The Political Retardation of Celebrity!

What is it about the elixir of celebrity ambrosia that separates the drinker from reality in almost all who drink from its cup? From Sting’s immortal “Obama was sent from God.” to Matt Damon’s classic rejection of the notion that there are people who make over $250K/yr who are job creators as “defying common sense.” Not for nuthin’, but if Obama was sent by God…can you imagine what we’re in for when Satan gets ready to send his guy?? Whew! What happens to these people? Is the air so thin at the top of fortune and fame? The Queen Knights a Liverpool commoner, and the next thing you know Sir Paul has his head so far up the ObamaButt, you’d think it was King Arthur’s! Lennon had his number all along, I’m telling you!

Seriously, these people were all hard-working stiffs just like you and me one minute…abiding by the very same laws of physics and math that govern you and I…and the next, they’re swinging from the yardarms of a Marxist pipe dream, thousands of feet above the solid ground they once called home…totally disconnected from real people and the ordinary citizen! How else do you account for Matt Damon’s absurd rant? He is completely disconnected from the real world. His reality is a movie set and an entourage dedicated to feeding the insatiable appetite of ego! Our reality is a fight for our lives against the monster he enables!

J.R.R. Tolkien showed us a world more real than fantasy when he gave us his portrait of man’s relationship to power in the timeless classic Lord of the Ring! If, as Hegel said, “The Modern State is God Walking on Earth.”…then my friends, he suffers no lack of royal companions as the Celebrity Residents of Mount Olympus fall into lock step! The ambrosia seems to have two tragic effects; 1) It erases their connection to history. 2) It creates an elitist…God-like “Father knows best” psyche. It is as if fame has ordained and granted them an omniscient grasp of the essence of everything…just beyond the reach of you and me! Find yourself on the other side of an issue with Whoopi Goldberg, Janeane Garofalo or Rosie O’Donnell, and you’ll understand completely…and painfully!

More importantly, and far more scary…you will feel their fascist energy. In the following article, the author links Bismarck, Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, Hitler and Obama to the very same historically tragic premise; that power guided by good intentions can do no harm!

Yet, time after time after time, the famous fool struts up to the plate, defies the warnings of Tolkien and the wisdom of the Founding Fathers to slip on the ring of power as the storm clouds gather and our world teeters on the brink of bloody chaos and mayhem. They could be Ambassadors of Austerity instead of the Diplomats of Delusion! They could use their power to douse the flames that are about to consume Europe and eventually the US…instead of fan them. But then again, they would have to be of this world to do so!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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