Senate Cajones? Our Southern Sieve, & Hil-arity ~ The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

How the "Most Powerful" Became the "Biggest Political Joke in American History"

How the “Most Powerful” Became the “Biggest Political Joke in American History”

The Good

Call me a naïve optimist, but I believe any sign of senatorial spine in a body that otherwise appears protozoic in its ability to stand up to a power-mad Executive Branch is…something. It seems our Supreme Leader and their Supreme Leader are the only two people on the planet who think this deal is anything other than one great big deadly fart cushion!

I don’t know. I keep hearing about this “new normal” everywhere I turn. From political pundits to economic prognosticators…we survived 230 plus years without hearing the term, and now it’s all we hear for the past six years! Personally, I believe “new normal” in beltway doublespeak means “the terms of our surrender”, but what do I know…I’m only a free and independent thinker. So at the end of the day, whether we are truly witnessing senate cajones in bloom alongside the cherry trees this spring, or a “new normal” exercise of standing before caving; only time will tell.

The Bad

While we’re on the subject of “new normal”, how about borders that aren’t? Yes that’s right! And all along the borders that aren’t are flashing neon signs that read “Free Healthcare!” “Free Education!” And “Free Whatever Your Democrat-voting Heart Desires!” Oh…that is not “new normal” enough to suit your Progressive fancy? How’s this… “Welcome to All Islamic Terrorists!  The IRS Has Tenderized the Infidels Before We Disarm Them…You May Find Some of Them a Little…Chewy Yet”

The Ugly

She’s a WOMAN! ~ The only possible response the Hillary for President “I want to be your Champion” Campaign Team has when hit with “What has she accomplished?” After some thought I’ve concluded that is something of an accomplishment for a brutal mass of carnivorous ruthlessness to come anywhere near close to passing for a lady! Just ask those tasked with her security over the decades…

Hillary is every bit as pathetic a caricature as Harry Reid without having had her facial features reconfigured…by “a treadmill”. If you google “images of Hillary Clinton” you will find the multitude of faces struggling desperately and unsuccessfully to find themselves for the past thirty years! Think about it. The “every day people” she claims to “champion” for are forced into “lockdown” because fake stands out in a room of real people! Could it possibly get any uglier than that?



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The “Criminalization of Christianity” in the United States of America!

Pastor Charles Flowers

Pastor Charles Flowers

Arrest in the United States of America, in the State of Texas, for speaking something that is in agreement with the very book that our Founding Fathers rested the entire founding documents upon.” ~ Pastor Charles Flowers

Good and decent law-abiding Americans are losing their businesses, facing large fines and prison time…not for committing fraud, robbery or murder. They are being systematically targeted and destroyed for the crime of being true to their religious beliefs…their faith.

  • The Giffords of Liberty Ridge Farm in Schaghticoke, NY were sued for refusing to cater a gay wedding on the grounds of their religious beliefs in 2012.
  • The owners of Gortz Haus in Grimes, Iowa face the same fate in 2013.
  • Aaron Klein of Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Gresham, Oregon violated the Oregon Equality Act of 2007 when he and his wife refused to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding on the basis of his religious beliefs in January of 2013.
  • Colorado baker Jack Phillips was ordered by a judge in January 2014 to bake a wedding cake for Charlie Craig and David Mullins.
  •  Idaho ministers Donald and Evelyn Knapp face fines and jail time for refusing to accommodate same-sex marriage at their Hitching Post in 2014.
  • Houston area pastors and ministers are ordered to “turn over their sermons” by the Mayor of Houston (who happens to be homosexual) last fall!
  • The O’Connor Family were forced to close their family pizzeria in Indiana for simply expressing their support of the new “Religious Freedom” law in March of this year!

I feel as though I am writing the obituary of a loved one as I write today’s blog. If I could look inside the mind of those who somehow think they are winning anything at all by empowering their own government as an overly-eager hitman to take out their neighbors for holding different views, what would I see? In a word…denial. I would see a person so effectively conditioned to view themselves as victims, they are literally blind to the murder they are in the act of committing…against an entire nation!

