The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Liberal Repentance and the Prodigal Son

Time to come home?

One of the most common mistakes we make is thinking of sin as merely a legal matter. That is, that it sin is only about breaking a code of laws and rules and righteousness about conforming to them. But to think of sin and righteousness in strictly legal terms is to miss the point. Sin is not fundamentally legal; it is rather fundamentally relational. ~ Sam Guzman, Repentance and the Fatherhood of God

When two completely unrelated events from unrelated sources come together in our field of consciousness to form two sides of the same coin of a profound thought, some call it serendipitous, others write it off as a function of random “chaos theory” (as an atheist friend who reads me no doubt will). I myself credit it to God’s grace…totally separate and apart from His will. So, the two events…

This past week I heard the most hated man in media, Alex Jones say, “How do we convince Liberals we care about them?” The very next day I happened upon the Sam Guzman article linked above. The two events together led me to this profound thought. The Liberal is the Prodigal Son…

When we superimpose the relationship of the Prodigal Son and his father onto the relationship of the Liberal with the Father of man, it is identical. Both Liberal and Prodigal Son demand what they haven’t earned without respect for the source of their inheritance. Both have moved away from communion. Both have moved away from love. Both the Liberal and the Prodigal Son have rejected the Fatherhood (God) and/are squandered/squandering their inheritance. And yet both the father of the Liberal manifest in Alex Jones, and the Father(God) manifest in Prodigal Son’s father are ready to greet the returning son with love. The only sad difference between the two sons is, the Liberal Son isn’t ready to come home yet. The Prodigal Son did not repent until he “came to his senses”, and experienced his father’s mercy upon his return. The Liberal Son has yet to come to his senses.

Think about the Alex Jones gesture towards those who want him dead. And then think about the father of the Prodigal Son who couldn’t wait for him to die. He responds to his son’s hatred, rejection and scorn with the embrace of love and forgiveness. The question I have is what finally drove the Prodigal Son back to his senses…and what will it take to drive the Liberal back to his?

The brilliance of Guzman’s piece, and the final dot connecting the modern-day Liberal to the Prodigal Son, is his pointing out the nature of sin as relational versus legal and how that leads us to repent from the heart of love rather than the mind of a slave. “Likewise with us. When we stop thinking like groveling slaves that have to earn God’s love, a paradigm shift occurs. We no longer fear God in the sense of expecting fierce retribution, but walk in the freedom and confidence of love. ‘Perfect love casts out fear,’ as the Apostle says. We don’t repent because we want God to love us again, we repent because God has never stopped loving us. And that makes all the difference.”

As someone who has lived with and studied the Liberal mind up close and personal, I can share with you another major distinction between the modern-day Liberal and the Prodigal Son. As we know, the Prodigal Son returned home. As pointed out earlier, the Liberal has yet to come to his senses and do the same. In fact, the modern-day Liberal has moved in the opposite direction and is now openly escalating his rebellion and rejection of the Father, into the desperate flames of totalitarian fascism, orchestrated chaos, and violence.

The Holy Bible is a treasure trove of clues in how to examine and fathom the mysteries and societal ills rooted in the relational (Truth). Perhaps next, a closer look at the brother who remained home might be helpful. In the meantime, I encourage my Liberal and Conservative friends to give Alex a watch and a listen.


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ “A Good American”

William Binney, “A Good American”

“If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.”  ~ John 15:18-19

By now, most of you who read me have seen the Bernie Sanders McCarthyesque attack on Trump nominee Russell Vought…for being a Christian. This week we all watched in horror (some with delight) as a Bernie follower came to a baseball field (perfect) to shoot as many Republicans as he could. And all of this happening with the image of anti-Trump Jihadist Kathy Griffin fresh in our minds, as the Time Warner-sponsored Trump Assassination Play continues to delight a fevered blister of lost souls. To describe them using the McCarthy era vernacular of Un-American would be far better than they deserve. They are literally drawn to death just as moths are drawn to light. They march as zombies, completely unaware of their steady cadence on a trend line…following the Lie straight to Hell. These were our friends, neighbors…and family members.

