So Which Side Is God On…Because He is Losing His Shepherds!

I had sent the following letter out to half a dozen clergy members over the summer;

Dear Esteemed Clergy: 
I will attempt to convey a message from the heart that came to me this morning. As the people of Israel were led from the miracles in Egypt and out of the desert by Moses to a “place” where they forgot, lost their faith and worshipped idols…I believe we find ourselves in very same place today. 
We recently had friends for dinner and when our one guest David offered to say grace and extended his hands, I was struck by how wonderful the gesture…and how foreign it has become! Upon deeper thought I wondered if, in exchange for liberating ourselves from “the closet” on so many levels, we have stuffed GOD into it? 
Look around at the faces in your congregation. Have you not seen them age in the past 2 years more than they have in the past 10! How did we get to this place…again? Only the names have changed! American Idol in Prime Time…and GOD in the closet! This is not the America I grew up in. We have slowly evolved to a place that most of us over 40 just don’t recognize anymore. 
Arguably, the most hated and vilified man by those in power and the mainstream media these days is Glenn Beck. Why is that? When I listen to him, I hear him “begging” us to remember who we are. I hear him educate us about our Founders and their faith in God as the one and only source of our inalienable rights and the seed of American Exceptionalism. And I hear him telling us to get on our knees and pray! When and how did it become bad to espouse these things? Who has turned this world upside down? 
I am 57 years old and I love and believe in my country. But I no longer trust those we have entrusted to manage the affairs of government in Albany or Washington. On August 28th there will be a Restoring Honor Rally at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial organized by Glenn Beck. His words resonate as truth in my heart, which is why I am going to be there. 
I would respectfully ask you to please read this message from my heart to your congregation. And if indeed this message strikes the same true chord with them, then please ask them to join us on August 28th. 
Thank You and God Bless, 

I did not hear back from a single one of them! On the surface, one could argue that the clergy are mindful of diverse congregations and are careful not to alienate those who may find Mr. Beck offensive. And after all, I am not a member of their congregation…so I didn’t think that much of it, other than being a little surprised at hearing no response at all to “a message from the heart”.

But standing here today, I have to say that I now believe it is worse than that. I fear that many of God’s Shepherds, be they Rabbi’s, Pastors or Priests, have abandoned their posts. Ten years ago, the terms collective salvation, liberation theology and social justice were not familiar to me. Today, they are more than words. They are the tools of darkness…a virtual web of lies and deceit, carried by charming men. How many Rabbi’s, Pastors & Priests are overtly or covertly “protecting” their flocks from the dangers of Palin, Limbaugh and Beck…while completely ignoring the flood of Hollywood porn and promiscuity targeting their children…and worse?? Have they deserted their heavenly father and allowed themselves to be co-opted by the earthly ends justify the means, social justice crowd?

I had a very dear friend of the liberal persuasion ask me recently, “Where are the champions of social justice on the right who are defending the oppressed?” I thought to myself, how we have all been so misled for so long…we have simply lost our way. Isn’t that the primary purpose of the shepherd…to prevent that from happening? Where are they in their defense of the innocent and oppressed?

Who is more oppressed than the average middle class tax-paying citizen of Wisconsin at this very moment? They are under siege and being held hostage by pure greed and evil. Where is the social justice in the demands of those who pretend to stand for democracy while choking the life out of it? They have failed the children, bankrupted their states and will now openly stand with socialists and communists to forsake the values of their own country for the sake of their own interests!

A very intelligent family member said to me this past weekend, “It’s great what’s happening throughout the Middle East right now.” He went on to express his optimism concerning the current dispose the despot trend sweeping the region. His optimism came across to me as pure naivety from someone who has lost complete touch with the true cost of freedom, and an understanding of the true power of her enemies!

We are not observing a new wave of liberating freedom and democracy sweeping the world! We are witnessing chaos and confusion in a well orchestrated global set change. And we have very well-organized ideologies that have NOTHING to do with freedom and democracy, slipping back into power in Tunisia where it all began, and elsewhere…which leads me to wonder whose side is God on?


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8 Responses to So Which Side Is God On…Because He is Losing His Shepherds!

