Breitbart, Moms & Apple Pie!

There is a particularly moving scene at the end of Lawrence of Arabia as T. E. Lawrence is disappearing through the curtain, the very last words to his ear directly from Faisal’s heart, “What I owe you is beyond evaluation…”

Thinking on it some more, an eerie similarity between the pre-Lawrence Arabia and our not-so-United States began to emerge. A big sprawling jumbled mess of warring tribes “with no sense of itself.” It took the miracle of Lawrence to unite them, as it has taken the leftist poison of multiculturalism to divide us.

A generation ago, what we had was truly the envy of the world…so much so, that people from all over the world risked life and limb to come here for their piece of it. This has changed. They used to come to this land to find their wealth, and now they leave to protect it! WHO has done this? WHO has imposed Sharia on our court systems? WHO has removed GOD and religion from our lives? WHO has removed American History from our children’s minds, and replaced it with Environmentalism…and Sexual Orientation? WHO has banned teachers in LA from counting HOMEWORK as more than 10% of a child’s grade due to…URBAN INEQUALITY???

There is talk of a double dip recession…and far worse. There is talk of the end of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency! There is talk of the end of the dollar…do you understand what that would mean? They have pulled the rug out from under you and you think you are still on your feet…because today seems normal enough to you.

I recently heard an interview in which the host and an economist were discussing our first Great Depression. We were a different people then. They could take our money, but they could not take our values, principles and the desire to work. There was no entitlement! This is who we’ve become…
WHO attacked Glenn Beck for warning us about The Coming Insurrection? Well don’t look now, but from Athens to DC…the disease of Entitlement has reached STAGE 4 folks! No matter what anyone else tells you, this is what Doctors Boehner, Reid & Obama are treating! And WHO has the prescription pad!!

Andrew Breitbart is to Liberty and Freedom what T.E. Lawrence was to King Faisal and Arabia. He is our miracle…don’t doubt me! No one has revealed WHO more clearly than HE! The ultimate undoing of WHO will be WHO’s own cowardly nature. It thrives in the shadows and simply doesn’t do well in the light. On the other hand, witness the courage of Andrew Breitbart…

As we head into the Great American Weekend, I encourage you to watch this 2 part interview so that you will understand why I will celebrate Breitbart, Moms & Apple Pie on this 4th of July!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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