The Political Dividend of Courage

In every corner of life, courage is the greatest parent of success! And the lack of it is a dead beat dad chauffeur to failure! America has never been more desperate for courage in her politicians. At every great crossroads-moment in our history, it was the burning fire of courage in the heart of our elected leaders that carried the day!

Washington was indeed the very father of it. Lincoln, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, JFK…it starts to thin out here, but Reagan had it. In fact it is arguably the very reason Reagan’s name is invoked as often as it is! Governor Chris Christie is the perfect modern-day example of a leader who holds courage as a prized possession. So if we all know and accept these facts, then why is Governor Christie a rare exception?

I would argue that many of the rest possess it. But they have been swayed by the Pied Piper of PC that the people no longer value it. So they have set it on a shelf in their vanity behind the values the Piper promotes…such as multi-cultural tolerance, etc. But we didn’t elect you this past November to watch you pee in your pants when David Gregory asks you, “Do you believe Obama was born in this country?”

The media has convinced you that caution trumps courage….THEY LIED! The media are the tool of the 20%, REMEMBER? Don’t look at them, they are the cobra spell! Look to us…we are the 80% and growing!! We are here people…this is D-Day! As Wisconsin goes, so goes the country!! Every one of us is a vital link in a chain forged long before us, and the fate of all we cherish is in our hands this very moment. We do not blink…We do not hesitate…We do not bend! These are luxuries of weakness we can no longer afford!

I am telling you now, please pick up a copy of Chernow’s George Washington, and let the winds of courage fill your sails and steel your heart’s resolve! There was one particular battle…Monmouth Courthouse, I think. The Continental Army was crestfallen, defeated and in retreat when Washington saw the moment and from his mount, cast such a powerful light of courage, it literally permeated the hearts of his men and rallied them to victory!

Brothers and sisters, this is the fiery light I need in you, you need in me, and we need in them! Find it, and pass along the greatest dividend the world has ever known to your children’s children. Forsake it, and impose a sentence on them your hearts could never endure.


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