The Revolt of the Other Working Class!

My God, a lot has changed since the beginning of Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign! From the very start, according to his supporters, it was all going to be about the working class people (of course now we realize that meant congress themselves, trial lawyers & unions!). The campaign slogan of Hope & Change has turned out to be nothing but welcome fuel for the stand ups and late night talk show hosts.

Well FINALLY it seems that the other working class has had enough! I am talking about the working class that makes it possible for the other working class to survive. These are the people whose job profile includes terms like sweat equity, entrepreneur, sacrifice, feed the baby, self-employed, small business, mom & pop. You see, unlike the other working class, these are the people who open and close the doors to more actual business and employment than any other entity in this country. And yet sadly and tragically, I am seeing as you are seeing more of them closing their doors recently!

You know the old hind sight saying about the rear view mirror. Well, if only this working class had heeded the warnings of the crazy white guy in the 5pm slot on Fox two and a half years ago, because Obamaville has turned out to be everything he and others tried desperately to warn us about…to the proverbial T! Unfortunately for all of us, many of the elite in this class who actually might have made a difference, chose instead to jockey for position. Some of them actually aided and abetted Obama’s most destructive policies by becoming a part of his Business Roundtable.

While the Blankfeins & the Immelts have no soul to sell, there are plenty of members of the other working class who have finally had quite enough. The founders of Home Depot are among the most recent converts. I very much enjoyed reading my first issue of AmacAdvantage this weekend. If you haven’t burned, shredded and destroyed your AARP card yet, I encourage you to do so ASAP. It was more liberating (kind of) than ripping up credit cards!

In this issue along with a ton of wonderful information on many topics near and dear to us boomers, there is a fabulous piece from Home Depot Co-Founder Bernie Marcus entitled True Job Creators Need a Voice. In it he says, “We can’t have a serious conversation about reducing unemployment without listening to the companies that are NOT on the Fortune 500 list.” He correctly points to the EPA, FDA, IRS and Sarbanes Oxley as the creators of the Red Sea of ink thatAmerica’s other working class is drowning in! According to a study published by the Small Business Administration last year, firms with fewer than 20 employees spend 36% more per employee than large firms! Regulations on average, cost small firms $10,585 per employee each year: $4,120 to comply with economic regulations, $4,101 to comply with environmental regulations, $1,585 to comply with complex tax rules, and $781 to comply with OSHA and homeland security regulations…144,000 pages of regulations strangle small and large business alike!!!! This is NOT a recipe for JOB CREATION. It is a recipe for the destruction of our Republic as we know it!

Bernie has formed a new organization called the Job Creators Alliance. He is inviting those who wish to join the cause to do so by emailing him at I am! While the something for nothing crowd is lining up to demand more, it is people like Bernie and those like him from the other Working Class who are finally standing up to save America!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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