The Sunday Morning Tune-up, August 21st Edition!

“Without courage, all other virtues lose their meaning.”

— Winston Churchill, British prime minister

A refreshing voice of Courage in the Clergy has risen to the longing ear this morning my friends. I would encourage everyone to write letters of support to this man!

Archbishop Charles Chaput has recently been appointed by the Pope to head the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, effective September 8, 2011! And he has much to say!

Whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Buddhist, etc…you must mark his courage for standing up to the dark hand of oppression that threatens true freedom of religion in our world! Because it is a dark power that has encroached deeply into the chemistry of our body as a community. It is a cancer that is in our lymph system and threatening the very life of spirit!

In honor of the courage already evident in this timely and welcome appointment to a city in need of brotherly love…I would like to dedicate this morning’s edition to Archbishop Chaput!

This is our 5th Sunday get-together. We have covered quite a bit of spiritual ground in the previous 4. We set the stage with a kickoff introduction and celestial cremation-ceremony to free ourselves from the oppressive shackles of group-think! Our 1st session focused on the spiritual fuel of meditation practice. Our 2nd session focused on setting our intention. The 3rd session gave us a basic understanding of Kabbalistic Healing through the Tree of Life. And last week we covered the most powerful spiritual concept ever imparted to me…the power of holding opposites! And this brings us to this morning, which I would like to tie together with the wonderful news we began with.

If we accept the fact that we are spiritual beings who have allowed ourselves to be guided away from an inside-out life as discussed in our kickoff session on July 17th, then it is essential for us to understand how and why. I shared the teaching of the Buddhist Nun Gen La, who taught us how to find our way back by wearing new paths in our mind. What the Archbishop has so poignantly addressed, is how the dark hand of the State has worked to cover and remove these paths and replace them with “an unofficial state atheism”. In my humble opinion it is even a darker, shrewder scheme than that. They have planted their own self-serving seeds of Collective Salvation and Liberation Theology…and then married them to the Social Justice Movement! Thus, in a manner of speaking, the State has hijacked the Church!

So what light can we hold up to this Confederacy of Counterfeit Spirituality to expose its fraud? The answer is a simple side by side comparison of the qualities of a life lived inside-out versus outside-in.


  • Courage/Detachment versus Fear/Attachment.
  • Principle-Centered versus Cause-Centered.
  • Individual/Self-Identity versus Collective/Group-Identity.
  • Personal Correctness versus Political Correctness.
  • Virtue versus Approval.
  • Tolerance versus Intolerance.

The Inner Man is the ancient mariner and celestial navigator who is never lost on any ocean, in any tempest! Honor is his most prized cargo. He would sacrifice all and pay any ransom for her safety. His inner compass is the sextant that guides his journey and holds the key to his courage. It is infallible to all who connect to it!

The Outer Man is a pirate who tacks about hither and yon, at the whim of the highest bidder. Possession and Status are his most prized cargo, for which he would scuttle his own ship and risk his own crew to preserve. Having become a mystery to himself, he relies on the expressions of others and the four winds to direct him.

These qualities are the most sacredly reliable measures of true leadership, and they are sorely lacking in us today. They exist in some men as an aura that transcends party line to connect directly to the heart of man. Those who possess it inspire others beyond their own inclinations. Those who lack it prefer the safety of the teleprompter to candid conversation and direct eye contact. To the conscious eye, they are a window with the shades drawn. It is rare to look into the eyes of the Inner Man and not feel the warmth of soul. It is common to look into the eyes of the Outer Man and feel a chill.

Let this quality of inner courage be the focus of our intention this week. May we as a growing community here on this thread, cleave to this quality in ourselves and call it forth. Today’s headlines are a reflection of this lost voice and the sickness that naturally fills the void. Let us become our own Kabbalistic Healer in the room of Man! By awakening and empowering these qualities in ourselves we can manifest them outwardly…as more and more of us find that fearless voice of the Inner Man, then more and more Chaputs will show up! It truly is that simple…thank God!



Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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