The Progressive Wolf & Little Red Liberal Hood!

My, oh my! What big eyes you have Grandmother!

The better to see those less fortunate my dear.

And, oh my! What big ears you have Grandmother!

The better to hear the cries of the oppressed my dear!

And goodness gracious! What great big teeth you have…

I read a story linked below that each and every one of us can relate to, because there is a little of each and every one of us in it! It’s a story about two “Best” friends with a lifetime of connection and common experience who find themselves separated by a thread of ideology. But as I read the story, something else emerged that I believe holds the key to our survival. The story resonated with me personally because it is the same exact story about two women I know who happen to be sisters!

For more than two years now, Glenn Beck has warned us of The Coming Insurrection. We ignored him. It is here! From Cairo to London and now our own backyard and the streets of Philly…the CHAOS that Alinsky prescribed has been served up on a silver platter! It seems like only yesterday that Mika gushed over the Hope & Change in the Arab World…ushered in by the sweet flower of youth…on Facebook! But the gush has turned to a hush in Cairo as the fragile flower of democracy falls prey to the oppressive burkha of Sharia, under the dark and suffocating cloud of an Iranian style theocracy.

There is one photo from the mayhem in London that captures the spirit of the British version of Hope & Change rather perfectly. It is the picture of the woman jumping from a burning building…perfectly silhouetted by a night sky consumed by fire! A flowery irony here in the UK where they take their gardening very seriously; it would seem they’ve gotten a bad batch of seeds…or is it the condition of the Socialist Soil? Is there a more important gardener in the world than the parent? What have we given them to work with?

And what do you know? It would appear the very same seeds have mysteriously slipped past the screeners in airport security (preoccupied with groping granny and junior no doubt!) and made their way to our quiet shores…because it is the same aimless and angry adolescent FLASH MOB…with a different accent here in Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Chicago! Breathe deep the gathering gloom…watch lights fade from every room…Ah, the sweet smell of anarchy! Nothing but time and businesses to burn! It would appear we’ve planted a bad seed or two ourselves!

Ain’t it funny how hindsight is always 20/20? Because I’d be willing to wager a rapidly shrinking dollar that if the Nobel Peace Prize Committee had a crystal ball, they would have certainly seen fit to bestow their prestigious prize on both Obama AND Zuckerberg for the new world order of warm and fuzzy hope & change we can all believe in! Argh!

But I digress! The point of all this my friends, is that this new world play that we all find ourselves as actors in…has been exclusively produced, written and directed by our friends on the left! (Since we know, after seeing Atlas Shrugged, the right is incapable!)

But what this piece in American Thinker brought home to me, is the fact that there are two distinctly different personas on the left…one is awake and the other is sleeping.

I know this because I know the two sisters, and you know them as well. The one sister embodies the better part of us. She is strong and soft. She holds the values of compassion and equanimity close to her heart. She would give her life for peace, and always leads with good will. The other sister is a victim of her own deep wounds of rejection and failure. Hopelessly hooked on entitlement, she manufactures a heroic self-image as a champion for the poor and oppressed. Unlike her sister, this one needs a victim to save and an enemy to hate. The problem for us all, is that the one sister has seduced the other…not sexually, but ideologically! She knows exactly how to play on the heart while concealing her embrace of the anarchist cocktail! She is the hater of the very same Israel the other one loves!

While one sister sheepishly imposes “quiet time”, the other sharpens her claws & fangs…and readies for the pounce. The real victims in this very real play will be our children, yours and mine. The hope of mankind lies in our ability to awaken the one and isolate the other!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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One Response to The Progressive Wolf & Little Red Liberal Hood!

  1. Your wife! says:

    I can only hope that I am the first sister 🙂

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