The Slow Death of the Empire that Survived Hitler!

The very same people who stood up to the awesome might of Hitler 72 years ago, have succumbed to an enemy far deadlier within their own borders. I say far deadlier because unlike the physical horrors unleashed by the Nazi war machine, this enemy kills the spirit of man…very slowly and very methodically. I’ll take the bullet any day!

The British People have become the doomed elephant from their own 2007 BBC Documentary, Planet Earth. The scene where the full-grown adult elephant is isolated from the herd by a very hungry pride of lions is one of the most powerfully gripping scenes of any film I have ever watched! The great tragedy for Britain is that she could well have avoided what the elephant could not.

So how did the once mighty British Empire become the helpless elephant? I bet our former NYC Police Chief Bill Bratton will have a clue or two after several meetings with his counterparts at Scotland Yard…but, I love solving murder mysteries through tasty metaphor, and I already gave away the fact our victim (in this case an entire nation) has died a slow and methodical death! I know… lets use the “proof is in the puddingMystery Chef Hired to Prepare Banquet of the Century!

Everyone loves a great feast right? So how do we know we’ve entrusted such an important honor to the right chef? Oh, he attended the finest school and we’re paying him a fortune? That’s all we need to know…clearly!
What our poor dinner guests did not know:
• His culinary alma mater was The Fabian Food for Fools University.
• They taught him that refrigeration is for the unenlightened!
• …and that soap is for racists!

YUM! This is one party I am glad we missed…or have we? Hmm, perhaps we should spend a little time with Commissioner Bratton who has just wrapped up his briefing with Inspector Clouseau. Well Commissioner, what’s the verdict? What time-tested techniques of NYC crime prevention and civil order will the UK employ to save their country? What’s that you say, Scotland Yard has rejected our methods of policing by force and have decided to impose harsh quiet time instead? Yes it has already been baked into the cake hasn’t it…yes it has.

God, they don’t want to talk about this back home now do they? We’ve seen what the Fiscal Chefs have done to the Greeks, and the Social-Multicultural Chefs have done to the Brits, as Obama desperately steers us away from the kitchen…nothing to see here folks! Thank God for the time difference my friends…it’s only breakfast time here in America, and I don’t know about you but suddenly…I’ve lost my appetite!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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