The Main-Stream Media’s “Weekend at Barry’s”

For those of you who missed it, “Weekend at Bernie’s” was a 1989 comedy where two young men (Larry & Richard) spend a weekend desperately propping up a “stiff” named Bernie in an effort to conceal the fact that he is actually…dead. I missed it!

Unfortunately I have been trapped inside the theater with the rest of you for the remake entitled, “Weekend at Barry’s & The Minus Touch”! It bombed at the box office for the simple reason that dumb blondes with famous fathers, politicians turned talk show hosts and community organizers turned POTUS not only failed to make us laugh…They are making us cry, cry, cry! And they’re not letting us out of the theater anytime soon! Mika & Joe from MSNBC’s Morning Joe (supported by Katie, Brian, Bob, etc.) play Larry & Richard. And Barack plays himself! He steals the show by playing dead more convincingly than Bernie…who actually was dead! AND, he has perfected the very opposite of the Midas Touch! Please follow my pre and postBarry analysis on this:


Pre-Barry– One year ago Jobs were the # 1 priority! And in exchange for the small sum of $787 billion, we were promised an unemployment rate of 8%

Post-Barry– After a Job Summit with College Professors and Union Bosses and laser focus on a healthcare plan that nobody wanted, today we have an unemployment rate that has dropped a fraction of a percent below 10% because 2.2 million people GAVE UP looking for work…and we have a record 42 million Americans on food stamps! (Who got the $787 billion?)

                                                    Health Care

Pre-Barry– Obama promises the Health Care Nationalization that has eluded every other Socialist President before him.

Post-Barry– He hands off to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who have given us an unconstitutional patient on life support!


Pre-Barry– We were blessed with a viable and thriving domestic oil industry, which millions of Gulf State Americans relied on for their livelihood.

Post-Barry– Obama responds to major oil spill by 1) Not responding! 2) Rejecting a foreign state of the art technology-rescue to placate the Unions, resulting in the decimation of the Gulf State economy and the destruction of an entire industry while earning his Administration a “contempt ruling” from a federal judge in the process!

                                                   Foreign Policy

Pre-Barry– The “Surge” worked and an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement is back on the table.

Post-Barry– Obama takes credit for Bush’s success in Iraq, ignores his top general for first 9 months of his Presidency, and is now trying to figure out how to blame Bush for Afghanistan! The Obama Administration condemns Israel for defending herself in the now famous Gaza Flotilla incident. The man whose “favorite sound is the Muslim call to prayer” has touched the Middle-East and from Tunisia to the Suez, he has single-handedly rendered the voice of the United States IRRELEVANT in the Middle East!

So as the curtain draws to a close, we are treated to one last painfully pathetic scene of Larry and Richard nervously patting the “stiff” on the back and telling him (and us!) “he’s just like JFK & Ronald Reagan!!”

                                                        The End


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2 Responses to The Main-Stream Media’s “Weekend at Barry’s”

  1. Jimmie Young says:

    Chip, as accurately as you have reported on the current political state of affairs in our nation, the people who should be gleaning some insight from your remarks are more likely reading “Media Matters” or “The Huffing and Puffing Post”. Those of us who agree with you politically are incensed by the total lack of concern by the Liberals to the results of the November Election. They lost the election “factually” but ignored that fact and continue to conduct their wars regardless of those results.
    The Conservative movement MUST begin to reveal the results historically of Socialistic Government in layman’s terms. There’s plenty of evidence of Socialistic Failure and the negative results of nations that have and are suffering under the effects of such Social Concepts. The Socialist Movement in America and around the world senses it’s most possible success during this current world turmoil. It’s time for the Conservative Movement to take off the gloves and fight for the core values of America. There are so many issues that need Conservative attention, not the least of which is finding a viable leader for the party. “Business as usual” will not accomplish the return to American exceptionalizm required to put us back on course. I truly admire your energy and hope that most of America feels the way we do about current events. Action is required now. It’s time to fight for what we love and Believe in. America!!!! God Bless America!!

    • shutupnsing says:

      Well said my friend! We are perhaps living in the greatest ideological clash in history…between Elitism & Conservatism. Whether or not we are aware, ALL of us fall on one side or the other.

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