The Feel-Good Poison of “Extreme Makeover” in a Society Desperate for One!

Who in the world is not a fan of Ty Pennington? He would seem to be all of life’s best qualities and virtues stuffed into one “hunk” torso! Only the most calloused soul could be unmoved by the miraculous misery-to-joy transformation in the lives of some of life’s greatest victims. I myself have cried like a baby during some of these shows! Hence the first red flag…it feels good!

“Americans, for decades marinated in contradictory leftist ideology, are losing the feel and taste for accuracy.” “No phenomenon better expresses the triumphant idiocy of mindless, pseudo-sophisticated leftism than the West’s popular culture.” “What is undeniable is that popular culture has launched an, as yet, unabated assault against the idea and practice of virtue.”– Kelly O’Connell

So how could a virtuous hunk be guilty of an assault on virtue? How clever are the architects of our demise? VERY! It is hard to pick from the ever-growing list of Traditional American Values under assault in our world today, but let’s choose two. How about Family Values & Free Market Capitalism? Many would argue that these are two of the four cornerstones of our society…Freedom to Worship and our Constitution being the other two.

By the way, Ty Pennington may very well be a dyed-in-the-wool Conservative for all I know. I have no doubt he has worked his ass off to earn his success! He and the contractors who contribute are all beautiful people. But he has become a part of a leftist fairy tale, wittingly or otherwise. Here’s what I mean. What the show creates is the perception of happily-ever-after based on a complete contradiction to one of the four cornerstones, Free Market Capitalism. It is pure Liberal Ambrosia! What the producers fail to show are the tragic and inevitable losses of what was never earned in the first place, after the cameras have gone. Give a man a fish…

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end here. Oprah is a one woman assault on our greatest virtues. I personally believe that individualism & individual responsibility died on the Oprah Winfrey Show…where Political Correctness & Group-Think grew wings! There were two shows that clinched it for me. The show where every audience member was given a free car; and the show where she flew everyone to some tropical resort…with John Travolta piloting the plane! More feel-good ambrosia anyone?

So here again, we invite yet another Trojan Horse of feel-good compassion and inclusion into our hearts by day to loose the hidden enemies of our most traditional & sacred values by night! It’s kind of like one of the vampire movies where the beautiful girl wakes up a little weaker every day. The masters of propaganda have created pure honey for the masses in shows like Glee & Modern Family. As a Conservative singer-songwriter, I can’t even begin to tell you how offensive I find the hit show Glee! Seductive harmonies mask a relentless assault on true virtue, intelligence…and originality! And when you add these pop culture gems to the social engineering of the NEA in our schools, the effect is a thousand times more devastating to our society than the bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki!
The Evidence– A Liberal-Jewish wife demands that her Conservative-Gentile husband turn off a TV show exposing growing anti-Semitism and the threat to Israel in a studio filled with religious scholars and holocaust survivors! How about that for a new definition of insanity? Only Pop Culture is powerful enough to turn true heroes into villains! And isn’t it interesting how the greatest defenders of the four cornerstones all turn out to be villains? Isn’t it just a little fascinating that our disapproval of the Weiner’s & Rangel’s is completely overshadowed by our passionate disdain for the Beck’s & Palin’s?

So, what to do? In the days before journalism lost its soul, we used to have to read between the lines. We would be wise to do that here as well. In the meantime, I would like to end on a very positive note. Mainstream has not reported on one of the most recent assaults on our most important cornerstone, the right to worship. But an appeals court has reversed the Texas judged who had denied Texas graduates the freedom to pray during their graduation ceremony!
 They just wanted to thank God, but the rest of us need him for our own miraculous Extreme Makeover!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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