The Perversion of Social Justice

Social (so’shel) adj. 1 of or pertaining to society or its organization: social questions. 2 Friendly toward others; sociable. 3 Living in a society: social beings. 4 Of or pertaining to public welfare: social work. 5 Pertaining to or characteristic of fashionable, wealthy people: the social register. 6 Living in communities: social ants.

Justice (jus’tis) n. 1 the quality of being just, fair, or impartial; evenhandedness. 2 Adherence to truth or fact; validity; correctness. 3 The rendering of what is due or merited; just deserts. 4 Conformity to right principles; honesty; integrity. 5 A judge. 6 Justice of the Peace. 7 The administration of law.

If you Google “social justice”, you may find as I did, 35,900,000 results with the 1st link which brings you to Wikipedia and their summary, “Social justice generally refers to the idea of creating a society or institution that is based on the principles of equality and solidarity…”


So here’s what I find fascinating about the term Social Justice. Separately, these are two of the nicest and most noble words in the English language! Who among us doesn’t aspire to be sociable? And please tell me…what better qualities could a society possess than the qualities of just and fair…and the values of truth, honesty and integrity?

But what happens when we combine these two noble words into one term? Do we get a result that is the combination of both, which would certainly seem to be a very positive outcome? Or do we get something entirely different…something not only different, but something lacking the highly valued characteristics possessed by each word separately? In other words…Is the term Social Justice a perversion of words? I believe it is in fact! And this is why I believe it to be so…

First and foremost, the lead word social generally implies ALL members of society. And yet strangely, when you dig a little deeper and actually research the various groups and organizations who fly the social justice banner, you find them overwhelmingly left of center. In fact, many you will find way left of center…that is to say, if one were to consider Socialists and Communists to be way left of center?? I do…which is perfectly fine! After all, this is a free country, right? In reality, the social justice crowd is for the most part, the more liberally progressive among us. In America, that would make them approximately 20% of ALL members of our society according to Gallup.

Secondly, the awakened eye can easily make out the red flag embedded in the very first sentence of the Wikipedia definition of social justice! How does one go about “creating a society” that already exists? Or perhaps the more important question would be, “Who would take it upon themselves to create what many of us believe, God has already created?” So interestingly, here we now have an intention which exists in the term, but not found in the separate words themselves.  Now we know the who in social justice, and we know that they have intention. But what do they intend?

Well, I may not be the brightest bulb in the box…but I’m going to venture out on a limb here and conclude by the name, that they intend…something to do with justice! That’s cool…because according to Webster, that means they intend just, fair, truth, honesty and integrity…Hey count me in for some of that action baby…I think…I mean…who wouldn’t? OOPS! I forgot already! According to Wikipedia, they are intending to create a society or institution that is based on the principles of equality and solidarity…” presumably in the name of justice…right? This is a very interesting line! Again, who would oppose equality? Jefferson himself wrote that “all men are created equal” into our Declaration of Independence. Solidarity, on the other hand, actually means firm unity.  Here again, unity is generally a good thing…but digging a little deeper we can find some serious problems that are anything but self-evident! For instance, a United Al Qaeda or Taliban may be good for Al Qaeda and the Taliban, but not so good for you and me.

At the end of the day, we have some pretty powerful words that in and of them selves would seem to promote the highest of universal values. But in reality, Social Justice is the arranged wedding of Progressive word-smithing…where the bride and groom may dress in the garments of compassion and please a guest or two, but their pretense is as evil as their offspring are destined to be. In fact, I don’t think there is anything on this earth more inherently and diabolically evil than the connected dots which form the hidden agenda of the Progressive Social Justice Movement! But, what else would you call something that pretends to be what it is not for the purpose of ensnaring a community into something it is not! And this is not to say that all who consider themselves a member of the Social Justice Community are evil. Some are very good people who are either ill-informed, or choose to look away from truth towards what they wish to be true. I myself would much rather be guilty of the former.

