SMT October 4, 2015 ~ Go Hear It On The Mountain!

The Esterbrook Community Church

The Esterbrook Community Church

For those of you who’ve missed my regular posts and Sunday Morning Tune-ups, I’ve been away on what you might call a spiritual retreat. I found the perfect place, as you may be able to tell from the picture, in the community of Esterbrook at the foot of Laramie Peak in Wyoming. I sojourned on a mountain top in order to go as deep into the well of myself as I could. It’s amazing what one can find when one looks in the right places. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…

The Quonset Hut

Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water, that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers. ~ Psalms 1

One of the easiest things in life to get used to, is easy. Easy is a place most of us will choose when given the choice between the easy way, and the hard way. I told a group friends recently, “Having been raised in the same world with the same values and principles as each of you, I have come to a place where I can no longer reconcile these values and principles with the world around me. So I will be sojourning to an isolated place in the mountains of Wyoming…to listen.” It is hard to leave the people we’ve grown to love, the places of comfort and routine, and those things that become habit. But sometimes it is necessary to break away in order to regain your bearings…especially when feeling the growing sense that too many things just aren’t right. Chiropractors would say, “out of alignment”, “in need of adjustment” and things like that. Mechanics warn us about wearing out our tires as the result of poor alignment. And then there’s the doctors and nutritionists we rely on, who might warn us when we are making unhealthy choices and living unhealthy lifestyles that could ultimately require pharmaceutical or surgical treatment…introducing a whole new set of issues.

I realized, as a Christian man, that my life had drifted out of alignment as measured by the Psalms 1 benchmark. If we can know and understand how our bodies will express poor health when misaligned through bad habits and poor choices, isn’t it reasonable to question the quality of our expression in relationship to the world around us as a result of our own spiritual misalignment? It’s easy to ignore our “out of alignment” situation in much the same way as an alcoholic experiences denial. But we become out-of-tune guitars to the ears of friends and family…sounding good mostly to other poorly aligned folks…and the ever-wilting crop of enablers and sympathizers.

I will tell you from experience, that when you come to the ultimate “between a rock and a hard place” moment in your life, if your heart is open to the light it will enter in. When you cast off denial with a final conviction, the “Just When You Think” Angels respond. The random tumblers of events will fall into place to reveal the runway lights, just as they did to show me the way to Esterbrook, Wyoming…right around the time the Pope was touching down on American soil for the very first time in his life.

Now you should know a little about Esterbrook and how I came to land here, to appreciate the divine plan behind it all. My friend Clay the woodcarver discovered it some years ago as a place to relocate his family and business, if he could just find enough customers. So he had been spending May through September for the past two years, leaving his family in Sugar Loaf New York, to drive out here and live with the friends who would become family, renting out the Stan Sherman Quonset Hut which is a life lesson, in and of itself! Stan had built a well-provisioned fortress that could accommodate his family, all 35 of his year-round neighbors, survive any and all imaginable disasters…and then passed away from cancer.

Esterbrook is a mountain-top community of mostly retired couples with one church and one bar; Dee and Larry’s Esterbrook Lodge. The beers used to slide from one end of the bar to the other on their own, until Clay designed and built them a brand new bar top which is now the only level structure in a bar so authentically rustic, you half expect Kit Carson or Bill Cody to wander in while you’re there! The people are so friendly, you wonder if there’s something wrong with them after having lived for so long in New York. As fate would have it, the “Hut” would be my sanctuary of solitude, the perfect “hearing post” for the next couple of weeks, as Clay departed for Sugar Loaf two days after I arrived.

Now brace yourself, as I told my friend Pastor Bill from New York, for the “Holy Goose Bumps”! Part of my reason for coming here was to give myself and those I love most the space to find “clarity” and reasons to believe. So on the Sunday morning immediately following my thirty hour drive to Esterbrook, Clay and I attended my very first Esterbrook Community Church service with the one and only Pastor Kirby Kudlak. Here’s where the “Holy Goose Bumps” come in. The scripture readings were from Proverbs 31 “The Good Wife”, Psalms 1 or what I like to call “The Good Man”, James 3:13 “Meekness of Wisdom” and James 4:8 “Draw nearer to God, and God will draw nearer to you.” And finally, Mark 9:30-37, what I like to call “It’s not about you!” So, in other words, God freeze-framed my life and marriage into a portrait I could step back and examine in order to identify my misalignment and realize my priorities were out-of-whack!

