A “Collective Bargain” From We The People!

Tomorrow’s students will look back on this moment as one of the greatest and most defining moments in American history. We stand on the precipice of the tipping point! On one side I see an America reconnecting to herself…I see the color flowing back into her cheeks and the healthy pulse of self-awareness coursing through her veins once again. And on the other side I see a legion of lost souls banging their fists, stomping their feet and demanding the fruit of a rotten tree…poisoned by greed, neglect and hidden agendas.

On one side there is righteous talk of solidarity, worker’s rights and the importance of “collective bargaining”. And on the other we hear of deficits, out of control spending and the importance of balanced budgets.

It is a world gone mad where those responsible for failure bus themselves to a collective heap of failure, sponsored by a failed President to demand more from those you’ve failed!

What I know, is that I am done opening my checkbook to those who can’t stop themselves from spending more than I do.

What I know, is that I am done feeding failure.

And, what I know…is that I am done poisoning myself and all that I love and believe in.

Finally, what I know is this…This is not about Republicans against “the working man”! This is about Big Government and Unions against the American Citizen and Taxpayer!

We the People have a collective bargain for you…

Get down on your knees and pray for forgiveness;

  • For stealing the sense of National Pride from our children!


  • For denying God and welcoming Lady Gaga!


  • For indoctrinating our children instead of educating them!


  • For setting them up for failure instead of preparing them for success!


  • For depriving them of their own history!


Then and only then will we consider allowing you back into our world where NOTHING is given to you! You will EARN what you make…just like the rest of us!


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