Judgment Day for the Progressives!

Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice….
Wall to Wall Press for a Fossilized Evangelical Snake Oil Peddler on one side of the Judgment Day Fence! And on the other side…Wall to Wall Facts, Figures and Numbers that Never Lie pointing to a WAY more tangible END OF THE WORLD as we know it…and the Press is AWOL! In fact, it could be quite logically argued that their silence makes them complicit in the THEFT of the world as we knew it!

There is an endless parade of Harold Camping’s throughout history…hardly “note-worthy” in the grand scheme. And yet, our elite press corps did what they do best! They turned a literal NON-EVENT into a Three Ring Rapture Circus. Meanwhile, back at the ranch…while you and I are focused on these clowns, the darkest and most diabolical of Progressive Raptures continues to unfold. Some call it recession, some call it inflation…and still some call it redistribution. The bottom line? They are STEALING from you!

In 1981 Ronald Reagan told us that the US Debt in a stack of $1,000 bills would reach 67 miles high. Today that stack would reach 900 miles high!!

Every time someone shines the light of truth on this regime, the Progressive Merry Prankster Press Corps ramps into overdrive and wheels out a new distraction, Oprah’s Last Show (gag me!), The Schwarzenegger Sizzler!, Ashton Replaces Charlie!, and on, and on, and on. Remember how the pranksters wheeled the machine into hyper-drive over the New Dawn of Freedom & Democracy in the Middle East? And now they’re zip, nada, zero, zilch over there…Ain’t it funny how the Pranksters turn the story of the century into a faded memory in a month’s time? And while nobody is watching the other hand…(you know, the hand that has a death grip around your throat and mine…and our children’s children?) You would think that more than a few would be smart enough to notice how the Pranksters’ favorite targets always happen to be those who speak out about what the other hand is doing.

But wait a minute…what if this is all just one big gigantic Truman Show?? You know, that movie where Jim Carey played the character who thought his life was real when in reality he was just an unwary and clueless character in a completely staged show that everyone else was watching! WOW…What if the only people fooled by the Pranksters are the Pranksters themselves and their Progressive minions who have been completely seduced by their own web of lies? What if there really is a GOD and he’s the Director on the set and the Progressives are really Truman??? (Excuse me…I am having trouble Rapturing and typing all at once here!) Seriously, think about it! One word…WISCONSIN!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to Judgment Day for the Progressives!

  1. Diane B. Varacek says:

    Do you remember the Ed Sullivan Show when he had the guy on who had to spin all the plates on sticks without letting them fall. He had to keep running back and forth at a frantic pace while this crazy music was playing in the bacground. I remember as a kid just waiting for everything to crash to the ground. That is the point the progressives are at right now. Everything is spinning out of control, everyone is watching, (except on the msm news channels, they have lost their credibility) the union thug bosses are threatening to pull money from the Dems, the Dems attacks on the GOP are so inane. I don’t even think they believe their “grandma over the cliff”
    ad. It was childish. Every word out of Obama’s mouth is either a lie, or he doesn’t get history. And there is no way in hell he is a Constitutional lawyer!!!! I want to see his college records…..that will tell me if he was, or if he was a gym coach. (Which is an honorable job also.) I, like many others, don’t care about Arnold, Charlie, the 19th end of the world, or Oprah. We are zeroed on this over-bloated government, over-taxed population, dictator-like president and his minions that need to be removed from the WH post haste, and our fellow Americans and military who are in dire need of our help, prayers, and charity. To the Progressives, the president, and the left, We the People are the enemy, but in truth, they are their own worst enemy and their chickens are coming home to roost.

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