Imams, Priests & Teachers…A Simple Test of Faith!

I had the occasion to visit the Face Book site of an old friend recently, and I noticed a posting of someone called Taylor Mali in what turned out to be a very entertaining stand up routine called “What Teachers Make”…which he had found at, (makes perfect sense, right?) The guy is right! Teachers are wonderful and often under-appreciated…which was the gleeful tone of everyone responding to his post (mostly teachers) until I showed up that is…stick in the mud that I am! But something so germane in this has haunted me and so I’d like to share it with you.

What struck me about Taylor’s routine was not what it said, but what it did not say. And with that something else occurred to me. What do too many of our imams, priests and teachers have in common? SILENCE, and the lack of courage!

Where are the good teachers when the leftist union thugs, socialists and anarchists not only remove their children from the classrooms…they use them as human shields to drive a wedge between right and wrong  and force self-interest over the law? They are SILENT! Where are the good teachers when the NEA replaces faith with phallic, and our founding history with social engineering? They are SILENT!

“The lack of a Historical perspective may well prove to be the undoing of our nation.  Once a people are divorced from their past they live in the Eternal Now, and those who set the agenda can always change now.

The study of History not only provides context it also provides an endless number of lessons, illustrations, and warnings.”– Dr. Robert Owens

Where are the good imams? Where are all the good people of Islam? Congressman Peter King has given them a wonderful opportunity to step up, and in the name of Allah, stand up against those who dare to speak His name while savagely stealing the life that He has given? Every Mosque should be shaking on its very foundation in outrage over the taking of any innocent life. A 3-year-old boy’s throat is slashed and they dance in Gaza! And where are the imams? SILENT!

And finally I wonder what our Priests must be thinking as they, particularly the older ones, don their robes before Sunday services…as they have done year after year. As the shadow of The State crawls across the land, removing our most sacred symbols from public places and replacing them with the most un-holiest of agendas! I wonder what goes through the mind of a priest who looks out into the faces of his flock on Sunday mornings to see the wrinkle lines of fear and concern. SILENCE!

God if ever we needed the strength and the Abraham & Isaac-like courage of faith, that moment is NOW! More powerful than the splitting of atoms is the intersection of destiny, heritage & self-realization! There is something so amazingly powerful in the discovery of true purpose, it defies explanation. But suffice to say that when you stand in the light of your true purpose, fear evaporates & the counterfeit courage of the schoolyard bully collapses unto itself before its very power.

Dear Imams, Priests and Teachers…Destiny has put you to her greatest test. How will you answer?

“Without faith, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible.”

— Mary Bethune, educator


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4 Responses to Imams, Priests & Teachers…A Simple Test of Faith!

  1. Greg Steinke says:

    Riddle me this. Have you asked your priest, rabbi or minister why the churches and temples of this country are silent against the government? Why do we allow the people we have hired dictate to us the word “GOD” can and will be removed from schools, federal and state property without our approval? I respectfully suggest you ask this question the next time you visit your place of worship and without question the best thing you can do is come next November, vote every SOB out who cannot give you an answer on why they refuse to listen to our voices. Of course, you need first to have your voice heard. I’M MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! Can I get an amen?

  2. Diane Varacek says:

    The only concerns I hear from good teachers, or clergy seems to be local problems. They all are engulfed in their small world because the real world has gotten so horrifying. I speak to people and teens and they have no clue about half of the subjects I am talking about in the news or politics. There is alot of denial going on and a good friend of mine got angry with me and said, “I don’t want to talk about all that garbage.” Our politicians seem to be turning a blind eye also, so it is going to be up to groups like the Tea Party, and 9-12, and Freedom Works, etc., to pray for Divine Providence and get everyone moving, give them a shot or two of courage and to get loud!

    • shutupnsing says:

      The entire point of “Chaos” in Alinsky’s strategy, interestingly, converges into one very orderly intention…to wear us down to the point of submission! Understanding that is the 95% ingredient of the antidote!

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