Every day I have more and more people admit to me that they are living their lives under the cloud of a totally false narrative. I’ve lost track of the people who have confessed to me that they are silent in the face of the Lie for fear of losing their jobs. What’s a good American to do? Well, er…uh…I dunno, how about FIGHT for your children’s children’s rights to the same pursuit and attainment of happiness that America has given you? Something funny happened on the way to the Trump Hate-fest in the Central Park Forum the other night. A Good American by the name of Laura Loomer took the stage and called out the Leftist Lunatics for the despicable fascists they are! Oliver Stone is/has made a movie about another good American entitled A Good American. It’s the true story of NSA Whistleblower William Binney, the mathematical genius who developed the agency’s surveillance web to protect Americans, and then watched in horror as the agency took his work, removed the privacy protections, and used it to spy on American citizens.

Do we need to get ourselves arrested in Central Park, or become whistleblowers to earn the title of a good American? Of course not. There are millions of decent Americans who wake up every day, earn their daily bread, care for their families, and treat their neighbors with respect and dignity. But if the Left has made a bubble for itself, so too have many good people on the Right. I spend my days in a workforce that specializes in the silent occupation of keeping their heads down. I fear the day well known in the history books as “too late” when even they will eventually look up to see what their neglect and willful blindness has cost them.

The very first step is awareness, no? The second would be realization, and the third must be action. If we are aware of the history of  “Our Utopian Revolutionaries”, then we realize that the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Holder’s, Lynch’s, Comey’s, Brennan’s, and Clapper’s are simply the latest incarnations of a very, very old and worn-out lie. Thus realizing creates the knowing which becomes the burden separating the decent American from A Good American. The decent American places the burden onto his children. A Good American takes it upon himself to take the necessary action.  If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace. ~ Thomas Paine

David Carlin writes, The serpent of revolutionary utopianism has been scotched, not killed.” He is absolutely 100% correct. And every time it is decanted, it comes back stronger than before. But like every monster before it; it can, must, and will be destroyed. This is ONLY possible when the average, every day, decent American awakens to his/her duty to become A Good American where they live, by simply rejecting the Lie whenever and wherever it rears its ugly head…even, as in the case of William Binney, it means giving up the job you loved.

Let the Liberal “Progressive” obsess over their “utopian” mortality. Ours must be eternity.


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ “Our Prayers…”

“Fighting like hell to save the Garden.”

“And let Jerusalem,” the God-lit city, “come to your mind.” Ask yourself, What do I let come into my mind? If a man lets his garden alone, it pretty soon ceases to be a garden; and if a saint lets his mind alone, it will soon become a garbage patch for Satan’s scarecrows.” ~ Oswald Chambers, The Garden of the Mind

The only thing I find more offensively disturbing than the Liberal Silence that follows every Muslim Act of Savagery, are the hollowest words from the hollowest people of all, “Our prayers are with (fill in the blank)”, read on cue by Politician (fill in the blank). Read on cue, time and time again by the Godless (and in most cases childless) politicians who’ve “sold us out” (Tommy Robinson), to a horrified public…stripped of the right to defend themselves by those who mean to rule them. This is the garbage patch that is now most of Western Europe, because the European Garden of the Mind was left to morally fallow.

Father Mark Pilon makes an important distinction between the busload of Coptic Christian men, women, and children slaughtered in Egypt on their way to prayer, and the women and children slaughtered in Manchester on their way to play, in his piece “A Tale of Two Atrocities”. One could easily conclude that the seeds of play and pray are irrelevant to the prowl of death in the garden of the mind. Well, this would certainly seem to be the case to the Western Mind, informed by the Western Press…and left conspicuously un-noted by the Western Pope. The Papal neglect of this glaring distinction is the most horrifying aspect of all…to my mind.

There are no words more powerfully potent than “Our prayers…” spoken by believers in relation with their God on behalf of those whom they love. And there are no words more offensively empty and meaningless than the very same words from the tongue of the ruling-class opportunists who invited death in the first place. They are the Ministers of the Culture of Death I wrote about last week!

