium-Paris train saving countless lives over the weekend. Read story here.

What an amazing wake up call for all of us, Europeans and Americans alike, in the brave action taken by Skarlatos, Stone and Sadler! When Skarlatos said, “Let’s Go”, he was really saying, “I am prepared to die to save others. I am prepared to die to stop evil.” I especially loved Sadler’s take-away in his opening quote above. It is the perfect advice for all of us because we are all Spencer Stone…just now starting to wake up after having been fast, and I mean fast, asleep!

Ayoub El-Khazzani, the Muslim would-be mass-killer, was placed on a “watch list of potentially dangerous individuals” in February 2014. They tracked him from Spain to France to Syria, back to France, then Turkey and on to Belgium where they stopped tracking himon to Belgium where they stopped tracking him! Isn’t it interesting how we can track the greatest of our ills back to Belgium…home of the Euro and Sharia-No-Go-Zones? Hmm? And the best of it? The Muslim Terrorist has lawyered-up as the French media (similar to our own) are rushing to call it a “robbery attempt”!!!!

Think of our own immigration crisis instigated by Barack Hussein Obama, and then read this account from the experts on why it is too late to save Europe! The question for you and me, and our children’s children…Is it too late to save America? The answer would be no, IF only we were to stop gobbling up their lies as if they were cotton candy. Let’s start with this one:

If the CFO of Exon committed accounting fraud in executing the duties of his office, would he be under personal investigation or would the Justice Department investigate Exon the corporation? Of course the Justice Department would investigate the company, including the CFO! So how come the “Clinton Investigation” is the Clinton Investigation and not an Investigation of the company…the Obama Administration? Especially given the circumstances of Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s closest advisor, and her personal ties to Islam, and Huma Abedin, Clinton’s closest advisor, and her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. How in the world is American Justice served by narrowing the investigation to Hillary Clinton as if she had nothing to do with the Obama regime???

Or finally…think, if you dare, how different our world would be today if we Americans had “done something” when Admiral James (nothing to lose and nothing to gain) Lyons’ “Muslim Sympathizer” boarded the train to the White House back in 2008! I urge you to watch his three minute testimony…this needs to go VIRAL!

Until enough Americans realize we are all on the same train and step up to our “Let’s go” moment, we are all sheep in a pen waiting to die while their numbers grow…aided and abetted by the apologists in the media, gutless politicians and worse…a malevolent central darkness that is actually served by the terror they instill.

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ August 23, 2015

The Great Escape?

The Great Escape?

I read this heart-breaking letter-to-the-editor from a father who lost his daughter and “best friend” to heroin addiction back in April. I commented in this follow-up-article how Something is terribly wrong with a society that turns its Churches into yoga centers and private homes, and its children into Big Pharma Dependents!” …For which I was accused of making a “false argument” by bringing religion into the conversation. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…

                                          “Hug your kids. Keep them safe.”

Doesn’t it border on intellectual dishonesty and secular fascism to declare religion out of bounds on matters of human suffering that so clearly result from spiritual depravity and malnourishment? Leaving religion off the table on those things that matter most, is like trying to read a book while skipping entire chapters. What sense would that make? And yet this is exactly what living in post-Christian America has become!

“Hugging our children and keeping them safe” as Mr. Brown advises us to do in a world that rejects the hope, healing and salvation of God’s love, is like sending them out into the pouring rain without an umbrella…or into speeding traffic without the protection of a crossing guard. No loving parent would do such a thing, and yet this is the world we have created for them!

How is it we cannot see the correlation of our rejection of faith with the rising tide of suffering and despair? Who can honestly blame any child for seeking escape from the harsh reality we have created for them? J. Elliot seeks to absolve him or herself by blaming the doctors while distracting the rest of us. Yesterday, I actually witnessed a young woman who will be a high school senior next month, ask her mother if they could please start attending church again. They are hungry for what we have been denying them…J!

Yesterday I wrote on the need to become a “force-multiplier” in order to spread the word. Today I’m asking us to realize that we are consciously depriving ourselves of the greatest force-multiplier in the entire universe! How many more children must we lose to the clutches of addiction before we wake up to our greatest error?


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Why We NEED To Become “Force Multipliers”!

“Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the Earth with it” – Archimedes. Illustration: Mechanics Magazine, London, 1824

“Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the Earth with it” – Archimedes. Illustration: Mechanics Magazine, London, 1824

Insouciance ~ [ inˈso͞osēəns, ˌaNso͞oˈsyäNs ] Noun ~ Casual lack of concern, indifference

Economic news is moving extremely fast this year, and it will only become more frenetic as we close in on 2016. The general consensus among alternative economic investigators seems to be that 2015 will be the year for trigger events and dead fantasies. In my six part series entitled ‘One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes’ I essentially agree with this timetable. If 2014 was the new 2007 with all its immediate warning signs, then 2015 is the new 2008 with all the chaos and broken paradigms. ~ Brandon Smith, Economic Crisis Goes Mainstream ~ What Happens Next?

There truly is “nothing new under the sun”…other than the staggering number of people uninformed, misinformed, disengaged and…indifferent, as the very ground beneath their feet is about to give way. Insouciance (Thanks Zero Hedge), not confusion, will be our epitaph. Well, insouciance and willful blindness or ignorance…take your pick.

I had two conversations with two different people this week who represent a very significant segment of our society. In the first, the CEO of a company in the medical consulting space was lecturing those of us in ear shot, on the morality of end-of-life or even near-end-of life medical treatment and procedures…with absolute zero awareness of who Margaret Sanger was, the Eugenics Movement, and/or the population-control agenda of the NWO crowd! The second, was with a mother in the same circle who was completely unaware of the pure Evil her very tax dollars were subsidizing at Planned Parenthood, exposed by a series of undercover videos of PP executives negotiating the sale of baby parts for profit!

