The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The War on the West

The University of Alaska’s “Poisonous Fruit”

“They’re (Global Elites) frightened to death that we can make up our own minds.” ~ Lee Stranahan

“The poisonous fruit of the left’s long march into academia. They have destroyed our universities and colleges, with public school education not far behind. Inculcation, indoctrination and brainwashing. Why do our taxpayer dollars still go to these treasonous machines? WE are funding this public exhibit. We are funding the new Nazi-esque youth movement. We are funding the war on freedom, truth and individual rights.” ~ Pamela Geller

In the very hour I am writing these words, the people of France are deciding their own fate. The choice has never been more clear; surrender your faith, family, culture and institutions to the barbaric horde masquerading as multiculturalism or, elect the woman with the courage to call the beast a beast. The Brits and the Yanks chose wisely last year, and the French are poised to do the same. Why? Because the fate of Western Civilization depends on it!

Watching the world with a sober mind, unclouded by ideology, I realize that Liberalism is responsible for more death than Communism. Think of the deaths of the most innocent life of all since Roe v Wade, and compound that with the fact that Communism would have never gained a foothold without Liberalism. If the Western World were a human body, Liberals are the Leukocytes who’ve become self-loathing cells of compassion…for the body’s invaders.

Earlier in the week I happened to spot the cover of the November 7, 2016 issue of Time Magazine’s  “Anxiety, Depression And The Modern Adolescent”, and I thought symptom of the disease. Later in the week I read the student explanation for why the student senate at UC Davis voted to make our American Flag “optional”, “The opinion in that case is that you can’t force people to pledge your allegiance, by (the flag) being there; by extension, you are pledging your allegiance to a symbol that you don’t relate to or that you don’t equate yourself with.”, and I thought symptom of the disease.

Our Western Civilization is at war on two fronts. Every day an innocent person or persons is murdered by a Muslim or Muslims for the crime of either not being Muslim, or not being Muslim enough. And we are told it has nothing to do with Muslim…which brings us to the other front, and the (Liberal) enemy within. The Muslim Militant is Jihadi…the Liberal Militant is Antifa. On the front line streets of Paris, Brussels and Stockholm, they are becoming one and the same. “The West is losing” according to freedom-fighter Pamela Geller, for exactly the reason she stated in her quote at the top of the page.

Ask yourself the following question. Who do the Globalists despise more than Trump, Putin, Farage and Le Pen? The enemy of the Jihadi and the enemy of the Antifa are one and the same. The Antifa whipping MAGA hats with bike-locks in Berkeley is the same Antifa attacking Le Pen supporters in Paris. Now, consider the following:

Because of the collusion and corruption at the highest levels between media and the Washington elites, most of us have no idea of the battle, much less the war that is at our very doorstep. As I told a former Liberal friend yesterday, “You accept the unacceptable because it conforms to your wants. Your ideology has forced you to ignore objective reality.” He will remain blind of his own free will.

On the other hand, there are those of us who will gird ourselves physically (Psalm 144:1), and by weaponizing our very souls through Baptism to defeat the enemy behind all enemies behind it all.

“The reason there is so much failure is because we forget we are here for just one thing, loyalty to Jesus Christ; otherwise we have no business to have taken the vows of God upon us. If a soldier is not prepared to be killed, he has no business to have enlisted as a soldier.” ~ Oswald Chambers “A Loyal Soldier”

Bread for The Body

Wine for The Soul

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The Easter Sunday Tune-up ~ Opening Day; The Great Escape

The Bronx Babe & the Babe from Bethlehem…

“To escape: into a world of our own making, and into a life where in our vanity we think that we can make the rules. Hell, which is discernible from Earth, is the putting of the greatest possible distance between ourselves and God. It is the reason Pride is the queen bee in the hive of the deadly sins; and in humility, Love becomes its opposite, theological virtue. It is the reason Love is expressed in acts of holy obedience, as we are resplendently told in the Magnificat. The return, to truth, begins in the acceptance of God’s will, even in denial of our own.” ~ David Warren, The Stripping of the Altars