I was returning from a fishing trip in the Adirondacks yesterday when I received a horrifying phone call. My Orange County Oath Keepers partner Matt and I had been invited to my Pastor’s fishing camp on Lake Bonaparte to fish for Pike and Bass. We were just sitting down to have lunch when our Membership Chair Bret called me to tell me that the NY Oath Keepers VP Frank M had just suffered a major heart attack on the stage of the Sharia Protest in Foley Square, where we had been called in to assist with security. My heart sank, as Bret’s voice conveyed the despair of the tragic moment of chest compressions with no response…and his words, “It doesn’t look good.” Matt and Pastor Craig read the alarm on my face and in my voice. As soon as I got off the phone with Bret, I called the NYOK President John Wallace, and Oath Keeper Founder and Director Stewart Rhodes. As soon as I was off the phone with Stewart, Pastor Craig looked at Matt and I and said, “Let’s Pray.” In other words, “Let Jerusalem come to our Mind.” Within minutes, Oath Keepers all over the country were praying in heart-felt earnest for the man who also happened to be the Oath Keepers point man in this Foley Square Sharia Protest Operation.

We were not yet half-way home, and the truck became a communication hub linking Oath Keepers on Foley Square to National to concerned friends and family members all over. Within the hour a rumor made its way into the chat lines that Frank had died. I suppressed it the instant I saw it as “unconfirmed”. Within minutes of that, reports came in from Foley Square that progressed from “faint pulse” to “Stable, responsive, and prognosis good”. The rumor, as it turns out, was apparently triggered by an Antifa goon twittering his joy of an Oath Keeper death, prematurely following Frank’s collapse on stage.

Today, I am very happy to report, Frank is recovering from the surgery performed yesterday to place three stents. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions about “Our prayers…” recited by scheming politicians presiding over lifeless scarecrows in dying progressive weed gardens, versus the “Our prayers…” sent up on wings of honor, for men of courage and valor, by true believers fighting like hell to save the Garden.

We are everywhere…even in the UK Hug us when you see us. Stand with us when you can. But, above ALL else, pray for us always.

God Bless and keep you…in “Our Prayers”.

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Liberalism IS the Culture of Death

The Last Laugh

Since the more “philosophical” among our “progressive” (Liberal) fellow-Americans (please forgive me for having had to put two words in a single sentence into scare quotes) seem to believe that there is no such thing as objective truth, it is hard to see how our society, if it evolves much further in a progressive direction, will be able to stop short of complete lunacy. ~ David Carlin, TCT

What will it take? Another day in the holy Muslim season of Ramadan, death by Ram-a-van and hunting knife, in what may be the world headquarters of our Culture of Death, London. So, as Pamela Geller said, “Just move the teddy bears, candles and balloons from the Manchester arena to London, Borough market and Vauxhall. That’ll teach the jihad savages a thing or two.” Here’s a splash of Sunday morning reality for you. As long as half our population remains card-carrying Liberals in mind and heart, we will be participants in the macabre Culture of Death they have fashioned for us all, and in what can only be described as their death lottery…the stunning new consequence of their zeal for Tolerance…

“The #1 role of government is to protect its citizens. In the UK ‘Tolerance’ has bumped National Security to #2.” ~ Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars

Carlin and Geller invoke the accurate sentiment in choosing the words lunacy and savages. And their chosen words apply perfectly to the heroines of American Liberalism, Kathy Griffin and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. But its smething more than lunacy and savagery…there’s a void. Only two sorts of people can hold a severed head (real or fake) for the camera, and have innocent persons murdered; a terrorist and/or a person who has a void in their heart for the true love of life. The only women who are capable of holding up those who treat women like dogs, are women who themselves treat men and those who disagree with them…like dogs.

Actually, if you have the stomach to look inside the black heart of Liberalism, Griffin and Wasserman-Schultz are the perfect hearts to dissect. Of Griffin, NY Post’s John Podhoretz made this insightful observation; Imagine living in a bubble so impermeable, it didn’t occur to you that retailing a photograph of a decapitated president’s head would be a horrendous career move — a bubble in which you don’t know anyone who doesn’t think the world would be a better place once Donald Trump had had his head cut off.” Here.

