The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Rule of Law


“Civilization just dissolves without the rule-of-law.” ~ Ann Barnhardt

Imagine you wake up Tuesday morning to view your Merrill Lynch account online, only to discover the $300,000 portion you had in the “perfectly safe” money-market fund was gone…stolen by Merrill Lynch to cover a margin call. That is exactly what happened to the mom-and-pop-little-old-lady-you-and-me customers of MF Global in 2013. $1.5 Billion…stolen. And the thief, Jon Corzine, never faced criminal charges. In fact, he is preparing to start a new hedge fund as I write this morning’s post.

This single event catapulted Ann Barnhardt to notoriety as one of the most trusted and followed socio-political commentators of our time. She rehashes the industry scandal that forced her to close her own business in this remarkable interview. She is 100% right…Rule of Law is the glue that holds civilization together. But for the first time, her quote above made me realize that the Rule of Law is under a most ruthless and intentional assault on two fronts; Church and State.

This is by far the most comprehensive and thorough explanation of the Comey firing I’ve come across. Reading this, one realizes two things: 1) President Trump is much smarter than his enemies will ever admit. 2) James B. Comey was (is) one of the most treacherous and treasonous Swamp Creatures of them all! If you’ve wondered how Corzine, Sharpton, Reid, Pelosi, Waters and the Clintons et al, have managed their nefarious activities above the law for so many years…wonder no more. So that pretty well sums up the state of our Rule of Law at the State level…almost. I’m afraid it goes a little “Deeper”… please consider donating.

So…what about the Church? Have you ever observed someone with really bad negative energy come into a room, a family, or group of people, and almost instantly change the dynamic and tone of the entire group? All of a sudden people are fighting and bickering with each other, suspicious of each other, talking behind backs, etc. Kind of like the family of America…after eight years of Obama. Well, the man some folks (including Ann Barnhardt) refer to as the anti-Pope, Bergoglio (Francis), has had the very same chilling effect on the Church. The havoc Obama’s DOJ wreaked on our Rule of Law, has come to the Church via Francis through his Progressive playbook entitled Amoris Laetitia, turning the very liturgical foundation of the Church into chaos and confusion. It’s as if both the US Constitution and the Holy Bible have been cast aside, and replaced by Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals!

A real Pope speaks…

Pope Pius XII destroys Amoris Laetitia and Francis’ False-Mercy Gospel

What a breath of fresh air it is to hear a true Pope speak, a genuine Vicar of Christ, through whom is heard the voice of St. Peter. Clarity reigns, confusion and doubt are put aside, and orthodoxy is affirmed. And it is no wonder, for every true Pope is a true shepherd of the flock of Christ: “…the sheep follow him, because they know his voice. But a stranger they follow not, but fly from him, because they know not the voice of strangers” (Jn 10:4-5).

On May 15, the semi-traditionalist blog Rorate Caeli published five magnificent magisterial contributions of Pope Pius XII (1939-58) condemning the then-emerging “new morality”, more commonly known today as “situation ethics”, which is essentially a morality that “is not based in effect on universal moral laws … but on the real and concrete conditions or circumstances in which men must act, and according to which the conscience of the individual must judge and choose” (Pius XII, Address Soyez Les Bienvenues). ~ Lamentabili Sane, TCT

A “New Morality” has gripped our lives. A morality in which Truth no longer seems to matter. Why are feminists so fiercely determined to defend a cult (Islam) that treats women like dogs? How and why do Democrats aid and abet the very people who have them murdered? The 50-60 body bags in the wake of the Clinton Crime Family are mostly Democrats, from Vince Foster to Cliff Stevens, and most recently, Seth Rich. The New Morality is a wonderful tool…for tyrants and despots. They can turn government agencies like the IRS against the people who oppose them. They can bribe, extort and blackmail foreign governments. They can even turn tax-payer funded relief programs into child prostitution and sex-slavery enterprises. Not a problem! Not when your top cop is Eric Holder, and his top deputy is James B. Comey.

And what happens when the good guy looking for justice raises the question? Or when a popular Conservative publication demands answers to the questions grieving family members are pleading for? Civilization, as Barnhardt warns us, dissolves into something unimaginably evil…if history tells us anything. Do you know that people in Venezuela are eating zoo animals in order to survive? Because the Rule of Law became the Rule of the State. Do you know that if you report migrants for defecating on your driveway or raping your daughter in Europe, you are likely to be prosecuted for a “Hate Crime”? Because the Rule of Law has become the Rule of State. And something very interesting I only just learned the other day, in the wake of the Manchester slaughter of children, about those wreaking the havoc …THEY ARE CHILDLESS.