There is something about the game of baseball, spring, and opening day that melts the troubles of the world away. At least, this seems to have always been the case…in a world that’s no stranger to troubled times. Watching the biggest non-nuclear bomb dropped on Holy Thursday, as the world watches a crazy man in North Korea on Good Friday with the Democrats still hopelessly stuck on the Russians and Hillary, in total denial (and rebellion) of the Trump ascension; I thought back on a radio interview I happened to tune into with some baseball historian. I was instantly riveted by what seemed more like the reverent praise of an art or religion, than talk of a simple sport. But, it was a beautiful sunny Wednesday in New York…and the Yankees Home Opener. Could there be anything more American than baseball in spring, on opening day, in Yankee Stadium? A most welcome escape indeed…

But it’s also the weekend of another great opening day; Easter Sunday. The day the Greatest Love of all made the Greatest Escape of all. If life really were a baseball game, then Good Friday would have been the “greatest sacrifice fly” or “sacrifice bunt” laid down for the team of mankind, setting up today’s game-winning grand-slam. What is it about sports, life and heroes? There will never be another Babe Ruth…prophetically pointing to the bleacher seats where he would miraculously deliver the major league fast ball from the end of his bat…for the sick boy watching wide-eyed on TV from his hospital bed a lifetime ago. But every boy and every player wants to be Babe Ruth. And it is this very want that pushes us away…to the escape David Warren so eloquently describes above.

Every wanting Jew in Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday thought Jesus was their Babe Ruth. He was there especially for them, with the bases loaded, bottom of the ninth…to knock the Romans out of the Park. Or so they thought…He cried a tear, not only because they did not understand the game…they did not know the real score…they did not realize or appreciate the transcendental swing of his miraculous at bat. While they were looking for him to clear the bases, He cleared all of life itself to knock death out of the Park!

By the way, the next time you’re at the Park, take a look around and you will see that nothing’s changed. They are the same exact fans today…missing (in their escape) the very same miracle. There are two loves; love of the game (escape)…and the Love of life (Truth). Any of us, with enough talent, hard work, and love of the game, can hit a ninety-five-mile-an-hour fast ball out of the park. But there was only One who had the talent and the power to knock the Romans out of the Park…and the Greatest Love of all chose to make Himself the sacrificial lamb instead.

THINK AND PRAY ABOUT MY PASSION AND DEATH. Why? Because thinking about Our Lord’s torture, agony and excruciating death forces us to confront Him as a Person, True God AND True Man. Legal systems don’t sob until their capillaries burst. Philosophies don’t suffer the agony of unrequited love. Imaginary friends don’t lay down their lives. Bureaucracies don’t fight asphyxiation by pushing themselves up on their impaled feet…Why? Because love. Love, love, love. Infinite, condescending, total, complete love. ~ Ann Barnhardt

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Sterile Professional

Sterile Professional, Jeffrey Skilling

“In his book Adventures in Philosophy at Notre Dame, Kenneth Sayre chronicles his philosophy department’s change from scholasticism, to pluralism, to professionalism…Finally, in pursuit of higher rankings, the department embraced a sterile professionalism.” ~ Christopher Kaczor, TCT

Some people start their day with pushups and jumping jacks. Being a chronic thinker, I begin mine (after prayer) with coffee and The Catholic Thing. On April Fools’ day, Christopher Kaczor got me thinking about the fate of our world in the hands of the Sterile Professionals…and wondering where in the world the Thomists went.

So I think about a friend years ago, who disowned her best friend for expressing the opinion that the idea of society accepting same-sex-marriage could be a slippery slope….and the conversation I had with another friend just after the SCOTUS ruling in 2015, expressing my concern over the likely impact it would have on our religious freedom. He simply said to me, “That ship has sailed.” So just this week, this same friend shares with me that his high school-aged daughter is lecturing him on PC “triggers” and “white privilege”. After a while I’m thinking, shouldn’t we all be thinking about what else that ship might have in its cargo manifest?

Meanwhile, on the campus of the University of Slippery Slopes…

“As a university professor, I’m not sure I have any support at all for safe space.  I think that you as a student have to develop the skills to be successful in this world and that we need to provide you with the opportunity for discourse and debate and dialogue and academic inquiry, and I’m not sure that that is correlated with the notion of safe space as I’ve seen that.” ~ Northern Arizona University President Rita Cheng, and the words that sparked the demand for her resignation.

