The Sunday Tune-up ~ A Day Without Dilemma is a Day Without Sunshine

Robert "LaVoy" Finicum

Robert “LaVoy” Finicum

The moral law never alters, either for the noblest or for the weakest, it is eternally and abidingly the same. The moral law ordained by God does not make itself weak to the weak, it does not palliate our shortcomings, it remains absolute for all time and eternity. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Absolute Moral Law

On the other hand, “Mammon is the system of civilized life which organizes itself without any consideration of God”, popularly known to us today by its modern name…Progressivism!

“No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and (Progressivism).” ~ Luke 16:13

In happier and simpler times, we made light of our dilemmas e.g., My mother-in-law driving off a cliff in my brand new Corvette. I’ll never forget the wisdom imparted to me by one of my many spiritual teachers after my confessing to feeling perplexed over what I described as an inner tug-of-war around my love of a good drink. “The tension of inner conflict (dilemma)”, he told me, “is a springboard to God.” Think of this wisdom in nature. Think of the friction that it takes to create the pearl. And, of course, man is the only creature on the planet who can literally awaken to and through the friction of his own dilemma! It is both a curse and a blessing, is it not? The Chambers quote above IS the essence of the meaning in Psalm 23; The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not wantjust as it is the key to the earthly lure and broader appeal of Progressivism.

The greatest irony of all ironies we will, every soul, realize after the fact; Only God can set us free, whilst his earth-bound opposition can only design and cast more clever nets for us! This is why fasting is such an important spiritual tool. It is one of the greatest strengthening exercises for breaking the chain of want…which in the simple act of doing brings us closer to God (freedom)…as does seeking the quieter voice in “the still waters.” But how can I BE in this world, and shrink myself for the “Narrow Gate”? Ah, that is our sweetest dilemma!

“Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few.” ~ Matthew 7:13-14

I’ve always loved Churchill’s quote about Americans always doing the right thing…after they’ve tried everything else. Butch and Sundance only jumped when they knew they had no other choice. Wouldn’t it be swell if we could know the right way before our back is to the wall, and we’ve become so hopelessly attached to the wrong (easy) way? Talk about dilemma…how many souls have perished in their own house fires because they couldn’t leave their possessions? Far too many to count! And technology has brought us attachment on steroids!

So, here are some mental exercises to help you know. Imagine if it were metaphysically possible to collapse the wall of time as a 62-year-old today, so you could actually meet face-to-face with your 25-year-old self of yesterday! How would that meeting go? I’ll tell you exactly how it would go. If you have stayed true to your inner voice and conscience, it will be a wonderful meeting of old friends. But to the extent life has led you astray from your own voice to replace it with another, the meeting will force you to tears…realizing what you’ve abandoned and lost. There is no amount of wealth and treasure that can sooth this pain. But if you could know this pain now dear friends, you would jump so fast to run from your own burning houses, leaving it ALL behind, the collective whirlwinds in your wakes would extinguish every raging fire on earth!

And if that’s not enough, try this knowing on for size. If the “Lord I shall not want” would lead me “beside the still waters”, where oh where would the Progressive Pope who hides the Truth of Calvary behind his sash lead me?

The hardest hurdle in the entire world is clearing the fence (narrow gate) that separates us from the Shepherd we shall not want! And “those who find it” are the prophesied “few”, made fewer by the devil at the gate holding a great mirror to capture and sell us our own reflection as everything there is to know! By stripping away the other side of the fence in the most devastatingly diabolical move of all time, the father of Progressivism has (so he believes) erased dilemma (Truth) from the human condition and experience.

But hiding is not eliminating that which cannot be eliminated. And oppressing and suppressing the same only energizes the object, as any student behind the science of “Old Faithful” will tell you. The Pharisees thought they could eliminate their problem by killing Jesus, and look what happened to their plan…

The modern day Pharisees killed a man week-before-last in Oregon hoping to eliminate their problem as well. I did not know Robert “LaVoy” Finicum before then. I met him in this twenty-nine-minute video where he introduced himself, his daughter and his dog and went on to speak from his heart about all WE have and are about to lose. He said something that really caught my ear when he talked about sitting down with his County Sheriff to “take a measure of the man”. Pease watch here to catch the perfect measure of LaVoy Finicum five months before he died. And here again, recorded the day before he was killed. I know him now…do you?

I’m a Finicum Man

I’m a Finicum Man by the things I do,                                                                           the God I love, and a heart that’s true.                                                                                Tall in the saddle, straight in the wind,                                                                         I’d ride into hell and back again…                                                                                  For the land I love, her liberty to secure,                                                                 great pain and sorrow is mine to endure.

I’m a Finicum Man til the day I die.                                                                            Until last call, I will hold up my end…                                                                          For the family that needs me,                                                                                             for my neighbors and friends.                                                                                         

I’m a Finicum Man til the Lord calls me home…                                                       the last roundup bell, and new pastures to roam…                                                    to my last dying breath, when they lay me to rest…                                               I’m a Finicum Man looking after you. ~ CM 2/6/16

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Fall of Amerika

Playing it Safe...

