The Undisputed Heavyweight Champions of Double Standards!

What if…

…in the case of 9/11, the Ft. Hood Shooter, the Time Square Bomber, the Underwear Bomber, decapitations at a UN compound, etc., we replaced the word Muslim with the word Catholic?

…a Republican President hosted as many “parties”, took as many vacations and played as many rounds of golf (60), all while telling the American People, “We need to tighten our belts.”?

…a Republican President’s Attorney General referred to a single ethnic group as “my people” after dismissing voter intimidation charges against members of the same group…in spite of video evidence?

…a Republican President had dragged us into a 3rd war without consulting Congress and the American People…after winning the Nobel Peace Prize??

…a Republican President turned “more transparency” into fewer press conferences?

…a Republican President meeting with a particular caucus referred to Democrats as “the enemy.”?

…a Republican President attempted to disavow his white family minister of 20+ years, after countless sermons preaching hatred & resentment against blacks, Jews…and America?

…a Republican President had failed to produce a birth certificate and spent $2 million to conceal personal records? 

…it was Republicans who colluded with unions through collective bargaining?

…it was Republicans who indoctrinated and re-engineered society through the NEA?

…a Republican President had rammed a society-transforming bill through Congress that the majority of Americans opposed?

…a Republican President had been elected to office promising an end to “business as usual” only to elevate corporate cronyism to astonishing new heights??

…a plot to sabotage and collapse the financial system had been caught on video and tape during a Republican Administration?

I have to go to work…


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2 Responses to The Undisputed Heavyweight Champions of Double Standards!

  1. Diane Varacek says:

    If a Republican president had done all the things you listed, he/she would have been tossed out of office, tarred and feathered, excommunicated, and ridden out of town on a rail all before lunch. The left would have had a field day and even involved the First Lady and the children as co-conspirators. The Tea Party would have been of course to blame also, as well as the wait staff and Fox News.
    But have faith young grasshopper: for this too shall pass!
    2012 will be here soon. We the people will be campaigning for more Tea Party and Conservative candidates for Representatives and I think 22 0r 23 Senate seats are up for grabs. The 2010 elections were just the beginning. The redistricting will be a big help to all the new Republican districts. So, WTF doesn’t stand for winning the future, it’s for We’re Too Fedup!

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