If we are to be truly and intellectually honest with ourselves, then we must face the reality of our present circumstances in the context of the most meaningful debate of our lives; “Thomism” vs “Sterile Professionalism”.  It could be said for the sake of this argument that St. Thomas Aquinas, who wrote “Happiness is secured through virtue; it is a good attained by man’s own will.”, represents the moral side of the argument. Whereas, the Sterile Professional would argue against virtue and morality in business endeavors, as unnecessary baggage, useless clutter, and overall hindrance to the sacred end…the bottom line. To them, happiness is secured through profit, revenue, and cash flow. The student “safe-space” dementia at Northern Arizona University, where they are literally quarantining themselves from learning, is correlated to the diabolical slide from Thomist-inspired scholasticism to the antiseptic environment of sterile professionalism at Notre Dame…where, as in other so-called institutions of higher learning, virtue and morality are treated as germ and infection. Perhaps the best known example of this method of sterilized teaching first took place in the Harvard Business School classroom of a Professor Bupp, who taught young Jeff Skilling, who led Enron to become a household name and symbol of scandal and corruption back in 2001.

How is this possible, you might ask? Harvard…sure, but Notre Dame??? It’s really quite simple when you factor in greed, the inherent flaws of human nature, and the disease of Liberalism. There is an amazing scene in the mini-series John Adams starring Paul Giamatti as John Adams, where he is received by French Society in Paris on his first visit to France. It’s a very comically awkward scene where the puritan Adams and the amorous Franklin are attempting to impress and win over the most culturally decadent people on the planet. Here in Paris, with Adams, Franklin, and later Jefferson…is the very crux of our Thomist/Sterile Professional Debate. Whoever these men were individually; collectively they are Thomists, as evidenced by the fact their most precious enterprise was owed to God Himself, as stated in their most eloquent Declaration…resulting in their Independence. Whereas the French, inoculated from any such divine infection, charted a different more “sterile” course…resulting in chaos, brutal carnage, and blood…lots of blood.

When you go to work tomorrow, imagine yourself with your colleagues around the water cooler. Imagine their reaction to you, if you were to turn Thomas on them. You would notice an immediate discomfort in them, due to their immunization. All of a sudden they would remember that deadline they’re under as they scurry back to the safety of their cubicles and/or offices. But this my friends, is what we have done to ourselves. The vast majority of places where we spend the vast majority of our time, has been rendered STERILE. When we eliminate the germ of morality, we invite a deadlier contagion into our body…

  • Prosecution (15 felonies) for those who exposed the baby parts traffickers…here.
  • Persecution & Prosecution for the fathers who attempt to rescue their 12-yr-olds…in the UK.
  • Pedophile sexual abuse and satanic torture of the most innocent by the most powerful…everywhere!

The Disease of Liberalism

Liberalism is a disease of the mind that eventually and incrementally destroys the soul in much the same way that Lou Gehrig’s Disease destroys the body. Many, if not most of us are born with it and live with it as carriers through our childhood, adolescence and early adulthood without realizing because it hides, thrives, and feeds on our wants and desires…until we attain the age of discernment, and the antidote of wisdom. Hence the Churchill Axiom, “If you aren’t a Liberal at Twenty, you have no heart. If you’re not a Conservative at forty, you have no brain.” But there are those, and I saw them pleading for “Sanctuary City” in Philipstown this past week, who progress into stage 3 and 4 without discernment, depraved of wisdom, overcome by guilt and self-loathing, where the soul is literally cannibalized by the personality disorder consequence of living a lie. ~ CM 4/7/17


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ “Is Truth Dead?”


“Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.” ~ Theodore Dalrymple

Last week Liberal commentator Ted Koppel lashed out at Conservative Sean Hannity, telling him he was “bad for America”, exactly one year after slamming Moderate Bill O’Reilly for taking Television from “objective and dull, to subjective and entertaining.” Mind you, Koppel’s attack on Hannity came weeks after MSNBC Liberal Mika was caught confessing that her job was to “control what people think.”

All four of these folks are in the “Public Opinion” business. Their differences lie in how they relate to the public they serve. Two of them treat the public as adults who need to know the truth, while the others treat the public as children who can’t handle it. As long as these four remain free to debate their opinions in what Rush refers to as the “Arena of Ideas”, the answer to Time Magazine’s question is “NO”.

