The Brotherhood Embrace of the Holocaust Deniers!

“In history, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet someone planned it.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

There were two stories out today that went unreported by mainstream media that should be profoundly disturbing to every American…whether you are white, black, Democrat, Republican, Conservative or Liberal!
1- The warning of the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence on the White House…Not from Glenn Beck, but from a Liberal Marxist Muslim!

2- The profligation of Holocaust Denial gets the green light from a Facebook with zero tolerance for hate speech!

These stories on the same day, mind you, of a deadly attack on Israel in the Negev killing 7 and wounding 40! It can be stated as fact that the murder and maiming of these Israelis can be directly attributed to the points above, as well as an Arab Spring that has turned out to be the Winter Storm of Radical Islam!

These attacks came as a surprise to the Israelis because they occurred in an area within Israel considered very secure…until now! Has anyone bothered to notice how our world seems to have become mysteriously transformed to a new norm of unexpected surprises? What’s even more interesting, are some of the human common denominators in the New World Chaos! And there is perhaps none more interesting than Mr. New World Order himself…Mr. George Soros!

How fascinating that a Hungarian Jew, who changed his name to assimilate into the Gentile population…who describes 1944 as his “best year” because the confiscation of his friends’ and neighbors’ property as an errand boy for Eichmann and the Nazis gave him a feeling of “absolute power”…would become the multi-billionaire atheist who “broke the Bank of England”! His passion? Social engineering and “regime change”! How fascinating that this same Jew, whose philanthropic adventures seeded and nurtured such anti-Israel organizations as, the Apollo Alliance , Media Matters for America , the Tides Foundation, the ACLU, ACORN, PDIA (Project on Death In America ), La Raza, and many more, has been quoted to say, The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”!

Yes, how fascinating in the new norm of unexpected surprises with the world’s leading experts on the Capital Markets, the Economy and the Middle East all scratching their heads…the only one NOT surprised is the very man who bought his way deep into the core of the American Psyche many years ago!

And then one day, America woke up in a pea soup fog of Progressive Amnesia…unable to pass on her exceptionalism to the next generation, and elected an unknown puppet with sealed records and transcripts who somehow managed to beat the most popular female Democrat in modern history! Years ago, Stephen King wrote his best seller, The Stand. He wrote pure evil into manifestation as The Walking Dude. He was fictional, but the man Beck calls The Spooky Dude is not! You can join the rest of the head-scratchers…or you can help turn this train around by standing where they tell you not to stand, and looking where they tell you not to look! And then read “The Shadow Party” by Horowitz and Poe to learn exactly how a community organizer became the most powerful man in the world…if you have the stomach for it.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to The Brotherhood Embrace of the Holocaust Deniers!

  1. I simply said that a few days ago!!!

  2. shutupnsing says:

    Great mind & kindred spirit flow together my friend!

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