Playing it Safe…

“I think everyone believes in God in their own ways,” he said. “To me, it means that all of us are connected, all of life is connected, and that we are all tied together.” ~ Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders

Hate is particularly strong and nasty word, as it should be to hold its own on the opposite side of Love. But if I Love the one who gives him or herself in the name of Love, then how do I not hate him or her who plays it safe in the face of hate, opening the door to the emissaries of the greatest horrors the world will ever know. So many, many flavors and varieties of play-it-safers…it’s hard to pick one. Bernie’s play-it-safe answer to the God question is a good place to start, and only one of many reasons his candidacy is a leading indicator of how far gone our country is right now. It’s the perfectly typical Liberal response. Absolutely no one could possibly be offended…except God! Read his response above again, and this time substitute the word media for God. See what I mean?

Meanwhile, back at El Rancho Del Reality, Christians who happen to believe in God in their own way are quietly being disconnected, marginalized and targeted as radicals and extremists while the play-it-safers pretend none of it is happening. You can almost hear their collective sigh of relief as they plug into their 24/7 cable-feed at the end of the day to wash their collective cares…and reality away. I actually had a very smart and intelligent play-it-safer challenge me on the notion of big government the other day. “Where’s this great big giant intrusive government all you Republicans keep whining about? It does not affect me in any way that I can see in my life!” I started to respond by pointing out the mountains of regulations, restrictions, “guidelines” and penalties associated with Obamacare alone…and then I realized I was talking to a living breathing wall of denial.

Think about this. This very same individual who only 5-6 months earlier was busy blaming me (Republicans) for all of the negative press Hillary was getting over Benghazi, her private email server, and the alleged ethics violations and conflicts of interest accusations swirling around the Clinton Foundation; suddenly has nothing to say about the woman who this time last year was not only the “shoe-in” candidate for her party’s nomination…She was the odds-on favorite to go all the way to the White House. Period. So now what…the 150 FBI agents dedicated to investigating her are all Republicans??? DENIAL…I realized right then and there…they will never own their mistakes. NEVER! They will never admit failure. They will change the definition of success instead. They will never be held accountable. They will deflect and reassign blame instead. So, a soon-to-be-indicted, all-but-convicted, and more-than-likely Obama/Lynch-excused FELON is expected to dodge the perfectly aimed bullet of justice from the barrel of what, in any other universe, would be regarded as “open-and-shut”! BUT, a man who represents the living proof of the American dream, is completely dirt and scandal free, presides over thousands of loyal employees who praise him, has raised his children to become healthy, wholesome and successful adults, professes a passionate love of his country, and fiercely supports her veterans…is somehow a fire-breathing demon-from-hell, driving some on the left to threaten us with their own voluntary deportation if he should win the election! ON WHAT PLANET DOES ANY OF THIS MAKE SENSE???

Think about the lives of two American men at this point in time; one in the West (rancher Robert LaVoy Finicum), and one in the East (farmer Robert Gifford). One was ambushed & executed  by Obama’s thugs during a “peaceful protest”. The other was ordered to undergo Stalinesque “re-education” for refusing to violate his own religious beliefs by the very same thugs!  Or how about we follow Hillary’s “Top Secret” Chappaqua email trail (along with the Chinese, Russians, Iranians & North Koreans) back to a place called Benghazi in 2012 to find Navy Seal Tyrone Woods who gave his life, along with Glenn Dougherty to save 34 men and women staffers from certain death. Their heroism was covered up and buried to protect Obama and Clinton. The regime chose instead, to honor Michael Sam for his “courage” in turning the NFL Gridiron into a national stage and spotlight for the promotion of sodomy in the newly and inclusively-transformed Amerika! You could say that was our prime-time re-education halftime show!

So imagine Obamaville becomes Bernieville in 2016. We’ll all be connected to God in “our own ways”…the regime thugs, jihadists, sodomites, play-it-safers, co-existers, Christians and patriots…all “tied together”…there in Bernieville. Not!

They murdered LaVoy Finicum. They’re accountable for the deaths and cover-ups of Stevens, Smith, Woods and Dougherty. And they will be held accountable for the “Late-Term Murder” of the most innocent life of all…under a real heaven…by the one True God! The Coen Brothers might consider the idea for a new movie, “No Country for Play-it-Safers”…if you catch my drift.

...or Keeping it Real?

…or Keeping it Real?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ January 24, 2016



I have said on more than one occasion that if the America that we were so blessed to have passed to us should die before we can officially pass it on to our children, our epitaph would read “Here lies the greatest country ever conceived, killed by Political Correctness.” Today I’m wondering whether it was the other PC that actually pulled the trigger. No, today I’m convinced that we would never have been foolish enough to silence ourselves with political correctness, if we hadn’t completely lobotomized ourselves with pop culture beforehand!