The most epic and crucial war of our lifetime, the “Infowars” as coined by Alex Jones, is raging all around us. The stakes? Individual freedom and property rights vs globalist totalitarianism. The Globalists know they are losing this war, not because of Alex, Rush, Sean or Bill…but because the arena remains open to an internet of “free expression”. If you compare the ratings of Alex, Rush, Sean, and Bill to Ted, Mika, and most all of MSM, you realize that BREXIT and President Trump are simply the results of the majority’s informed will.

Besides being true, the Dalrymple quote above tells us that the American Left has become the new Fascist State. Zuckerberg and Bezos have become their Goebbels and Eichmann, turning their social media and marketing empires into tools for the State, scrambling for the holy grail of algorithms as the exclusive arbiters of fake news…for our own good, of course.

So as they continue their desperate attempts to tie Trump to the Russians and paint Alex Jones and Roger Stones as Russian spies, we have Nazi heir/EU Boss Jean-Claude Juncker threatening to “Break up the USA”, while here in America (All thanks to Drudge) we can hear La Raza/DNC Chair Perez claiming that “Trump didn’t win election.” & Republicans “don’t give a s—t about people.” Think about this; Perez followed Brazile (who fed the questions to Clinton before the Presidential Debate) who followed Wasserman-Schultz (who rigged the Democratic Primary to favor Clinton and screw Sanders).

And chalk this one up in the “truth stranger than fiction” category; Globalist George W. Bush of the Bush Dynasty who was as silent as a church mouse during the 8-yr reign of the most Anti-American President in history, seems to have more than plenty to say about President Trump!

In the aftermath of the most recent ISLAMIC TERROR attack in London, I saw a young man interviewed at the scene of the crime. I was struck by his passion and fearless eloquence. His name is Tommy Robinson. Thanks to Alex Jones I now know who Tommy Robinson is. You need to watch his interview with Alex. I can’t get his line “English children are walking with their heads down” out of my head because I know this is what they want for our children.

“The Fascists of the future will be the anti-fascists.” ~ Winston Churchill

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Devil Prefers the Cover of Darkness

Whose Flow?

…until he can’t resist.

We live and learn. There is probably no one man more responsible for turning more people away from God and into the “gap” of the Globalist’s mindless snare than Deepak Chopra. I confess to you that he sold me years ago with his book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. That’s where I made the startling discovery that “the voice of God is in the gap between our thoughts” so…who needs church anymore? In fact, the ultimate Globalist’s dream; I need to stop thinking!

“For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths” (2 Timothy 4:3-4). Last Monday, Oprah’s Chopra tweeted the following in response to President Trump’s tweet that Obama had him “wiretapped”…

Deepak Chopra ‏Verified account @DeepakChopra  Mar 20

“I say this with trepidation. Is @POTUS brain impaired? If so what does this mean for the future of the world? What can we do? God bless”

Deepak Chopra ‏Verified account @DeepakChopra  Mar 20

“Dear @realDonaldTrump @POTUS Would you please submit to a psychiatric and neurological evaluation to restore our confidence. Thank you Sir”

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” ~ Lord Acton

I used to agree with Ronald Reagan that “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” were the most dangerous words in the English language…until I discovered the Globalists and their agenda. Now I know that Lord Acton’s words go straight to the Devil’s master plan. I suppose they both had it right by degree. At least in our Constitution, power is contained by checks and balances between the branches, and shared between Federal and State governments. There is no containment, no checks and balances, and no sharing in the black heart of Brussels…as the people of Europe are learning the hard way. NEVER in the history of the world has unchecked centralized power led to anything other than tyranny, death and torture for the common man…for the very reason it fed the fortune and fame of people like Deepak and Oprah. Hitler knew, as the Globalists discovered, the magnetic pull of celebrity…or should I say “Flow”?

And just as the mindless were inches from the final snare on November 8th, the one celebrity they did not own, stole their show! Actually, it would be more accurate to say that he ended their show and plans to put them all out of business, and many of them in jail where they belong.

Last week the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee sent shockwaves around the planet when he announced the evidence he had affirming President Trump’s claim that he was illegally surveilled by the previous Administration, and called for a private meeting with Comey and Rogers. Gulp!