It should be noted, if you ever consider taking such a journey…you are more than likely to experience a spiritual turbulence I call transitional anxiety when entering into this place of decompression. I believe it is caused by the part of you holding on to the part of you needing to let go. The degree by which you are out of alignment, will most likely determine the degree of anxiety you will likely experience in your transition. For me it came on the first night on the mountain in the worst nightmares I’ve ever experienced. It also manifested itself in feelings of inferiority that came over me in the first day, which I interpreted as my ego attempting to drag me back from my adventure to the home of “old familiar”! Not so fast, I told myself! ;-)

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A Time to Disobey Unjust Laws & “Absolute Despotism”!

I cannot be led where I will not go!

I cannot be led where I will not go!

“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” ~ Martin Luther King

Barack Obama may have promised “Hope & Change”, but he delivered “Absolute Despotism”! Everywhere one looks, in every direction, are signs of a government untethered to the covenant of its own empowerment! What obligation do we have to any government that makes persistent mockery of due process, replacing rule of law with rule by decree? None! If King were alive today, he would have extended his appeal to read, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws and immoral government! If I am wrong, then someone please answer me how in heavens name there is democracy with NO DEMOCRATIC DEBATE???

The greatest indicator of the truth I am speaking to can be found in the hearts and minds of our own military and domestic law enforcement communities. I heard it directly from the parents of a son and daughter-in-law both serving in the Marines just last week, torn by love of country and a deepening distrust and growing resentment for their own “chain of command”! They were nearly in tears describing, what seemed to me, the death of honor.

Before that I read of the Pentagon Brass refusal to arm our men and women at recruiting stations in the wake of the Chattanooga massacre, and then this sergeant’s compelling letter, “Calling it Quits”. They are losing heart in rapidly growing numbers each and every day. And a military without heart is a military without strength of conviction…an army without fight! The quality of whatever will be left in the ranks under those terms, probably had no heart to begin with…definitely no appreciation or understanding of “Constitutional Authority”, and more than likely will follow any and all orders given.

And then we have a “Fatwa-like” environment intentionally created by the same corrupt powers in our government that have cost 25 police officers their lives so far this year! Small business owners don’t naturally turn their backs the very people who protect them without being “Inspired” to do so! And those with heart in the chain of command who dare to speak up, pay the price for doing so!

Love him or hate him, there is only one man I see in the field of contenders with the strength and courage to stand up to the despot. I’m not yet convinced on the essence of his integrity, but his letter to Zuckers was an absolute stroke of genius, and a sign of great leadership!

“I believe that all profits from this broadcast should go to various VETERANS groups, a list of which I will send you in the near future. The veterans of our country, our finest people, have been treated horribly by our government and it’s ‘all talk and no action’ politicians.”

These are extremely dire times for the America we love. Whether Trump is real or not, we have our own moral responsibilities to safeguard and protect. We need to protect and serve those who protect and serve us. Any people unwilling to do so, are unworthy of the freedom they cherish.

Note ~ My access to internet and modern conveniences may be sparse over the next couple of weeks, so please be patient if I miss a beat or two.

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The Wanting Wishers and the Dystopia They Wished Us!

The "Paradise" We Wished For!

The “Paradise” We Wished For!

“If you crap in one hand and wish in the other, which hand will fill up first?” ~ Words of Wisdom by Jack Licha, fondly referred to by those of us who worked for him forty-three years ago as “The Chief”.

No society falls to these depths without at least the implicit consent of the population, and even the most ruthless of governments can’t survive if its citizens refuse to go along with the program. ~ Joshua Krause

Barack Obama is the handful of crap a society of utopian-chasing wishers wished for! Nature abounds with devastating examples of things that appear too good to be true…the sweet nectar of the Venus Fly Trap, the beautiful rings of the Coral Snake, and the inviting call to sleep…before one freezes to death. The ideological lure of Obama was every bit as deadly to a nation that celebrated freedom, and a world that wished for the same. Ann Barnhardt writes;

