My Last Will & Testament

To my brothers and sisters in the Tea Party, I leave everything!

To the rest of you, I leave the following communication to the future generations you have plundered…whether by ignorance or design.

Dear Children of my Children:


I am the killer of the dream that never made it to your shores. The birthright and legacy of liberty and freedom so generously etched into your very being by the Maker’s own hand has been silenced by the greatest abortion doctor of all time…ME.


I am the one who chose to listen and trust the celebrity of strangers over the passionate warnings and pleas of family and friends.


I am the one who allowed the words and deeds of our greatest benefactors to be erased from your ever having had the chance to learn them!


I am the one who put charlatans before prophets and my own guilt and self-loathing before your interests.


I am the one who put Social-Justice before Truth and Justice.  


I am the one who cowered in the closet of political correctness.


I am the one who never discussed politics or religion at cocktail parties…or work.


I am the one who sat down when they said, “Sit down.”…instead of standing up for you.


Please forgive me.







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3 Responses to My Last Will & Testament

  1. Raquel Okyay says:

    Have faith, God hears you and understands. And above all, He forgives. Love ya tons, have a wonderful day Chip!

  2. Jim Hauser says:

    Maybe this should be put out to Nancy, Harry and Barry as an ad in the NY times (pravda west).
    Very poignant,
    Thank you,

  3. Jimmie Young says:


    This testament is so meaningful under the current circumstances. The sad part of all this is that, even as many citizens are becoming aware of this impending disaster, the Conservative Party is mired down in old verses new concepts. It’s hard to believe that we can’t even unite under one umbrella to create a political force that can defeat the Liberal mess that faces us. It’s as if many of the well meaning representatives can’t see the very serious future that looms ahead. In addition to our own financial issues, we’re beginning to see the chaotic destruction of many of the middle east countries with special interests salivating from the prospect of filling a vacuum with Terrorist factions ready to spread radical Islam around the world. . .
    We can only hope that something positive is going on behind the scenes that can forestall this terrible negative concept that will effect not only the middle east but the entire world. We’re definitely on the precipice right now…………

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