And as all of this is coming to light, from his jewel-encrusted tinsel-town-throne atop the World Center for the Self-Absorbed, where his legions of mindless disciples crave the answer to “Why Sophia Vergara’s ex called her ‘classless’” while waiting on their next Botox injection, as the Muslim slaughters his way across the globe…the devil lashes out against the one man who means to finally expose him!

When enough Americans finally remove their minds from the “gap” created by the greatest snake-oil-charlatans in history, there WILL be Hell-to-Pay!


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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Our Intellectual Freedom

Patriotism Offensive at Ramapo College in NJ

Casuistry ~ the use of clever but unsound reasoning, especially in relation to moral questions; sophistry.

I was at a planning session with some wonderfully gifted and talented musicians recently working out the details of our tribute to Suzy Arnowitz who passed away in September. One of the things that came up was a mutual lament we all shared over the lack of original musical artistry we had all been blessed to grow up with. I can count the exceptions on half a hand. The English band Mumford & Sons is one of those exceptions. Did you know they will not perform in Sweden? Do you know why one of the world’s most beloved bands refuse to play Sweden? Rape…yes, that’s right. In fact, President Trump addressed the Swedish problem several weeks ago, and was savaged by our main-stream-media for it. Why? Because he spoke the truth about the Rapist.

Yesterday was a day of prayer and fasting for me. God blessed me with a song I composed for Suzy’s tribute show in June, and a new word. I learned the word casuistry as it relates to the devilry and mischief emanating from Bergoglio and his henchman Cardinal Coccopalmerio, in Father Gerald Murray’s article at TCT. Bergoglio’s Coccopalmerio Casuistry…sounds like an Italian Opera, right? Italian bread crumbs leading us to the gates of hell is far closer to the truth.

And yet another Murray makes his way onto the Tune-up stage today. You may or may not have heard about the Obama/Soros Brown Shirt attack on Libertarian Author Charles Murray (My Great Grandfather was Charles Murray) and his colleague Professor Sanger whilst attempting to bring thoughtful debate to the campus of Middlebury College a few weeks back. He chronicled the entire experience here; A campus where a majority of students are fearful to speak openly because they know a minority will jump on them is no longer an intellectually free campus in any meaningful sense.” Hence, our SMTU theme for today.

Closer to home for me, another institution of “higher learning” (laugh) made news when it shut down a patriotically-themed barbecue hosted by campus Conservatives for being (wait for it) too “offensive”. Speaking of offensive, 10 out of the 14 welfare cheats busted in Baltimore recently turned out to be Muslim. So here’s what I find offensive ~ In the same world where not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslim…where not all Muslims are rapists, but the majority of rapists are Muslim…where not all Muslims are welfare cheats, but two thirds of the welfare cheats are Muslim, we’re told that loving our country and our flag is offensive!

All this leaves me wondering…if the Marcus Mumford who won’t play Sweden because of Rape, will decline Albert Hall…and eventually Carnegie Hall because of “Honor-Killings”?

The spiritual fathers of our birthing were the most educated men in our society. They understood that our intellectual freedom was more than essential to a healthy and vibrant society…it was well worth fighting and dying for. Sadly, as Charles Murray warns us, the same institutions that fostered and nurtured our intellectual development have become hotbeds of fascism…

As someone who spent almost two decades at Harvard, first as a student and then as a member of the faculty and officer of the university, I am ashamed at how far an institution that proclaims “Truth” (“Veritas” in Latin) as its motto has fallen away from that mission. ~ Thomas Lifson, Harvard Going Orwell

Sorry for this epic Mumford-Murray ramble, but it is ALL baked into what I like to call, the very same Globalist Pie of Lies. Another Libertarian I happen to respect (I’m sure there’s a Murray somewhere in his lineage) sums it up quite well…

I am convinced that the US, and probably the entire Western world, that is, the American Empire, has entered an era in which respect for truth does not exist in public and private institutions…What is scary about the US and Europe is not merely the gullibility and insouciance of such a large percentage of the populations. What is very frightening is the willingness of the media, government officials, military, and members of professional organizations to lie for the sake of their careers. Try to find any shame among the liars that their lies expose humanity to thermo-nuclear annihilation. It is not to be found. They don’t care. Just let me have the Mercedes and the McMansion for another year. ~ Paul Craig Roberts

As for me, I’d rather be all alone with one good “Lullabye”, than together with all the world living a lie.