The Enemy of our Constitution and former occupant of the Oval Office, and the Enemy of the Church and current occupier of the Chair of Peter, conspired to bring Manchester here. Two thieves with walls and bodyguards lecturing us about walls, as the bodies of dead children lay on morgue slabs…they sell “Sanctuary Cities”, but deliver Mortuary Cities!

“Sanctuary Cities are a violation of the Constitution Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4”Atty. KrisAnne Hall

You may have my Rule of Law…after you take my gun. Molon Labe

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Silent Killers

If the dead could talk…

Seriously, if your objective is ‘to find truth in the confusion of things’, but what I see is a condescending challenge, I’m confused, especially as your question doesn’t seem to be a request for information but implies you know what the vice of effeminacy is already, and it’s a put down. My objective is to find examples which uphold my thesis, and I think I’ve found one. ~ Mindless

The gentlemen whose quote I’ve posted above, went on the defensive after I asked him what he knew of the vice of effeminacy in response to his charge that Conservative Catholics suffered something he referred to as the “vice of viciousness”. We had both commented on TCT Deacon James H. Toner’s The Nice Guy Syndrome.  He then asks me what my objective in commenting is. And when I tell him “to find truth in the confusion of things”, he responds in the quote above, by admitting that truth is not his objective…which is why his words struck me as something mindless would say, if mindless were a person. (Note- Comments on TCT articles are made by clicking on the FB link at bottom of the article)

On a somewhat related subject, I walked away from our short-lived Warwick MOM experiment this week because the Liberals refused to condemn violence in a document we attempted 1st as a pledge, and then as a mission statement. Our group, as you may recall, was 4 Liberals and 4 Conservatives who came together to find common ground and a healthier way to dialogue on the issues of the day. There’s a pattern here…

Trump-bashing Liberal Maryellen in my office responded with no response when I asked her what she thought about the Antifa “Bike-lock Attacker” who turned out to be a San Francisco economics professor, or the story about the elementary school kids who were told that the “Mothers’ Day Gift Arts & Crafts” event was being canceled for being offensive to the LBGT Community. Silence…nothing to say.

And on it goes…Just this week alone. Innocent people mowed down in Time Square. Fighter jets are scrambled to intercept a Hawaiian-bound passenger plane when a male passenger tries to break into the cockpit. Why weren’t these headline stories in every network newsroom? Why are the identities of the perpetrators being withheld? How are these very same newsrooms able to fabricate headlines about President Trump’s non-existent “collusion” with the Russians, while burying the truth about John Podesta taking $35 Million from the Russians while “advising Clinton and Obama in 2014″?

I wanted our MOM experiment to work so bad, I used the Golden Rule in a last ditch effort to keep us together. Sadly, the experiment taught me a very painful lesson. The Golden Rule that was once the standard glue that kept us together for so long is now 100% officially meaningless to the Liberal mind. I need to make something crystal clear to my readers. For a normal human being to support wrong over right actions that require dishonest and violent behavior over honor and integrity; the abandonment of “mindfulness” is required. This is so, because normal people possess a conscience. So in effect, what we are witnessing in America at this particular hour is a group of people so bound by their ideology, they haven’t lost their minds…they’ve thrown them away.

I have to share with you in the first 100 + days of President Trump’s Brave New World, that this latest exchange with a Liberal has ignited a stunning realization in me that I will posit as fact and challenge anyone to prove me wrong. Mindlessness followed closely by silence are greater killers than all the bullets, bombs and bayonets the world has ever known.

Those of us who still wake up to a sun that rises in the east and sets in the west, who understand who we are, where we come from, and who know right from wrong; we’ve been pushed about as far as will be accepted any longer. “Violence and intimidation” against innocent law-abiding citizens might be allowed to take root in Europe where it certainly has in the past, but this my friends…is America! And we simply will not allow it on our watch.

I encourage you to view this YouTube “live-stream” of a Free Speech event organized by a young couple in Boston last Saturday. I was there with Oath Keepers in support. The Antifa were there to shut it down. This video was made by a young millennial named Tim Pool who, as far as I could tell, seems neither Left or Right. This is how journalism used to work. Pay close attention to the footage starting at the 19-minute mark…and then at the exchange between Tim and a supporter of Antifa at the 3:15:00 mark:

Keep your wits…things could get awfully dicey from here. We will ALL be judged.


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Death of Liberalism?

