The Sunday Morning Tune-up, August 7th Edition

We are to one another as whatever your favorite fruit happens to be. We don’t scheme and haggle with the strawberry; we savor it with gratitude and in the knowledge that its sweetness will give way to memory, and then to anticipation until we meet again, and again, and again. – CM 8/6/2011

That is the mind that comes from living inside-out. It has no choice…it is very much like an index mutual fund to put it in financial terms. It is what it is; a pure reflection of the natural world. But all around us, the fruit has become bitter with the karmic ripening of lives lived from the outside-in. This is evident anywhere and everywhere we turn today!

Welcome to our 3rd Sunday Morning Tune-up! We have come together, sparked by the light between two friends which we in turn, will nurture into the fire’s glow of a warm weekly refuge from an outside world that grows darker by the minute. Something very disturbing occurred for me this past week. In the Viewpoint section of our local paper, there were two pages of Letters to the Editor attacking a local pastor who had the courage to submit his own letter to the editor over the controversy surrounding the recent Gay Marriage Bill here in New York. Since then, not one single member of clergy has stepped forward to support or defend him! There is an all-out assault on prayer by the ACLU and the Radical Left. Where are the clergy in this fight? This is why we meet. The Church as a body; just as Public Education, Congress and Government as a body…has become little more than a tool of the State! We must find and protect our own light!

For those of you who have just tuned in, you can refer to last weeks Tune-up and embedded links to help bring you up to speed. As always, if you have any questions, thoughts or concerns please feel free to email me at and I’ll be glad to respond. There are now a growing number of us tuning in every Sunday, including several members of Hudson Valley clergy. Many of you, including clergy, have responded to me off-line which I appreciate…but I also encourage open discussion here by replying, etc.

We have worked with the metaphor of a “crystal clear windshield” as our objective in conditioning ourselves to become more receptive to “source”, the voice of God. Another great metaphoric view of our objective would be to think of the inside of the life lived inside-out, as the apartment we have long ago abandoned. Visualize the dust and cob webs…the lifelessness of it. Now imagine it after the Extreme Hollywood Makeover crew comes in to transform it for the next lucky family! This is the transformation we each need to make…to treat that part of us that really does last forever as the something special it so truly is!

So, our fist week focused on the basics of meditation as a primary pathway to reconnecting to our inner self. Last week was devoted to the importance of setting our intention before the mediation…just as we program our GPS before a long car trip. Today I would like to introduce you to a wonderful practice which comes from the mystical side of Judaism known to us as Kabbalah.
A mystic, for the purpose of our discussion, is simply a person drawn to the mysterious and the unseen, in the spiritual sense. Kabbalists work with a wonderful spiritual tool they refer to as the Tree of Life, which is really their roadmap or blueprint of the unseen world. It maps or lays out the flow of energy which, as we’ve previously discussed, is the underlying essence of the physical or seen world. You can Google Kabbalah Tree of Life to get a visual. But imagine a well-balanced tree with 10 perfectly configured pieces of fruit known as Sfirot which are all connected to each other through the branches, each one representing a key element of the psychic being…all supporting the flow of life energy from the Keter (Divine) to the Malkuth (Physical).

A key feature of inside living is the wonderful accessory of Kabbalistic inside healing! To better illustrate this amazing feature, we will introduce you to two very special Sfirot. Chesed and Gevurah are opposite each other on the tree. Chesed holds the qualities of universal love, mercy and kindness. Gevurah holds the qualities of judgment, might and power.

There are weeks upon weeks of study just to begin to understand the world of Kabbalah, but I wanted to share with you a very simple example of Kabbalistic healing. The first thing about the Kabbalistic healer to know is that you will not know that he is healing because there is no outwardly visible sign of his doing so. If a Kabbalist healer were to enter a room in which there was a tremendous fight between two people. The energy in the room would be tense and angry, and most likely be dominated by Gevuric energy. The Kabbalist would simply sit quietly, un-intrusively letting himself (ego) go while cleaving to his inner Chesed qualities. To the extent of his skill to do so, is the extent to which the Gevuric energy between the two combatants will yield to the Chesed energy.
I have actually implemented this technique with miraculous results!

Our physical and our spiritual world are in such desperate need for healing. We are broken because we have been misled. But we have been misled because we have allowed ourselves to be misled. We have allowed the institutions most important to our lives to become unaccountable. The GOVERNMENT enslaves those indoctrinated by the SCHOOL rendered compliant by the CHURCH!

The ONLY antidote is to rise up by rising in. They want to make us angry! We must cleave to the higher energies…our higher inner selves instead. Just as in the Cherokee story of the two wolves. This does not mean we become submissive. On the contrary, we must own and cleave to our inner Gevuric (warrior) and Chesed (Compassionate) energies equally. This in fact sets the stage beautifully for our focus next week on the most valuable spiritual lesson I have ever been taught. The meaning of holding opposites!

In the meantime, I wish everyone a spiritually productive week. May we all progress with our meditation and be ever mindful of the power of thought and prayer. God Bless!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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