There’s Something About Muhammad!

  • The Brutal Murder of Theo Van Gogh– November 2, 2004- A Dutch filmmaker shot, stabbed, throat slit, with a letter stabbed into his chest for making a film considered insulting to Islam.
  • The South Park Incident– April 15, 2010- Death threats to Trey Parker & Matt Stone for creating a comical character in a bear suit depicted as the Prophet Muhammad.
  • The Molly Norris Incident– April 20, 2010- The Seattle Weekly cartoonist who proposed Everybody Draw Mohammad Day on Face Book in response to the Comedy Central self-censor…was forced to change her identity and is now in the witness protection program for fear of her life.
  • The Choudhry Incident– May 14, 2010- British student Roshonara Chouhry stabs British MP Stephen Timms because of his support for the Iraq War, after being radicalized by Anwar al-Awlaki.
  • Pakistan Governor Salman Taseer Murdered– January 4, 2011- Killed by his own bodyguard for defending a Christian woman who was sentenced to death by stoning for committing blasphemy by offering water to Muslim women on a hot day.
  • The killing & beheadings of innocent UN staff in Afghanistan- April 6, 2011The brutal slayings in response to one man burning a Koran in Florida.

What I find more disturbing than the actual acts themselves (THINK ABOUT THAT!), is the world response! Understand the above incidents are a fractional sliver of the day-to-day atrocities perpetrated in the name of Allah! And the MOST disturbing of all?? In the wake of the most recent brutality in Afghanistan, EVERYONE is talking about the Florida Pastor…NO ONE is taking about the savage killers!

Imagine this…A throng of Catholic Priests and Nuns attack a crowd of American tourists at the Vatican in response to an American Artist who depicted Christ on a cross in a jar of urine, killing 12 and beheading 2. HOW FAST WOULD THEY BE PROSECUTED AND PUNISHED???

Just a few weeks ago EVERYONE was taking about freedom in Cairo. Today NO ONE is talking about the Muslim Brotherhood’s closing grip on that freedom!

Perhaps one day we will live in a world where Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz can make a movie involving Islam that we can ALL laugh about. That day is not here! Unfortunately we are living a Politically Correct Nightmare! Present the above facts to most Liberals and they will respond that “…not all Muslims are bad!” Then ask them to tell you what they know about the Sharia Index…and watch the deer in the head lights!

Muslim Population <2% = “peace loving minority” (US .6%)

Muslim Population 2-5% = “they begin to proselytize” (UK 2.7%)

Muslim Population >5% =  « inordinate influence » (France 8%)

Muslim Population 10% = “increased lawlessness” (Kenya 10%)

But today Rep.Peter King is the bad guy, and America is discussing the re-election of a President who has chosen his side…along side the leader of our blind Justice Dept. Head Eric Holder.

Sorry folks, nothing funny about this picture!


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9 Responses to There’s Something About Muhammad!

  1. Diane Varacek says:

    We all need to wake up. Our troops have been handcuffed in Iraq and Afghanistan, as if they are fighting with one hand tied behind their back. Why? Terry Jones burns the Koran. He is a fool, but he has a right to do it. Lindsay Graham says something should be done about him. What? Arrest him, take more rights away from an American who just expressed his rights under the 1st amendment. It was an act done in a small backwater town that no one would have even paid attention to, but no, someone had to make a big deal out of it and it got to of all people the crooked Karzai! He spreads it to his “People” For what purpose? That’s when the killings began. I blame him and his crazy Islamic loons for the deaths. The world is afraid to just say not to these idiots. When will we stop bargaining with them and start holding them accountable for their actions. To me they aren’t terrorists, they are cowards. They hide behind women and children. They prey on the weak-minded, that’s who they get to become their “useful idiots” who end up their suicide bombers. It’s time for us all to wake up, stand tall, and get loud!