Oath Keeper & The Lost Boys

I heard Gavin McInnes, a Conservative comedian, pronounce Liberalism dead last week. I wonder…

Many years ago I observed a Liberal, someone very close to me, cut loose a friendship because the friend expressed her honest “Catholic” opinion on same-sex marriage. This was years before the SCOTUS ruling, and her transgression was in her argument. She argued that if we started on this slippery slope, what would our future argument be in rejecting the notion of a woman marrying the horse she loved? This argument makes perfect sense when you A) consider just how ridiculously far from “normal” we’ve slid since then. And B) that it’s really not about “normal”, as they need us to believe…it is ALL about “natural”. Just from a bio-physical engineering basis alone, homosexuality is counter-natural. And so the attempt to incorporate the un-natural into the most natural and purposeful act primarily intended for procreation (to beget or bring forth) of the species…only begets and brings forth chaos and confusion. The two former friends couldn’t possibly have envisioned the chaos and confusion that would further slide and divide our country in just a few short years, over boys, girls and bathrooms. The friend she vanquished was not only “honest”, she was 100% correct in her prognostication. How bleak is the future survival of our species when in this one argument alone, we have normalized a non-procreative “marriage” while removing honest (truthful) and accurate people from our community. Oh, one more thing…the courage it takes to tell someone you love what they don’t want to hear.

I’ve been following a wonderful writer who I originally began following by reading his “adventures” and observations while he was a professor at Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island…and a Conservative professor at that. Talk about courage. After 27 years of hazardous duty, he has moved on to a new position in an atmosphere that both explores and honors our natural world, while nurturing the very essence of a student’s relationship to it, rather than instigating, contributing to and nourishing the very war against it. ~ Professor Anthony Esolen, A Center for Cultural Renewal

I wish I could tell you I was hopeful…

Last Sunday I listened as a NYC Coptic Priest interviewed on “Religion on the Line” was asked why Egyptian Coptic Christians were slaughtered on Easter Sunday. He recited the politically-correct answer of “poverty and exclusion” like a well-trained puppy. The closest he came to identifying the butchers was in his use of the word “fanatical”. Not once did he refer to Muslim, Islam, Jihad, or caliphate…

I thought of the Time Magazine article from November 7, 2016 identifying Anxiety, Depression And The American Adolescent in our society. Again, a subject so directly related to the very survival of our society…and nowhere in the article could I find the word God.

Yesterday it was my honor and privilege to exercise my duty to defend free speech at a Free Speech Rally on the sacred ground of Boston Common as part of a contingent of Oath Keepers, 3 Percenters and other Liberty groups. We went prepared for battle, and enjoyed remarkable fellowship instead, for one simple reason; The Boston Police did their job keeping Soros Antifa in check, and they did it remarkably well.

As positive and pleased as I am with yesterday’s wonderful success in the cause of protecting EVERYONE’S 1st Amendment Rights, I am more convinced than ever that we as a society are irreparably irreconcilable. Irreparable by peaceful means I should add. Prager says our reconciliation will come when one side “vanquishes” the other. Jefferson said “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

I apologize for any foul language that may be heard from this very insightful millennial who live-streamed our event yesterday. He is accurate with much and missing a good deal of “the point”, but he is refreshingly honest. I urge you to take the time to view his work here.

As for Liberalism; it cannot die any more than arrogance, narcissism, or anger can die. We can only hope for the better angels of our human nature to prevail in our own court of individual reason. As for the hope of our society, it can only be secure by the degree to which…in God we trust.  We did it once…


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Freedom isn’t “Just Another Word”

The Birth of Freedom

Now we’re in the midst of the ultimate battle in the culture war – the battle for the First Amendment – and if Republicans don’t recognize this is a war and fight like their existence depends on victory, nothing else will matter.      ~ Tim Jones, A Cold Civil War

It is time for our society to acknowledge a sad truth: America is currently fighting its second Civil War. ~ Dennis Prager, America’s Second Civil War

The 2nd half of Prager’s quote was even more disturbing than the 1st half: In fact, with the obvious and enormous exception of attitudes toward slavery, Americans are more divided morally, ideologically and politically today than they were during the Civil War. 

