Tuning in to the Divine Intervention!

I would like to dedicate my writing this morning to a dear friend who has inspired me more than he knows. Besides being the primary model who metaphorically sat for the lyrical portrait in my song Honor, he has taught me how to stand in the face of adversity and life’s greatest challenges in the most noble and effective way possible…by example!
He is the exact physical manifestation of the Edward Young quote; Affliction is the good man’s shining time.

What compels the lesser man to look down, inspires the truly great among us to look up…and in so doing, they become a vessel for the gift of divine motivation. Many of our greatest leaders were endowed with this remarkable ability, which time and time again has proven itself our greatest blessing as One Nation Under God…in our most perilous and desperate times. Roosevelt had it manifest in the warm glow of his Fireside Chats. Kennedy carried us through the Cuban Missile Crisis and to the Moon with it. And Reagan held our gaze as one people, towards the Shining City on the Hill with it. Dear God, how we suffer the tragic vacuum, void of such a soul on our National stage in this dangerous hour!

So how do we tune in…who do we tune to? Hint- It is not some fatherly figure with long white hair and a long flowing beard (He is a small engine repair man who lives down the street…who, now that I think about it, has worked a mower-miracle or two!). It used to be our temples & churches, but have you noticed their silence on (of all things) the slow but steady removal of God from our lives? Our President and a major network (NBC) intentionally omit “GOD” from the self-evident truth passage in the Declaration of Independence! Multiple times!! Pepsi omits “UNDER GOD” from the pledge because (Are you ready?), they didn’t wish to offend anyone…THEY DIDN’T WISH TO OFFEND ANYONE?? And yet, not a peep from our clergy…who, on the whole, have allowed themselves to become silent shill’s for the State! (Right alongside the NEA and Public Education). The shepherds have become wolves my friends…

So the answer is clear…we must tune in to ourselves. Reagan trusted us, why in the world wouldn’t we? We must tune into, and widen the gap between our own thoughts…to hear what is truly worth listening to! Look around you…everywhere you turn…we have become the mice who scurry after the cheese! Our actions are determined by an outward-in dialogue because we’ve been turned outside-in! Action now follows consequence…it used to be the other way around! Who has done this? Who scripts the dialogue? Hint- The very same energy that seeks to eliminate God! BTW…where do you suppose political correctness came from, hmm?

It is time to nourish and feed what they have starved for far too long my friends. It is not for this seeker to point out your path, but I have an effective method for getting us off of the road to hell. Take out a small piece of paper and write two words, GROUP THINK. Tonight before we go to bed, we will hold a private (but very universal, if you catch my drift) funeral service for our old friend! We will say a prayer from our own hearts, light a candle and place the piece of paper in a small bowl or ash tray…set it ablaze and send it back to the same dark space from whence it came! As we do this…we do this for ourselves, we do so for our families, our friends and our neighbors from our heart of hearts…and as we do this we visualize the light we have planted in each of them from the seed of our personal love. These last conscious thoughts are the very powerful messengers to the subconscious self …the architects of our being. Think of them as Super Contractors…working through our dreams, while we sleep! AND, they are wonderfully efficient, very inexpensive, non-unionized so they will never go on strike, and they will ALWAYS do what you ask of them IF, what is asked comes from the heart.

As a tribute to my dear friend, we will meet like this each and every Sunday…at least until we get our churches back. Please feel free to comment, request topics or make suggestions. Progressives, Marxists and Socialists are not welcome here…unless of course, you’ve come to see the light!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to Tuning in to the Divine Intervention!

  1. Jimmie Young says:

    We’ve been friends and you our financial advisor for a number of years. I’ve listened to your music and how you convey your thoughts in a clear and unpretentious manner. Since the sudden downward lurch our nation has been taken by our current leaders, you have emerged as a strong advocate of the Conservative values that made our nation exceptional. You’re a busy man and still find the time each day to pass along your thoughts to those of us who still believe in the dream our Founding Fathers envisioned for us.
    This Sunday message being presented for all of us to digest and comply with. It is a gift you willingly give freely in the hope that enough of us will seek to “right the ship” so that we’ll be able to save this wonderful society for all Americans. This is particularly important for our future generations who we must rely on our present actions politically to be able to benefit from and perpetuate this Great Nation of ours.
    Sunday, for many of us, has become just another day in the week rather than an opportunity to stop, look up and wonder if we’re doing right by our creator. “The Gift” is one that we have free choice to embrace or ignore. It is given freely with the hope that we make the best of our lives and the lives of those about whom we care the most.
    Chip, thank you for reminding us of the path and all the obstacles that lie along life’s journey as we try to lead meaningful lives. The future is ours to create, embrace and pass on to our children!

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