Its Time To Move On!

God help us…we’ve all become slaves to flat screens, monitors and…Tweets! Where’s the birth certificate? Here’s the birth certificate! Where’s Bin Laden? Here’s Bin Laden… “tapped” twice…left side! OOPS, Terrorist overboard! How many *^*)&%^&$#@ conversations can my brain have with itself ALL AT ONCE??? How do we get anything done around here?

I have just one question, and then time to move on. Was it Muslim Outreach or Enhanced Interrogation (water-boarding) that led us to Bin Laden? Inquiring Tweets want to know!

So for the third time, it is time to move on. And its time to focus! If we don’t have JOBS and if the DOLLAR loses any more of its value…then the terrorists are just putting us out of our misery, no?

So why do we have a thousand plates in the air at once? If I were a cynic, I’d say it appears that someone is trying to OVERWHELM the system! But today is a new day…it is time to move on, and even cynicism is a distraction. It is time to think and act positive. Mr. President, we love you (OUCH), but we don’t lead from behind here in America. You either lead, follow or get out-of-the-way!

So if I may be permitted to tweak a line from one of my favorite Americans Vito Corleone…Whoever comes to you with the jobs and a strong dollar…he’s the President. Everything else is just a Tweet…and Tweets are for the birds!


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