This past week we lost one of my childhood heroes, Glenn Frey, founder of the Eagles. It was the Eagles’ Greatest Hits that accompanied me on my 1,700-mile trek to the Wyoming mountain top. And the week before that, my generation lost another one of our heroes when David “Ziggy played guitar” Bowie bit the Ziggy star dust. Neither of these losses drew anywhere near the amount of media-soaked coverage and adulation as Michael Jackson’s death did. But I’ve come to a rather profound place of reckoning the world around me, to realize a thing or two about our relationships to these people we’ve never met and hardly knew. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend!

The Deadly Aim of Pop Culture

In My Life, Lennon was kind of like the North Star. He made more sense to me than my parents and teachers. And he inspired me more than Pastor D Revere had been able to. Showing a teenage boy how to make friends and win girl’s hearts with just a guitar and a few clever words is a pretty slick tool to be sure! It’s really kind of seductive when you stop and think about it. Who in the world can compete with the artist who paints the colors of your own soul, opening your heart to feelings you never knew existed? Ah but I was so much younger then, I’m older than that now. And a hair-bit wiser. What if…

What if, in the forties, we had been inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien and only admired Sinatra? Or in the fifties, if we had been inspired by Hans Urs von Balthasar and only admired Elvis? Or in the sixties, if we had been inspired by Henri de Lubac and only admired John Lennon? Or in the seventies, if we had been inspired by Bede Griffiths and only admired Glenn Frey? Or in the eighties, if we had been inspired by Pope John Paul ll and only admired Michael Jackson? Who would we be today? How would our world be different today? Catholic Heroes of the Twentieth Century, by Henry Karlson (detailed below)

But alas, our world has not been so fortunate. Pop Culture heroes have taken a more central role in our lives than the friends and family we actually know and live with! And the Western brain has stewed instead in a constant thriving cesspool of “multicultural” organisms seeking only to devour the host; paralyzed and dumbstruck by the endless stream of soul-sucking Walking Dead/Breaking Bad/Modern Family marathons, sprinkled amidst the relentless parade of body-pickling/mind-numbing Big Parma pop-ups and infomercials. ALL in the name of distraction! Distraction from what, you might ask…

How about the “God’s Honest Truth”? Can any of us claim with a straight face that the mission of our Pop Culture is to lead us to the “God’s Honest Truth”? Of course not. But I can look you square in the eye and tell you sure as day that the deadly aim of Pop Culture and the diabolical powers that play it like Pan’s flute, is to influence and transform the individual free-thinking mind into the collective group-thinking herd…

Deep down we human beings are social creatures. We seek acceptance from the group. It’s why conformity is so much easier than standing apart from the crowd, even when the crowd makes absolutely no sense. And those who don’t conform and think independently are labeled radicals. Our financial system is a great example of this. ~ “If You Don’t Conform to the Crowd Now, You’re a Radical” , Simon Black on ZH

  • It took a patient generational cadence; the steady beat and hypnotic glow of Pop Culture to bring us into line and strip us of our senses. Pop Culture has literally blinded us to The Greatest Persecution of Christians in Modern History!  “The 2016 World Watch List documents an unprecedented escalation of violence against Christians, making this past year the most violent and sustained attack on Christian faith in modern history,” Open Doors CEO David Curry said at the rollout of the list. Persecution is “continuing to increase, intensify and spread across the globe,” he said.
  • It has blinded us to the spiritual poison we are feeding ourselves with our own technology! “What would it mean if the species were to completely lose the need and/or desire for privacy, solitude, time and focused attention? What if we were the last humans to be bothered by intrusions into our privacy? What would it feel like if our species evolved out of the need for an inner life?”
  • Pop Culture has blinded us to the poison we are injecting into the minds of our own children. She explains that those behind Common Core and the new AP U.S. History framework have attempted to minimize the Constitution and remove Christianity from the core concepts, while they also stress the importance of teaching about Islam. “The dead white guys did not create this country,” Koerber says. “They [presumably conservatives] want to talk about those dead white guys.”
  • …which would certainly explain how Pop Culture has blinded these same children to  their own loyalties! In a statement to News 8, the Ansonia Police Department said that; “The allegation is that the male was allegedly making pro-ISIS statements during the Pledge of Allegiance.”
  • But, by far, Pop Culture’s most deadly aim of all was to kill us from within…from the very top! Now, The Wall Street Journal’s eye-opening piece titled: “U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress” may shed light on why two branches of the U.S. government have rolled over and accommodated Obama on every front.

Because the whole (popularly culturalized) world system is arrayed…against the “God’s Honest Truth”! 