I have followed the trail of glaring clues to this crime scene for the past six years. We were warned over the years by courageous whistleblowers who gave themselves to be targeted, marginalized and silenced. We did nothing! We are no different than the Spring Break “bystanders” who did nothing to stop the rape occurring under their own feet! Only the spiritually dead are so…incapable!

I attended a special New York Faith and Freedom viewing of the movie “Light Wins”  this past Sunday evening. Every American needs to see this movie regardless of their political or religious beliefs. Charlie Craig and David Mullins are not monsters, they are mistaken. We all need to look beyond ourselves to fully appreciate the scene of the crime…before we give up the ghost we will never get back. View the awesome trailer here.

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ April 12, 2015

"Lighting the Lamp Within"

“Lighting the Lamp Within”

We, as the human race today, as the Western world, as the Church on earth, are in a dark place—but the lamp of Christ’s doctrine is still shining for us today as it was yesterday and as it will tomorrow, saving the souls who embrace it as the way to eternal communion with the Blessed Trinity. The Morning Star, Jesus Christ, is risen, and He rises anew in every faithful soul. Peter Kwasniewski, Marriage: Cross and Crown

I happened to catch an interview on Squawk Box last week with a man who appeared to be in his late sixties-early seventies. He was corporate CEO in the retail industry commenting on the brokenness of the world. He caught my ear when he said, “We were raised to disagree without being disagreeable”. It made me think how out of tune we’ve become as a people. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…

                                                      Tuning Up

One Peter Five’s observations of our “dark place” are pretty well in sync with those of the retail executive I listened to. One man speaking from a spiritual place, and the other speaking from a business place made me think. Is it what we are learning in school? Or is it what we have not been learning in our churches and synagogues that has brought our society to this dark place where we are so out of tune with one another?

National Review’s Victor Davis Hanson writes a scathing review of our Universities, where instead of preparing the next generation for the realities of a harsh world, they are treated as “fragile adults” who are entitled to “safe spaces” where they become “coddled like hotbed orchids”, and shielded from authors like Joseph Conrad and Mark Twain!

And then there was my own experience of inviting the priest of a local parish to an informal meeting (no press) of regional Judeo-Christian clergy and laypeople with their government representatives to discuss the “rising tide of world-wide anti-Semitism, the persecution, kidnapping and slaughter of Christians and support of Israel.” His knee-jerk response to me was, “That’s political.” I respectfully replied, “No Father, it’s Religious.” His response begs the question, “If man’s inhumanity to man is out-of-bounds in the eyes of our church shepherds, what is left for us to discuss…Macramé and needlepoint?”

When we put the two together it’s no wonder we are in the mess we’re in! The question then becomes, what do we do about it? Do we wait for our professors and priests to grow a pair, or do we wake up, assess the situation and take it upon ourselves to tune our own instruments? These are some tips designed to help us do just that:

  •  Set the intention of eliminating the “dark place” by lighting “the lamp” within.
  • Establish, if you haven’t already, a routine of prayer, meditation and fasting.
  • Check your environment to eliminate (where practical) the kind of “junk” that has become the regular diet of a “severely toxic” 24/7 cable newsfeed…or, what I like to call the A-train to Hell!
  • Lead by example with more encouragement than expectation.
  • Learn to develop your powers of observation without “judgement” as a tuning-fork.

The last bullet-point is as powerful as it is subtle. A disturbing characteristic of our “dark place” are the poor habits we’ve allowed ourselves to develop. How many times does the conversation among friends or on the family car trips turn to gossip? How do we respond internally when hearing of the success and/or achievement of another? When we catch ourselves, it’s an opportunity to re-tune and adjust. When we catch our children, it’s an opportunity to teach and encourage.

“Don’t let it bring you down, its only castles burning, just find someone who’s turning, and you will come around.” ~ Neil Young

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“That Ship (Culture War) Has Sailed.” Really?