He goes on…

Like the left in every other country, the left in America essentially sees America as a racist, xenophobic, colonialist, imperialist, warmongering, money-worshipping, moronically religious nation. My 21-yr-old stepson has more empathy for ISIS and the modern-day-equivalent of Hitler’s notorious “Brown Shirts” Antifa, than he does for the man who has loved him since he was a baby. How do we reconcile the American Patriot mindset with a mindset that hides behind masks, willing to inflict bodily harm, and even kill on the basis of skin color and/or religious and political beliefs…in America…Land of the Free? The answer, Prager goes on to say, is we don’t. Reconciliation only comes when one side vanquishes the other…

So, I wrote last week about our MOM Pledge condemning violence as an acceptable means to an end, and how the left refused to sign…listing semantics as the objection. And I thought how in the world do you trust a people, any people who have made themselves strangers to the Golden Rule, and friends to hypocrisy and double-standard? How does someone who says they want to be my friend, sit in silence as I am violently attacked and beaten, actually become one?

The cold hard reality is this…the same people who see freedom-loving Americans as “racist, xenophobic, colonialist, imperialist, warmongering, money-worshipping, and moronically religious”, see us as people unworthy of the freedom to express ourselves. Their silence in the face of Antifa violence is simply their unspoken approval of By Any Means Necessary. They advocate for “critical thinking”, but stop short of thinking beyond the loss of our free speech to the loss of their own. They actually believe the press is doing them a favor by refusing to cover the violent Antifa. And this, my friends, isn’t the Obama Press Corp…this is Trump’s! Chernovich Puts Media on the Spot

Here’s what true critical thinking looks like: The trouble with a society intentionally conditioned to see racists and bigots behind every tree, is they tend to miss the true villains behind it all…

The problem is no one is capable of saving the US Titanic. The iceberg was struck sixteen years ago when the Deep State engineered a plundering campaign driving the national debt from $5.8 trillion to $20 trillion, and unfunded welfare liabilities to $200 trillion. Unpaid for tax cuts will not save us. Unpaid for shovel ready infrastructure projects will not save us. Threatening foreign countries with tariffs will not bring manufacturing jobs back. Excessively low interest rates will not spur investment, but it will create a pension crisis and impoverish senior citizens. ~ “The Brink of War”: The Horror of the Deep State’s Plan – Part 2

True critical thinking voids itself of want, and instead commits itself to the courage necessary to follow the breadcrumbs wherever they may lead…even and especially to the Rose Garden, where the objective mind questions President Trump’s relationship to the Deep State. Is he their silent friend, or their worst nightmare? We know there exists a diabolical force darker even than the Deep State, behind the Deep State. ~ Gunnar Gundersen (TCT) Of Satanism & Religious Freedom And, we also know that President Trump removed the muzzle from the American Clergy in the very same Rose Garden this past week… 

Dennis Prager once said that the greatest threat to America is not knowing what it means to be American. Knowing what it means implies the understanding of “American Exceptionalism”. Right there in our illustrious preamble via Jefferson; God is the fuel of our engine…not man or devil. In fact, we would and sadly will sputter, stall, and eventually “seize up” on any other. The Thomas More quote reminds me of how LUCKY we are to have Trump as President, in a word…Gorsuch. The mere thought of a Hillary Court…there are no words. But there is FREEDOM…and Freedom is much more than “just another word.” 


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Absoluters vs Absolute Notters

The A/AN Cancer Cell magnified 1,000 times!

“The past participle of the Latin verb absolvere is absolutus. It means freed from any restrictions. Modern man wants no ‘absolutes.’ He wants to be loosed from things binding for all times and places.” ~ Fr. James V. Schall, J.T., TCT  “On Absolutes”

My goodness Father Schall, you have this remarkable way of getting at the thorn. The Hatfields and Macoys eventually made up, as did the Northern Ireland Catholics and Protestants, as eventually will the Arabs and the Jews, but the Absoluters and Absolutely Notters. Now there’s what they might call in the marriage counseling business, the ultimate and hopelessly irreconcilable case.

They say different Presidents come and go, but it is always the same Deep State behind it all. The Absolute Notters may argue the case, but if the Deep State were Star Trek’s USS Enterprise, they (AN’s) would be its “delithium crystals” source of power. In fact the Deep State would be powerless without the subjective cover provided by the AN’s. I will provide you the following local example to prove my point.

By the grace of God, we have put together a local group of 8 private citizens who’ve come together to seek a healthier way to dialogue and find common ground. We are 4 Conservatives (A’s), and 4 Liberals (AN’s). In an effort to establish an essential core-principle patch of ground we could all start from, one of the members of the group drafted the following pledge;

“Common Ground” Pledge

I ______________ do hereby pledge, on my honor, to condemn in the strongest terms possible, the use of physical intimidation and violence as a means to silence OUR 1st Amendment Right to OUR cherished freedom of speech and expression. And further; as intimidation and violence are antithetical to the “healthy dialogue” mission and “common ground” objective of our group, I reject any and all groups and organizations who employ, support, and/or advocate such actions as a means to their objectives.