“The Obama regime has brought the entire planet to critical mass. A triangular imploding collapse appears imminent on the financial front as Keynesian theory coupled with the Cloward-Piven strategy enter their final destructive phase; the military front as Obama’s reformed islamic Caliphate prepares to finish what Hitler started and undo the victories of Charles Martel at Tours and King Jan Sobieski at Vienna; and the cultural front as marriage has been all but destroyed, sodomy is celebrated, and pedophilia is fast-tracked for normalization and decriminalization.” ~ Ann Barnhardt, “There Must Be A Reckoning”

Wanting Wishers have an enormously tough time with reckoning! Falsely fortified by a generation or two of radical professors force-feeding them a vision of utopia-through-equality, left them emotionally obese and intellectually malnourished! In the long-forgotten Buckley-Vidal Debate, the Conservative Lion admonishes the Liberal Lamb, “Freedom guarantees inequality” for the perfectly natural reason that there will always be those willing to work harder, take more risks, and sacrifice more than others in the natural world!

The problem is that we were lured by corrupt politicians and false prophets who thought they could outsmart the natural order, and promised the wishing world what the natural world could not possibly deliver. Welcome to the natural result, the polar opposite of what they sought…Dystopia!

After a West Point professor prescribed a coup-type remedy for dealing with the usurper (leading to his resignation), a survey was conducted that shockingly revealed 29% of Americans would support it! We are absolutely at “critical mass” as Ann puts it. The only thing keeping us from the inevitable “Lord of the Flies” implosion, is the ever-thinning veneer of their financial hologram!

To comprehend the magnitude of our detachment from reality, I wanted to share this article sent to me from my friend Claude who happens to be a supporter of the avowed Socialist, Bernie Sanders. What makes this so fascinating to me is that Claude, whom I love dearly, believes his support of a Socialist to the highest office in the land, is consistent with his reverence for our Founders, their First Principles, and the very Republic they conceived! The “ex-pat” author and fellow Wanting Wisher uses just enough truth to make the lie believable. He simply places the luring light of Utopia just beyond our reach to (brace yourself) the European Lands of Milk & Honey! Don’t be fooled…the Truth hurts. It always has, and it always will!

Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.” ~ William Penn


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ September 13, 2015

The Fruit of Error!

The Fruit of Error!

There is a great temptation today to confuse sociological evolution with spiritual progress, and Christians are the first to succumb to that temptation. Nevertheless, the Bible expressly tells us that the history of mankind ends in judgment. It does not give place to the Kingdom. ~ Jacques Ellul, False Presence of the Kingdom, from MM’s “Francis & Political Illusion”

A human soul languishing in the desert for days without food or water, baking under a relentless sun with no shade in sight, walks until it crawls to the edge of its own death. Just as it is about to close its eyes for the very last time, it spots what appears to be two glasses on a flat rock. One is filled with clear sparkling liquid, and the other with something slightly murky. Its mind reaches for the clear glass, downs it instantly, and dies a slow agonizing death in the desert…having taken the poison without thinking to smell or taste the murky water first. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…

“Is the Pope Catholic?”

What a staggering question put forth…on the front cover of Newsweek!! Think of the enormous and entangling implications of such a bold question raised, concerning the very integrity of the Chair of Peter and the Vicar of Christ. Imagine the surgeon giving the nod to the anesthesiologist to begin open-heart surgery on your six-year-old son, when the head nurse holds her hand up to ask him if he is really a doctor!

Beware the fruit of error, and the nets of “false compassion” cast to catch the unawares crawling from the desert…desperate and thirsty. “Political Illusion”…like a mirage. The title “Francis & Political Collusion” could work just as well, could it not? The errors of both Church and State are moving in perfect unison to the detriment of mankind! The nets have been cast…THINK!

Even the question is an orchestrated distraction. The Newsweek cover should have our faces with the question, “Are YOU Catholic?” Extrapolate further…Are YOU a Man? Are YOU AWAKE? These are the more important questions, are they not? Because if you can answer yes to all three, then you are able to see the fruits of error everywhere you turn.

Look to the Ivy that has become the Poison Ivy of New Haven to see the “Fruit of Corruption” as it gnashes the minds of your children. Like Sam from yesterday’s blog, who’s been riding with Obama in the desert on the ISLAMIC horse with no name: state-perpetuated violence”! Or we can turn to Washington for a dose of the same political doublespeak from Obama’s mouthpiece, John Kirby: State Department Press Secretary John Kirby offered a contradictory assessment of U.S. progress against radical Islam on Friday, calling the ideology a “loser” that was nonetheless “metastasizing” across the world.