One of the two men I report to leans with me on most political matters. He co-manages the largest branch office of one of the largest global financial services corporations in the world. Last week I received two email blasts from him announcing our sponsorship of the NYC Gay Pride Parade for the second year running…and that we associates should see this as a marketing opportunity for our respective businesses. This week, as Indiana Governor Mike Pence was surrendering to the mob, he (my manager) was able to see a world “gone crazy” as an Israeli-American Jew witnessing the chaos in the Middle East, the betrayal of Israel and an American President determined to arm a madman, igniting an Arab Nuclear Arms Race…but he was not able to make the moral connection between the two. When I did, he responded, “That ship has sailed.” When I told him I disagreed, he said he didn’t disagree with me…“personally”.

Our conversation in Ft. Lee (where Thomas Paine did much of his writing!) at that particular moment on that particular day, is the central point of the very vortex of what Pat Buchannan so eloquently described in his recent article, The Long Retreat in the Culture War. Failing to connect the cultural battlefield in Indianapolis to a nuclear proliferation in the Middle East is like saying mental illness only affects politicians and government workers. ;-)

Yesterday morning I woke up well before dawn in a very deep state of reflection. The darkness surrendered to brilliant flashes of light as an early morning lightning storm rolled slowly through. I actually imagined myself interrupting the comatose shepherds and parishioners during a Sunday morning Mass to beg for their ear…to appeal to anyone…someone to speak out from the “collective” cocoon. Are you in there? Is anybody home? What prevents me, or anyone for that matter, from doing so? Would it be wrong to publicly question our silent paralysis in such a holy place? Or is it wrong not to?

“Faced with a corporate-secularist firestorm, Gov. Mike Pence said Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act would not protect Christian bakers or florists who refuse their services to same-sex weddings. And the white flag went up again.”

When I read Buchanan’s title The Long Retreat…, the first thing that came to mind was The Long Goodbye otherwise known as Alzheimer’s! Could there be a more apt comparison?

“Out went Christmas and Easter. In came winter break and spring break. Coaches of high school teams were ordered to dispense with prayers before games. The coaches complied.” This is only possible in an America that has lost any and all sense of who she is! “Thus does biblical truth become bigotry in Obama’s America.” How could this happen here? “Christians watched paralyzed as their country was taken from them.” This is exactly what our European Ancestors fled from in the first place! Religious Freedom is the seed of our existence…the quintessential essence of who we are…like garlic in Italian cooking!

“What explains the rout in Indianapolis? The GOP simply cannot stand up to media denunciations as intolerant bigots, especially if the corporations upon which they depend threaten economic reprisals.”

You see, I understand how my manager thought he had no choice but to promote a “Gay Pride Parade” to the 400 associates who report to him. But then again, the Jew and Christian relationship was forged in the fires of the very same abuse by the very same Pharisees who seek to rule us both! The Jews have a history of tolerating bondage until the Prophet emerges. First Moses, then Jesus. Perhaps the Pharisees were a slightly more kindred Pharaoh, but a slave is a slave in every culture, until Truth steps up to the plate…

“Therefore you are witnesses against yourselves that you are sons of those who murdered the prophets. Fill up, then, the measure of your fathers’ guilt. Serpents, brood of vipers! How can you escape the condemnation of hell?” ~ Matt 23:31-33

Buchanan would know of another “Long Retreat” when General George Washington led his rag-tag army out of the jaws of defeat on Manhattan into Fort Lee across New Jersey and into Pennsylvania to endure unspeakable hardship, death and suffering long before they would ever know the joy of victory.

From Concord to Calvary, false compassion at the expense of freedom is the same fool’s gold it has always been. With all due respect to my manager, those who think “the ship has sailed” may wish to think again!

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After Shining the Light on Our Betrayers, What Comes Next?

