Bombs, Bailouts & The Bilderberg Ball!

It can be extremely difficult to connect dots in the midst of chaos, but following the money always leads us to the end of the mystery. As word of US involvement now in a 4th war in Yemen, 120 of the world elites gather in Switzerland for their annual (what I like to call) Bilderberg Ball! The guest list is secret, and the agenda is secret…until now.

So how does the world we know make any more sense to us than these crazy conspiracy theories emerging from behind closed doors at the Suvretta House Hotel? HOW and perhaps more importantly, WHY does the greatest debtor nation in history spend money it doesn’t have on four wars and then turn around and offer to bail out Greece on the heels of bailing out European banks…without our consent?

What do Anthony Weiner, Hilary Clinton and Dominique Strauss-Kahn all have in common? They are all Progressive Elites, which by definition means they know better than us what is best for us. Only they are blessed with the intellectual capacity to chart our course and insure our survival in an increasingly dangerous and rapidly changing world. It is interesting to me how three of the most powerful elites in the world either are, or were directly involved in the most public exhibitions of lack of morals, personal control and abuse of power! And these are the people who want to rule us? What have they already done behind the scenes to set the stage? What sort of problems and global catastrophes would require their unique solutions, hmm? Border Conflicts? Global Warming? World Hunger? Does anyone recall that the German people were once desperate enough to consider Hitler their savior?

So, we have a President who sees himself as President of the World, and now a Secretary of State and former 1st Lady who wants to be Banker of the World
 I only have two questions for any of us who care…
1) When has centralized power ever led to anything other than evil?
2) What do they require to reach their objective?

Oh yeah…one other question thats been nagging me…4 wars and all. Where have all the war protesters gone?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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One Response to Bombs, Bailouts & The Bilderberg Ball!

  1. Marty Burnett says:

    I sure like that final question. The silence is deafening.

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