The Peoples’ Petition for Impeachment of the President

We the People of these United States do hereby petition Congress to act immediately to remove Barack Obama from the office of President as provided for in the Constitution he has so willfully violated. Further, we request an immediate Congressional hearing on the charges of Treason, against the United States on the basis of the irreparable harm he has caused this country in the following critical areas of our national interest;


  • The abdication of leadership on our debt & deficit crisis ($14Tril & $1.267Tril!).
  • The devastating assault on Small Business & Free Market Capitalism.
  • The theft of much of the $787 Bil from the American People through corrupt Union Money-Laundering (otherwise known as “Collective Bargaining”).
  • Using the Office of the President to orchestrate the illegal subversion of a legally elected Wisconsin Governor trying to balance his state budget!


National & Border Security

  • Refusal of the Obama Administration to identify Radical Islam as the enemy of the United States.
  • Their failure to acknowledge the Ft Hood massacre as an act of Radical Islam!
  • Their attack on Arizona’s Governor & soliciting foreign countries to join suit!
  • Their utter failure in recognizing and preventing the Wikileaks attacks!
  • Their policy of granting Miranda rights & civilian trials to enemy combatants!
  • Their prosecution of our own military to end effective interrogation techniques.
  • Their willful monetary policy to destroy the dollar!


Foreign Policy

Frank Gaffney’s assessment of this President has become the Hallmark of our Foreign Policy: “…abandoning allies, emboldening our enemies & diminishing our country”

  • START treaty= Weakness!
  • Removal of missile defense systems in Eastern Europe=Weakness!
  • Betraying the British by trading their secrets to the Russians=Weakness!
  • Virtually mum on slaughters of Christians all over the Middle East=Weakness!
  • Virtually mum on Iran’s brutal crackdown on its own citizens=Weakness!
  • No clue & mixed signals from the Administration in Mid-East revolts=Incompetence!
  • Response to Libyan bloodshed=UNACCEPTABLE!!!
  • Turning our backs on Israel!=DISPICIBLE!!!


Energy Policy

  • The refusal of foreign help to placate the unions during the Gulf oil spill.
  • The illegal moratorium on gulf oil drilling, devastating that entire regional economy.
  • The corrupt politics of Cap & Trade, complicit in global scheme predicated on evidence presented by a corrupt scientific community!
  • The virtual blockade of our ability to access our own energy resources precisely when we are most vulnerable and need them the most!


In summary, it is our sincere belief that the only conclusion to be reached by a truly objective mind presented with the afore-mentioned, is that Barack Hussein Obama having violated his sacred oath of office in undermining our national security and well-being in every imaginable way should hereby be removed from office as provided for in our Constitution and tried for Treason.


We the People


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