Political Correctness & Community Organizing

Liberty and Freedom would have little to fear, if they only had one of these devastating tools of the left to face. But such is not the case…which is why a drastically ill-informed public’s concern for their safety is less than urgent. The threat to our cherished way of life is greater today, than the Nazi threat faced by the British from their London air raid shelters! Why? Because they finally knew, understood and galvanized against the enemy!

The more radical elements among us have gradually conscripted the less radical over time with these highly effective tools. But none with as devastating results as their use of political correctness. Think of how a spider takes down its prey. First, notice that the victim is usually larger than the spider. Then notice how its bite doesn’t kill, it paralyzes its prey. Now visualize the victim spun helplessly into the silken tomb where it can only wait…until the spider becomes hungry. This is exactly where we are! This is the essence of the tipping point. The question becomes, “Is there enough of us willing and able outside the tomb, to rescue those inside?”

The best example of what PC has done to us is to understand how 13 of our young men and women were brutally murdered by it on November 5, 2009. Our children were just as much a victim of a system…a culture so entombed that it would advance an unqualified man while fully aware of his radicalized beliefs, to a position of authority…where he struck the infidel with a deadly hail of bullets and shouts of Allahu Akbar less than 10 years after his radical brethren murdered 3,000 of us at Ground Zero! So now, what do the rest of us do in response? Do we praise Congressman King for organizing a task force to investigate the ongoing radicalization of American Citizens in American Mosques? Hell no! Why? Because we can only watch helplessly from our entombment while the PC crowd launches an all out assault on the courageous efforts of Rep. King! But we know don’t we…the spider is getting hungry!

Community Organizing…sounds like a wonderful thing, no? No! 70,000 angry voices on the streets in the Capitol of Wisconsin, waiving manufactured signs, are the very well-organized foot soldiers of entitlement and self-interest. They are the community organized by the community organizer who organized his way to power! They are the army of union thugs, socialists, communists, anarchists and social justice groups who sense the Karp Diem moment they have so desperately longed for! (If you look closely at some of the YouTube video’s you won’t see on the six o’clock news…you can actually see the spider drooling!).

In sharp contrast, the Tea Party has no Central Command Headquarters at the White House. We are truly grass-roots, bottom up and perhaps a wee bit complacent from our victories last November. There is no doubt that our voices have been heard and our sting as been felt. But the talons of the Ruling Class run very deep, and the tensions of this hour on the tipping point intensifies their urgency, and tightens their grip!

In many of our communities we are blessed with wonderfully dedicated patriots in various Tea Party groups. We have a dozen such groups in the Hudson Valley alone. But we are splintered and fractured in our connections to the other groups. This is troubling when compared to the synergy enjoyed by the Community Organizers!

Therefore, I would propose the following…If each group could identify one member willing to represent that group in liaison with the other groups, and agree to be represented at a quarterly or semi-annual meeting…the results would be dramatic!

Each group would maintain its local identity and mission. But the coordination and communication of so many kindred spirits united in common cause can simply have no downside…other than to starve a hungry spider!


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