Wasserman-Schultz is a far more nefarious and darker study. Liberalism leaves a wake of dead bodies in much the same way as garbage trucks draw flies. There is quite the buzz building around reports of a Muslim Spy Ring run by Waserman-Schultz through the Awan Brothers, who ran the IT for all of Congress! Innocent people don’t threaten law enforcement officials and then attempt to disguise their voices in desperate phone calls made while forgetting about caller ID. But lunatic savages with blonde hair and black hearts do. Forgets to disable caller ID. I’ll wager that the Sessions-run DOJ investigating the laptop computer of one Debbie Wasserman-Schultz will find a trail of bread crumbs leading straight to the toe-tags of one very stiff and cold Seth Rich. Any takers?

On June 10th there will be Sharia Protests all over the country. Here in New York, it will be held in Foley Square. Oath Keepers will be assisting with security. If you step out of their bubble to study and understand what Sharia Law is, you will realize that only the Culture of Death would sponsor it and seek to import it to our shores. All one needs to do is look over there to know what must NEVER come here…

The only thing more horrifying than London’s Muslim Mayor telling Americans they must get used to Murder-by-Muslim as “part & parcel of urban life”, is New York’s Communist Mayor nodding in agreement. Or the UK’s Rachel Johnson; “We need to incorporate bombs into our schedules.” And of course there’s the French Prime Minister’s comforting “We must get used to terror”, in response to the Muslim slaughter of 84 in Nice. Must we now…and it’s honest law-abiding American Citizens they are so desperate to disarm. NOT ON OUR WATCH!

Its not all bad news my friends. There is an awakening happening on both sides of the Pond. There is “The Other Europe”.

But as long as the Hollywood-Pop Culture-Entertainment Industry maintains its death grip on the Culture of Death, it will be a very, very long dark night in America. Imagine the choice the officials at Brown University could have made in selecting a speaker to inspire and motivate the graduating class of 2017. So many, many great Americans who embody the virtues of Love, Honor, Courage, and Integrity…Instead they trotted out a Culture of Death Hero to fill them with cynicism, resentment, and hate. It reminded me of this quote I saw the other day on TCT,Interesting that when man has no higher power than himself, it is himself that he loses.” ~ Michael Seres

In the bed of lunacy and savages they’ve made, we are all losers…Pray and fast my friends. What else is there to do?

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Thanks to You!


Two years ago, a good friend and client of mine took out his Smart Phone over lunch to show me the picture of his son…in uniform. My knee-jerk response was to ask him how in the world he would allow his son to enlist under a military-hating President. He looked at me, smiled and said, “He loves his country.” Bingo…stopped me dead in my tracks. Last week he informed me that his son is deploying this week…to one of the many Hot Zones in the world we have made for ourselves.

I cannot tell you what it feels like to be a father in this situation. But I sure can tell you how it feels to be the friend of one. Heart-breaking, sad, proud…and enormously grateful we have fathers and sons like these…and God knows, even more intensely, the mothers and daughters as well. I promised to keep his son Christopher in my prayers, and hope that you might as well. And if you have room for one more, I promised the same to my friend John last week for his daughter Tyler serving in the Air Force. May God keep them safe as they willingly step into harm’s way for “love of their country”, which is to say; for each and every one of us. Thanks to you, and to those whose steps you follow. On this day of all days, you renew us with the profound understanding of what it means to be Americans. God Bless You…and God Bless America!

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Rule of Law


“Civilization just dissolves without the rule-of-law.” ~ Ann Barnhardt

Imagine you wake up Tuesday morning to view your Merrill Lynch account online, only to discover the $300,000 portion you had in the “perfectly safe” money-market fund was gone…stolen by Merrill Lynch to cover a margin call. That is exactly what happened to the mom-and-pop-little-old-lady-you-and-me customers of MF Global in 2013. $1.5 Billion…stolen. And the thief, Jon Corzine, never faced criminal charges. In fact, he is preparing to start a new hedge fund as I write this morning’s post.