“‘Our God is a consuming fire,’ and when God comes on to this earth in the effective working of the redemption of Jesus Christ, He brings pain and havoc and disaster (see Matt. 10:34). The first result of the redemption of Jesus Christ in human life is havoc. If any human life can stand before God on its own basis, Calvary is much ado about nothing. If it can be proved that rationalism is the basis of human life, then the New Testament is nonsense; instead of its being a revelation, it is a cunningly devised fable. There is no need for redemption; Jesus Christ is nothing but a martyr, of whom it was true that He was stricken, smitten of God and afflicted. If we can stand before God, apart from Jesus Christ, we have proved that Calvary is not needed. As soon as Jesus Christ comes in, He produces havoc because the whole world system is arrayed against His redemption. It was the world system of His day, and particularly the religious system, that killed the Son of God. (Glory) ~ Oswald Chambers, “Our Devotion as Disciples”

What if we had been more inspired by these men instead?…

J.R.R. Tolkien (1892 – 1973) is the second on my list. Anyone who knows me knows he is my favorite Inkling, and that I consider him to be a saint (and there has been a movement to get him recognized as such). His works (fiction and non-fiction alike) have been a major influence on how I look at the world. While his major contribution is his literary output, texts which I believe are filled with all kinds of values which are needed for the modern world, we must not neglect the rest of what made Tolkien so special. He was a Catholic; he converted in his youth, when his mother, a single mother, became Catholic (his father had already died). He found in his youth the kind of hardship one must go through to be Catholic; his mother was mistreated by many in his family for her Catholicism, and indeed, he blamed her early death in part because of the family’s lack of concern for her wellbeing because she had become Catholic. He and his brother, Hillary, were given over to the custody of Fr. Francis Morgan when she died, and he helped continue to guide and shape Tolkien’s spiritual development (Fr. Morgan was a resident of the Birmingham Oratory, famous for its association with Cardinal Newman, and it is clear this had an influence on Tolkien and his spiritual development). Throughout his life, Tolkien was a faithful Catholic, despite the hardships he had from it, including a struggle he faced with his immediate family: he required Edith to convert to Catholicism before they got married, but her heart was not in the conversion. At one point in their marriage, she stopped going to church, causing friction in their household; eventually she would reconcile herself to Catholicism, though the heartache this experience caused can be seen in several of Tolkien’s letters when he discusses the problems of marriage (in saying this, it must be pointed out that his love for Edith remained strong; the conflict hurt emotionally, but it did not override his love). Tolkien was known to go to daily mass and eucharistic adoration (and in one of his letters, points out to a kind of vision he had one day, the kind which I am sure helped him in his trials). His son, John Tolkien, must have been deeply affected by his father’s faith, for he was to become a priest. Academically, Tolkien was a philologist; sadly, less people are familiar with his work here, though for one fascinated by Tolkien, this should be a side which is not ignored, because his literary works only make sense in relation to his philology – his literary work, in many ways, ended up becoming philological experiments, the kind of which is difficult to detect unless one is familiar with his wide range of studies. Tolkien was highly critical of the modern world; he questioned the drive for domination which is found with technological progress – power corrupts, not just the person who looks for it, but those around him as well; in his works one can note how tyranny leads to pollution (both spiritual and physical). Yet, despite the problems of modernity, Tolkien, who certainly knew sorrow, nonetheless kept a spirit of joy and playfulness which I find intriguing and important, for if one can follow him in it, I believe it can help lead to a spiritual revolution which will overcome many of the problems we see around us today.

For the third, we come to Hans Urs von Balthasar (1905 – 1988). It’s very hard to describe Balthasar and his contributions; he was a brilliant theologian who was well-read and capable of addressing several areas of thought, bringing them together for the sake of his theology. His desire to restore aesthetics as a theological category, bringing it under the category of Glory, has not yet achieved the kind of success he would have liked, but one can say it is because it has not yet been popularized yet. Balthasar’s genius, however, lay beyond his aesthetics (which is very important); it is his desire to show how ancient theological and philosophical explorations can be used to meet the modern world; he understood we do not have to reject one to appreciate the other. Balthasar saw that every age produces greatness, but also every age has its own dangerous undercurrents which one must not succumb to if one wanted to follow the path of truth. Every age, every culture, has its imbalance, its tendency, which, when revealed, shows why one must not entirely adhere to it, but to be moved beyond it to overcome its mistakes. For the modern world, the terrors are great; Balthasar was not one who thought that world history was a one-way street of positive development; instead, he saw it as the constant struggle between the truth and falsehood, between love and hate, good and evil; the light of truth reveals the dark undercurrents, and that which was once hidden in the shadows, now exposed, lashes out with furry. Utopia is impossible because the good provokes evil, sin, and the more intense the good, the more intense the provocation. Balthasar really presents to us the limits of the human enterprise, and the dangers of self-theosis; and it is this realization which, beyond his aesthetics, is needed today. He believed that we are seeing the accumulation and strengthening of evil around us and we should not be surprised if it strikes out against us, challenging our beliefs, and putting our very lives in danger.

