How Obama Violated His Oath, and Allowed the Tea Party to Destroy America!

I can no longer sit back quietly and allow the willful destruction of the country I love by the most dangerous terrorist organization in my lifetime…the Tea Party! I for one, would like to ask the most powerfully smartest man in the world…Mr. President,

1)      Why did you intentionally lower the 9/12 crowd estimate from 2 mil to 70k? THEY’RE NOT MUSLIMS!! THEY ARE THE ENEMY…WE NEED TO KNOW WHERE THE ENEMY IS AND HOW MANY THERE ARE…was Napolitano in charge of this too?

2)      Why did you intentionally portray the Tea Party as VICIOUS RACISTS instead of FEROCIOUS FISCAL CONSERVATIVES? You sic Sharpton on the Tea Party and leave Geithner to watch the money? TIMMY GEITHNER??

3)      Why in the world did you perpetuate the removal of early American History from our schools?? We thought the Tea Party was a harmless ladies’ social.

4)      Why did you eliminate profiling? Think of how easy it would have been for us to round-up every idiot with a pocket constitution, a flag pin and a real job!!

5)      Why did you give Mika Brzezinski a microphone and a TV Camera? BIG OUCH! (Did you pay for her breast implants too? Inquiring minds…)

6)      Thank you for destroying the American Space Program Comrade Obama! For this we salute you. But wouldn’t it have made more sense to re-task NASA for Tea Party outreach instead of Muslim outreach…just askin’.

7)      Turning Financial Reform over to Dodd-Frank was like releasing Bernie Madoff from prison so he could manage your retirement portfolio? Oh I’m sorry; this one goes in the PRO column…BRILLIANT Comrade Obama!!

8)      You could have issued an executive order to plaster the face of the Tea Party in every Post Office in the land…BEFORE they went to a 3 day work week!

9)      Why these people have been in your face for two and a half years, but it took an S&P Downgrade for you to realize THEY ARE TERRORISTS?

10)  Why you failed to heed the words of Gandhi, “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”– Mahatma Gandhi…You ignored and ridiculed them anyway???

You know…we have a saying where we come from…here in America Mr. President! Fool us once, uh (hm?) shame on you? Fool us a hundred times and that would make us the most useful idiots time has ever known! And just so you know we’re not complete brain-dead morons…we know about the Soros bet! That’s right Mr. President, we may be stupid, but stupid is as stupid hears…and stupid has ears…BIG EARS Mr. President!

Geithner baits the hook by publicly dismissing the possibility of a downgrade. Soros closes his Hedge Fund to remove himself from the radar screen of the SEC & FINRA, and mysteriously a 10 to 1, $1 BILLION bet is placed on the downgrade of the United States of America for a whopping 1,000% return on investment…and they couldn’t have done it without YOU Mr. President! Now THAT’S what us folk in Rio Linda call a sweet, sweet  REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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