The Crying World

They are weeping in Norway, burying their children and putting broken bodies back together again in the very same place, by the very same people who chose to honor a new President on the other side of the world with their Nobel Peace Prize…for great speeches I guess. They didn’t know much about this President then, how could they? The truth is that we didn’t know much about this President then, but we have since learned…the hard way!

Today the world is drowning in tears and red ink, and the most powerful man in the world is riding his Carpe Diem moment into the dawn of a New World Order spawned from the chaos, havoc and destruction he has single-handedly ushered in. Every stage he steps on is transformed from order & stability to misery & mayhem…this great prince of deception. As fast as his lips can utter the lie, his mindless mainstream media minions lather the pig in euphoric lip gloss and float it out to the most gullible public herd to ever graze the planet! He happily butchers Capitalism before our very eyes, while the elite capitalists enjoy a cigar in the golf cart with him…thinking this ends well for them. Hell, it took the Chavez-like attack on the “Corporate Jet” crowd to finally piss Buffet off!

I wonder how the Buffet’s and Immelt’s of the world live with themselves? They know exactly who this man is. They must have the most conflicted brains on the planet…one side is loyal to the shareholders, while the other side has sold their own country down the river! I swear, there must be blood on their pillows in the morning…because it will surely be on their hands at the end of the day!

So, let’s step back and see what we’ve got here:

• 40 years of the NEA in our public school system has successfully transformed a significant percentage of the population into a crop of “useful idiots”, the newest of which do not have a clue about America’s founding or her positive impact on the world they live in. In fact, they are quite prepared to present you with their brilliant thesis on how Gays, Muslims and Illegal Immigrants will save the world from America! I’m not joking, the Professor Churchill’s of the world can work wonders with your child’s mind…and you pay them lots of money to do it! My wife’s nephew went into college as a normal Jew, and emerged on the other end believing that THE JEWS WERE NEVER IN EGYPT!

• We’ve taken ourselves out of the space race, relinquishing leadership to the Chinese who are already developing Electromagnetic Pulse Weaponry to be used against us, adding another 8,000 workers to the ranks of the unemployed, while re-tasking NASA to reach out to the people who are committed to removing us from the planet. (Well, that kind of makes sense… Who needs NASA, when they’ll do the same thing for nothing?)

• …As our Inspector Clouseau-in –Chief tries to distance himself from the BUREAUCRATIC-BACKFIRE that put thousands of weapons into the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels…who just happen to be partnered up with Hezbollah (The same people we’ve just sacrificed our space program, to be nice to!).

My favorite line of the week delivered by my favorite man on the planet, “I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.”- Congressman Allen West

But relax dear friends on the left. The oceans of tears aren’t about to dry up anytime soon. Because We know that as they bury their dead in Norway, you will continue to bury your heads here.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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