Ruling Class Extortion & The Great American Intervention!

The American People are being played by the very best grifters to ever play the con…The Big Government Ruling Class! There is absolutely no difference between the Democratic Establishment and the Republican Establishment in America today! They are both addicted to Power, and their addiction has created a $14 Trillion monster that can no longer be managed.

If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of living with an alcoholic, or fighting the disease yourself, you know the power of the denial. You know the peerless craft of their deception. And worst of all, you know that nothing else matters to the addict; not God, not country, not even their own children! This is one of the reasons why they hate the Tea Party so…Holding the light of the Founders up to their face is truth they cannot twist so easily.

Eventually, every addict runs out of runway. It is only an inevitable question of time…and how many lives will be destroyed before that happens. One hugely contributing factor to the lifespan of the addiction is the enabler. In the world of the addict, it is the friend or family member whose perceived needs are served by the present dysfunction. In the world of the addicted politician, it is the media…and the startling legions of social/corporate welfare dependents they’ve created!

The other amazing quality of addiction is the uncanny ability of the addict to maintain the illusion of normalcy…that is of course, until their supply runs out! And then, trust me…you do not want to be anywhere close to Ground Zero! But there are plenty of warning signs…cracks & fissures in their façade, if you will. We are witnessing these things right now! When an indicted corrupt career politician like good-time Charlie Rangel invokes the name of Jesus in order to loosen the purse strings of his constituents; that is the crack and fissure of DESPERATION!

But when a sitting President threatens his constituents by holding their Social Security checks hostage; that my friends…is EXTORTION! This would also be, in this writer’s humble opinion, the end of their runway! I have known the personal experience of intervention at the family level. It is the most amazing thing in the world to behold. It is almost always the very last step. Every important person in the addicts life comes together to confront them…and they literally have nowhere to hide. In a successful intervention, the LIE collapses under its own weight…sort of like the Witch after Dorothy’s bucket of water hits her.

Ready your water my friends, our time is very close at hand!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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