All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men…

There’s something happening here…and what it is, IS exactly clear

There’s a man with the TRUTH over here…tellin’ me I’ve got nuthin’ to fear.

Earthquakes, volcano’s and floods…Do you know that the Earth was “shifted on its axis yesterday”?            

As awesome and powerful as these world-wide displays of nature’s fury are, the natural elements are a barometric metaphor for another kind of Tsunami…and a reflecting pool for the greatest energy on earth…the human soul. There is no question that the two worlds are related. The question becomes, how and why? God gave me a song called Wonder Why which you can listen to by visiting and going to the 1st song in the “music” section. He gave it to me during a hurricane in September of ’08.

The truth is that we have been going to sleep and waking up…forever! I believe in my heart that we are in the midst of the greatest and most wonderful awakening imaginable which, hardly seems possible when you turn on your TV to witness the suffering that is taking place all around us.

Truth is like a seed sprout and light. Eventually they find each other…even through concrete. It may take hours, days or years…but it is inevitable. It is nature’s way. And as it gets closer, it strengthens, gains momentum and builds intensity. No power on earth can stop it. It can only be suppressed, which ironically accelerates its inevitability.

Most of us understand by now, that we no longer get “News” from our television sets. We get a “script” designed to manipulate us. But, tragedy aside, the results are actually quite comical! This is happening because the fact is that when truth was a tiny little seed, they could do what they wanted with it. “They” could shape and contain the story in their neat little box. Not any more!

The Tsunami’s in November and this week in Wisconsin are perfect examples here in this country. Especially in Wisconsin! The forces of darkness that have stolen the peoples’ seat in Washington, threw all the king’s horses and all the king’s men at Governor Walker…and failed!  Because, whether you are a song writer or politician, when you wake up to truth, it encourages you!

So my friends, we have a choice. We can attach ourselves to their script and submit to the distracting lure of their endless parade of celebrity implosions…or, we can let go of the nonsense, starve the pretenders and nourish the seed that has been inside of us all along. More than any amount of cash, this is the greatest lifeline we can throw to the suffering. We can and must turn ourselves around.



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4 Responses to All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men…

  1. Daniel says:

    I like the idea of nature declaring the truth that we’ve rejected. Perhaps disaster and suffering are tools to bring us to the truth. Who know, we may find God there.

  2. Rosalee says:

    The Lord cursed us when we let a child of Ham enter the White House. Ham offended the Lord and his offspring were cursed. Now, we are and so is the world that celebrated his victory.

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