    • shutupnsing says:

      Well said Diane…and I believe the vast majority of Americans are awake & behind you. What we have to constantly remind ourselves of is the FACT that our traditional source of news in America today is State run and equivalent to Pravda!! Donald Trump may not be “Presidential Timber”, but he is a very smart man…I just watched him proudly proclaim his pride for the Tea Party! Because he knows where the majorioty of Americans stand…NOT where the Meridith Viera’s & Matt Lauer’s “project”…I had a very liberal friend ridicule me for my concerns with Radical Islam…referring to it as a small handful of bad guys huddled in the desert. 🙂

  2. Marty Burnett says:

    Trump IS presidential timber. He and his ilk are EXACTLY what should be manning the White House and the Congressional Chambers. We voters keep installing what the DNC and the RNC thrust before us. Remember how Einstein defined insanity? Well, just how many more elections will the voter pull the handle for another self serving politician on the take? The results have been the same for at least the last hundreds by doing this. It’s time to put “normal” Americans in these seats. For now, an iconic business leader who is ready to focus on the nearest threat is paramount. Trump knows that if we don’t repair our domestic policies, there will be no further need of a foreign policy. So far he sounds like an “America First” candidate. I hope I’m correct and I hope Sarah publicly and enthusiastically supports him and steps aside from the starting blocks.

  3. shutupnsing says:

    You may be right Marty! I have to say that I LOVE the way he stands up to the PC Crowd!! But the times call for a “George Washington” caliber…in my humble opinion.

  4. Marty Burnett says:

    He might be the closest thing we have to that. Almost nobody in our age group or younger has the classical education enjoyed by our Founders. Donald does something no candidate In my adult lifetime has done that I can remember……………….answer a direct question directly! If he does campaign and continues answering point blank shots with point blank return fire, he’ll be as good as it can get in our lifetime I think.

  5. Mohamed Burhan says:

    My name is Mohamed. I am young Muslim and I get very offended when I read what you write you wish to have the right to abuse Muslims without getting any problems. However, the deal, here is that we see Islam as a way of living it is an insult to call it a religion because it is so much more. I wish for you to see what I am talking about, and I only wish you the best in this life and the hereafter. Just one day please only one day go to a mosque in your area sit at the corner and see how people will approach you to make you feel welcome. I have never seen such unite as Islam has and how it combines different cultures and nations. Islam is for all and Muhammed peace be upon him was the most humble being ever. For starters Islam does not promote suicide bombings rather it states in the Quran that Allah(god) hates the one who attacks first. Allah is the one who sent down the enjil(bible) which today is corrupted and the tora which is also corrupted except the Quran which Allah says that he will protect it from corruption, and Allah is all seeing and all-knowing, so I trust you that to remember what I have said, and if you have any question I beg of you to go to the mosque and ask an imam, and he will gladly help you expect if he is ignorant. Allah made all this for a plan and a reason, and it states that the angels asked him about something, but he said you will not understand so watch. This is as if you tell your kid that something is very hot, but he does not understand so he has to touch it to know what it is so the angels has to watch to know. If there is something I missed or made, a mistake, please do not hold me accountable because I am a simple being and a servant of Allah. I hope I have reached out to some of you may peace and blessings be upon you.

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  7. Jimmie Young says:

    Chip, I have very little knowledge of the Muslim faith and can only judge them by their actions. As is frequently stated, most Muslims seem to be peace loving community oriented people who just want to live their lives quietly without controversy. Unfortunately the public only hears, by our sensationalist media, of all the radical acts that are perpetrated by the radical portion of Muslims. They have the loudest voices and do terrible acts to keep their cause in front of the public eye. It’s their method of intimidation and is very effective! How often to you hear of a Muslim condemning radical acts of the Radicals?? Rarely if ever. Then there’s the issue of a growing number of Muslims in America wanted to install Sharia Law in their communities rather than assimilate into the American Rules of Law where there is direct conflict in principle. The Muslim gentleman who responded to your recent blog statements sees his faith in a positive light and invites you to attend a Mosque service where you, according to him, will be welcomed with open arms by the Iman. Unfortunately, because Mosque services aren’t conducted in English, you would probably not be able to understand what is being said and an interpreter would probably be giving you a very edited version of the proceedings.
    Our foreign policies and “open border” doctrines are leading us down a very dangerous path. This concept is causing us great security and financial difficulties. I fear it will take a true catastrophe to awaken the general public to the seriousness of our current policies. After it happens, I would estimate that there’s a very large chance that such an act will be traced back to Radical Islamists in our country illegally intending to topple our Nation. I would advice us to remain vigilant and observe how our American Muslims act in the near future to assimilation or consider what allowing them to practice Sharia law in defiance to our Rules of Law!

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