Laura Fotusky & The Tipping Point!

I am amazed by the number of people I have known for many years who share many of my same values; love and pride of country, traditional family values, etc. who don’t know who Andrew Breitbart is…or what operation “Fast & Furious” is…In other words, they do not know what is really going on in this country. They have lived their “live & let live” lives, keeping their heads down and perfectly willing to accept the go-with-the-flow easiness of the “Main Stream” News feed…nothing to look at here folks! It’s like they’ve all checked themselves in as residents of Nurse Ratched’s ward in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest! Seriously…think of the music on the ward in the movie the next time you watch that beautiful face with the perfect smile on the Six O’clock News tell you the news you need to know.

It is particularly frustrating to observe the people we know, love and respect go about their day, every day, perfectly willing to remain sedated and clueless!
A choice is simple when there isn’t one
Is your finger on the trigger of a smokin’ gun,
is it easier for you to leave it up to me to be…..what will be
I know your children they look up to you,
you set the stage by the things you do….
you burn your days to tuck them in at night….turn out the light.
Well what if you only had one day…what would you do now to make it pay
Could you say all the things that are in your head to say…in just one day?
When I wrote these lyrics to the song Wide Awake, I knew who we were and where we were headed…I just hadn’t met Obama yet. He has given them new life!

Our parents grew up in a time where people were made from the inside out. In those days, an 8-year-old boy from Brooklyn was perfectly safe on the streets of his own neighborhood, and people were able to seal a business deal with a hand-shake because the seed of Judeo-Christian values rooted firmly inside of us made us who we became to ourselves, our families and the world around us…on the outside. Sadly, and you may thank the so-called Progressive movement in this country over the past 40 years, we have evolved to a nation of people made from the outside in! The essential qualities that give any social fabric its strength and durability, such as altruism, honor, integrity, faith, hope and charity have given way to the qualities of self-interest and corruption.

Jack Nicholson’s character Randle McMurphy in the Cuckoo’s Nest IS the Tea Party! And the Ruling Class Corrupt Career Political Elite are the very same Nurse Ratched’s who would love nothing more than to give us all the same Frontal Lobotomy that finally silenced McMurphy! And they are dangerously close to their ultimate objective…because the next best thing to Lobotomy is Dependency! Have you seen the numbers? ONE THIRD OF ALL U.S. WAGES ARE IN THE FORM OF GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS!!

But from our darkest hour, emerges our greatest light! Clearly the Outside-In Schwarzenegger’s and Weiner’s aren’t the Super Hero’s they pretended to be…but wait, who is this person of the hour who is not up in the sky, can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound or run faster than a speeding bullet? Her name is Laura Fotusky from Barker, New York…who has quietly come from the Inside-out to prove to the world that there is no treasure outside that is worth giving up your inside for! And I am willing to bet that, at the end of the day, there will be enough Laura Fotusky’s among us to tip the world right again!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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