Government Activism versus Citizen Activism…A Story of Hope!

It is so easy these days to just…let go. After so much time spent fighting for the things you believe in every single day, and still waking up to headlines each day that seem to establish a new low on the barometer of the state of our union…one is tempted to just throw in the towel and say what’s the use? I mean we can’t really hold back this devastating flood with a sand bag anyway can we? Maybe it’s just too late? And besides, look at yourself! You’re not the same care-free bundle of joviality you once were…life of the party and all that. After all…what possible difference can I make? Que sera, sera!

But, isn’t that exactly what they want? I will tell you a truth as true as the day is long. We are living at this very moment, chapter and verse…the script from Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals! The very purpose of the chaos they have orchestrated is to wear us down physically and mentally until we are out of fight!

I am struck lately by the parallels in the energy of our struggle today compared to our early American counterparts in 1776. In the early days of the Revolution, the struggle for freedom was considered by many of the colonists as a silly pipe dream. Many chose the comfort and security of “the Crown” over the prospect of freezing their buns off at Valley Forge! Is this not, in many ways, exactly where we are this very day among our own family, friends and neighbors? But, thankfully for us, just as things seemed the darkest in those frozen fields of 1776…a slender thread of light would find it’s way through the darkness to keep the spark in the patriot’s heart! This is exactly what happened for me yesterday!

I found myself in a room yesterday morning with Lisa, George, Jack, Jo, Sylvia, Lynn, Gary, and Howard in Rye Brook, New York. Each of us was there on our own time and at our own expense to help our legislators save the State of New York from the ruin of financial insolvency.  I really had no idea what to expect when I walked into this meeting. But what I found in my fellow citizens was so deeply refreshing and inspiring that it literally filled my heart with hope. In the period of just under 4 hours, 9 private citizens, for love of country; armed with the experience, knowledge and wisdom typical of those who have run successful small businesses and “worn the uniform”, analyzed the state of our State, identified the problem, devised a strategy and developed a sensible “1st Step” to take to Albany and deliver to the Assembly!

When you contrast this to the image of public employees in the Dept of Justice spending their time viewing porn and playing computer games…or the YouTube videos all over the internet showing the true nature of some of our fellow citizens paid to promote chaos in Wisconsin and elsewhere…or imagine the thousands of salaried vegetables in the hundreds of parasitic agencies in New York alone…sucking the very life out of our lives…then and only then do you begin to understand!! And if you’re prepared for a real jolt, check out figure 4 to see what their LIFE SUPPORT is costing us!

So it seems we are at a crossroads my fellow countrymen. Government Activism, or Citizen Activism?

Is there really a choice? Not according to Allan Greenspan there isn’t!

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