Only the mindless sheep…or mindful cowards, would follow such bunk and utter nonsense! We are living through times so perilous, you would have to envision St. Patrick calling upon the residents of Ireland to open their hearts and homes to the snakes…instead of driving them OUT! Sort of reminds me of the joke…

Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear remember to put the seat down? ;-)

Hold fast to your bible and liturgical doctrine as they were a raft in a great flood, because they are Dear Friend! Leave the political charlatans and false prophets to their looms…and hold on tight!


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These Are NOT Your Grandfather’s “Refugees”!

"Look at the crowds — all strong, able-bodied men. Few women. No elderly. An army."

“Look at the crowds — all strong, able-bodied men. Few women. No elderly. An army.”

“According to the U.N. refugee agency, 53% of the migrants are from Syria, 14% from Afghanistan, 7% from Eritrea, and 3% each from Pakistan, Nigeria, Iraq and Somalia. Seventy-two percent are men, only 13% women and 15% children. Not all are fleeing war. Some are fleeing poverty. Not all but the majority are Muslim. ~ Peggy Noonan, “The Migrants and the Elites”

Like many of us, I watched and remembered yesterday as our nation, once again, paid its respects to the heroes, the victims and their families for the fourteenth time on 9/11. Watching the replay of the day America was caught with her pants down, as the very borders of western civilization are dissolving before our eyes, reminds me of a saying from the days of common sense; “You don’t need to hit me with a ton of bricks!” Well, I don’t know the tonnage of what fell on us that day, but I’m judging by the evidence around me…it wasn’t enough! :-(

My favorite Democrat, before suggesting we volunteer to take in a Syrian refugee family, tried to compare the Arab refugees over-running Europe today, with the Jewish refugees fleeing Europe in the late 1930s!! My tongue looks more like a hamburger pattie from having to bite it so often!!

Spend some time in the Muslim sections of Dearborn, Michigan and the Sharia “No-Go-Zones” in Brussels, Belgium, and THEN and ONLY then will I even listen to what you have to say about the “Refugee” Crisis rocking Europe on its way to America. Come to think of it, I will also require you to have acquainted yourself with the progress ISIS has made, and is making, recruiting new members from all corners of the very Western Civilization the “mostly male Muslim” refugees are now invading! Which begs the question of the day…Are they refugees or invaders?

As I recall from my studies; the Jews, the Italians, the Poles and the rest of those fleeing Europe in the 1930s didn’t come to America to set up Jewish, Italian or Polish “No Go Zones”! They fled the land of the Tyrant to ASSIMILATE and immigrate to the land of the FREE! AND, they did it LEGALLY! They were “refugees”! The demographics provided by the UN at the top of this post, and the overwhelming evidence at hand suggest nothing of the sort! These are Invaders!

They have no intent to assimilate in Brussels or Dearborn. In fact, it is the other way around. We are to bow to their Sharia and learn their “Shahada”! In Tennessee for God’s sake!!! The invader’s greatest weapon is our own abandonment of critical thinking! He barely has to lift a finger! We have marinated in our own multi-cultural PC suicide sauce long enough, don’t you think…or don’t you think?

Compassion is a wonderful virtue, but it has been disastrously oversold as a mindless substitute for TRUTH! They lie to us… A LOT! Study the UN-supplied demographics again. Mostly military-aged Muslim males! Watch ~ Google “Rape Gangs”! Listen ~ “Rape of women in conquered lands is a “reward” for fighting for the islamic political system.” Learn ~ The true cost of false compassion! (GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING) More on the Pope tomorrow!

Finally, we need to ask ourselves, “is there a family anywhere in this world more important to me than my own?” How do we protect them by being intentionally stupid? Do your homework. Prepare for the consequences of all the lies, and ACT locally to educate and strengthen your own local communities. Find and join a chapter near you TODAY! :-)

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Portrait of the Oligarch

The Oligarch of Omaha

The Oligarch of Omaha

You want everybody educated to their potential. You want people to reach their potential. That still won’t work for some people in a highly developed market system. I mean if this were a sports-based system, you could give me a PhD in football, and I could practice eight hours a day, and I might be able to carry the water from, not onto the field, but from the locker room to the bench. There’s just some people don’t fit well into a highly skilled market-based economy.  They’re perfectly decent citizens. We’ll send them off to Afghanistan, but they are not going to command a big price.” ~ Warren Buffet, “Some people just don’t fit…”

Imagine a room somewhere in the world where big men with very big bank accounts and even bigger secrets gather behind closed doors. While we diddle over what to call a man who thinks he’s a woman, and dither over who can marry what, they are busy wallpapering their kingdom with our miserable hides. We are cattle to them, and nothing more. Period!

