“They Have Taken Away My Lord!”

I was at Tea Party meeting recently. A very impressive young man who had just run for political office as a Republican in a very Democratic district had been invited to speak. He lost his race by a surprisingly narrow margin, but he gained a real insight into the minds and hearts of the people in his district.

One of the things he said that struck me the most was how he found Republicans are perceived by many of the people he talked to. We just don’t seem to care about people… especially the poor, the elderly and now…apparently the evil shadow of Republicanism is hurting the women in our lives too!

It was a very interesting meeting too, because I had the chance to meet with a man about my age who happens to be a dues-paying member of the Teachers Union and teaches Social Studies at the middle school level in one of the New York City Schools. While he needs his job, he is outraged by what he sees going on in his country. He was also a teacher in Wisconsin and felt completely empathetic with the tax payers and their Governor over the recent controversy. He admitted that Marxist Ideologues have infiltrated and now control our Public Education system…and that he hasn’t been in a school where the Pledge of Allegiance is observed “for as long as I can remember. In fact, they made it a mandate to FORBID the pledge in Wisconsin Schools.”

We also heard from a member of the Teamsters Union who was there to speak at this meeting as well. He introduced himself as one of the very few Conservative Republicans within his rank and file. He essentially told us that as far as he was concerned, love of country came before union solidarity! The most amazing thing he shared was his experience meeting with a group of Up-State Quakers over a period of time who were engaged in a campaign to advance many of Obama’s radical policies including Obamacare. They made the assumption that he was a Progressive Liberal because of his Union affiliation. Big mistake!

So lets step back a moment shall we? In a community meeting we hear from a young man who actually went door to door to confirm a disturbing public perception of Republicans. And, at the very same meeting we hear from two eyewitnesses on the inside of two of the most influential institutions on the planet! But wait…it gets better!

All of this happens in tandem with an email I received from one of the nicest and most caring persons on the planet who, coincidentally, also happens to share this jaded view of the grand old party! http://rac.org/Articles/index.cfm?id=22115&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+racpress+%28Press+Releases+of+the+Religious+Action+Center+of+Reform+Judaism%29

What I have suspected since this past Summer I now know to be a devastating truth! The labor force, the children, and the faithful in this country have been co-opted over time by an agenda that stands in complete and stark contrast to the founding principles of our nation! Our work sites and classrooms have become accessories to Democratic money laundering, and incubators of indoctrination! And our churches and temples have allowed themselves to become arms of the Government!!

There are no words to describe the pain of a heart broken by these realizations!! Who among us is truly as void of reason and sanity that they would presume to attack any people…and refuse to defend any and all innocent life IN THE NAME OF THEIR GOD! You who wonder at the shaking of your world and the swelling of your seas…WONDER NO MORE!


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