  1. Jimmie Young says:

    I am in total agreement with your sentiments Chip! The battle is out in the open now with Public Union Thugs on camera unabashedly beating up on Tea Party demonstrators.
    So many learning institutions advocating the removal of all vestiges of our Constitutionality and Religion from view of our children. Majorities of the entertainment industry showing the worst behavior from the most highly paid performers.
    The mainstream media ignore the obvious Middle East chaos and the results it can have on our lives and security. Their constant attempts to devalue the tea party and under report the abuses being applied by the left.
    Glenn Beck and all the other Conservative personalities must continue to present THE FACTS to the general public to counteract all the mis-information and out and out lies coming from the other side.
    Critical thinking and common sense must return to the public consciousness. There can be no excuse for ignoring the very real threats of radical Islam that is rapidly spreading throughout the world and more specifically within our country. As we become more familiar with the Koran, it’s pretty clear that the translation of it’s content advocates the death of those who don’t agree with their beliefs. Their desire is to introduce Sharia Law into America and ultimately spread their concepts around America. Monitoring of some of the Mosque services confirm their intentions. One of their leaders plans a demonstration in front of the Capital to espouse this desire!!!
    I’m not sure that God has abandoned us as much as we have abandoned him and his support for us. I’ve not been a church goer for many years. But, in my heart, I know it’s up to me and us collectively to embrace what he stands for and follow the precepts that he has given us. There may be many more of the “Silent Majority” that agree with this but are unwilling to publicly voice their beliefs. We can only hope…….that this majority will rise up and push back against this obvious attempt to turn the nation further away from it’s original direction.

  2. Rick D says:

    I believe the question is NOT whose side is God on. It is whose side are YOU (all of us)
    on? God gave man free will. Every single ‘man’ has to make a choice. The results show throughout history. And history seems to repeat, because man chooses to forget.

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
    This is a choice.

  3. Diane V. says:

    “The evidence of God’s presence far outweighs the proof of his absence.” I don’t know who said it but it seems to me Glenn Beck has been waking us up to the fact that we all need Divine Providence to get us through this turmoil as did our Founding Fathers. We are battling and unyielding wall of socioleftist non-believers who do not know the meaning of civility. They worship “stuff”, and they have no accountability. I went to Catholic school and I remember the nuns and priests and even my parents always told me “God helps those who help themselves.” So, I would imagine that God is definitely not a socialist and is on the side of those who get on their knees and pray and live a decent and good life and help his fellow man. Remember this Ecclesiastes 10:2 The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.

  4. Debbie says:

    The church, as a whole, has abandoned the true gospel of Jesus Christ and has embraced materialism.  A large portion of churches, I believe, are peddling the gospel for profit.  The churches have accepted a form of bribery from the government. You don’t have to pay taxes (501c3) as long as you keep your nose out of the public square (politics).  Is this not the root of all evil that the very scriptures that we have embraced warn us about?  Many churches have an agenda other than forsaking all for the gospel.  It is based on numbering people — getting together a group of people to gather more people, who will then give money and “grow the church”. The church must grow to be legitimate, as small churches are looked upon as failures and there is no boasting about how much they give to “missions”. The Church’s true purpose is to bring the Kingdom of God to earth.  God’s will is for it to be on earth as it is in heaven.  We are meant to be out in the public square, proclaiming the acceptable year of our Lord, to all we can reach — to the poor, the blind, the oppressed.  WE are to care for the needy — not our government.  A person who is eager to give is one who is confident in relationship with God — one who knows all of his needs will be provided for when walking with the Great I Am.  We are supposed to share all we have out of a heart eager to give, not by being coerced by our government to support its entitlement programs.   Being forced to give makes us slaves.  It is much better to freely give to whom and what we feel led by the Spirit of God to give to.    The Church is not all of the houses of worship that encompass a certain area of a map.  WE, the people — all who believe that Jesus Christ is God’s only son, that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world, who believe that He died and rose again — are the church.  WE are the body of Christ.  Christian pastors and leaders fulfill certain roles in our Christian walks, but the walk is OURS for the taking.  When we draw near to God, He draws near to us.  As we come to walk in unison with Him, our thoughts become what His are, our emotions become what His emotions are, our actions become what His actions are.  This is the transformation that occurs when we throw ourselves with full abandon at the feet of our Lord and cry out, “Abba Father!!  I give myself completely to You!!! Take me — this broken vessel– and mold me and shape me to what pleases You!!!”.  I guess my point is this:  The only way our country will get fixed is for the people of our country to turn to the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob — the Almighty God — the giver of all life — whom we have been reconciled to through Jesus Christ.  If the people who vote are 100% committed to God, then the people they select to represent them in government will be Godly people.  If the the people who govern are Godly, the laws they make will be just, their private dealings will be upright, the yoke upon the people will be easy and the burden will be light.  

    If we are proponents of individual responsibility, then we cannot blame church leadership for failure to speak up about political matters.  If, individually, we are willing to vote for and support candidates who are reprobates (in politics this type of person could be identified as one who believes that abortion is acceptable and/or who is a proponent of the gay agenda) because they promise to be kind to our liberties and wallets, and can deliver a polished speech and impressive funding — then we have only ourselves to blame for the condition that our country is in.  The “lesser of two evils” is still evil.  One can’t expect rectitude in government if one is willing to “dance with the devil” when engaging in the political process.

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