The Darkness of Liberalism is the Absence of the Light of Conservatism!

Darkness does NOT exist; it is simply the absence of light. Liberalism only exists in the minds of those who wish it so, and in the absence of Conservatism…which, unlike the illusion of Liberalism, holds true in the light of Natural Law! While darkness creates blindness, Liberalism requires blindness. In either case, both lead to the same wall of pain.

The essence of our great National debate on the debt ceiling is the very vortex of the clash of those clinging to their dark fantasies, with those exposing their great fraud. Think of the basic tenets of the two ideologies. Lets’ start with equality! With Conservatism, equality hands the ball to merit at creation. Not so with Liberalism, where equality hands off to entitlement & dependency. The former is a legitimate tenant of Natural Law. The latter is a squatter in a dream…on its way to nightmare.

There is perhaps no greater example of the counterfeit nature of Liberalism than in the present dark cloud of controversy hovering over the Irish rock band U2!  Bono is one of the most visible Liberals on the planet. And yet, when it comes to putting HIS money where his Liberal mouth is…he moves his mouth (& his money!) to the Netherlands!

One of my favorite Fallacy of Liberalism- moments came during a recent exchange between Pat Buchanan and Donnie Deutsch on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Deutsch was brilliantly smacked down by Buchanan after his Obama-shilling class-warfare attack on CEO pay.

Buchanan, without hesitation, stepped to the plate of truth and shined the light on Obama’s Big Government tax & regulatory policies that have forced corporate manufacturing off shore to more business-friendly waters and cheaper labor…which naturally begets bigger profits! Deutsch froze…blinded by the light of truth! The Laws of Free Market Capitalism EXIST in the Natural World.  Liberalism exists ONLY in Deutsch’s wishful mind! “Incentives matter!”- Milton Friedman (the most influential economist of the second half of the 20th century…possibly of all of it.”-The Economist) The difference is that Conservatives stand in the light of this truth, while Liberals like Bono and Deutsch hide from it, or resort to the blame game of class warfare to distract from it!

Geithner is desperate for more money to feed the beast…he has no choice! This beast grown from the Liberal seed, suckled on the swill of Marxist dogma, nurtured by radicals & rinos, fed by the State and protected by the Great Wall of Political Correctness…will devour him if he fails! In all fairness, it is rather difficult to say no to a raging $14 TRILLION Monster whose appetite has out grown the available fiscal food source!

But if Affliction is the good man’s shining time, according to Edward Young…then it is also the Crisis we cannot let go to waste, according to then White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. The former is our calling to connect to the divine light that exists in us as individuals. The latter is the calling of The State to all who would surrender the light of their God-given liberty in exchange for security & dependency! One is the salvation of Truth…the other, a hallucination cast from a shadow that does not exist.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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