Super Sunday, The Amazing “Mess” & Happy Birthday “Dutch”!

So I woke up this morning with three numbers in my head…26, 300 & 100;

  •  The average salary for a lineman in 1967 (year of the 1st Super Bowl) was $26,000. Today’s lineman essentially puts on the same uniform, takes the same 100 yard field with the same number of team mates and opposing players to play the same 4 quarters by the same basic rules…but gets $1,241,000 MORE than his 1967 predecessor to do it!
  • Every back page in the country yesterday “sported” the $300,000,000 frown on the faces of the Wilpon Family, owners of the Mets Franchise. It seems that much of ball club’s activities of late have been financed by their “good friend”…Bernie Madoff. Ouch!
  •  And Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of these United States would have turned 100 today!

 So what do these three numbers have to do with one another? Well, in my head the first two remind me of how much I miss the third!

You see most of us watching Brian Kilmeade’s interview with the Super Bowl 1 player who earned the $26,000 probably just shrugged the $1,267,000 number off…due to “inflation”. I seriously doubt that many viewers thought, “Man! Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln, etc. were all right! The Central Bank is more dangerous than a standing army!” The dollar lost 40% of its value from 2002-2008…and guess what? The dollar wasn’t worth a dollar in 2002! But hey, what time is kick off?

…Which leads us to the Amazing “Mess”! Well please excuse me if my heart doesn’t bleed for the Wilpons…in fact I would trade places with them in a New York minute, and you wanna know why? Because the only difference between the Wilpons and us, is they have Madoff and we have the US Government…and Madoff is done screwing them! But I digress. For in a matter of hours, we’ll be huddled around the big screens in our big houses with our big friends (The First Lady is working on #3) to watch the big game, just as we’ve done forever…it seems. The worldwide chaos, degradation and debauchery all seem to evaporate in the presence of friends and football…

…Which finally brings us to a man who was no stranger to the “gridiron”, in fact Reagan almost chose a career as a sports announcer over a career in politics! And many people probably don’t know that Reagan saved 77 lives as a lifeguard in his teenage years! Now there’s a metaphor for what the world needs most, eh? He was the right man, for the right time and place in history. Thank God he understood he was put on the earth to do more than call the play by play! In fact, you can almost imagine the lifeguard chair in the Oval Office. If Reagan was America’s Lifeguard, how does America view our 44th President? Well, to use Lincoln’s words with a Lifeguard twist…If divided we “drown”, you tell me which one lifted US up and which one is taking US down! Which one inspired the Business Community from his firm belief that it is individual liberty and freedom that gave birth to the Microsoft’s, Walmart’s and Honeywell’s of the world? And which one lectures the same community from under the ominous shadow of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? You get the picture. So on his 100th birthday I will leave you with this wonderful video from his famous debate with Mondale;

Everything you need to know about a man is in his eyes when you know what to look for. The shining light in the 40th is the black hole in the 44th! Reagan did not need a teleprompter because his mind was the teleprompter of heart and soul the world is desperately missing. God bless you and Happy Birthday Dutch!


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