Yesterday “Atlas Shrugged”. Today, He is on Life Support!

“The great creators-the thinkers, the artists, the scientists, the inventors-stood alone against the men of their time.”

— Ayn Rand, writer

I think of my childhood and the childhoods of the many friends I grew up with in the ultra comfortable environs of Wyckoff and Franklin Lakes, NJ! Hardship for us was not being able to get a ride to the friend’s house…who lived just beyond bicycle range!

It is no wonder that most of them today have become radicals, social-marxists or just the “useful idiots” that all forms of tyranny, soft and hard come to rely on…Just this morning, I read a post from one who thinks of Capitalism as “slavery”. He laments that as a handyman, he and the migrant workers in our area “work harder than Donald Trump, and yet he (Trump) is rewarded more.”

And then I think of what it must have been like to grow up in Russia and witness both the Kerensky Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 as a high school student. To actually live with death, see friends disappear and experience “near starvation” after the communists confiscate your father’s pharmacy!

There are two people I most fantasize spending an evening with in the warm glow of an Irish Tavern discussing…Life! Winston Churchill, no stranger to tyranny and Ayn Rand, the little girl from Russia who wrote Atlas Shrugged which was first published in 1957! In fact, putting a serious dent in a keg of Guinness with both of them together would make utopia pale in comparison! Meanwhile, I search desperately for their peers on this earth today…

But they are nowhere to be found…and sadly, tragically, minds that have turned to the mush capable of the sort of “victim” thought as evidenced above are everywhere! In their twisted mind’s eye, their own thought is noble and compassionate. In reality they are the devil’s pawn. As Rand herself puts it, “Evil is a parasite on the good and can only exist if the good tolerates it.”

If you take all the troubles in the world today and boil them down to their pure essence, it all comes down to good versus evil. A young Russian girl was introduced to American History and was able to see what a nation of free men could be. More amazing than that, she was able to see what a future generation of American men would be blind to! No one could know better than she that “a world in which the individual is not free to create is doomed.”

Freedom doesn’t disappear at once…it evaporates slowly, one molecular tax & regulation at a time. Parents in New York aren’t likely to take to the streets because some bureaucrat took away their child’s freedom to play wiffle ball and red rover at summer camp, but the death by a thousand cuts has already turned their state into the most toxic state in the union for its small businessmen and women, who have now surpassed the cricket frog on the state’s endangered species list!

So the minds of mush that fail to heed the lessons of history and choose “to accept the role of sacrificial victims for the sin of creating values” remain deaf to the evil seduction of hope and change. They fail to grasp the deadly threat to freedom in a society where handouts top revenues. and they’ve somehow forgotten the Founders’ dire warnings about central banks and paper currency Ayn herself screams from the grave, “Paper is a check drawn by legal looters upon an account which is not theirs: upon the virtue of the victims.” But alas, mush would rather blame Santa for the wrapping paper mess!

In fact Ayn is screaming so loudly, her book is now the movie Atlas Shrugged coming to a theater near you! I would love to take my step son, but he would rather stay home to watch Jon Stewart mocking Glenn Beck…for essentially calling our attention to the very same train that Ayn  Rand so vividly predicted. And all the rest of us can do is shake our heads and watch as Mush lays down and ties his own hands and feet to the tracks of history…time and time again.


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8 Responses to Yesterday “Atlas Shrugged”. Today, He is on Life Support!

  1. hoboduke says:

    As a Chicago boy I grew up with some Damon Runyon type characters. We weren’t lovable, but we were hard headed and scrapping our way out of hard times. Started a 3rd career at fifty because I was too expensive for commissions earned and sacked. Welcome to the real world. These mush headed wannabe socialists won’t leave mom’s basement to face the world. Closes as they come to initiative is to have a Che Guevera T-shirt and talk revolution against capitalism at Starbuck’s using their unemployment check. They drive to protests in their car, and want to end the use of cars for everyone else. My parents siblings were all murdered in Stalin death camps where you were worked to death from starvation or suicide because you might be an enemy of the state. Ayn Rand is a important voice of independence against group think.

  2. Whendeeann says:

    I, too, have come to the realization that what is going on in the world today can be distilled down to “Good vs. Evil.” The think that amazes me are the people who certainly aren’t evil themselves, but are so clueless to the fact that they are allowing themselves to be the tools of those who will do evil.

    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

  3. Jimmie Young says:

    I saw Atlas Shrugged a couple of days ago. Today is the final showing of the movie in the theater near me. A very sad commentary on how our society has ignored the warnings unselfishly given by such as Ayn Rand. A good friend of mine wrote me with some reluctance not knowing whether I would share her interest in seeing the movie. I had read two of Rand’s books and already knew of her philosophy. It is quite disquieting to know that so many people in my profession are so blindly Liberal in their beliefs, so prone to attack anything that doesn’t fit their agenda, so willing to ignore facts and figures so important for us all to know at this time in history. The movie told quite effectively the Rand predictions as well as all the corruption that we’re seeing in real life now. It’s too bad it’s not required reading in our school curriculums. Our educational decline ignores such writings of value and would rather indoctrinate our children with inaccurate historical references and omissions of our Constitutional values. I fear for the future our our nation and our children. It doesn’t seem to concern those currently in power. They speak the words but have no interest in the meaning……
    Keep up the good fight Chip!!

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  5. Q says:

    She was a paragon of virtue… except for taking Social Security and Medicare or Medicaid. Her books were very entertaining, if bordering on repetitive preachiness. Her ideas of ‘selfishness’ won’t work in the real world anymore than communism doesn’t and due to the same element: human greed. There will always be people who will try to get as much as they can, any way that they can. They will break the rules and if that doesn’t work, they will pay to write new rules.
    And as keen as you are with her ideals, even she realized in her later years that sometimes you need help. And the reality is that in any system setup to help those who are truly in need, there will be a percentage of people who will take advantage of the system.

    • shutupnsing says:

      Gibran’s “flaws” did not hinder his ability to feel and interpret the beauty of God in his book, The ProphetIt’s kind of like the Left’s attacks on the Religious…as if only Saints had the right to the divine, when it is we sinners who need it most! Elitism at its best! Elitism is the jealous wife who despises all prettty women. They need all the attention! I would rather live with Individdualism and suffer her warts than perish in a Collective wasteland! You?

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