Denial Is Not A River In Egypt…It’s An Ocean In Obamaville!

It is a statistical likelihood that you know someone who has suffered from alcoholism. That being the case, you have experienced the most powerful state of denial…until now!
The Lefties have them beat! (I worked as a staff counselor at a drug & alcohol detox center in Morgan City, Louisiana for two years, and I married into a VERY liberal family!)

Jobs– There are no jobs! There are no prospects for jobs! In fact, we have a job-killer as President! Every word he speaks drives prospective employers either underground or overseas. His policies are lethal toxins to business! You need look no further than Boeing to understand how destructive this man is to our hopes for economic recovery.

Corruption– This could be the one greatest instance of Leftist denial! Barack Obama was going to do away with the business as usual in Washington. Instead, he has ushered in a Chicago-style environment of back room deals, cronyism and lawlessness that would make Caligula blush!

Education– Stupidity has become our leading export! And our schools have become the factories that manufacture it! OUR FUTURE HAS NO SENSE OF ITS PAST!!


Our Borders– You and I are subjected to TSA molestation to travel, a proctological exam to own a gun and a rising bureaucratic sea of red tape for basic medical procedures. But if you’re a terrorist looking to buy semi-automatic weapons to kill us…or just an illegal alien looking for free healthcare and education, our borders are open 24/7!

War– The silence from the Left is deafening here…and yet we are now bombing people in 4 separate foreign conflicts now! And here, we have a President acting as if he is above our own laws…in violation of the War Powers Act? And it takes a Republican Leader to speak out against the action? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE FROM THE HOME-TEAM BENCH OF HYPOCRISY ON THIS ONE, EH?

It wasn’t supposed to be this way! A few apology tours and appeasement bows here and there, and the world was supposed to love us again. But instead we have legitimate Muslim Clerics on the brink of domination in the Middle East, ordering their minions to kidnap western woman for sex slaves so as NOT to offend Allah!!…while our old enemies are lining up against us…and the Left just keeps on whistling!

Thank God Boehner & Obama have a Golf Summit planned this weekend!!
Where are Rodney Dangerfield and Bill Murray when you need them?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to Denial Is Not A River In Egypt…It’s An Ocean In Obamaville!

  1. Marty Burnett says:

    Yep Chip, that sums it up very succinctly. Kill the host. The parasites will flee.

  2. daisyv1223 says:

    Chip, Obama needs a major intervention. I think with the help of the Freshman Tea Party Congressmen and women, they just might be able to slip a few hundred thousand of us peaceful Tea Partiers in there to make that possible. I’ll even give him a copy of my pocket Constitution…..I have plenty to go around.
    Hey, I’m desperate, I will try anything. The comments he has been making lately (joking about shovel ready projects, that ATM’s are causing unemployment) are making me wonder if he is losing it! Most of us had no faith in him before, now it’s getting downright scary!
    A nation can suffer its fools, but cannot survive a traitor- Cicero

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