It’s Time to Raise the Bar & Lift Ourselves to a Better PLace!

I have never considered myself anywhere near the brightest bulb in the box. In fact I sometimes wonder if I even made it into the box to be perfectly honest. But what the good lord didn’t grant me in intellect, he made up for in his gift of a deep intuitive heart and a bright shiny tool set of expression.

The heart part was a little tougher to handle when I was younger, before I was truly able to understand the gift. Emotional incidents that most kids would navigate without really coming in “contact” with it, would be soaked up like a sponge by me. Sometimes exhilarating, oftentimes painful…but always a very generous deposit into the Emotional Reserve Fund (The singer/songwriter’s best friend).

When I look out on the world to see ourselves…coming undone really, in so many ways; I see every last bit of it as an outside manifestation of who we’ve allowed ourselves to become on the inside…from Greece to Cairo to Madison to Sendai.

Of all the headlines in the blogosphere, etc., the one that hit me was this one  because it is one of the most telling symptoms of a devastating cancer. Like essential nutrients to the body; merit, achievement and reaching for a bar that’s just beyond your reach are essential to our growth, development and well-being!

I failed the 2 day 10 hour CFP exam the first time I took it. Fortunately for my clients, the CFP Board did not lower the bar, and I studied that much harder and passed it the second time around. I will never forget the phone call I received from my wife while I was in the middle of a training class with 30 other associates, telling me I passed. I jumped for joy so high I think my head may have hit the ceiling!

This Dayton story isn’t an isolated incident. This comes on the heels of the damaging reports of NY Schools lowering the bar on testing standards to make the unions look better! And the New Haven Fire Fighters standards that came under scrutiny during the Kagan hearings! Think about this! This is how we treat ourselves in the areas of public safety and the education of our children!! What does this say about who we have become?

I shared a story recently on face book about how one-third of all wages in this country come from government handouts. My friend from Ireland posted back that we are lucky because over there it is two-thirds! Of course sadly, we appear to be trending towards the Irish number while most of Europe is embracing austerity…by sheer necessity!

The point is why would we as people reach for anything when everything is handed to us? Entitlement is the deadliest killer of the human spirit. On so many levels…look and see what we are handing our children.


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