The Pope of Pottersville!

God knows I was no angel growing up! I once attempted to chloroform our babysitter, Ms. Larabie, with another wayward friend…so we could party undisturbed. My list of adolescent transgressions is way too long to list here…perhaps the most painful from my parent’s perspective was the time I ran away from a very expensive private school after being discovered by the headmaster, huddled around a huka with my buddies after a Sly & the Family Stone concert! The irony of that horrible memory was that it was my soccer coach from that school who saw something in me that he “believed” in, and it triggered the switch that changed my life…although it would be some years later before the lights would actually come on!

But it wasn’t until the Autumn of my life, when I actually sat down with paper and pen and wrote a long emotionally sincere note to my Mother thanking her for all she and my father had done to try and pass a set of values on to me and my sisters. I have to confess that it was the waking up to our country going down that jolted me to a crystal clear appreciation and awareness of what we are in the process of losing!

You know we’re in trouble when a prestigious New Jersey University pays a character named Snooky $32,000 to “speak” on campus. Or the “Rock Star from Mars” himself, Charlie Sheen (who I’ve unofficially dubbed, The Pope of Pottersville) hauls in how many millions to play Carnegie Hall? Once upon a time you had to practice to get to Carnegie Hall…now you just have to be a train wreck that a broken society cannot resist gaping at!

It’s just plain heart-breaking to see what we’ve allowed ourselves to become! It has become too painful to pick up a newspaper or turn on the news. And the fact of the matter is that we are becoming or have already become numb to it. “It’s just the way things are.” we tell ourselves. Or, our complaining about corrupt career politicians might elicit the response, “So, what else is new?”

Are we destined to the fate of Rome? Our canary in the coal mine clue is not the Charlie Sheen’s and Snooky’s in our midst. That parade stretches way back! The sirens wailing loud enough for most of us to hear are in the numbers of us who actually paid the price of admission!


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One Response to The Pope of Pottersville!

  1. Jimmie Young says:

    Well Chip, we all have our “stories” of youthful transgressions that would easily fill many books. The real issue is whether or not we’ve learned from our mistakes. And the only real judge as to our success or failures in life is GOD. He is a very forgiving God, even as we continue make mistakes throughout our lives, he/she encourages us to continue to try to improve our relationships with ourselves and others. And I think your chronology of your life’s “time” is a bit more like “late summer” rather than “autumn”. It’s difficult to maintain a concept of “a cup half full” rather than half empty as current circumstances would like to force us. With all the negatives facing us right now, we must continue to apply the positive spirit GOD intended us to value and maintain for ourselves and our children. Clearly we’re being tested to see what we, as a species, are made of. There’s plenty of good and bad to go around and all we can do is our very best to follow our dreams and be the best we can be.
    You’ve decided, along with your occupation, to be a standard bearer for our political well being. You’ve been given a musical talent to help convey how you feel about our political successes and failures. Just continue along that path because we need as many of you as can appear in front of the masses to remind us that we must never lose the great nation and concept given us by our forefathers. The tide is beginning to turn, but there’s a very long way yet to go!! I’m proud to know you Chip! Continue on Brother, and the rewards will bring the musical and emotional smile to your lips!! Best to your family too……. Regards, Jim & Ethel

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