Why I KNOW Sarah Palin Will Be Our Next President!

I confess that I didn’t bother to watch the Republican debate last night. There is only one person on the stage of American Politics who possesses the strength of character, independence, commitment to American Values and the leadership skills so vitally crucial to pulling this country out of its present tailspin. But these are only reasons why I believe

I know Sarah Palin will be elected as our 45th President because,

 1) THEY fear her most! (They being the radical left & new world order crowd)

2) She totally & completely gets US!

 There are some very good people throwing their hats in the ring to win the Republican nod. I love Michele Bachmann and I respect Rick Santorum. But I see these people all playing in the same sandbox that Sarah Palin has managed to levitate out of! I am convinced that she has been able to accomplish this because she has completely figured out the difference between main stream media and the American People…while the others still treat MSM as if they ARE the American People! Sarah is the only player in the game who doesn’t grovel at their feet, for their crumbs…on their terms.

So how has she managed to distinguish herself so? Simple, she has survived the most horrifically brutal and relentless personal attacks on any political figure in American History! Instead of crumbling under the onslaught as most would have, she became stronger…and more aware of her detractors. One cannot dance so fiery a tango and not come away more keenly and intimately aware of their partner’s nature…their strengths and weaknesses. She has their number! Witness the bus tour…she now has them groveling!

 Most of us who have stood with the Tea Party and taken fire for defending Founding Principles and Values have more than likely developed a pretty good radar for detecting establishment and ruling class politicians. And then there are those politicians with good intentions who have been trained by MSM to behave a certain way to be successful. It is clear to me that Sarah Palin is neither!

 As we approach the Debt Ceiling D-Day of August 2nd, know this my fellow Americans;

There are two of us at this crossroads…one believes in the idea of American Exceptionalism, and the other believes we must subordinate that belief in order to get along. One will lead us Home, while the other will lead us straight to Hell! It will take a fiercely committed soul with integrity above reproach…a person who actually embodies the values they seek to defend to lead the former; And any old smooth taking career politician or community organizer to inspire the latter!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to Why I KNOW Sarah Palin Will Be Our Next President!

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  2. daisyv1223 says:

    I have felt that Sarah Palin was headed for the White House the day she made the speech as John McCain’s running mate in 2007. No sooner had she been introduced, the leftist bloggers were off and running and attacking her non-stop. She has not wavered, nor has she given up. Mrs. Palin is a Conservative Christian wife and mother who talks the talk and walks the walk. She says what she means and means what she says. When Alaska released 24,000 of her e-mails the mainstream media were rabid in there attempts to take possession of them to find out what juicy bits of information they could get to take her down “again”. Ha! Sarah 1 Media 0 It seems as though all the release proved is that she was a great Governor who was strong, kind, compassionate, hard-working, and fearless. All the qualities our present president doesn’t have. I was lucky enough to read one e-mail from her to her family that was written two weeks before her youngest son, Trig was born. It was the most beautiful, heartwarming explanation of why God chose their family to be blessed with having a special child like Trig. This is a very special lady, a Steel Magnolia, or possibly an American version of Margaret Thatcher. Whomever she is, we are very lucky to have her and luckier if she does decide to run for President of the United States.

    • shutupnsing says:

      Beautifully said Daisy…what the left hasn’t seemed to have figured out yet, is that nothing moves people as powerfully towards…and reveals the nature and grace of God more effectively than the “energy” of their attacks. The more they attack, the better she looks…by simply “being” who she is! There are a few rabbid, foaming progressives who fit that profile that I am ashamed to say I grew up with…I won’t give them access here, but they continue to post their self-portraits anyway…poor souls are moments from imploding from their own hate & anger. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

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