So those of us who would care to honest and objective might look at the top issues of the Social Justice Movement in the context of the qualities already laid out; just, fair, truth, honesty, integrity…and lets’ throw in equality and solidarity for good measure! I happened on a site that listed the following top 10 Social Justice issues;

1. Education
2. Immigration (US centric)
3. Healthcare
4. Racial/Ethnic Issues (even in non-US countries)
5. Sexual Rights (LGBT, polyamory, and others)
6. Religion
7. Poverty & Welfare (both the issue of poverty and with how much responsibility do we (individuals, governments) have to help)
8. Wealth Gap (of which poverty is a subset, but focusing more on the disparity between the rich and poor versus destitute, also including disparities across countries)
9. Autonomy of a Country (e.g. when and how should a country become involved in another’s affairs (Iraq, China, Myanmar, etc)
10. Climate change

I thought that in the interest of time we would examine a case study on the #1 topic. Before we begin, perhaps a quick stretch, some deep knee bends and a couple of deep breaths…shall we?

                                             The Wisconsin Case Study


  • A $3.6 Billion Dollar Budget Deficit (The gap between what they spend and take in as revenue).
  • 300,000 Public Union Employees (who earn on average, $100k…nearly double the average income of those they serve).
  • Two thirds of 8th grade school children reading below “proficiency level”.
  • 5,600,000 Voters
  • Governor Walker elected by the people to balance budget.
  • Walker proposes to end “collective bargaining” for benefits only! A system that even FDR vilified as essentially a blank check boom over the tax payers head!
  • Democrats FLEE the state!
  • Teachers walk out on their students!
  • Obama’s Organize America organizes against the government and the people of Wisconsin, just as they did in Arizona.


So, if we first identify all of the stakeholders in the case above; the school children, the public school teachers, the union leaders, the Governor, the President, the tax payer, the legislators, the media, the “Social Justice” organizations, the Tea Party, our Constitution and anyone else I’ve failed to mention. I am left shaking my head in disbelief…

Where is the JUSTICE for the children of Wisconsin? Where does the just and fair come into play in demanding more from people who make less than you? And somebody please find a shred of honesty or integrity in an elected official who cuts and runs? Or, can anyone find a single one of these qualities in a President who now almost routinely mocks law, while exceeding constitutional authority, to subvert legitimate constitutional process and the will of the people to pay off his Big Labor debts? The TRUTH is…who needs a constitution when you have a Media to manufacture your authority?

Now imagine the application of Social Justice to the remaining 9 issues of our time and your first reaction ought to be a cold chill. And hopefully, you will realize the true nature of the fight we have on our hands leading you, among other things, to a deeper examination of Tea Party-Conservatism as the strongest antidote to those poisons that threaten the bedrock liberties and freedoms so essential to our way of life.


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2 Responses to The Perversion of Social Justice

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  2. Jerry Counelis says:

    …Sorry Chip, but You’ve got it ALL wrong.
    ..You Also claim in another article of Covetous Capitalist mentality that “The biggest scam ever played on any society is the con of “social justice” because it delivers the opposite of what it claims”..but to claim that “Social Justice”..(YOUR misnomer, more properly described as “Economic Justice”) wrong because it’s undermined to failure by the Covetous Greed of those who would Purposefully confuse Inequity as ANYTHING less than Iniquity, is to pervert & devalue the 10th & most important commandment.
    ..I say “Most Important” because, OF The commandments, the first four are designed to guide the believer toward a proper relationship with God. The remaining six deal with our Earthly relations with others. It is these final six commands that are given the negative form of “You Shall Not …”, & that 10th is purposefully MADE last, in order to be the easiest to IT’s the motivator of the other 5.
    …Desire is a Natural Human condition, given by GOD to enhance the Earthly human condition of prosperity & advancement…but COVETOUS, or unbridled Greed!
    ..What you present Here is a Justification of Greed through the demonization of Social Justice.
    …Works of Inequity..purposefully perpetrated by those in Economic control over the economically disadvantaged, ARE “works of INIQUITY”..& are Sin under the 10th commandment.
    ..The “Social Justice Movement” doesn’t “pretend to be what it is not” in True American “Christian Conservative” or Prosperity Religion’s covetous, Capitalist fashion you misconstrue..because it’s desired OUTCOME is not achieved.
    …Social..(ECONOMIC) Justice is not achieved because good Christian efforts Toward it are undermined by manipulated & confused people like YOU, who purposefully or otherwise miss the meaning of GOD’s word in the 10th commandment.
    …Perverted INEQUITY…through anything less than honorable means..IS covetous Iniquity!

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