“Decline & Fall” in the Summer of Our Discontent

  • Gang Bangs…
  • Flash Mobs…
  • Demonic Mobs…


  • Judges ban prayer…
  • Colleges ban our National Anthem…


USA hits record $61.6 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities (Money we owe that we don’t have) $534,000 per household!


 Remember the poster art that didn’t seem to resemble anything in particular until you moved closer, relaxed your gaze…and finally got the picture? If you don’t, my guess is that your response to the points above is, “Whatever!”…Your main concern is limited to your next text message, and you have no idea who Thomas Reed was, or how he changed our country through the 51st Congress.

 While it’s very tempting to look out on our 112th Congress…wring our hands and cry, woe is us…we have been here before. That is to say, we have been mired in the “fractious” swamp of unproductive before. Although there are some who would praise the productivity of the 111th as measured by the thousands of pages of bills they prolifically spawned…like crap through a goose! And still others who shake their heads in disbelief at the bedside of the American Dream…on life support!

 The reality is that to most of us, America has become that poster art that didn’t seem to mean anything. To most of us, life has become one big fat humming blur of media noise, hype and pitch…like the entire universe of conflicting agendas, competing for the space between our ears…to sell us the answer to the question we never asked. When all we ever really wanted was to simply be happy. How did that become so complicated?


What if we take a step back, or move closer to the poster and refocus? Instead of moving with the herd to the next Weiner joke…what if instead, we look at the poster through the grace of our hearts? What if we were to pray for the healing of the deep American wound, rather than gouge it and perpetuate its deepening and festering through our finger-pointing, name-calling and blame-gaming? Because here’s a fact! In our present hypnotic blur, the energy of America is fast becoming a clenched fist…out of control and angry…like one big Flash Mob! And it will only get worse.

 Or, we can choose to break the cycle and make a subtle shift inside…and refocus. What picture do we truly see if we relax our gaze and look through our hearts and the eyes of our children? Do we not see a better place than the one that is crashing in on us from outside? Once we re-establish that picture, it will be much easier to sort the noise and filter the chatter until we recognize the one true message that speaks to our hearts from a place we can trust.

There is this place http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2011/jun/06/us-economy-decline-recovery-challenges , or there is this place;

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”-Rumi

 “I love the man who can smile in trouble, gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection.”– Thomas Paine, Statesman


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2 Responses to “Decline & Fall” in the Summer of Our Discontent

  1. daisyv1223 says:

    All of this Weiner Twitter business makes me realize how out of control the left is. They get the power of a government position and their souls are lost. This made me concentrate on Tea Party business, getting the word out about great Conservatives to watch for in 2012, gardening and spending time with those I love. I sent letters to the president and my Senators and Congresswoman about saving and strengthening Medicare. We all need to stay focused on what is important, and that is removing this corrupt administration from the White House and turning this Republic back into the exceptional Nation it has always been. That American Dream is still attainable for those who work and when we have a president who doesn’t tie our hands behind our back when we try to work.
    Oh yeah..Reed..The man who broke the filibuster..He’s from my favorite state, Maine!!!! and he should have been president!

    • shutupnsing says:

      You are exactly what they fear Daisy…someone who believes and relies on things greater than them. We are links in a chain forged by minds well beyond theirs..and hearts they never had. God Bless you Daisy! Keep up the good fight…and may we all be endowed with your spirit!!

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