Group Think, Collectivism & The Shape I’m In!

“Save your neck or save your brother
Looks like it’s one or the other
Oh, you don’t know the shape I’m in.”- The Band

It seems like another lifetime and a bad marriage ago, but my mind drifted back as if it were yesterday. I was in the lowest of lowest places, 12 years into a marriage that should never have been and struggling with a management position I should never have taken. I was in the place where THE best blues songs come from! In fact, I think this is where the line It’s hard to remember, so tough to forget…but the purpose of living hasn’t dawned on me yet from “Guilty”, came from! There wasn’t a thought too dark to find its way into my head…yes, even that one.

And then one day, the time was apparently right for me to notice this book with a catchy title (& a rather long story behind it…that leads to my present wife), and I open to a random page. There in print as if illuminated by divine light, are the words The voice of God is in the gap between our thoughts, and the purpose of meditation is to widen the gap. That was the very moment I turned away from the darkness and began my long climb back to the light and connected with my happiness. I had learned Transcendental Meditation as a teenager, but I had never internalized its meaning until that moment.

Interestingly, the very shape we are in COLLECTIVELY at this moment feels eerily identical to the space I occupied INDIVIDUALLY so many years ago. WOW…it is so hard to imagine that WE could be here! And at the same time, it is so very easy to understand…when we’re Wide Awake (sorry) 

I guess I was never cut out to be a good sheep! I was raised in the Methodist Faith, but always felt my soul-searching for other pastures…not greener, just different. I spent 18 months in a Buddhist Foundation Program and many years studying Kabbalah with a Sufi Mystic. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I begin every meditation by invoking the loving spirit of my lord Christ, my lord Buddha, my lord Krishna, my lord Moses, my lord Mohammad and Shams my teacher. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying that my INDIVIDUAL path is the right path to God. I am saying there is NO COLLECTIVE path to God. There is only a COLLECTIVE path to hell! The one common thread in all the disciplines I’ve studied is meditation. It is to the soul, what fossil fuel is to the combustion engine…and it is ignored, neglected and discouraged by the COLLECTIVE.

Come gather ‘round people wherever you roam…look at your children. Listen to your neighbors…group speak! This is how we got here! They didn’t get us to lay down in green pastures over night. It took years of leading us away from the still waters (meditation) to have us where they want us. Who is running our Public Education System? How are they running it? What are they encouraging? What are they discouraging?

Jerusalem is the perfect geographical metaphor to make my point. Only when you stand in the Old City do you truly understand, there is no one path. There are many paths! While the COLLECTIVE Shepherds turn your eyes away from the gathering storm clouds on her border, the one man THEY have taught you to hate goes there to defend her! There is a whisper inside you trying to rise above the din…feel it, allow it.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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