Governor Perry & the Tea Leaves

“Stand Up” and “Stop Apologizing”! These words from the lips of Texas Governor Rick Perry resonated high above the pathetic Weiner dribble and pundit banter this past week. Whether or not his advice will be heeded by those seeking higher office in 2012, his message was clear…and spot on! The key to the Oval Office is not in the hands of Jon Stewart, Morning Joe…or Glenn Beck. The Awakened (& PISSED) Giant has the key! Never has there been a Grass Roots movement as fired up as this one…and there ain’t a damn thing they can do about it! The only target they have to shoot at is the Tea Party, and they still haven’t gotten into their thick elite skulls that the Tea Party IS the Country!

They actually believe that when a major network (NBC) intentionally edits God out of the Pledge of Allegiance, it will only offend an insignificant collection of old white bible-thumpin’, gun-totin’ geezers! 

To understand who they are, one need look no further than the unemployed Mr. Weiner. Here we have the quintessential portrait of the Ruling Class Elite; narcissism, arrogance and moral vacancy…like a flashing neon sign! Good-Time Charlie (tax cheat) Rangel, Howard (rebel yell) Dean, Maxine “we’re all about taking over” Waters, Barney (male escort service out of his taxpayer-funded apartment) Frank…they are ALL the same! And they are tone-deaf and clueless to their own hypocrisy and ultimate Achilles heel! Weiner actually thanked his parents for his “instilled values”…Oy! This is NOT the new normal! These are all parasitic flies about to meet the greatest fly swatter in history!

The Main Stream Press keeps rolling out the steaming piles of their propagandist dung that only the hardcore left seem to have an appetite for any more. Even the more centrist liberals are beginning to sniff the rat in the fairy tale. How many good Democrats were run of the cliff by these people on November 2nd? How many are left, who are willing to fall on a sword that has lost all luster…again?

We are ALL headed for a cliff people. We can listen to the Anthony Weiner’s of the world as they point their fingers and warn us about big bad Paul Ryan who clearly hates grandmothers so much, he can’t wait to wheel one off a cliff. Or we can do as Governor Perry suggests and ignore these idiots, come together and tackle our problems with courage and dignity. That formula has clearly worked for Christie, Walker & Palin…has it not? The American People seem to have figured that out…while the rest of you just keep flappin’ towards the sun! The Tea Leaves are telling me that 2012 is going to be a very painful experience for you!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to Governor Perry & the Tea Leaves

  1. Wendy Nowak says:

    The mental picture you painted in my mind of a historical flyswatter made me laugh out loud.

    On a serious note, the thought occurred to me this weekend that the left seems to be over-populated with morally bankrupt folks such as Weiner, so why would anyone follow them take their policies seriously?

  2. Jimmie Young says:

    Right on Chip! You’re spot on this morning. I only hope that your assessment of the Conservative Candidates can absorb some of that spirit from Governor Perry and the Tea Party Movement (US) so that 2012 is a landmark turn around for this nation.
    The old guard, “status quo” bunch must be replaced by forward thinking and acting new blood so that America can return to it’s once great position in the world. We’re getting dangerously close to the edge of the precipice and need to put the brakes on this Socialist/Marxist/Communist/Progressive movement immediately!!
    The public is slow to act as a body, but with enough energy from Patriotic Americans we can rescue this great nation from a terrible fate!

  3. shutupnsing says:

    Hey thanks guys…Say, I wonder how many giant red, white & blue fly swatter’s (with miniature flying donkees with weiner faces on them!!) we could sell at 4th of July pinics around the country? …now thats the entreprenueral spirit that will get this country back on track!

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