Principled Leadership, or Pay to Play?

There’s a commonly understood axiom in the economic development community of New York known as pay to play. Many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs, who also happen to be fine upstanding citizens, simply consider it the cost of doing business. A little of this P2P has actually surfaced in the national dialogue around a possible Trump presidency. The fact that as a high-profile businessman in New York and Nevada, he has made significant campaign contributions to Schumer and Reid, is more about P2P than it is about support of a politician’s ideology…or character. A harmless fact of life, or…

Is it the cause of our cancer? Has pay to play become so much a part of our landscape that principles no longer apply…kind of like a garden where the weeds leave no room, nutrients or light for the flowers? If you think about how we’ve evolved and how we live in places like New York today compared to a generation or two ago, it can be a little disconcerting at best. I talked to a local businessman just the other day about something that had happened to him. His sign had been damaged, and rather than leave it as an eyesore, he repaired it without giving it a second thought. Well, the town came down on him and he ended up having to spend thousands of dollars sending out certified letters to neighbors, etc.! Would a businessman in the very same business on the very same corner have had that experience 50 years ago?

Maybe P2P has always existed on some level, but we’ve lost our bearings. As any pilot or astronaut will tell you, a fractional deviation from your flight path which means inches or feet when you’re close to your point of origin, translates easily to thousands of miles the further out you go. And unfortunately, the concept of P2P doesn’t confine itself to the world of real estate developers…it is everywhere! It is in your child’s classroom, your community hospital and yes, it is even in your Sunday sanctuary…the churches! It is no wonder our world is a mess! Look at what we have allowed to come between or teachers and their students, our doctors and their patients and our pastors and their God!

So when I hear all of the excitement around a possible Trump candidacy, I cringe to be perfectly honest. Wouldn’t a Trump Presidency be a virtual guarantee of more of the same… with a different flavor perhaps? The fact is that we long for courage in our leaders and Trump delivers on that score! But courage is an offspring of Principle, not the other way around.

The fact is that we desperately need a leader as principled as the one who led us from the birth of our nation. And that my friends, is not Donald Trump! Washington stood above most men in every measure of a man. He possessed a combination of courage, wisdom and moral integrity that was well above reproach. We can only surmise where a lesser man might have led us! 

Today, we are at the most critical crossroads in our entire history. Many names have been discussed as we move towards 2012. You will hear comments like, “Will the political class accept him?”…which translates to “Will he pay to play?” There is only one star I see in the political firmament that shines beyond the choking grasp of the garden weeds…and his name is Allen West!


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3 Responses to Principled Leadership, or Pay to Play?

  1. Marty Burnett says:

    I still prefer Ron Paul but too many write him off. At least he keeps up the fight. What is missing from Trumps rhetoric is any mention of the Constitution or limiting powers of the presidency or returning all branches of our government to their constitutional forms and functions. Remember. The POTUS isn’t supposed to do or fix anything. He is merely the sheriff who is to carry out the laws on the books and to sign new legislation into law or to veto same. The government of, by and for the people means the people are self governing through their elected representatives in the House! Americans have shirked their duties for decades leaving this country to be governed by thieves and crooks examples of which are numerous in this current administration. The president has been transformed into a dictator over the last hundred years with seemingly limitless powers. We should have nipped this in the bud back with Abe Lincoln but we didn’t. That genie can’t be placed back in the bottle easily.

  2. Diane Varacek says:

    Trump won’t run for President. His agenda is to say what everyone else can’t say or won’t say, especially the media. He seems to be making alot of problems for Obama and his minions until it is time for the serious contenders for the 2012 Presidential campaign are ready to throw their hat in the ring. Then Mr. Trump will bow out, keep quiet, and his work of causing mayhem for the left will be done. I feel someone like Lt. Colonel Allan West will step in and offer his service to this Republic. He is a good, honest, statesman who has already protected and defended the Constitution and the USA and will continue to do so if he runs and is elected. I too think Ron Paul is an honest and good man, but being a Libertarian concerns me when it comes to legalizing drugs. He does honor the Constitution as did our Founding Fathers.
    Obama has too much power now, and I am so afraid if he gets reelected, he will never leave the WH. He and his czars and Soros will shred the Constitution during those 4 years. We the people cannot let that happen!!!!!

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