This single event catapulted Ann Barnhardt to notoriety as one of the most trusted and followed socio-political commentators of our time. She rehashes the industry scandal that forced her to close her own business in this remarkable interview. She is 100% right…Rule of Law is the glue that holds civilization together. But for the first time, her quote above made me realize that the Rule of Law is under a most ruthless and intentional assault on two fronts; Church and State.

This is by far the most comprehensive and thorough explanation of the Comey firing I’ve come across. Reading this, one realizes two things: 1) President Trump is much smarter than his enemies will ever admit. 2) James B. Comey was (is) one of the most treacherous and treasonous Swamp Creatures of them all! If you’ve wondered how Corzine, Sharpton, Reid, Pelosi, Waters and the Clintons et al, have managed their nefarious activities above the law for so many years…wonder no more. So that pretty well sums up the state of our Rule of Law at the State level…almost. I’m afraid it goes a little “Deeper”… please consider donating.

So…what about the Church? Have you ever observed someone with really bad negative energy come into a room, a family, or group of people, and almost instantly change the dynamic and tone of the entire group? All of a sudden people are fighting and bickering with each other, suspicious of each other, talking behind backs, etc. Kind of like the family of America…after eight years of Obama. Well, the man some folks (including Ann Barnhardt) refer to as the anti-Pope, Bergoglio (Francis), has had the very same chilling effect on the Church. The havoc Obama’s DOJ wreaked on our Rule of Law, has come to the Church via Francis through his Progressive playbook entitled Amoris Laetitia, turning the very liturgical foundation of the Church into chaos and confusion. It’s as if both the US Constitution and the Holy Bible have been cast aside, and replaced by Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals!

A real Pope speaks…

Pope Pius XII destroys Amoris Laetitia and Francis’ False-Mercy Gospel

What a breath of fresh air it is to hear a true Pope speak, a genuine Vicar of Christ, through whom is heard the voice of St. Peter. Clarity reigns, confusion and doubt are put aside, and orthodoxy is affirmed. And it is no wonder, for every true Pope is a true shepherd of the flock of Christ: “…the sheep follow him, because they know his voice. But a stranger they follow not, but fly from him, because they know not the voice of strangers” (Jn 10:4-5).

On May 15, the semi-traditionalist blog Rorate Caeli published five magnificent magisterial contributions of Pope Pius XII (1939-58) condemning the then-emerging “new morality”, more commonly known today as “situation ethics”, which is essentially a morality that “is not based in effect on universal moral laws … but on the real and concrete conditions or circumstances in which men must act, and according to which the conscience of the individual must judge and choose” (Pius XII, Address Soyez Les Bienvenues). ~ Lamentabili Sane, TCT

A “New Morality” has gripped our lives. A morality in which Truth no longer seems to matter. Why are feminists so fiercely determined to defend a cult (Islam) that treats women like dogs? How and why do Democrats aid and abet the very people who have them murdered? The 50-60 body bags in the wake of the Clinton Crime Family are mostly Democrats, from Vince Foster to Cliff Stevens, and most recently, Seth Rich. The New Morality is a wonderful tool…for tyrants and despots. They can turn government agencies like the IRS against the people who oppose them. They can bribe, extort and blackmail foreign governments. They can even turn tax-payer funded relief programs into child prostitution and sex-slavery enterprises. Not a problem! Not when your top cop is Eric Holder, and his top deputy is James B. Comey.

And what happens when the good guy looking for justice raises the question? Or when a popular Conservative publication demands answers to the questions grieving family members are pleading for? Civilization, as Barnhardt warns us, dissolves into something unimaginably evil…if history tells us anything. Do you know that people in Venezuela are eating zoo animals in order to survive? Because the Rule of Law became the Rule of the State. Do you know that if you report migrants for defecating on your driveway or raping your daughter in Europe, you are likely to be prosecuted for a “Hate Crime”? Because the Rule of Law has become the Rule of State. And something very interesting I only just learned the other day, in the wake of the Manchester slaughter of children, about those wreaking the havoc …THEY ARE CHILDLESS.

The Enemy of our Constitution and former occupant of the Oval Office, and the Enemy of the Church and current occupier of the Chair of Peter, conspired to bring Manchester here. Two thieves with walls and bodyguards lecturing us about walls, as the bodies of dead children lay on morgue slabs…they sell “Sanctuary Cities”, but deliver Mortuary Cities!