Date __________

Would anyone care to hazard a guess as to which group refused to sign the pledge? Hint ~ It was the same group that recommended a NVC Workshop to the group…taught by a NVC-certified instructor of course. Oh yeah; NVC is the acronym for (wait for it)…Non-Violent Communication.   

I won’t keep you in suspense. I drafted the pledge after viewing a video exposing a member of the anarchist group Antifa, caught using a bike lock to crack open the heads of Trump supporters. And, you guessed right if you guessed the AN’s refused to sign the pledge. Yes, the same group that recommended the NVC Workshop actually invoked Mother Theresa to make their argument. “Mother Theresa didn’t condemn war…she wasn’t ‘against’ war. She supported…she was ‘for’ peace.” I kid you not…

That is just one example of the A/AN dynamic turning our world upside down and inside out. But if you look at any one of the myriad of head-scratchers consternating our world in the context of the A vs AN feud, you will completely understand. The gender identity debate. BINGO! The illegal immigration and border debate. BINGO! Hey, why not let’s go right to the gigantically enormous pink elephant in the room? Islamic Terrorism. BINGO! The A’s and the AN’s use two completely different languages! The A’s call the savages ISIS…the AN’s call military-aged-males masquerading as refugees ISIL…sort of like the way they refer to the illegal aliens as undocumented citizens. As a result, my friends, we are literally coming apart at the seams.

I’ve befriended a Liberal-leaning Catholic priest who believes Pope Francis is a good Pope. I see him quite differently. While the entire world is bowing to the Orthodoxy of Islam, the Church led by Bergoglio (Francis), is running away from her own Truth. “Muslim Terrorism does not exist.” ~ Pope Francis, AN…while kissing the Koran.

There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call The Twilight Zone.

— Rod Serling

There is a fifth dimension alright…the ultimate consequence of the greatest feud the world will ever know…it’s called Civil War.   

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The War on the West

The University of Alaska’s “Poisonous Fruit”

“They’re (Global Elites) frightened to death that we can make up our own minds.” ~ Lee Stranahan

“The poisonous fruit of the left’s long march into academia. They have destroyed our universities and colleges, with public school education not far behind. Inculcation, indoctrination and brainwashing. Why do our taxpayer dollars still go to these treasonous machines? WE are funding this public exhibit. We are funding the new Nazi-esque youth movement. We are funding the war on freedom, truth and individual rights.” ~ Pamela Geller

In the very hour I am writing these words, the people of France are deciding their own fate. The choice has never been more clear; surrender your faith, family, culture and institutions to the barbaric horde masquerading as multiculturalism or, elect the woman with the courage to call the beast a beast. The Brits and the Yanks chose wisely last year, and the French are poised to do the same. Why? Because the fate of Western Civilization depends on it!

Watching the world with a sober mind, unclouded by ideology, I realize that Liberalism is responsible for more death than Communism. Think of the deaths of the most innocent life of all since Roe v Wade, and compound that with the fact that Communism would have never gained a foothold without Liberalism. If the Western World were a human body, Liberals are the Leukocytes who’ve become self-loathing cells of compassion…for the body’s invaders.

Earlier in the week I happened to spot the cover of the November 7, 2016 issue of Time Magazine’s  “Anxiety, Depression And The Modern Adolescent”, and I thought symptom of the disease. Later in the week I read the student explanation for why the student senate at UC Davis voted to make our American Flag “optional”, “The opinion in that case is that you can’t force people to pledge your allegiance, by (the flag) being there; by extension, you are pledging your allegiance to a symbol that you don’t relate to or that you don’t equate yourself with.”, and I thought symptom of the disease.

Our Western Civilization is at war on two fronts. Every day an innocent person or persons is murdered by a Muslim or Muslims for the crime of either not being Muslim, or not being Muslim enough. And we are told it has nothing to do with Muslim…which brings us to the other front, and the (Liberal) enemy within. The Muslim Militant is Jihadi…the Liberal Militant is Antifa. On the front line streets of Paris, Brussels and Stockholm, they are becoming one and the same. “The West is losing” according to freedom-fighter Pamela Geller, for exactly the reason she stated in her quote at the top of the page.

