The Twilight Zone of Leadership

It is simply amazing to me how so many intelligent and well-intentioned citizens…your neighbors, friends and family, as well as mine…are not as outraged, perplexed and horrified over the complete lack of leadership and engagement of this President. The Where’s Waldo line fits like a glove in so many ways!

There was a time when we actually had leaders who led and inspired us to follow. As the parent of a child growing up in this world today, who can we point out to them? Where are they? How does the young mind process all of this? America elects first black President…Hey that’s pretty cool! America’s first black President wins Nobel Peace Prize? For what…being the first black President? The world is on fire! Where’s Waldo?

Do you ever wonder why there were never any cartoons of Reagan that stuck? At least I can’t remember if there were. But Obama is so cartoon-ready for the same reason he is so Waldo-ready. I guarantee you…the very next Obama cartoon depiction you come across… there’s Waldo! The world respected Reagan because Reagan understood, respected and embodied leadership!

What is so pathetic about this is that there is always a time for laughter, but this is not one of them. The world is being carved up under our feet and the Waldo that we put in charge of our say has taken our say out of the equation!      Our kids are in harm’s way in faraway hostile lands, and WE have put some putz on a kid’s bike wearing a ridiculous safety helmet with an ice cream cone into office as their Commander-in-Chief??

Trump may not be my idea of Presidential material, but he is dead right. In every interview he gives, it’s the same message. America is no longer respected! This is not opinion, this is a brutal fact! Pirates capture and kill our citizens with absolutely no fear. Enemies slap our allies around with absolutely no fear. Heads of State and powerful central bankers playing high stakes poker and we’ve got Waldo…and Waldo sends in Geithner…TIMOTHY! How screwed is screwed? Let me count the ways…

We’ve all heard of the new normal. Well kids…welcome to the new normal of Leadership. Pay close attention…this is how we play:

  • We tell all of the adults that times are tough and they have to sacrifice and then we fly off to vacation in Rio and plan our 60th round of golf.
  • We bend over on some gulf coast beach and roll a tar ball in our fingers, smile for the camera, tell people to come here and then we fly off to vacation in Maine.
  • We make a great speech about the importance of civility in Tucson and then hide under our desk when death threats fly in Madison.
  • We take freedom to the dance in Cairo and leave her for the NCAA brackets in Tripoli. She is raped and brutally murdered. So what?


I wonder where the line in the sand is with my friends on the left. How much of us must be destroyed before even you are appalled? Have you become so unaccountable and blind to the most basic of human truths? This is not about left and right…this is about right and wrong, pure and simple. This is about the values that each and every one of us was taught from day one! We are rapidly approaching the fork in the road-point of no return my friends! We can choose to wake up in the land of the pilgrims’ pride, or slip deeper into the comatose state of the twilight zone…with Waldo!


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2 Responses to The Twilight Zone of Leadership

  1. Seth says:

    Chip, they are all still in total denial and claiming that Mr. Obama inherited all his problems. This guy makes Jimmy Carter look like a leader and Bill Clinton a conservative!!

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