“Sanctuary Cities are a violation of the Constitution Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4”Atty. KrisAnne Hall

You may have my Rule of Law…after you take my gun. Molon Labe

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Silent Killers

If the dead could talk…

Seriously, if your objective is ‘to find truth in the confusion of things’, but what I see is a condescending challenge, I’m confused, especially as your question doesn’t seem to be a request for information but implies you know what the vice of effeminacy is already, and it’s a put down. My objective is to find examples which uphold my thesis, and I think I’ve found one. ~ Mindless

The gentlemen whose quote I’ve posted above, went on the defensive after I asked him what he knew of the vice of effeminacy in response to his charge that Conservative Catholics suffered something he referred to as the “vice of viciousness”. We had both commented on TCT Deacon James H. Toner’s The Nice Guy Syndrome.  He then asks me what my objective in commenting is. And when I tell him “to find truth in the confusion of things”, he responds in the quote above, by admitting that truth is not his objective…which is why his words struck me as something mindless would say, if mindless were a person. (Note- Comments on TCT articles are made by clicking on the FB link at bottom of the article)

On a somewhat related subject, I walked away from our short-lived Warwick MOM experiment this week because the Liberals refused to condemn violence in a document we attempted 1st as a pledge, and then as a mission statement. Our group, as you may recall, was 4 Liberals and 4 Conservatives who came together to find common ground and a healthier way to dialogue on the issues of the day. There’s a pattern here…

Trump-bashing Liberal Maryellen in my office responded with no response when I asked her what she thought about the Antifa “Bike-lock Attacker” who turned out to be a San Francisco economics professor, or the story about the elementary school kids who were told that the “Mothers’ Day Gift Arts & Crafts” event was being canceled for being offensive to the LBGT Community. Silence…nothing to say.

And on it goes…Just this week alone. Innocent people mowed down in Time Square. Fighter jets are scrambled to intercept a Hawaiian-bound passenger plane when a male passenger tries to break into the cockpit. Why weren’t these headline stories in every network newsroom? Why are the identities of the perpetrators being withheld? How are these very same newsrooms able to fabricate headlines about President Trump’s non-existent “collusion” with the Russians, while burying the truth about John Podesta taking $35 Million from the Russians while “advising Clinton and Obama in 2014″?

I wanted our MOM experiment to work so bad, I used the Golden Rule in a last ditch effort to keep us together. Sadly, the experiment taught me a very painful lesson. The Golden Rule that was once the standard glue that kept us together for so long is now 100% officially meaningless to the Liberal mind. I need to make something crystal clear to my readers. For a normal human being to support wrong over right actions that require dishonest and violent behavior over honor and integrity; the abandonment of “mindfulness” is required. This is so, because normal people possess a conscience. So in effect, what we are witnessing in America at this particular hour is a group of people so bound by their ideology, they haven’t lost their minds…they’ve thrown them away.

I have to share with you in the first 100 + days of President Trump’s Brave New World, that this latest exchange with a Liberal has ignited a stunning realization in me that I will posit as fact and challenge anyone to prove me wrong. Mindlessness followed closely by silence are greater killers than all the bullets, bombs and bayonets the world has ever known.

Those of us who still wake up to a sun that rises in the east and sets in the west, who understand who we are, where we come from, and who know right from wrong; we’ve been pushed about as far as will be accepted any longer. “Violence and intimidation” against innocent law-abiding citizens might be allowed to take root in Europe where it certainly has in the past, but this my friends…is America! And we simply will not allow it on our watch.

I encourage you to view this YouTube “live-stream” of a Free Speech event organized by a young couple in Boston last Saturday. I was there with Oath Keepers in support. The Antifa were there to shut it down. This video was made by a young millennial named Tim Pool who, as far as I could tell, seems neither Left or Right. This is how journalism used to work. Pay close attention to the footage starting at the 19-minute mark…and then at the exchange between Tim and a supporter of Antifa at the 3:15:00 mark:

Keep your wits…things could get awfully dicey from here. We will ALL be judged.


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