I’m In With The In Crowd…NOT!

So I jump in my car to head to work the other day and Mark Simone is sitting in for someone and his segment opens with the song I’m In With The In Crowd by Dobie Gray from nineteen sixty…something…a long time ago! Catchy then….still catchy now!

I’m in with the in crowd, I go where the in crowd goes
I’m in with the in crowd and I know what the in crowd knows…

 Anyway, as I’m driving and listening I get this flash that is one of those extraordinary tie everything together, moons line up type flashes. Who makes the IN in IN Crowd? They must be VERY powerful…because according to the very first two lines they control WHERE the crowd goes, and WHAT the crowd knows!! Interestingly, when this song came out IN was anything OUT of the establishment. But looking around today, I’d say the IN factor has been masterfully bottled as just another means to an end!

I’d say the most obvious example of it is in the production of MSNBC’s Morning Joe. They seduce you with the driving beat of rock candy for your ears from Bono, Springsteen, Led Zeplin & Elvis Costello…and sheik-hip black & white pop art photo candy for your eyes! Even the way they portray certain people is done in such a way that compels you to be IN agreement with them! Tea Party…definitely not cool! Watch how Mika looks like she just ate a dog biscuit when she even has to say the two words…ouch!

Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert! Just tuning IN to them, you feel the wave of hip and cool envelop you! WHAT? They said something I didn’t find funny? What am I…an idiot?? And my personal beef…show me a pop singer rock star who doesn’t ooze IN!!!  As a singer/songwriter myself, my greatest heroes and influences are the INNEST! Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen and Bono for God sakes!

Two of the most amazing days of my life were a Thursday & Friday. Thursday I was in Washington protesting the Health Bill with my Tea Party Brethren, and Friday I was at the Beacon Sloop Club jamming with Pete Seeger!! Could I have been at more opposite ends of the IN and out world? As a Conservative in New York, I am truly a grain of salt in a pepper shaker. That is of course, ONLY if I happen to BUY what they are trying to sell to me. Because I guarantee you, outside of their production there’s a much different world. I believe that if you get most people off the set to talk about how they really feel about stuff, you get a different picture.

But that brings us to the brilliance of the world they have contrived. Because without the fence of Political Correctness, the IN herd would most likely get OUT! And being OUT is like showing up to a Blue Man Group Show…late! Or, just for kicks…the next time you are among a group of the IN crowd, mention your admiration for Sara Palin and then watch the herd stampede your ass! But if you have the courage to step out of your sheep suit and you really want a laugh, just turn into them, look them in the eye and ask them to tell you the one thing they hate most about Sara Palin! Exactly…Sheep in headlight!

I’ll tell you…everything makes sense in the rear view mirror!

We are going down the tubes faster than Lindsay Lohan! Its bad enough that they’ve manipulated us IN to a herd and kept us there with political correctness…but there is a third leg to this sorry stool! The total woosification of the American male!! And this will be their coup de grace…unless we wake up and grow a set…in a hurry!!


We can’t win a war on terrorism if we can’t find the courage to name the enemy!

We can’t win a war on joblessness if we can’t find the courage to admit our President is a Marxist! http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/mar/28/trade-groups-say-us-falling-behind/ and,

We can’t throw a traitor out of the White House if we can’t find the courage to demand the birth certificate he refuses to produce!

But we would first have to realize that there are some things, way more important than being IN…


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2 Responses to I’m In With The In Crowd…NOT!

  1. Marty Burnett says:

    OUCH! Now you sound like me! Up the Revolution!

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