Is a single day selloff of 531 points on the DOW, the “market correction everybody’s been waiting for”? Or, is there something else afoot here…as Mr. Smith adds the possibilities of trigger events, dead fantasies, implosions, chaos and broken paradigms to the mix. One thing is certain. There is only one way to rule-out or rule-in possibility as probability before the event. The one-two punch of knowledge and awareness. And without the former, there is no latter!

So I shared the quote with my friend, aghast and horrified by the PP revelation, “The truth shall set us free. But first, it will make us miserable!” We had quite the conversation about what it all means and where things are probably headed, given what we know. In her case, she at least knew in her heart and was willing to admit something’s just not right. But as a family they have taken zero steps to prepare because the CEO husband was suffering from a fatal case of normalcy bias.

It’s amazing to me how often this is the case with married couples, business partners and even groups of friends and neighbors. One is the prepper, while the other is the doubter. That is the mix in my own home!

The question is, for those of us who know what we know, what do we do with what we know? I am here to tell you that there is no question about what to do. It is our obligation and sacred duty to become, as Oath Keeper David Codrea describes it, “Force-Multipliers” in order to spread the word…to get as many people as possible into the lifeboats by any and all means necessary! For some of us that means hitting all your extended family members with both barrels at the first family reunion in forty years! Who cares that none of them are talking to you three months later, if you were able to plant a seed that is now germinating in the frenetic soil of current events…taking root in their hearts and minds. For others, more technologically adept and connected, it means activating the alarm bells wonderfully available (for now) via Facebook and Twitter!

As the minds of good people begin to open, they will begin to see how other good people who have had the advantage of being aware a little longer are really making a difference!   GOD Knows! :-)


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Time to Get the PC Monkey Off Our Back!

With a simple bucket of water...

With a simple bucket of water…

Do you remember the scene in the Wizard of Oz when a desperate Dorothy grabbed the bucket of water to save Scare Crow after the Wicked Witch had set him on fire? Do you recall that magical transition from the horror of her friend on fire, to the shock of the Witch melting, to the fear of retribution, to the delight of the Witch’s soldiers…finally freed from the Witch’s tyrannical spell by Dorothy and her bucket of water? My friends, have we not witnessed the exact same magic in Donald Trump (Dorothy) dousing the Political Correctness Crowd (Witch) with the exact same magical effect?

In the late 70’s I worked in my family’s medical supply business in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ. Our secretary Cathy was the first real feminist I had ever gotten to know personally. I liked her and admired her for her honesty and directness. One day, a representative from Camp Surgical named Larry came into the store to check on our supplies. After offering him a cup of coffee, Cathy yelled out from the back room, “How do you like your coffee Larry?” To which Larry responded, “Like I like my women…hot and black.” My father, David and myself, all knowing Cathy as we did, froze in place starring at Larry with the same helpless terror one feels witnessing the oblivious fawn in the headlights of tractor trailer truck going way too fast to stop!

Poor Larry had no idea of the feminist fury his ill-conceived words had just unleashed, about to bear down on him from the other side of the wall. Had he even the slightest clue, or forewarning, he never would have gotten out of bed! As it was, poor Larry from Camp walked out of our store that day a much smaller and lesser man than the one who sauntered in an hour earlier. I will tell you that he paid a price far heavier than any government regulation or fine could have assessed. And I guaran-double-tee you that he takes his coffee with humility these days…if he takes coffee at all!

You see, not so long ago, when we used to be self-governing, we had a saying, “What goes around comes around.” We were a much stronger and healthier people when we ruled our own lives with respect to the laws of nature. But we have invited a madness into our lives that defies logic and explanation. It’s like we’ve devolved from adults to child-like adolescents filling our minds with sophomoric trash 24/7 a la How I Met Your Mother, Jon Stewart and Jimmy Fallon. The only thing missing is the adult in the room…the parent…and voila! Along comes and their all-powerful “switch behind the woodshed”, Political Correctness…

Step out of line, they’ll come, and they’ll take you away!

In the horror/thriller version of the comedy Meet the, we find a collection of psychopaths, thieves, and hustlers who live by their own rules and preside over an industry of evil that encompasses the darkest deeds, from sex-slave trafficking to the murder of babies for their intact body organs! Worse than this I’m afraid, we’ve empowered these criminals unfit to live among us to rule over us! They’ve rigged our markets, sold our secrets, stolen our jobs, demoralized and brainwashed our children, burdened us with debt we will never be able to repay, and then try to tell us that one of the hardest working and most successful businessmen in America is not qualified to be the nation’s top executive…because he insulted Rosie O’Donnell?

Only a citizenry under a Witches spell of Political Correctness could be conditioned to accept such illogical mind-numbing insanity! The Truth is that it’s an awfully long way to Presidential Tipperary. But an even greater Truth is the fact that you and I aren’t in Kansas anymore!! In fact, we’ve become galaxies removed…when we stop to take off the PC-blinders and think about it.

The August issue of Whistleblower magazine blows open the Planned Parenthood fetal organ-trafficking scandal. On page 44 they feature the portraits of Nazi Adolf Eichmann and Planned Parenthood Dr. Deborah Nucatola in a side-by-side comparison inspired by Hannah Arendt’s 1963 book “Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil”

Whether or not Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States is likely to be far less significant in the minds of historians, than what he managed to accomplish with a simple bucket of water in the summer of 2015… “Hail to Dorothy, the Wicked Witch is Dead!”

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