Portrait of Betrayal

Portrait of Betrayal

“However, the saddest thing of all is the passivity by which “we” challenge the truth. Instead, we cower in indifference for fear of being “labeled” (fined or imprisoned) for standing up for the basic tenets that has made this nation unique in world history. God help us!” ~ Wes Speaking of words, “unprecedented” is a word getting more and more airplay these days. When I saw De Niro publicly announce his support for Clinton at the very pinnacle of her destroying the evidence of email linking her to selling out America to the highest foreign bidders who funneled millions upon millions into the Bill & Hillary Slush Fund, I thought…How apropos? The man who brought Capone to life in The Untouchables would bring him back again…as Madam President! Whew…see, now that is unprecedented. We’ve elected Presidents who became crooks, but I don’t believe we’ve ever consciously elected crooks who became President! Way to go Bobby D! On the very same day I see this wonderful piece from one of the most actively engaged patriots I know, listing three clear-cut examples of “our betrayal”  by our own government, my friend Wes leaves the quote above as part his comment on my “War of Words” piece this past Tuesday. Here are the three in-your-face examples of good, honest every-day-Americans being “screwed” by their government:

    • Florida’s Regional Flip ~ Republican Senator Wilton Simpson seduces his constituent’s support of a bill designed to stop the centralization of power away from them, and then converts it into even a stronger centralizing power-grab in committee!
  • Congress Ditches “Parent’s Rights” ~ In Minnesota, Republican Representative John Kline claims that his bill “reduces the federal footprint, restores local control… and empowers parents.” Sounds great, right? In reality, Section 6561 of Kline’s own Elementary & Secondary Education Act reads, “STATES TO RETAIN RIGHTS AND AUTHORITIES THEY DO NOT EXPRESSLY WAIVE.” In other words, if the State accepts the grant money, they automatically waive their rights and those of parents over education. Sorry Minnesota Mom and Minnesota Dad!
  • Net Neutrality ~ The worst of all betrayals from the greatest betrayer of all. Obama baits us with the promise to “protect all Americans” from the Big Bad Broadband Providers, and then BAM! “Through deceptive labeling and a marketing campaign that misled Americans, the federal government has rendered the ultimate betrayal.  They handed themselves the ability to throttle free speech on the pretext of protecting us from those who never have.”  

I’m thinking that the “Greatest Generation” was followed by the “Most Gullible Generation”, or the “Masochistic Generation”, or the “Surrendered Without-a-Fight Generation”! What do you think? I’ll go our friend at Freedom Lab one better. Here is the ultimate proof of how the political class from Obama to Hillary to Simpson and Kline are all enriching themselves at the taxpayer’s expense; “If there is no limit to the amount of ‘money’ available, then it is worth nothing!” I’m forwarding this Denninger piece to our son up at Brown to pass on to his Marxist Economics Professor for comment. I’ll keep you posted… I replied to Wes that only the next Patrick Henry can stop this madness…and that God himself is wondering where he is. What took Cheney so long to call a spade a spade? Here’s the 18 Trillion Dollar question for you. What must the Betrayers do after they’re discovered? Answer: PROTECT THEMSELVES!

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The War of Words

A GREAT read for the little piglets, before you send them off to school!

A GREAT read for the little piglets, before you send them off to school!

“Why use bullets when words are much cheaper and far more deadly?” ~ Anonymous

There’s a new language in America. It’s a cowardly language and a disturbing departure from the direct straight-talk of our forefathers. Quite simply put, it’s the beguiling speak of the tongue that prefers the softer back door of deception and manipulation to the straight and direct hard line of the truth that sometimes hurts. Its purpose is agenda-driven rather than communication-driven. In other words, these are words that don’t mean what they say. In fact, they usually mean the exact opposite. The best example of the new Orwellian tongue would be words like “tolerance” and my personal favorite, “inclusive” which sound so warm and friendly…until you dare to question or disagree. They apply these words as weapons to terms like “social justice” and “affordable care act”. Who wouldn’t want these things…until we begin to decipher the doublespeak to realize the intent behind their “tolerance” and “inclusive” is “divide” and “conquer”…and their “affordable care” is anything but. In fact, in direct straight-talk, affordable care means “citizen control”!