Ask yourself the following question. Who do the Globalists despise more than Trump, Putin, Farage and Le Pen? The enemy of the Jihadi and the enemy of the Antifa are one and the same. The Antifa whipping MAGA hats with bike-locks in Berkeley is the same Antifa attacking Le Pen supporters in Paris. Now, consider the following:

Because of the collusion and corruption at the highest levels between media and the Washington elites, most of us have no idea of the battle, much less the war that is at our very doorstep. As I told a former Liberal friend yesterday, “You accept the unacceptable because it conforms to your wants. Your ideology has forced you to ignore objective reality.” He will remain blind of his own free will.

On the other hand, there are those of us who will gird ourselves physically (Psalm 144:1), and by weaponizing our very souls through Baptism to defeat the enemy behind all enemies behind it all.

“The reason there is so much failure is because we forget we are here for just one thing, loyalty to Jesus Christ; otherwise we have no business to have taken the vows of God upon us. If a soldier is not prepared to be killed, he has no business to have enlisted as a soldier.” ~ Oswald Chambers “A Loyal Soldier”

Bread for The Body

Wine for The Soul

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The Easter Sunday Tune-up ~ Opening Day; The Great Escape

The Bronx Babe & the Babe from Bethlehem…

“To escape: into a world of our own making, and into a life where in our vanity we think that we can make the rules. Hell, which is discernible from Earth, is the putting of the greatest possible distance between ourselves and God. It is the reason Pride is the queen bee in the hive of the deadly sins; and in humility, Love becomes its opposite, theological virtue. It is the reason Love is expressed in acts of holy obedience, as we are resplendently told in the Magnificat. The return, to truth, begins in the acceptance of God’s will, even in denial of our own.” ~ David Warren, The Stripping of the Altars

There is something about the game of baseball, spring, and opening day that melts the troubles of the world away. At least, this seems to have always been the case…in a world that’s no stranger to troubled times. Watching the biggest non-nuclear bomb dropped on Holy Thursday, as the world watches a crazy man in North Korea on Good Friday with the Democrats still hopelessly stuck on the Russians and Hillary, in total denial (and rebellion) of the Trump ascension; I thought back on a radio interview I happened to tune into with some baseball historian. I was instantly riveted by what seemed more like the reverent praise of an art or religion, than talk of a simple sport. But, it was a beautiful sunny Wednesday in New York…and the Yankees Home Opener. Could there be anything more American than baseball in spring, on opening day, in Yankee Stadium? A most welcome escape indeed…

But it’s also the weekend of another great opening day; Easter Sunday. The day the Greatest Love of all made the Greatest Escape of all. If life really were a baseball game, then Good Friday would have been the “greatest sacrifice fly” or “sacrifice bunt” laid down for the team of mankind, setting up today’s game-winning grand-slam. What is it about sports, life and heroes? There will never be another Babe Ruth…prophetically pointing to the bleacher seats where he would miraculously deliver the major league fast ball from the end of his bat…for the sick boy watching wide-eyed on TV from his hospital bed a lifetime ago. But every boy and every player wants to be Babe Ruth. And it is this very want that pushes us away…to the escape David Warren so eloquently describes above.

Every wanting Jew in Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday thought Jesus was their Babe Ruth. He was there especially for them, with the bases loaded, bottom of the ninth…to knock the Romans out of the Park. Or so they thought…He cried a tear, not only because they did not understand the game…they did not know the real score…they did not realize or appreciate the transcendental swing of his miraculous at bat. While they were looking for him to clear the bases, He cleared all of life itself to knock death out of the Park!

By the way, the next time you’re at the Park, take a look around and you will see that nothing’s changed. They are the same exact fans today…missing (in their escape) the very same miracle. There are two loves; love of the game (escape)…and the Love of life (Truth). Any of us, with enough talent, hard work, and love of the game, can hit a ninety-five-mile-an-hour fast ball out of the park. But there was only One who had the talent and the power to knock the Romans out of the Park…and the Greatest Love of all chose to make Himself the sacrificial lamb instead.

THINK AND PRAY ABOUT MY PASSION AND DEATH. Why? Because thinking about Our Lord’s torture, agony and excruciating death forces us to confront Him as a Person, True God AND True Man. Legal systems don’t sob until their capillaries burst. Philosophies don’t suffer the agony of unrequited love. Imaginary friends don’t lay down their lives. Bureaucracies don’t fight asphyxiation by pushing themselves up on their impaled feet…Why? Because love. Love, love, love. Infinite, condescending, total, complete love. ~ Ann Barnhardt

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