Henri de Lubac (1896 – 1991). Cardinal Henri de Lubac is one of the more influential Catholic theologians of the 20th century. His contributions included a rejection of the individualism which had come into the Catholic Church as well as a redirection of Thomism based upon his re-reading of Aquinas and his work with Augustine. He was to look at and examine some of the underpinnings of modern society, showing its relationship to secular atheism; for this reason, he points out why Catholics should not entirely accept the culture at large. Indeed, he saw the progression to secular atheism necessary based upon poor philosophical and theological foundations found during the late scholastic era (the idea of pure nature). But, on the other hand, he did not reject the advances of the modern age, and he was a significant defender of Teilhard de Chardin (he did not agree with all that Teilhard wrote, but he was able to see a Catholic root behind Teilhard’s writings). During World War II, he was actively involved with the French Resistance. He always provided a strong voice against anti-Semitism. His work with patristics led him to co-establish the Sources Chrétiennes series of texts, a collection of critical editions of patristic writers with French translations. While he was elevated to the position of cardinal in 1983, he was first given the chance in 1969 but he declined because he did not want to be a bishop; when he eventually was made a cardinal, he was given a dispensation so that he did not have to become a bishop: he was given the rank of Cardinal Deacon. His work, Catholicism, was his first major theological work and one which was to have critical acclaim, both in his time and after (I was able to see a copy of it in the library of J.R.R. Tolkien), and remains a major influence in my own theological discourse. His examination of the question of “pure nature” found in many of his writings, such as in his Surnaturel, continues to help me in my own work when I deal with the issues of Gnosticism.

Bede Griffiths (1906 – 1993). Dom. Bede Griffiths is an interesting figure; he studied literature under C.S. Lewis, and was to become a life-long friend of Lewis. The two of them were both non-Christian and converted to the Christian faith around the same time. Bede and a group of his friends once tried to live an experimental life, living as if they were in a pre-modern society, and they tried to make do without nay modern luxuries. During that time, Bede became interested in Catholicism, and was to convert and eventually become a Benedictine monk in 1932. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1940. He was to find his monastic life rather easy in comparison to how he had lived before, which is a rare thing to hear about by anyone becoming a Cistercian. In the 1950s he decided to become a missionary and joined in with an inculturated mission established in India (the mission was started by Abbe Jules Monchanin and Henri le Saux; the way they conducted themselves was in part following the suggestion of Henri de Lubac to engage theology and philosophy through mysticism and to preach Catholicism in a way which would engage Indian traditions). The mission took its inculturated way of life seriously, and followed the standards set up by Robert de Nobili many centuries earlier. Bede would take it, and make it his own, expanding upon it: he actively engaged Hindu and Buddhist texts and thinkers, sometimes writing commentaries on them. He was interested in show how they could relate and even enhance Catholic thought. Despite some debates between the two (Bede tried to convert Lewis), he remained friends with his mentor until Lewis’ death; indeed, one can see how Bede’s life was an active engagement of one of the ideals they held in common: that pagan, pre-christian societies had deep religious roots which could be brought up when brought in contact with Christianity. Indeed, they believed one could always find hints of the Gospel in them, showing that there was a kind of preparation for the Gospel to be found in the religions of the world. Indeed, this meant pagan societies were superior to post-christian ones (Lewis, after saying it might be important to reconvert the world to paganism before it could truly be Christian again, compared the difference between the two kinds of societies with a virgin and a widow, one waiting in expectation, the other having lost what they once hoped for). His work with the mysticism of the East allowed Bede to explore contemporary science, such as quantum physics, and to try to merge Eastern Mysticism, Scientific Progress, and Christianity together in a unique work, A New Vision of Reality. While one can question Bede’s conclusions, one can appreciate the foundations he laid for further, more theologically trained thinkers to follow his steps, and deal with the questions he set up. His way was very popular instead of academic – with the strengths and weaknesses associated with work.  It is those weaknesses which sometimes led him to simplistic conclusions that smacked of syncretism. But one can look at his work, and his own personal holiness, and appreciate what he has done while remaining critical of it. There is much one can learn from him; but as with all trailblazers, one of the things to learn is where not to go, where attempted paths failed. He is a hero for me because he tried to do the kind of work which I think is necessary for the Christian of today, the kind which I try to do in my own work (however different the methodologies and studies I have from him).

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ January 17, 2016

The Progressive Pied Piper

The Progressive Pied Piper

1.      Morality (mo-ral-i-ty) NOUN

    1. principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. ~ Oxford Dictionary

Wherever we are and whoever we are, there can be no greater question before us all than the question of moral authority. The perception of moral authority in almost all instances will pave the way to legal authority and political power. But the Oxford definition of morality leaves us with an even greater question…WHO and WHAT make the determining “distinction between right and wrong”? Who, what and where is the moral authority in our lives? Ask a Progressive and a Conservative that question, and you are likely to get two different answers. You are also that much closer to understanding the unraveling of America taking place, as I wrote last Sunday, “before our very eyes”. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…

The Line of Morality Separating Progressivism from Conservatism

First understand that Progressivism and Humanism are practically synonymous. Humanism is defined as a philosophical position that stresses the autonomy of human reason in contradistinction to the authority of the Church” according to Ann Barnhardt, who goes on to decry Humanism as a “diabolical narcissistic mindset”. In fact, it was the prevailing mindset that turned the French Revolution into a bloodbath-orgy of Liberal persuasion, by drawing French society into a secular revolt against the Church, mirroring exactly what is being forced on America today! Whereas the American Revolution by contrast, was inspired by God alone as the ultimate moral authority and supreme source of man’s “inalienable rights”!