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” ~ Henry Kissinger

Men like Buffet, Kissinger and Soros see themselves as Gods. Their divine self-perceptions are the result of a lifetime surrounded by teams of “yes-men and women” who filter and feed them a never-ending parade of ego-stroking opportunists. Add to this grizzly list of offensive Scrooges the rapidly-growing ranks of Midas-Touch-Millennials topped by Mark Zuckerberg, and a most disturbing pattern begins to emerge…

“People are getting tired of pretending to be perfect and are interested in someone more willing to be honest about the fact that we are all gross nightmares,” ~ Amy Schumer #15 on the Vanity Fair list of “the most important visionaries, investors, and cultural leaders in ‘the Year of the Unicorn.’” Her most anticipated technology? “A vibrator that pays you compliments.” What else would one expect from someone genetically tied to Senator Chuck Schumer…the ultimate poster boy of the Ruling Class Elite!

Nowhere in this geek & geezer-stuffed Oligarch Class is there a whisper of honest morality! Nowhere in their collective vision of investment and leadership is there the trace of a man or woman who puts God before him or herself. In fact, they have made themselves Gods unto themselves, needing only the herd of mindless fools to worship and adore them. Amy Schumer’s quote is stunning in its unintended revelation…you can’t take in the Portrait of the Oligarch without observing the American Herd as the “gross nightmare” she describes to a T! In one sentence, she has painted her own portrait of the American People as one of complete and abject FAILURE…and worse. She paints it as failure to be proud of!

What you will not see in the Portrait of the Oligarch is the gripping fear behind the eyes and beneath the layers of makeup and façade. It is the fear of its own true nature and reliance on the façade that hides it from the world. It is the fear of its own dependency on power, force, control and persuasion, absent the presence of true love. And its deepest fear is of the one who will stand up to expose the charade, strike the right chord, and turn the herd. It keeps them up at night…

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The Church & State Battle Lines in the Great Culture War

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

“If your love feels like hate then it is not love. If you are using God to denigrate and humiliate then it is not God.”

A Left-leaning person I happened to grow up with posted this quote in response to my Sunday Tune-up on the “Chastisement” in which I was critical of the LGTB call for “Safe Spaces”. I did not recognize the quote and for a fraction of a nanosecond, I wondered if it came from MLK, Gandhi or Jesus, only to find its origin was another Leftist actually using God to attack a Christian (Kim Davis). Was “Looney Tunes” a good call yesterday or what?

It’s more than fascinating to me that both Obama and Francis seem to have harnessed the exact same strategy of generating chaos and confusion as the means to their end. The Middle East is in Armageddon mode and Europe is toast, as we are treated to a glimpse of our own future in Ferguson and Baltimore. Is it not an entire universe beyond laughable that the same Architect-masterminds schooled by Alinsky are calling for “Safe Spaces” after torching Ferguson and Baltimore, and calling for a Fatwa against the law-enforcement professionals who keep EVERYONE safe? And then they scratch their heads in bewilderment over the Trump Ascension! Could anyone possibly be that literally blinded by their own ideology?

So the battle lines have formed in the Church on the eve of Francis’ first visit to the United States, where he will most likely get down on his knees…to kiss the UN! The man who has succeeded in dividing the Catholic Family will come to pay homage to he who has divided the American one. The UN must be feeling like a wolf at supper time!

Of course there are those pesky Oath Keepers to deal with. What to do about them I wonder? What will happen when the average American realizes that well-armed white men sworn to “the Oath” actually keep American neighborhoods SAFE, in razor-sharp contrast to the Liberal’s “Safe Space” farce? Then again, one has to be a devout masochist to continue to follow the “Blind”. One Oath Keeper critic actually put armed Oath Keepers on par with armed Black Panthers! At some point one is tempted to ask, “What is it when your love feels like stupidity?” Sign up today! ;-)


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