The Front Line in the War of Words is, without a smidgeon of doubt, our university and college campuses! Young minds who might have gone off to college to become a lawyer, doctor or engineer have instead become disciples of what is now a religion of the new language. Your sons and daughters are foot soldiers in the War of Words. What began as the soft enticing enclosure of political correctness has morphed into a brutal razor wire lockdown of our 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech!

Just last year a Harvard student (Sandra Korn) wrote an article calling for the firing of Conservative Professors entitled, “Let’s Give Up on Academic Freedom in Favor of Justice” in which she wrote “free speech threatens Liberalism and must be destroyed.” Today the battle rages in Maryland where the President of the University of Maryland, himself a Chinese immigrant, transformed ugly, grotesque, hateful and offensive speech into a mandatory tutorial on our most important Right of All…enshrined by the Founders as our 1st Right by design! In fact, without 1 and 2, Liberty herself becomes a toothless peasant. Why did it take a Chinese immigrant to point this out to the American-born beneficiaries of Freedom’s many blessings? Because “words are more deadly than bullets” my friend!

I learned of the Maryland story late yesterday afternoon on the Joe Walsh Radio Show (970 on the dial). The article is here, along with the exact communication (very graphic alert!) raising all the fuss. What is not here are the audio clips that Walsh played of the students demanding severe punishment for the offender, effectively arguing for their own imprisonment! Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose? Really? Sounded great in the sixties, eh?

So what is left when straight talk is dead, and words no longer mean what we say? Well when that time comes, and it appears awfully near, why would we need to distinguish between the Mens Room and the Ladies Room, when we no longer know whether we’re coming or going?


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ April 5, 2015

He is Risen!

He is Risen!

Some springs are more welcomed, on the other side of the harshest winters. And some would be miraculous even…after the worst of the worst, where the very spirit of man was frozen dead inside him. The shorter day, or so it seemed, became a perpetual darkness of the heart. The sap of life hardened turning the flow of kind goodness to a nearly frozen drip, leaving the worst fear of man’s darker nature unchecked. Lie beget lie as the void of goodness was quickly filled by evil unimagined, turning friend against friend and brother against brother…

That was our world before he came the first time. “One man come in the name of Love…” And it is our world today. Good Easter Sunday Morning Dear Friend!

In the Name of Love

During my time of fasting and reflection yesterday, I thought of the Holy Mother. I thought of what she had just endured, witnessing every horrifying step of her only son as he was put to the most barbarically slow and agonizing death imaginable. I saw her waking up early this very morning, three days later…wanting to be near him and finding him gone.

Now freeze the picture here. See the world at that very moment. The Disciples are scattered, Peter is overwhelmed with grief and guilt. The reach of Roman Rule is still unsatisfied. The insecure grip of the Sanhedrin is even more so. But the Mother of the Lamb is about to pierce a veil that no mortal woman’s heart has ever experienced. Imagine the light that filled the tomb when the Blessed Virgin’s heart, knowing the joy of his first birth, now realized the instant of his resurrection from death! Only a woman, knowing the first, can come close to fully appreciating this heart.

In this miraculous moment, goodness expanded and evil retracted. Peter grew taller, his shoulders broader, and his spirit more resolute. Hearts seeking redemption found it, while the wicked drew closer to the earth. Even Gollum was regular-sized man before the act and subsequent obsession reduced him to the creature.

This is how we are! Karpe Diem! Seize this moment in your heart of hearts. Go out and become the miracle of spring. Breathe the nourishment of life back into every fiber of your being. Hug your children as if for the first time, and look into the eyes of your beloved and hold the gaze until it hurts. If your neighbor insults you, tell him or her they’re looking exceptionally well. If someone holds you back, spring forward! If anyone knocks you down, jump up! If your boss chides you with “not enough”, overwhelm him or her with more than enough!

And when the enemy reaches a door as strong as this, to find you girded as such from head to toe…right in body, mind and spirit, you will do what will be done…in the name of Love!

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