I would argue, as painful as this is to say, that the same America that threw off the shackles of tyranny in the American Revolution has, by inviting Progressivism into the mainstream, put them back on in what can be best described as what is shaping up to be our own version of the French Revolution on steroids. Look into the young minds on the campuses of Brown, Yale, Columbia and Princeton being taught to HATE and persecute those who challenge their own humanist declarations and “social justice” compassions, and you will find yourself knee-deep in the darkest déjà vu delights of human nature all over again. I don’t need to see the guillotine to feel the horror of its presence. I don’t need to be the Vendée to know the honor of their fight in the hour of their glory.

The fantasy world Progressives actually believed they could force all of us to live in is literally crashing and collapsing into the real world at this very moment in time. As the Progressive President is lying to the world about the State of the Union, American sailors are on their knees surrendering to a society that murders poets and priests for their beliefs, executes gays and forces women to cover up their heads…much the same way as Obama covers up the truth…knowing Walmart’s plans to close 269 stores worldwide as he lied to us in the SOTU! Just another Friday news-dump in Obamaville!

The two greatest blunders of the 21st Century will no doubt be credited to the Oslo panel of Humanist panderers for awarding Liberal economist-hack Paul “money-grows-on-trees” Krugman and President Barack “lead-from-behind” Obama with the once prestigious Nobel Prize! America is truthfully more indebted, thanks more to these two Progressive Pied Pipers than all the bankers in the history of the world combined!

The reasons cited by the Oslo panderers in 2008 and 2009 respectively? Krugman ~ “having shown the effects of economies of scale on trade patterns and on the location of economic activity.” Obama ~ “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people”. I don’t believe it’s humanly possible to squeeze more financial and political BS into 28 words! Kind of slick how the economic redistributionist set the world stage for the political redistributor…doncha think? What shall we call the name of this new world “Humanist” play acted out on the new world “Humanist” stage? How about, “Fake Money Given Away By A Fake President”? …just before the bottom falls out! Speaking of which…

The following quote is an excerpt from a woman who could swim intellectual circles around the Progressive Nobel Dunce Tag-Team, explaining to a group of ranchers exactly how these moral degenerates took what might have been an ordinary cherry bomb and transformed it into an econo-geo-political hydrogen bomb already in firing sequence, well beyond the mathematical possibility of disarming:

I leaned then towards an INFLATIONARY event, because of the sheer enormity of the “money printing”, that is, debt creation, already well underway at that time.  We then discussed how a large deflation could possibly then follow, and my focus at that time was drilling into the guys (and gals) that when inflation comes, the WORST POSSIBLE THING ONE COULD DO would be to re-lever.  In other words, when inflation hits, CAPTURE THE EQUITY.  DO NOT EXPAND WITH LEVERAGE.  IF ONE HAD DEBT, USE THE WAVE OF INFLATION TO PAY DOWN OR COMPLETELY PAY OFF THE DEBT.  Then, if and when the markets deflate, the deflation will not be catastrophic.  Cash flows would continue, selling and buying back will continue, and, if the inflation was severe enough, the cattleman would be operating debt-free. ~ Ann Barnhardt, “The Only Protection Is Equity”

Brace yourself for the proverbial cold-splash bottom line! In the Humanist world, we are living in a Hollywood-produced, Pop Culture-fed, Smart Phone/TV-induced…hallucination. In the real world, we are a narcissistic school of fish swimming in a tank full of our own raw sewage. Progressivism is about becoming the hallucination. Conservatism, on the other hand, is about realizing you’re a fish drawn into the light of personal redemption, living in a tank that’s in desperate need of a serious cleaning. Brace yourself dear friend. The “Line of Morality” is fast becoming the Battle Line in the War of the Worlds.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ January 10, 2016

A Question of Moral Authority

A Question of Moral Authority

Have you noticed lately how it is becoming nearly impossible to watch TV without the constant drone of anything-and-everything-goes sexual messaging. Grey’s Anatomy has become one colossal sex-capade with an occasional medical procedure thrown in the mix for good measure! And yesterday I happened to watch part of an episode of Law & Order where a female art gallery owner was stoned to death. Here the writers/producers set us up to expect it was a radical Muslim who did the killing, offended by the artwork she displayed. Only they write a fanatical Christian Terror Brigade into the villainous role instead, making the son the executioner of his own mother…to save her soul. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend!

