An Open Letter to Congresswoman Nan Hayworth

August 2, 2011

Dear Congresswoman Hayworth:

We believed in you. We trusted you. When you spoke so reverently about the founding principles of our country, we accepted you as one of us. When you extolled the virtues of our American Exceptionalism and Conservative Values, we rolled up our shirt sleeves and went to work to help you defeat John Hall to win the 19th District.

There are 2 narratives that hang over the debt ceiling travesty. The Establishment Narrative is that the Republicans fought like hell to get the best deal they could under the circumstances. After all, “we only control one half of one-third of the government.” The Truth is that the American people have been royally scammed by a Ruling Class hopelessly hooked on spending…in essence, casting a yes vote for our financial death warrant!

Cut, Cap & Balance would have averted default, avoided the cliff we are racing towards, reassured the rating agencies…it would have saved the country! Republicans held the upper hand against a severely weakened President with NO plan. All you had to do was tell the President this is our plan, APPROVED BY 65% OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…and the ball would have been in his court at that point. WE WERE BEHIND YOU!!! BUT that wasn’t in the cards for the American people was it Congresswoman? Shame on us really…we know the deck is stacked and we just keep coming back to the same old table.

As a result, instead of putting the brakes on the car so close to the abyss, your yes vote “put the car in cruise control, reducing the speed from 80mph to 60mph” (a quote from your colleagues with the guts to say no!). Instead, you gave Obama the Rose Garden pulpit as hero of the grand compromise! Instead, you gave away the power of the purse and the power to tax to an oligarchy of 12 Washington insiders…at the beck and call of a Spendaholic President!

You cannot serve the Washington Ruling Class Establishment and the American People. You have made your choice, betrayed us and put your country and the sacred cause of liberty and freedom in great peril. There is no pain greater on the human spirit than the violation of a trust and confidence so deeply held.

With Deepest Regrets,
Your Former Supporters in NY District 19

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

About Chip Murray

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4 Responses to An Open Letter to Congresswoman Nan Hayworth

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  2. Anthony Sorrentino says:

    Well said Chip. We,the American public of 300 million, have now arrived at another abyss, created by “our’ representatves- after sending such a strong message last election.It has come to a small bipartisian group of hand-picked folks to decide on what will be the small chips in the iceberg that has been forming for years.

  3. Well, Chip, you know where I stand.

    Like you, I keep a close watch on “our” Nan. Lately I haven’t liked what I’ve been seeing.

    Her vote against the People and for the Establishment back in April on that fraudulent “Continuing Resolution” was strike one…

    Her vote last week to support the “Boehner-Obama-McConnell-Reid-Pelosi Budget Busting Act of 2011 Thru 2021” is strike two.

    With your kind indulgence, allow me to note that if you readers head on over to “Usually Right” – – they’ll find not only my daily newsbites and past stand-alone columns (including open letters to Nan Hayworth), but they’ll also find Nan’s own defense of her recent actions and my reaction to this “defense.”

    I’m still holding out hope for Nan… but I’ve gotta tell ya… if a viable primary challenge comes along…


    William R. Barker
    Harriman, NY

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