Insouciance? Hmmm…

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ A Beautiful Death

“The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant…that even a god-king can bleed”

“The Globalists want you to give up your soul, turn over your life source, and die.” ~ Alex Jones

During Pastor Craig’s sermon this past Sunday he used the old line “Sticks & Stones will break my bones but words can never harm me” to help make his point of “Pride” and the “Cost of Communion”. Our parents lied to us, he said, making the point that those words really did hurt like hell when we were kids…going on to compare our pride and pain to the humiliation, degrading, mocking and agonizing death suffered by Jesus on the cross. By the time he (Pastor Craig) got to the cross, I was still stuck on the sticks and stones. I found myself alone in my thoughts wondering, whatever happened to the “sticks & stones”? Cost of Communism, came the soft reply.

Wisdom elevates last week’s SMTU opening St. Damian’s quote about “clinging to the fear of being stripped of earthly possessions” to a loftier throne when considering one’s own life as the ultimate earthly possession. Of course there’s quite a stack of baubles from our favorite pen and first car to one’s own life. The issue, as suggested by the term clinging, is attachment. The question becomes, mid-Lent, what would I give up my life for?

In the movie 300, King Leonidas and 300 of his best warriors give up their lives to defend their homeland from the massive Persian invasion. To them, honor and freedom are more precious than even their own lives. In one of my favorite scenes, Leonidas’s soldier joyfully describes his imminent sacrifice to an allied Greek soldier who is anxiously entertaining second thoughts, as “a beautiful death”.  

Speaking of invasion…Did you know that Jeffrey P. Bezos owns a very heavy piece of Anti-Trump Artillery known as the Washington Post? Did you know that the CIA recently awarded his company Amazon with a $500-Million-Dollar Contract? Does the “Vault 7” revelation mean anything to you? If you answered no, no, and no, go back to sleep. If you answered yes, no, no, you may wish to continue reading.

The battle raging in the Deep State isn’t just a bureaucratic battle – it’s a war for the soul, identity and direction of the nation…according to Charles Hugh-Smith OfTwoMinds

Our culture war is the Persian invasion. Obama is the reincarnation of Xerxes. He has no intention of retiring to his ranch to paint. The Globalists are the Persian Army, and they are inside the gates. Gates that were opened by Clinton, opened wider by Bush, and nearly destroyed by Obama with the help of traitors like McCain and Brennan…they came so close. Speaking of Gates…ponder the “Global” influence of one Bill Gates. Yes, when you consider the corrupting aim and influence of pop culture, the unaccountable power of the Fed and the world’s central banks, all in collusion with the 4th Estate and yes…even the Vatican, the Persian Army seems a trifle. And, as Alex Jones points out up top, they don’t care about your race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or respect! They are after you, your soul, and your life source. In fact, they are already crushing you…you just don’t realize…you’re not dead…yet. They are still busy corralling us:

Before you continue

Whether it’s your first time using (any business) or you’re one of our original (customers), please commit to respecting and including everyone in the (any business) community.

I agree to treat everyone in the (any business) community – regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age – with respect and without judgment or bias.



Progressive-Liberalism is ideology turned religion. It is the worst attachment of all because it demands blindness. It becomes your favorite flannel shirt. We’ve all heard the horror stories of the Highway Dept. crew member whose favorite flannel shirtsleeve gets caught on the branch that pulls him/her to his/her death in the wood-chipper.  Progressive-Liberalism is that same shirtsleeve. The wood-chipper is the reality of death. We all die. The question becomes which death will I choose; the Beautiful one, or the Blind one?

Finally, a beautiful death takes many forms. The evil of Xerxes exists in our personal relationships; friendships, partnerships, and even marriages. Imagine finding yourself attached in love to the person whose very own life source is nourished and maintained by the depletion and destruction of your own. I can tell you, it is possible to experience a beautiful death…without dying. And the most beautiful life that ever lived did just exactly that!

“Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” ~ William Wallace

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