Before Our Very Eyes

I understand that these shows are produced for “entertainment” purposes, but is this really entertaining? Our moral compass certainly seems to have been re-calibrated, in my opinion, as programming has devolved into sexualized and violence-ridden episodes that seem intent on portraying Christians as zealous and crazed Bible-thumping wackadoos. This 24/7 streaming agitprop crap is everywhere. I think they must have a transgender quota on Chopped! Meanwhile in the real world, on the very same day the Law & Order Christian Terrorist episode aired, a Muslim son publically executed his own mother in Syria for “Apostasy”. And this, the day after a Philadelphia police officer was ambushed in his patrol car by another Muslim son pledging his allegiance to ISIS during and after the crime…followed immediately by the Mayor of Philadelphia’s cowardly cover-up, “The shooter does not represent Islam!”

So while Christianity is being demonized, making it more palatable for the average American to accept the persecution of Christians before their very eyes; Islam is officially sanctioned and protected by the State. Any Muslim offender foolish enough to be caught or killed is instantly written off as workplace violence…while the media searches desperately for the next angry white male incident to sensationalize.

A friend sent me this article about a family in Norway who had their children seized by the State because they were being raised as traditional God-fearing Christians. Some of you will read this and think to yourselves this could never happen here. But I would simply say, there are already plenty of incidents of Social Services over-reach and intrusion into the lives of American families across the country. And I would add, the stage is set for a far more aggressive approach…especially in the case of families possessing, shall we say, more maverick-like tendencies who reject the pastures of modernism and the lures of “social norm”.

Think of all of the tinder-box trip-wires across America at this very moment. Whether or not you agree with Ammon Bundy’s stand in Oregon or not, there is the underlying question of moral authority…and a nearly civically illiterate society capable of making that determination. BECAUSE the Truth of their history and founding has been stolen from them. Please pass this forward:

Constitutional attorney, author and public speaker Kris Ann Hall, who is spending a great deal of her time traveling America to speak to young people about the Constitution, gives us nine minutes about a situation taking place right now in America that is vitally important to Free People everywhere.  Land management and property rights according to the Constitution. Don’t miss this opportunity to wake up to Truth!

And what do you know! Down in Alabama, a certain judge has taken a stand against the very same over-reaching government attempting to dictate authority where the legal authority does not exist. God Bless Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore!

As those in power are eventually discovered for the hucksters and frauds they are, more and more Americans are waking up to the true moral authority in their lives, the rights they forgot they had, and the power they possess…to the panic and horror of the establishment! Or have 20% of Democrats gone over to the Trump side for a chance to fly in his helicopter? Hmmm?

We are at critical mass my friends. It is time to be careful, mindful and vigilant. When evil is backed into a corner, it will do whatever it has to in order to survive and maintain its grip on power. Obama desperately needs a trigger. Don’t let it be your finger that squeezes it. They are hanging themselves before our very eyes.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ January 3, 2016

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

The last day of 2015 was an amazing day in my life. As I reflect in writing, I am struggling to explain it to you as if I am writing you in one language, while you are reading in another. So much, I fear, is lost in translation…but know this. As the earliest revelations unfolded to me on the mountain, they came in this order: My priorities were out of whack. God is the River Bed we must commit our roots to, before I am the husband to my wife, the father to my children and the neighbor to my neighbor. And, “When we draw near to God, He draws near to us.” I came to this mid-year epiphany and made this adjustment in September. Before the September sojourn, my life was in disarray. Some of the most important relationships in my life were frayed, breaking or broken as I felt myself becoming more and more the stranger in a strange land.  I will place the year in context as best I can for you to best appreciate the miracle(s) that followed. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend.

The Power of Holding Opposites

Before I set the 2015 stage for you, let me take you back to the 2005 MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) Convention in New Orleans, to better understand the Tree of Life I wrote about in Chapter 18…

Steve Kerr of the World Champion Chicago Bulls was one of the motivational speakers brought in to fire up the thousands of insurance producers from around the world who come to MDRT every year to get fired up. His talk was especially intriguing to me as a student of Kabbalah and mapping of life energy via the Tree of Life. He revealed the heart of Phil Jackson’s coaching philosophy deeply rooted in Eastern spiritualism, and the power of holding opposites. I wrote about the male/warrior-female/compassion (gevurah-chesed) in Chapter 18. Steve Kerr shared how holding opposite energies simultaneously made them the greatest basketball team in the world. Coach Jackson taught them to treat every shot as if the fate of the universe depended on it…and as if it means absolutely nothing in the very same instant. It’s not one or the other. It’s both at once!

So, with that as the backdrop, follow me into 2015. America is a much different place today than it was in 2005 for so many reasons! We were smarter people with cell phones then. We are zombies with smart phones now. We led ourselves to identify more as fellow Americans in 2005. Today we are led to identify more by gender, ideology, race and creed…it’s as if we’re being deliberately balkanized. Some of us see it as a good thing, while others sense a more sinister hand in what has been openly referred to as “fundamental transformation”. Wasn’t America a good place to begin with? What is this change? What is it costing us? What are we giving up?

Being on the questioning team, as opposed to the going along team, has cost those of us questioning a very high price relative to the boldness of our questioning. As power has coalesced away from local to central, it has gained a greater capacity to reward the go-alongers, in direct proportion to the punishment it metes out to the questioners. By the early summer of 2015, my questioning had cost me a treasured friendship and was threatening the love of my life!

Now, its critically important here to make a general observation concerning a key difference between the go-alongers and the questioners as it relates to the Tree of Life. In general, go-alongers are Chesed-cleavers (compassion) who tend to shun their own Guvuric voice and the same vital energy in others as well. Whereas, the questioners tend to cleave more to their gevurah (warrior), not because they shun their own chesed, but because they are compensating for the imbalance created by a growing herd of go-alongers fleeing the most important energy at this moment in time. As Kurt Russell so wisely said in a recent interview, “Now is not the time to lay down your arms!”

Here is where the miracles resulting from my mountain-top revelations kick in. After wandering in the pre-Esterbrook desert long enough to realize I needed to re-establish my riverbed roots, God moved in to provide answers to this questioner’s questions…which, when I stopped to think about it, were mostly prayers without confidence!

So, on the very last day of the year, the Holy Spirit compelled me to visit the friend I had lost by offending him with the tone of my questioning, to seek his forgiveness…just as the same Spirit moved in him to give it. And in my home that night, the same Spirit brought forth a balance embodied in the persons of our guests. We discussed Gun-control,  Liberty and Islam; a conversation as heated as it got, that would ordinarily have polarized the room. Instead, the go-alongers came together with the questioners. In giving themselves to each other without giving themselves away, they were able to experience the nurturing essence of what they’d previously rejected…even if only for precious moments, a taste they will not soon forget. This is a miraculous gift to take with us into 2016!

After a good workout in the gym the following morning, New Year’s Day, I shared the highlights of the remarkable evening with two fellows in the sauna. After a good laugh, one of the gentlemen mentioned the medical advice he had received from his doctor who essentially prescribed eliminating “The News” from our lives as the key to living long healthy lives. Thinking of Steve Kerr, the Tree and God’s miraculous gifts, I said, “Well, there is another option. We can hold the awareness and the noise of what is happening in the world around us in the very same moment with the silence, grace and thankfulness in our hearts for all we are blessed with. We can harness the power of holding both together.”  :-)

Chip Murray: Wide Awake
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My Prayer for the New Year

Stronger than Champagne!

Stronger than Champagne!

May we resolve as a people to find our way in 2016, by looking first at our own personal failings, missteps, neglects, ill-conceived delegations, wishful-thinkings, shallow vanities and betrayals; and second, by seeking our own redemption and reconnection to Faith, along with a fully restored and re-energized hunger for Truth!

May we resolve as a people in the New Year to increase the pace of our love where it matters most, so as to outdistance the empty desire to be “liked” by multitudes chasing the same tail of worthless and unquenchable satisfaction.

May we resolve in our marriages to put our homes before the noise, to live by example, to place values over comforts with renewed commitments to pass along what has been passed to us. To generously feed our friendship, nurture our trust and respect in one another as the greatest and most important partnership of all!

May we resolve as parents to assume full and awesome responsibility and accountability for the health, education, moral development, and general welfare of our children! May we maintain the necessary diligence and courage to monitor and question with boldness, those who aspire to lure instead of teach, shape instead of inspire, and mold instead of persuade those we love and cherish beyond ourselves!  

And finally, may we come together as “one nation under God” in 2016 to restore the sanity, and integrity to our Republic; the greatest system of self-governance ever devised, lifting more souls from the depths of poverty and despair to the shores of freedom and prosperity than all others combined!

I want to wish all of you good health and good cheer in the New Year. I want to ask you all to pray for those friends and family members among us who find themselves facing serious health issues that call their own futures into the kind of doubt, pain and anguish few of us can comprehend. May God’s Grace answer these prayers and lift the darkness so…Amen

“There is a type of suffering caused because we do not see the way out. A man may say that the basis of things is rational—‘Get to the bottom of things and you will find it all simple and easy of explanation’—well, that simply is not true. The basis of things is not rational, but tragic, and when you enter the domain of suffering and sorrow you find that reason and logic are your guide among things as they are, but nothing more. Is it rational that I should be born with a heredity over which I have no control? Is it rational that nations that are nominally Christian should be at war? The basis of things is tragic, and the only way out is through Redemption. Many a man in mental stress of weather is driven to utter what sounds like blasphemy, and yet he may be nearer God than in his complacent acceptance of beliefs that have never been tried. Never be afraid of the man who seems to you to talk blasphemously, he is up against problems you may never have met with; instead of being wrathful, be patient with him. The man to be afraid of is the one who is indifferent, what mortality he has got is well within his own grasp, and Jesus Christ is of no account at all.” ~ Oswald Chambers, from Redemption is the Way Out

And Jesus answered them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick; I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” ~ Luke 5:31-32

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